Saturday, July 11, 2020

Main Street violence and drug use are on the rise

CBC is reporting that "Some residents of the neighbourhood around Vancouver's Main Street-Science World SkyTrain station say violence and drug use has been getting worse in recent months, and they're calling on police and the city to take action."

The picture is from a surveillance camera of a man punching a woman in the back of the head before she falls to the ground. Not only is this unacceptable violence, it is violence against women. Just down the street from where the ANTIFA fecal matter was blocking the road to the Georgia Street viaduct in their mobile rape camp.

These bullies are predators and want to defund the police so they can commit crime and exploit women. When we hear the term feminism we normally think of woman's rights. What about a woman's right not to be raped? What about a woman's right not to be punched in the head? Those are human rights that don't exist in anarchism. There are no laws to enforce in anarchism. I will also add that there are no legal drugs within Communism. They will lie to you, use you, then execute you to accomplish their hidden objective. In a heartbeat.

Putting this location into perspective, it is just down the street from Main and Hastings the epicenter of drug violence. Main and Hastings is the root of Vancouver's violent crime problem. This is where illicit drugs are publicly sold without restraint. What happens when you let a forest fire burn uncontrolled? It expands and consumes everything in it path.

Statistically, wherever you let illicit drugs be sold in public, violent crime in that area increases exponentially. We have seen that in Surrey. We have seen that in Victoria. We have seen that in New York and South Seatle. This problem is nothing new and neither is the solution.

Vancouver has abandoned the Four Pillars program. That is the problem. When you throw away three critical pillars, harm reduction becomes harm promotion. Right now Vancouver refuses to enforce the law and as a result promotes crime and violence. That is not social justice.

The Four Pillars are: Harm reduction, Prevention, Treatment and Enforcement. One without the three does more damage then good. We have a right, a duty and a legal obligation to enforce the law. That is the New York Model. That is what I believe in. Enforcing the law mean arresting this man that just punched that woman in the head and charge him with assault. That is what that means. That is real feminism. Justin Trudeau is a fake feminist.

In the past, Chinatown has served as a buffer between Main and Hastings and the Main Street Science World Skytrain Station. Chinatown is clean, industrious and well kept. It is the heartbeat of Vancouver. The DTES is not. The DTES is a clogged toilet that needs to be flushed.

The reason why drug related violence is increasing around the Main Street Skytrain Station is because of the Cobalt and the American hotel which are cesspools for the Hells Angels drug trade. These hotels are Juel Stanton and Tony Terezakis' stomping grounds. Juel Stanton took over while Tony was in prison and was murdered when Tony got out of prison. Do the math.

Big Tony videotaped himself beating the life out of drug addicts at the Cobalt who owed him money. When his ex wife got a hold of the videos and it was played in court, Tony couldn't hold back the laughter. This is the sick f*ck who worked the door at Piggy's Palace. He's sick not sic.

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