Thursday, July 16, 2020

Georgia governor bans mandatory masks

Fox News is reporting that "Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is banning cities and counties from mandating that masks be worn in public to limit the spread of COVID-19. Kemp's executive order is a revised extension of guidelines put in place during the start of the pandemic, which encouraged, rather than required, residents to wear masks in public. The governor has called implementing such a measure “a bridge too far."

Dr Jeffery Barke explains why masks can be harmful

The solution is simple. If you're scared wear a mask. If you're not scared, don't. That's all there is to it. My right to refuse does not restrict your right to comply. If you are wearing a mask and I maintain a safe social distance away from you everyones' rights are maintained.

Washing our hands is more important then wearing a mask. If you touch something contaminated then adjust your mask, the mask does more harm then good. At the peak of the pandemic I was waiting in line at the grocery store. The line has marks on the floor for proper social distancing. While I was in line I saw a scuzzy looking man wearing a drywall dust mask. He was moving every single box of strawberries with his hands to find the perfect one. While he was doing this he stuck his finger in his ear. Then he continued to touch all the clear boxes of strawberries. His mask did not fix his bad hygiene. The march to unmask is July 19th.

Before we make masks mandatory, we need to make hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir available to those who want it. Holding those back makes you criminally culpable in murder.

BTW I've been taking zinc supplements without the hydroxychloroquine and my lingering cough after COVID is gone. Just say'n. Zinc and vaporizers help. So does fresh air and exercise.

Also, Bill Gates News Network is ridiculous. It is satire fit for a comic book.

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