Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Belinda Karahalios removed from Ontario PC Party for vote against Bill 195 in support of the Charter of Rights

Rebel News is reporting that "Progressive Conservative MPP Belinda Karahalios has voted against the controversial Bill 195 put forth by Premier Doug Ford. The bill, introduced in early July, aims to give the Ontario government the ability to extend some of the power granted to it from the emergency measures act, in hopes of easing the progression towards the reopening of the province following the fallout from the coronavirus lockdowns."

"Rebel News can verify that following her vote against her parties motion, Karahalios has since been removed from the PC party caucus in response. Robert Benzie of The Globe and Mail also confirmed the removal of Karahalios on Twitter."

"The bill has received harsh criticism from all sides of the political spectrum following its announcement. President of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms John Carpay stated Bill 195, "ignores the spirit of Ontario's emergency legislation," and "transforms Cabinet's temporary emergency power into a longer-term power that is wielded without the oversight of the Legislature for the next year."

"Christine Van Geyn, Litigation Director for the Canadian Constitution believes, "this is power-grab by the premier is an unjustified violation of Charter protected rights and citizens should be concerned." The Ontario Nurses Association called the bill, "unconstitutional and unnecessary," adding that, "it provides extraordinary powers to override existing laws and constitutional rights, such as Section 2(d) of the Charter."

These are not traditional Conservative values. This is a globalist Neo Con that attacks our civil liberty and violates the Charter of Rights. Ontario is displaying some pretty Orwellian reactions to COVID1984 and Doug Ford is at the root of it. This type of behaviour is what the Reform Party was created to oppose. I'm glad that Rebel News can see that.

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