Wednesday, July 22, 2020

How a military-style boot camp on Salt Spring is related to a Surrey murder investigation

The Breaker News is reporting that Joe Clemente is a resident of Salt Spring Island. "He was driving on northern Salt Spring in March 2018 when he came across about 50 people marching in military camouflage fatigues and boots. Clemente’s 35-second video shows they were primarily women, apparently Chinese."

"Clemente said he had heard rumours of a large group booking at Mineral Springs Resort, a secluded, seaside getaway. A joint investigation by and CTV News Vancouver reveals the owners’ connections to companies and real estate in Langley and Surrey, including a crime scene in Grandview Heights."

"Bo Fan, a 41-year-old who came to Canada from China in February 2019, was the victim of murder on June 17. RCMP initially pinpointed a property on 27th Avenue, the headquarters of Create Abundance International Institute Inc., which owns Mineral Springs, the venue for the boot camps. 'That is very strange that it is connected to this place here on our island,' Clemente said."

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