Tuesday, July 28, 2020

MSM falsifies COVID Medical press conference

This is so obviously bizarre it is astounding. It is George Orwell. A team of accredited medical doctors held a press conference at Washington DC which was hosted by a US Senator.

It was a team of medical doctors endorsing hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID. This is nothing new. Medical papers were published on the use of chloroquine during the SARS coronavirus. This panel of medical doctors declared that hydroxychloroquine has helped their COVID patients recover. The Marxist Media launched a full scale counter attack.

The headline read Donald Trump posts debunked video on Twitter after Fakebook took it down. We know that Fakebook and Twitter's fact checkers are false. They are partisan censorship, that is all. They present fake news as real and real news as fake. Drea Humphries had her Fakebook group deleted and Dan Dicks had his YouTube channel erased.

The partisan censorship is very real. Back in the day, the media would jump on a controversial story. Now they bully and bury it to promote an extremist narrative to create fear and panic. We all know CNN is worthless. I've seen Canadians wearing T-Shirts that say CNN Fake News. I was personally shocked to see CBS fall and misrepresent the COVID cases in New York. That was astounding. Now it has become absolutely absurd. Australia just reused that same clip.

The National Post is claiming that "After declaring a video in which a group of lab coat-wearing doctors spread extreme coronavirus disinformation a 'must watch,' Donald Trump Jr. was suspended from Twitter for 12 hours. Among those front and centre in the clip is a Houston doctor who believes that demons have sex with humans as they dream, causing all manner of ailments."

We have now entered the Twilight Zone. The National Post takes a COVID breakthrough and spins it to read "Among those front and centre in the clip is a Houston doctor who believes that demons have sex with humans as they dream, causing all manner of ailments." I didn't hear anything about demon sperm in her address. This was one doctor of many who spoke.

Dr. Simone Gold stated that "The pore size of cloth face coverings range from ~ 20-100 microns. The Covid virus is 200-1000x smaller than that, at 0.1 microns. Putting up a chain link fence will not keep out a mosquito. Even the most esteemed medical journals admit their purpose is to calm anxiety." She did not say anything about demon sperm.

So yes, this is George Orwell. The media is f*cked. The National Post is now worthless. Yet it is a Tale of Two Cities. Rebel News exists. Free speech does not exist on Fakebook, Twitter or YouTube but there are other platforms we can embrace. Free speech still exists on the Internet. Dan Dicks has a website that links to his videos posted on other platforms. This is the Irish Rebellion. This is the Highlander way where the truth goes underground and prevails.

When you are so obsessed with censoring something, people want to find out why.

Dr. Simone Gold: America’s Frontline Doctors Founder Is a California Physician

You can buy vitamin C with zinc at Costco. Taking that will not hurt you.

Jason Kenney sees the light. Gives schools the green light.

This other documentary entitled Plandemic featuring a Dr Fauci whisltleblower and several other credible medical doctors was also censored by YouTube and Fakebook but is still on Bitchute.

Remember how CBS was caught red handed falsifying the news claiming that pictures from an over crowded hospital in Italy was actually in Queens New York? TBM is reporting that 7News Melbourne just did the exact same thing in Australia.

They used footage of that same over crowed hospital in Italy and claimed it was a recent picture of a hospital in Australia. A local filmed the hospital. It was a ghost town. The nurse said they aren't getting any shifts. The media said they were working 12 hour shifts with no breaks.

This isn't just fake news. This is premeditated misrepresentation with malicious intent. TBM were the ones that sent us the info about the invasive tracking ap in Australia that they want to implement in Canada and the US. Not on my watch.

When the main stream media showed us pictures of long lines at hospitals in California and New York during the pandemic's peak then people filmed the same hospitals on their phone with no line ups at all, we start to clearly see the motive behind the fraud. This is our summer. It's the best time to get COVID because the vast majority of people will be asymptomatic and it will give them the opportunity to build antibodies to the virus. Likewise, it is safer for children to get it when they are young so they can build antibodies while being asymptomatic.

The virus in Italy is becoming weaker. The virus is losing it's potency. Dr Kelly Victory told us this would happen. She said that viruses can mutate but often when they do they become less lethal.

Dr. Simone Gold on Twitter: Fauci takes off his mask as soon as the camera stops filming.

Michael Green's official statement on Anthony Fauci

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