Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Ditrict of Saanich threatens to sue Gangsters out on behalf of Chris Horsley

On February 27th I received a letter in the mail from Giles P.G. Deshon with the CARFRA Law firm in Victoria. He claimed that he had been retained by the Corporation of the District of Saanach and that he was contacting me about material I posted about Chirs Horsley, the police officer from Saanach PD who is in charge of the Lindsay Buziak murder investigation.

On February 2nd I attended the Lindsay Buziak Rally for Justice in Victoria and got an earful of complaints about Chris Horsley. On February 7th I made a blog post about how Chris Horsley went to Calgary and made several bizarre threats against Lindsay's father Jeff Buziak.

P Diddy wanted me to take down those blog pots and had a whole list of demands all about Chris Horsley specifically. On March 12th I sent my response to Mr Deshon. I thought it was interesting that he had been retained by the Corporation of the District of Saanich not Chris Horsely. I guess the District has money to burn in their budget. In my response I stated that:

"Chris Horlsey visited Jeff Buziak in Calgary and threatened him. That is a true statement. Based on that event, it is my sincere opinion that he is now in a conflict of interest with the case and should not be on it. The conflict of interest that I see is the fact that he visited Jeff Buziak in Calgary and threatened him. For that reason I will continue to lobby that he is removed from that case as that would be in everyone's best interest. It would be in your client's best interest if they simply handed the file over to IHIT and rid themselves of this matter. "

Since then I found out about the Campaign to merge the Saanich Police Department with the Victoria City Police. I completely support that campaign. IHIT should take over Lindsay's case.

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