Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Why did Mossad hack so many elections in Africa?

This post comes with a heavy heart because partisan politics mean people tend to believe what they want to believe. So let's look at the facts. Recently I made a post about Gill Rosenberg, a Jewish Canadian who joined the IDF and was convicted of scamming seniors. My point in that post was she did not act alone. She was one of 11 Israeli nationals who systematically defrauded seniors out of 25 million dollars. I submit that she was doing it for Mossad just like Tal Hanan.

Tal Hanan led a team of Israeli contractors who claim to have manipulated more than 30 elections around the world using hacking, sabotage and automated disinformation on social media. Tal Hanan, a 50-year-old former Israeli special forces operative who now works privately using the pseudonym “Jorge”, and appears to have been working under the radar in elections in various countries for more than two decades." Former Israeli special forces operative - he is Mossad and this was a Mossad op. SHFTV covered the story. Rebel News did not.

Haaretz reported that "While it took less than a year for French authorities to investigate the case and file indictments, the Israel Police did nothing about Hanan's chaos factory, which is still operating – even though he was documented allegedly committing criminal offenses from his office on Israeli soil." Just like Gill Rosenberg's fraud team did.

At the time I was wondering why they spent so much time hacking elections in Africa. Was that just practice to hack elections in Israel or the US or was there another agenda? Then all of a sudden it made sense. Gill Rosenberg admitted training Kenyan soldiers for the IDF. That's when the light went on. Kenya was a Mossad op. As I was trying to figure out why Mossad was so interested in Kenya one article explained it was because Kenya has a seat and a vote at the UN.

Mossad wanted to win Kenya's support for their Palestinian genocide. That's why they have been hacking African elections. The term Palestinian genocide is a little bit offensive and very political but that is exactly what it it. In fact, Netanyahu admitted it was a genocide when he mentioned the Amalekites justifying his Palestinian agenda. When Candace Owens interviewed Norman Finkelstein on Gaza, Norman cited Netanyahu invoking the law of the Amalekites.

The Amalekites were one of the former inhabitants of Israel who were completely evil. They were so far gone, God commanded them to wipe them out completely, every man woman and child. So when Netanyahu invoked the law of the Amalekites he admitted it was a genocide and cited that law to justify it. The problem with that absurd claim is the simple fact that the Palestinians are not the Amalekites. Not even close. After the Holocaust the Palestinians welcomed Jewish refugees into their home. After the Oslo accord, the PLO agreed to recognize Israel's right to exist.

That's when a new operation was launched to sabotage the peace process which began with the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. Then Mossad created Hamas to replace the PLO and push Fatah out of Gaza. The intent was to create a monster that would justify invoking the law of the Amalekites. The October 7th event was completely orchestrated just like the attack on the USS Liberty was. When we heard bizarre claims of beheading babies we knew someone was wrong.

It was reminiscent of when ISIS started beheading people. It was too crazy to believe. The CIA created ISIS to draw the US into the pipeline war in Syria. Mossad didn't just create Hamas which then grew out of control. Mossad created Hamas and continued to direct it just like the CIA continues to direct ISIS K. This music video Mossad created mocking the Gaza genocide claimed that while Palestinians in Gaza were suffering the leaders of Hamas were living large in Qatar. That part was true but they're living large in Qatar because they are on Mossad's payroll.

The music video advertised Hamas,com which is a horrifically extreme form of defamation repeating absolutely bizarre allegations one again trying to make the Hamas which they created, look so evil they are justified in invoking the law of the Amalekites on all Palestinians.

If Hitler used the same argument to rationalize the Holocaust would that justify it? No it would not. Genocide is never justified. Never again means never again. China uses defamation to justify organ harvesting of the Falun Gong. The defamation of the Falun Gong is false and even if it was true, that would not justify organ harvesting. Defamation and genocide go hand in hand.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Robert Pickton attacked in prison

Janice Edward's court trascript about Dianne Rock

Global is reporting that "Notorious B.C. serial killer Robert Pickton has been the victim of a brutal attack in prison. Pickton was attacked on Sunday in Quebec’s maximum security Port Cartier Institution." Post Media fake news is reporting that "Pickton told other inmates that he was writing a book blaming the murders of women, for which he was convicted, on someone else."

That is not true. He already wrote a book and it was pulled from distribution. Someone sent me a copy. It didn't say or reveal anything new. He did not mention the Hells Angels in it. He trashed the Hells Angels associate that ratted him out but he didn't say anything about the club.

The timing of the attack is suspicious as is this fake claim about his new book. He was eligible for day parole last February and will be eligible for full parole in 2027. Why attack him now?

Dianne Rock was gang raped on the Pickton Farm. That would implicate more than one suspect. She was gang raped by bikers and cops. When the lawyer for the original missing women's inquiry mentioned a picture of Dave Pickton in a threesome with former RCMP officer Jim Brown, the Coquitlam RCMP kicked in the whistle blower's door, seized all his hard drives and deleted the evidence. Wally Oppal then shut down the inquiry and turned it into a panel discussion.
A while ago someone contacted me and said they were in contact with Robert Pickton. They were all excited and said the case is going to be blown wide open. I said I hate to rain on your parade but I don't see it happening. That story is dead and buried. I said if he names the club they will kill him and there's no venue for his story to get out. He already wrote a book and they had the book removed from publication. I said if he names anyone the police won't give him witness protection because the police don't want that story to get out. I said he could have Jim Brown. I said if he names Jim Brown the club won't kill him. That's not to say the cops won't.

In the last episode on the Secrets of the Hells Angels on A&E Pat Matter revealed something he did when he was prospecting for the club. Pat said one of the members called him up and told him to pick up his GF and bring her to the clubhouse which he did. Then the member said to Pat now I want you to f*ck her which he did.

A&E had an author on that said women in the club are just property and are frequently mistreated. Wives aren't but patch pounders and prostitutes are. The member told Pat to punch his GF in the head. That was f*cked up. Pat did it. That was f*cked up. The member then told Pat to rape his GF which he did. That was f*cked up. Now that you told that story I'm supposed to somehow respect you? Not. On top of that Pat ended up ratting out his brothers to get a reduced sentence. There is nothing there that is admirable. What we do in life echoes in eternity.

Update: The very Fake News is going off about how the Devil is gone quoting relatives of the victims saying they are happy Pickton was assaulted. If he's killed, the truth is buried with him and the devil lives on. I can tell you right now Robert Pickton wasn't one of the men who gang raped Dianne Rock. If Jim Brown was having threesomes with Dave, I highly doubt he was having threesomes with Robert. The cops and the fake news want to pin this all on one person and make it all disappear. In the first missing woman's inquiry, as soon as other suspects were mentioned Wally Oppal shut it down and said the inquiry was not mandated to investigate other suspects.

That was deplorable. Dave Pickton knew where the bodies were buried. CSIS gave Dave a free pass. The judge told the jury they could convict Robert even if he wasn't the main suspect just an active participant. That means all the family members of the victims would want to know who those other suspects were. The Vancouver Sun doesn't want to you know or even consider it.
Global is reporting that "As serial killer Robert Pickton remains in hospital in Quebec following an attack by a fellow inmate, thoughts turn to the victims and their families and their pain. Alan Mullen, a former corrections officer at the Kent Institution in Agassiz, B.C. when Pickton was incarcerated there, told Global News on Wednesday that some of that pain comes from knowing that if Pickton dies now, some of the truth will die with him."

“It’s no secret that Robert Pickton didn’t act alone here,” Mullen said, speaking of the many missing and murdered women believed to have been killed on the Pickton farm. “If you talk to (Pickton) or listen to (Pickton), it’s pretty obvious that he did not act alone,” Mullen added.

“If he dies, yes, a lot of information and truth that we may be able to garner from him through further investigation, dies with him and that’s concerning to me,” Mullen added.

Knowing that, the RCMP wanted to destroy the evidence they have on file.

ICC seek arrest warrants for Hamas and Netanyahu

The Guardian is reporitng that "The chief prosecutor of the international criminal court has said he is seeking arrest warrants for senior Hamas and Israeli officials for war crimes and crimes against humanity, including the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his defence minister, Yoav Gallant. This is the problem, reaction, solution paradigm at work.

I told you the UN was going to betray Netanyahu after they empowered him. Netanyahu is a bad man with a bad agenda but so is the UN. The UN's New World Order is bat sh*t crazy. This is reminiscent of how Communism took over Poland to resolve a manufactured emergency. Fascism and Communism are both bad just like Netanyahu and the UN are both bad.

The International Criminal Court has no jurisdiction over sovereign nations. They failed to mention in their strategic press release that Netanyahu is Hamas and the UN are supporting both.

Benjamin Netanyahu is Hamas, Gill Rosenberg is Mossad

Update: Tal Hanan is Mossad as well as Gill Rosenberg.

Israeli firm meddled in more than 30 elections

Revealed: the hacking and disinformation team meddling in elections

The lies never stop in the propaganda war on Gaza. They recently brought Dr Phil in to see the trauma Hamas inflicted on the kibbutzes near the border on October 7th. They keep replaying that same narrative despite the fact that rag tag attack couldn't have been possible unless Benjamin Netanyahu facilitated that attack. Everyone knows that the Gaza border is the most heavily monitored border in the world. He took the soldiers guarding the border off that watch.

Instead of talking about how Israel has repeatedly intentionally killed aid workers they keep replaying the 911 narrative. Instead of talking about Israel's unprecedented attack on civilians in Gaza starving them as they are pushed south against a closed border and driven into the sea, they perpetuate a propaganda war justifying atrocities. Remember Mossad and the CIA are drug dealers.The CIA created ISIS to drag the US into the rival pipeline war in Syria. Mossad created Hamas to justify obliterating the Oslo accord after the assassinated Yitzhak Rabin.

The PLO agreed to recognize Israel if Israel recognized Palestine. Mossad created Hamas to push Fatah out of Gaza and replace them with ISIS extremists. ISIS and ISIS K work for the CIA just like Hamas works for Mossad. Recently Mossad just put out a really offensive music video mocking the Hamas they created. They correctly pointed out that the leaders of Hamas are living large in Qatar while the people of Gaza starve. Why are they in Qatar?

They're in Qatar because Saudi works for the CIA. Saudi profits from the WEF oil monopoly. Qatar armed ISIS. Qatar armed Hamas. Qatar is where the rival pipeline through Syria is from. The people of Israel understand that if it wasn't for Netanyahu, there wouldn't be any hostages.

The people of Israel understand that Netanyahu refuses to negotiate a hostage release because he has an agenda. What the people of Israel don't understand is that Hamas works for Netanyahu. They will kill all the hostages to justify wiping Gaza off the map.

When Dr Phil is in Israel examining the damage Hamas did on October the 7th, show him the damage the IDF did on October 7th through friendly fire. Netanyahu took all the soldiers monitoring the border off that assignment to facilitate the attack. He also issued a stand down order. Yet the IDF was caught firing on Israelis on October 7th just like they fired on the USS Liberty. When they were caught they claimed they are firing on Hamas and some civilians were collateral damage. Yet that lie doesn't make sense.

If Israeli soldiers were firing on Hamas on October 7th, then they would have notified the rest of the army and there is no way that rag take group of operatives would have made it in and out with hostages. The whole thing was a set up just like the USS Liberty was.

Shielding US Public from Israeli Reports of “Friendly Fire” on October 7
Let's not forget about Gill Rosenberg, the Vancouver born female Israeli soldier who was falsely reported kidnapped by ISIS. Turned out she was alive and well with a history of fraud. The Times of Israel said she was a convicted grifter. "Before joining war against jihadist extremists, Canada-born Gill Rosenberg served 3 years in prison for cheating elderly out of their money."
"Rosenberg and the 11 other members of the ring — all Israeli nationals — were believed to have stolen up to $25 million, according to Channel 10." An investment fraud tied to 11 other Israeli nationals. Sounds like Mossad to me. She "had tried in vain to join the Mossad spy service."

The Jerusalem Post reported that "Just five months before she made headlines, Rosenberg says she was still living on house arrest with a Satmar rabbi in the hassidic village of Kiryas Joel, when a New York court sentenced her in July 2014 to time served for her role in a highly-sophisticated phone-based scam run out of “boiler rooms” in Israel that bilked hundreds of US senior citizens out of what investigators believe was more than $25 million, between 2005 and 2009."

"Before her house arrest, she’d spent more than four years in jail, while her co-defendants fought extradition back in Israel. A month after her court date in July 2014 she left the US for Israel, and touched down in Jerusalem, living with a friend and just hanging out.” "In Israel, she joined the IDF, serving as an instructor for Kenyan soldiers." Kenya was a Mossad op.

This brings us back to Fundraising fraud in times of war. The CIA and Mossad embezzled $50 million from Canadian investors for the October Surprise. The Dark Side of Mossad.

Secrets of the Hells Angels 5: Midwest Meth Madness

Episode 5 of the Secrets of the Hells Angels on A&E entitled Midwest Meth Madness is out. This one is about Pat Matter who was a methamphetamine dealer that rose through the ranks to become President of the Minnesota Hells Angels. He wrote a book called Breaking the Code. It's pretty mseed up. A lot of people are rolling. I have a few comments to make.

Pat got caught because he threatened some young punks who stole some Harleys. That gave the police grounds for a search warrant. He threatened the kids who stole the motorcycles. He was right in doing so. What about when members of the club steal motorcycles? Nobody likes a thief. Treat others the way you want to be treated means if you don't want someone to steal your sh*t don't steal theirs. There's nothing noble or admirable about stealing cars or motorcycles.

Police raided the clubhouse and gathered enough evidence to charge Pat with continuous criminal enterprise. He was found guilty and sentenced to 17 and a half years. He then rolled and ratted out his supplier and his vice president to get time shaved off his sentence. There's nothing noble about that. Ratting out your friends to get a reduced sentence is sleazy.

As I consistently say, if you want to leave the live leave the life but don't cooperate with the police. That is the safest way for you to leave. This guy is not a role model. He used and sold crystal meth. He ratted people out to get time shaved off his sentence. There's nothing else to say.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Iranian president dies in helicopter crash

Update: Iran news: President Raisi found dead at crash site

Speaking of the CIA, CBC is reporting that "A helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his foreign minister made a rough landing on Sunday as it was crossing a mountainous area in heavy fog on the way back from a visit to Azerbaijan, Iranian news agencies said."

The Business Recorder reported that "Iranian President Dr Ebrahim Raisi said a key decision to increase bilateral trade volume to $10 billion has been reached as he addressed a high-profile joint press conference with Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif in Islamabad on Monday."

Last month I reported on the Natural gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan.

Saudi's oil monopoly and the World Economic Forum

Bonnie Henry is a Freak and Adrian Dix has lost his mind

Machine guns used in France to help prisoner escape

Search of Trent Jeske and Jade Heffer's home empty

Remember that dramatic early morning raid where the Australian gang task force brought the media with them to take inappropriate pictures of the suspects when they were hauled out of bed? Well the raid didn't find anything. So that was a just a demoralizing publicity stunt.

Consequently the judge has amended the bail conditions and rescinded the ban that prevented the newlyweds from having any contact with each other. "Heffer's revised bail conditions still require her to live at her mother's home but allow her to stay at Jeske's home when in Sydney for prearranged legal and medical appointments. Justice Adams noted Jeske was somewhat of a positive and stabilising influence for his new wife."

"Jeske was charged with the unrelated offence of driving while licence application refused and granted conditional bail to appear in Parramatta Local Court on May 30." AYFKM? All that drama for a parking ticket? "Jeske walked free in February after a 20-month stint behind bars for being a leader of the Ready 4 War street group which distributed drugs for the Alameddine crime gang."

Yeah we know. The Five Eyes don't like rivals. "Heffer was found to be in breach of prior bail conditions which required her to live with her mother in Barham on the NSW/Victoria border."

Bail conditions for what charge? She was accused of talking to the police when they came to her home to check to see if her previous boyfriend was complying with a firearm ban. That's what she's accused of. She's accused of talking to the police when they came to her home.

Turns out the dramatic allegation of her current husband appearing in a video having sex with a dog was fake. That was defamation with a malicious intent. Turns out when SWAT tore apart his mother's home over their claim she used a fake Covid certificate to go to work was false as well. That means that was an unlawful search of her home. So who are the real criminals here?

"Mr Terracini accused Strikeforce Raptor officers of mistreating Jeske and putting her in handcuffs due to an outrageous, fantastic, made-up charge. 'They leaked it to the media ... they trashed our house after they searched it and they videoed us after,' he told the court."

Seemingly there is a gang war in Sydney between the Hamzy Crime Family (Brothers 4 Life) and the Alameddine Crime Family. The strange thing is they are both Lebanese and they both have ties to Islam. But drugs, alcohol and prostitution is Haram so it is obviously one great big contradiction. One of the Brothers 4 Life chapters started admitting Afgan members and that eventually created an internal power struggle where they started shooting each other.

Why is this suspicious? Because the CIA has a long history of drug trafficking in Lebanon and Afghanistan. The CIA crashed the Nugan Hand bank in Australia through arms dealing, drug trafficking and money laundering just like the BCCI. Now with the Five Eyes alliance, Australia shares all their intelligence with the CIA who are the ones that crashed the Nugan Hand bank.

The crimes of patriots : a true tale of dope, dirty money, and the CIA. Lying is their MO.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Forest Fires, Arson and Preignition

Forest fire season has started early this year and that's already suspicious. Last year was Canada's worst forest fire season on record and many of those fires were set by arson.

Brian Paré is a Quebec man who plead guilty to setting 14 forest fires in 2023. That was just one guy. Last year CTV reported that "A 28-year-old woman has been arrested after a series of fires were intentionally set along the Galloping Goose Trail in Sooke, BC."

That's just two who were caught. Recently someone sent me a video of military personal using a new contraption on a jeep to set large forest firers. The video on Twitter had a warning which said that it was a planned preignition to fight a fire but when I embedded the tweet it disappeared.

We know that preignition is a new fire fighting strategy which has proven to be flawed. That's what made some of the fires in BC last year much worse. It's a bad idea. On that note, Glen Beck recently did a video showing a new home defense robot dog equipped with a flame thrower. He was laughing showing how cool it was and said it's also used in forest fire management. That's kind of a red flag. Fighting fires by setting fires is an oxymoron.

Obviously arsonists are mental cases. In urban settings a single arsonist can be responsible for setting many fires. People who set a forest on fire are even more mentally deranged. Yet we can't help but wonder if some of them are being paid to do it.

The article about the arsonist in Quebec states that he was a conspiracy theorist who claimed the government was responsible for starting fires. Yet he admitted to starting 14 himself. There's something in that narrative that doesn't make sense. If he objects to the government staring forest fires, why would he start them himself?

If he was a climate change denier, why would he set new fires to help the climate change narrative? It's like someone who thinks 911 was an inside job performing a terrorist act himself. Why would he do that? Truthers object to terrorist attacks they don't support them.
As for the disappearing video of military personnel starting forest fires, take a look at this. Last summer CBC reported that "Federal assistance including military resources are being mobilized to help British Columbia's fight against hundreds of wildfires, Canada'a Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Bill Blair announced Friday."

Take a look at what he's holding in his hand. It's not a shovel. It's "a drip torch to set a planned ignition on a wildfire burning near a highway outside Vanderhoof in northern B.C. on July 11." So we did hire the military to set fires. Last year Dan Dicks showed video footage of helicopters using tiger torches to set fries in BC from the air. That is a bad idea. We're spending money on the wrong thing. Water bombers are far more effective than helicopters.

They're also a lot more effective than a guy with a shovel or a guy with a drip torch. This relates to the Maui fraud. They shut off the water so residents couldn't fight the fire in Maui any more. These granola whack jobs claim that water is too sacred to fight fires with. STFU you lying freak.

CSIS wants to ban TikTok to censor it

Global fake news is reporting that Justin Trudeau says Canadians need to listen to CSIS about a Tik Tok ban. AYFKM? If anyone needs to listen it's that clown. This is why we need to examine Justin Trudeau's new love affair with CSIS. CSIS wants a to ban Tik Tok because they can't censor it like YouTube. This became especially obvious with the war in Gaza.

Gen Z use Tik Tok and were sharing horrific videos of children being killed in Gaza along with hospitals and refugee Camps being bombed. CSIS and the Five Eyes want to ban Tik tok because they want to censor it. It has nothing to do with data sharing.

This is why I find CSIS' new campaign on China suspicious. It's a red herring. They create a problem to justify giving them more power so they can go after people who disagree with gender ideology. CSIS and the Five Eyes support the WEF and the UN's NWO. I do not.

Dan Dicks: CSIS Says Canadians Opposed To Gender Ideology Are A Possible Violent Threat

Jessica Watson sailed around the world

I've been watching the Jessica Watson story on Netflix called True Spirit. She sailed solo around the world at the age of 16. It's very well done. In the top picture Jessica Watson is on the right and the girl on the left is the actress that played her in the movie.

I started watching it a long time ago but was just watching it in pieces because I found it difficult to watch. That was a pretty risky adventure. As a parent it's hard to watch. I kayak. I did a bit of sailing when I was young and loved it. I always thought when I retire I'd get a sailboat and do some sailing. Yet sailing around the world solo is totally beyond be.

It's like climbing mount Everest. I love hiking and snowshoeing but that kind of an expedition requiring oxygen is beyond me. The same with sailing around the world. If I was to do something like that I'd hugged the coastlines and load up a long the way for more supplies. What she did was astounding. Sailing across the open sea can be very risky during storms.

In the movie the Perfect Storm, a small boat faces the wave head on and gets flipped over. I'm not sure how you'd do that in a sailboat. There's a scene in the movie where her boat capsized in a storm and was 15 feet under water. Evidently that did happen. Jessica said in real life it was probably only a few seconds but seemed like eternity. She said there was actually 7 tip overs in that storm. I'm sure there are a lot of life lessons we can talk about here but I'll just recommend the movie and point you to her YouTube channel that has some actual video footage of her trip.

Friday, May 17, 2024

Police seize 100 kilos of cocaine in Montreal

The Montreal Gazette is reporitng that "The Montreal police say drug traffickers were using an Old Montreal condo for storage after 100 kilograms of cocaine with an estimated street value of $2.5 million was discovered in a raid on Monday night."

"In addition to the cocaine, police also seized $230,000 in cash as well as crystal meth, psychedelic drugs, MDMA and cannabis. 'The drugs were destined for various organized crime (drug) distributors across Quebec,' the police said Tuesday." Two men, ages 38 and 56, were arrested and they appeared before Quebec Court Judge Guylaine Rivest at the Montreal courthouse Tuesday afternoon."

Police use water cannon to disperse weekly anti-government protest in Tel Aviv

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Bodkin on Netflix is Awesome

For a long time I couldn't find anything worthwhile on Amazon or Netflix. Now all of a sudden all these gems are appearing. I just watched Bodkin on Netflix. It's about an American pod caster who goes to a small town in Ireland to solve a cold case murder. It's really well done.

The dynamics between the main characters is a very good chemistry. Dove is a very dry sarcastic Irish woman trying to sort out her past. Emmy is an enthusiastic addition whose character development is a true inspiration. Gilbert is the American pod casters trying to save his marriage who discovers the real story is the worth of a soul. It's entertaining and thought provoking.

Robert Thomas released on parole

Castanet is reporting that "A former member of the Kelowna Hells Angels who beat a man to death with a baseball bat back in 2011 has been recently released from custody once again, to serve out the remainder of his sentence in a halfway house. In a decision by the Parole Board of Canada earlier this month, 59-year-old Robert Leonard Thomas was once again released from prison on statutory release, despite the Correctional Service of Canada recommending he stay behind bars because his risk in the community has become unmanageable.”

"Thomas, a former full-patch member of the Hells Angels, was handed a 15-year jail sentence in 2014 after he pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the 2011 killing of 51-year Dain Phillips. After Phillips' two sons had gotten into a dispute with two other teenage brothers who were associates of Thomas and fellow Hells Angels Norman Cocks, Phillips arrived unarmed on the evening of June 11, 2011 near McCurdy and Gibson roads to try and resolve the dispute. Instead, Thomas and Cocks, using a bat and a hammer respectively, immediately attacked the father, killing him."

I covered this story and attended parts of the trial. This was a horrific tragedy and it was stupid. It shouldn't have happened. It was a stupid high school dispute that totally spiraled out of control. I put these posters up around Kelowna at the time.

Dain's son got in a fight at school. The kid he got in a fight with was friends with a short Hells Angel named Norm Cox. Norm's father Bob was a the president of the Throttle Lockers at the time. Norm got involved in the high school beef, threatened Dain's son and punched him. Dain finds out about it and chases Norm down in his car while Norm ran away from him.

Norm comes back with Rob Thomas and a car load of sh*t bags to confront Dain. Norm gets out of the car with a baseball bat and says to Dain so you wanna f*ck with the Hells Angels?! Dain raisins his hands in a defensive posture and says he just wants to talk about what happened.

Robert Thomas takes a big swing and smashed Dain in the leg with the baseball bat. Dain didn't budge. Thomas kept hitting Dain in the leg with the baseball bat until he finally went down. After Thomas got Dain down, Norman, Bob and all the little bags of sh*t jump out of the car with hammers. They give Dain the boots when he was on the ground and beat him to death with hammers. It was completely cowardly and completely senseless.
The East Van chapter offered 5 thousand bucks to have Thomas beat up in prison so Mathew Johnston knocked him out. It was not a beef between the Bacon brothers and the Hells Angels. Robert Thomas was kicked out and it was punishment for f*cking up. Norm Cox was also beat up at the same time. I haven't heard if he's still a member or not. If Robert Thomas was kicked out Norm Cox should be kicked out as well. It was his fault. Robert Thomas is no longer a threat to society because he was kicked out of the club. Right now he's a threat to himself.

Another Montreal rapper shot dead

CBC is reporitng that "A 27-year-old Montreal rapper was shot and killed near the Central Market, in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough, in Montreal, on Tuesday evening. Christopher Shawn Jean Vilsaint, aka Dirty S, was known to police for being associated with street gangs. The man was shot several times while walking to a recording studio." The Dirty News is running the story.

He brought a skinny white French kid with him to film a video in Haiti. Haiti is hard core. You see all those very young kids with some fully automatic weapons? Sh*t be cray yo. I still say it's just not worth it. If you want to die for a cause die for a cause. Don't die for a watch.
This is a perfect example of how ridiculous the Bacon brothers were and the Wolf Pack is. Gumby and the Bacon brothers were suburban princesses. Yuppies from rich homes in the suburbs. They are fake wannabe gangsters. These Haitian guys are the real deal. If you're from the hood that means you were brought up poor. You don't ride around in overpriced SUVs that look like a soccer mom's minivan. Look at the kids in the video these guys made back in Haiti.

That young kid had healed over bullet holes in his arm. They have to fight just to survive. There's a funny scene in the movie Bad boys where the cops get in a shoot out with some Haitians and they were like Haitians? Why did you have to go and piss off the Haitians? Now we're really f*cked. We saw how the Wolf Pack hired some Somalians and f*cked them over. Watch what happens when the Wolf Pack f*ck over the Haitians. There won't be any Cub Pack left.

Assassination Attempt on Slovak Prime Minister

Efrat Fenigson is reporitng that "Earlier today, Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico, was shot several times in an assassination attempt. Fico was strongly against mandates & forced vaccinations, in January announced he'll investigate Politicians and over purchase of medical devices & vaccines. He strongly rejected the WHO pandemic treaty and expanding the powers of the WHO - see speech from Nov. 2023." CBC is confirming that he was shot multiple times but will survive. MI6 claims it was a lone wolf. Yeah right. Just like Yitzhak Rabin.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Supporters confront Trump's political trial

Gov. Burgum, Vivek Ramaswamy and others spoke outside the courthouse in New York today exposing the absurdity of the proceedings against Trump. The judge is a Democrat donor and is in a complete conflict of interest. Byron Donalds nailed it. He asked where is the crime?

Stormy Daniels was in legal proceedings with Donald Trump and accepted an out of court settlement. The Democrats are trying to break the terms of the settlement by calling it hush money. Vivek is right. Paying legal fees is not unlawful. Stormy Daniels is a cheap whore.

Brandon Police seize 100 kilos of Crystal Meth

CTV is reporting that "The Brandon Police Service (BPS) discovered nearly 100 kilograms of crystal meth during a traffic stop last week. The investigation began around noon on May 8 when officers conducted a traffic stop on a commercial vehicle on the Trans-Canada Highway.

"During the check, officers became suspicious that the driver may be in possession of an illicit substance for the purpose of trafficking. Due to these suspicions, BPS brought in a police dog named Storm, who indicated the presence of controlled substances. Police said they searched the cab of the vehicle where they found two large duffel bags under the bed in the sleeper berth. According to police, the bags contained 100 kg of what’s believed to be crystal meth. The drugs have an estimated street value of $800,000." Drug sniffing dog, nice.

Justin Trudeau falls 20 points behind Conservatives

Clinton Jaws posted a video of Laura Stone a reporter from the Globe and Mail asking Justin Trudeau why doesn't he resign as leader for the good of the party since the Liberals are now 20 points behind the Conservatives. She says the public seems to have an overwhelmingly negative view of you personally. Ya think? All bad things must come to an end. No lie can live forever.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Page Eight on Netflix is timely and well done

Kerri Krysko on A&E Secrets of the Hells Angels: Update

OK here it is. Episode 5 of the Secrets of the Hells Angels on A&E is about Sonny Barger and is called Leader of the Pack. It has some pictures of Sonny's wife Noel when she was young (3:26) and she tells her side of the story. She said Sonny was very romantic and it all started off well but after the first a*s kicking she should have left. (36:07)

I remember when George Christie was beefing with Sonny Barger. George said Sonny dialed 911 and Hells Angels aren't supposed to dial 911. George was referring to an incident where Sonny had beat up Noel so bad he called an ambulance to come and get her. I was like I don't think that counts. I'm far more concerned with the fact that he beat up a woman so bad she needed an ambulance than about the fact that he called an ambulance to come and get her.

In steps Kerri Krysko (36:32). Kerri is local. She wrote two books. We know the story. I know some things that weren't written in the book. I don't like her ex but there was good in him and I don't like the best man her ex had at their wedding. I respect her bridesmaid and I respect the Master of Ceremonies they had at their wedding. It was all very high profile so it was.

I think that situation was abnormal. Overall, I think most Hells Angels treat their wives fine. Better than most cops who have a worse record for spousal abuse than the Hells Angels do. That's not to say the Hells Angel don't mistreat the patch pounders, the groupies or the prostitutes that work for them. In that situation I think the Margo Compton story was the norm but wives in the club, for the most part, are different. Most Hells Angels treat their wives better than most cops.

Noel said I think the fists came into play because I can be lippy. (38:46) There was a little bit more too it than that. Don't get me wrong. I don't like Sonny Barger but that article George Christie made reference to about when Sonny beat up Noel and called an ambulance for her contained a few missing pieces to the puzzle. She was punching him. In the Phoenix Magazine article Noel admitted accepting money from the FBI. She claimed the FBI tricked her into signing a nondisclosure agreement and stated she never testified against anyone.

The article explained that the assault occurred after they had separated. Noel was furious that Sonny had started a new relationship with someone else. She was yelling at him and hitting him so he beat the sh*t out of her. The article also admitted that Noel was bipolar. "Under cross examination FBI agent Stephen Smith admitted that Noel told him she took several medications for her mental health problems." Agent Smith testified in court that when he visited Noel in the hospital on the night of the fight, he saw no visible injuries on her.

I'm not saying what Sonny did was right because it wasn't right. I'm saying there's more to the story. There is no excuse for a man to hit a woman. Ever. Yet if a woman thinks she can rage on a man and hit him while he does nothing, that is an unrealistic expectation. In that situation the innocent victim image disappears and it simply becomes a toxic inappropriate fight.

As I learned in the Guardian Angels, domestic violence situations are very dangerous to get involved with. One time another member and I were returning to headquarters at Harlem in the middle of the night. We're in the subway and we hear a woman scream. We see a man had pinned her against the wall. We rush over to her aid and she starts screaming don't hurt him. It was her boyfriend and they were having an argument. I was like AYFKM? I looked at my buddy and said I'm out of here. Let's go. That chick is crazy. We can't help her so we left.

I'm not going to get into the Dr Phil reasons why women stay in abusive relationships. That's beyond me. I'm just saying that there is good and bad in everyone. Many marriages break down. We all need to move forward. Kerri's kids are awesome only they're not kids any more they are capable grown men that would make any parent proud. Trials don't define us they refine us.
As for the Sonny Barger 911 tape, he called an ambulance not a cop. The show cut out the part where the dispatcher asked him if there was a firearm on the property. That was a trick question because he was under a firearm ban. If he said no and they found one he would have been charged. They asked him is there a firearm on the property? He said Noel has one in her car. They asked him is it in the car? He said yes, I believe it is. He didn't call the cops saying she tried to shoot me. That didn't happen. His involvement with Margo Compton's case was far worse.

Download the Phoenix Magazine article about Sonny and Noel

Update: After rereading the article in the Phoenix magazine there's even more background to the story about Sonny's fight with Noel the night the ambulance was called. One page 83 the article states Just after midnight July 14th 2002 Sonny's neighbor called 911 because Noel was outside Sonny's house banging on the windows screaming and she had a gun. The neighbor said Sonny was a really good guy and was trying to avoid her.

The Deputy Sheriff shows up and sees Noel has a 9mm handgun sticking out of the front of her jeans which she had a conceal carry permit for. Noel gives the sheriff her gun and tells him she lives at the house. Noel later admitted to the journalist that she lied to the Deputy Sheriff about living at the home. She clarified that she and Sonny were separated at the time and she lived at a different residence Sonny paid for in Glendale.

According to the police report Noel looked into the garage and saw Sonny's motorcycle wasn't there so he wasn't even home at the time. The deputies told Noel to leave the property to avoid a fight which she did. But just a few minutes later Noel spotted Sonny and a girlfriend named Michelle Scott on the highway.

The police interviewed Michelle who said Noel started following them in her car. Sonny made two U turns to try and lose her but she kept following them and literally ran them off the road in her car. Sonny got off his motorcycle and argued with Noel. He got back on the motorcycle and rode home. Noel followed them to the same home after the deputy told her to leave the property.

Sonny tells Michele to stay in the house while he went out to try and calm Noel down. He was unsuccessful and ended up calling 911 saying that he kicked Noel because she was going for her gun in her car. When the police arrived they found a handwritten note on a piece of cardboard addressed to Slut that said stay away from my husband and my house.

When the deputies arrived they found another gun in Noel's Camero. It was the second gun they had confiscated from her that night. I'm sorry but that is batsh*t crazy and the A&E episode didn't mention any of that. The A&E episode tried to make Sonny Barger sound like a common wife beater but when you look at the facts a very different story quickly emerges.

As I said when I first posted the in-depth article about Sonny and Noel in the Phoenix magazine, after reading that article I have more respect for Sonny than I had for him before I read it. It's sad. When you see the picture of Noel on her Harley when she first met Sonny she was hot. (3:26) I'm not saying now she's not. I'm just saying that there were a lot of outside influences trying to destroy that marriage. The FBI were grooming her and the club 86'd her. Sonny displayed an incredible amount of patience dealing with her. That showed he really did care.

Oh one other thing. The next day Noel told the reporter over coffee that she was strung out on crystal meth at the time. Noel admitted to the reporter she and Sony were separated at the time and that she was living in a different residence. Noel explained that she was upset when she saw Sonny with some other groupie after they were separated. Hell hath no fury...

Israel killed UN aid worker in Rafah

Update: American medics trapped in Gaza after Rafah border closing

The Yong Turks is confirming that Israel has killed a UN staffer in a clearly marked vehicle. Global has some footage that shows bullet holes in the windows of the vehicle. That means the marked vehicle was intentionally targeted from relatively close range.
One could argue that Israel gave warning to evacuate but we need to look at the big picture and see what they are really doing. The City of Gaza was in the north on the right side of the picture. Israel gave all the civilians in Gaza notice to leave which created a mass Exodus. They moved in with tanks, bulldozers and bombs destroying everything in their path.

Then they went to the next city and the next and the next until everyone was forced into Rafah. They closed the border to Egypt and ordered everyone in Rafah to leave. That is a sick joke. They clearly have no place to go. As Israel has been clear cutting south they have been bombing and sniping hospitals, cutting off water, electricity and aid. They've even been exhuming graves and bulldozing over cemeteries for the new Canal's access road. This is an abomination.

So they have driven all the civilians south, closed the border into Egypt and are now driving them west into the Ocean. God is watching this and this is ungodly. They had the audacity to claim this new Port is for humanitarian aid. That is an offensive lie. The new Port is to steal their natural gas reserves and to force all the civilians out and disperse them around the world so they can't regroup and return to the land and resources they are stealing from them.

Hamas has nothing to do with this. When they said Hamas is ISIS that was a red flag. The CIA created ISIS to draw the US into the rival pipeline war in Syria. Then after the US assassinated the Iranian general responsible for defeating ISIS the CIA brought back ISIS K. Likewise Mossad created Hamas to push Fatah out of Gaza and to justify this genocide.

When they said Oct 7 is Israel's 911 that was another red flag. Everyone in Israel knows that the Oct 7 attack was orchestrated. It could not have happened unless Benjamin Netanyahu facilitated it by issuing a stand down order and taking everyone guarding the border off that assignment. That is why Israel is having mass protests demanding Netanyahu resign.

US Army Major Quits Intel Agency Over Unqualified US Support Of Israeli Ethnic Cleansing

Canadian Freedom Coalition & Independent Candidates

Since Bonnie Henry is refusing to evolve and move past the dysfunction I thought I'd throw out a link to a local coalition in Maple Ridge who hold town halls and social events for like minded freedom fighters. It's called the Canadian Freedom Coalition. They have health care workers on their team that are still out of work. One of their supporters is a guy trying to network with independent candidates in the next BC Provincial election called Independent BC.

Dr Roger Harrington is running as an independent MLA in Peachland. Perhaps Dr Stephen Malthouse can run as an independent. He's a far better candidate than anything that Barbie girl recommends. It was sad to see the BC Conservatives hijacked so quickly. Perhaps a coalition of independents can keep them honest. Chuck Cadman made a difference as an Independent.

Monday, May 13, 2024

Fire Bonnie the Despot Henry

Castanet is reporting that "B.C. Supreme Court Justice Simon Coval has sided with provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry on vaccine mandates for health-care workers, largely dismissing claims they are unreasonable and unconstitutional. In a May 10 ruling, Coval states that the province’s top doctor was justified in extending COVID-19 vaccine mandates from October 2021 via two renewed orders made on Oct. 5, 2023."

Bonnie Henry is a punitive b*tch. BC is the only province in Canada that still has Covid Rna vaccine mandates for health care workers despite the fact that the pandemic is over.

This court decision is nothing to celebrate. In my interview with Dr Steven Pelech, who is a specialist in the field, he pointed out that the courts have not been hearing evidence based research yet. I say yet because Bill 36 is going to change all that.

Dr Steven Pelech is a professor of virology at UBC. Vaccines are his specialty. He expressed his concerns with the BC NDP's draconian Bill 36 which outlaws medical opinions. Bonnie Henry is a Freak. Bill 36 is her attempt to ban, censor, fine and criminalize any specialist in the field who proves her wrong. The upside of that Orwellian power grab is the simple fact that if they are going to throw medical doctors in jail for expressing their medical opinions, the court will be forced to hear evidence based research. Something it hasn't been doing.

Up until now, the court has been accepting political Medical Officers' testimony without challenge. Bill 36 is going to change that. So finally some of these Orwellian court decisions will start to be reversed. However, the fact that these raging lunatics introduced Bill 36 needs to be addressed.

They don't just want to censor doctors they want to throw them in jail. Not only that but Bill 36 completely changes the structure of the College of Physicians. As Dr Pelech explained, the college used to consist of specialists in the field elected by a group of their peers. Bill 36 changed all that. Now they are no longer specialists in the field and they are no longer elected by a group of their peers. They are simply appointed by the highly politicized government. That's insane.