Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sea to Sky Gondola

We went up the Sea to Sky Gondola today. It was awesome. We went early to beat the crowd.

Getting a yearly pass is the best value. Three times and it's paid for. That way you can get in and out early before the crowns hit. It doesn't have as much going on as Grouse Mountain but it has lots to do all year round. Right now on Grouse you book your times on the gondola online.

Sea to sky has a different system. They have numerous gondolas like a chair list not just two so people keep moving. It's nice to get out there and enjoy the fresh air away from the crowds.

They have nice sangria there. Both red and white. I've never heard of a white sangria before but I had a taste and it's pretty similar with all the orange juice. Sangria is red port wine with orange juice but there are many different recipes. Browns social house puts a shot of apricot brandy in it. Sea to Sky has lots of fresh fruit. It's very nice. Sipping sangria on the deck soaking up the view. If you want a non alcoholic version you can just use cranberry juice with orange slices.

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