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Robert Pickton is dead - Update

APTN News is reporting that "A spokesperson for the Sureté du Québec says serial killer Robert ‘Willie’ Pickton has died in hospital. On May 19, Pickton was attacked by another prisoner at the Port-Cartier Institution where he was being held. “The 74 year old who got hurt on May 19 has succumbed to his injuries,” said Hugues Beaulieu, spokesperson for the Quebec Provincial police. The news was confirmed by Correctional Service of Canada."

"Pickton was in critical condition in hospital after the attack. At the time of his death, Pickton was now eligible to apply for day parole. Federal law would have allowed Pickton to apply for day parole three years before his full parole eligibility. He would have been eligible for full parole until 2027." The question is, what secrets died with him? I can tell you right now, whoever contracted his murder didn't do it so the victims could have justice. They did it to hide accomplices.

Everyone here knows Robert Pickton didn't act alone. Willy was a pig farmer. He could slaughter a pig and prepare it for a barbecue but he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. He was a bit slow. He wasn't the mastermind of anything. After the assault global reported that "Alan Mullen, a former corrections officer at the Kent Institution in Agassiz, B.C. when Pickton was incarcerated there, told Global News on Wednesday that some of that pain comes from knowing that if Pickton dies now, some of the truth will die with him."

"It’s no secret that Robert Pickton didn’t act alone here,” Mullen said, speaking of the many missing and murdered women believed to have been killed on the Pickton farm. “If you talk to (Pickton) or listen to (Pickton), it’s pretty obvious that he did not act alone,” Mullen added. “If he dies, yes, a lot of information and truth that we may be able to garner from him through further investigation, dies with him and that’s concerning to me,” Mullen added.

Mullen said “If you talk to (Pickton) or listen to (Pickton), it’s pretty obvious that he did not act alone,” He means everyone here knows Pickton was a bit slow. That's the first point. The second point is the fact that Dianne Rock was gang raped on the farm. That implicates more than one suspect and I can tell you right now Robert Pickton wasn't one of them.

When the court heard about the Diane Rock gang rape the judge changed the instructions to the jury. The judge said the jury could convict Pickton if the wasn't the only suspect or even the main suspect just an active participant. That's pretty significant.

As soon as the Hells Angels were mentioned at the first Missing Women's Inquiry Wally Oppal shut down the inquiry and turned it into a panel discussion so he could more easily censor evidence. He said the inquiry was not mandated to investigate other suspects.

The Hells Angels were never mentioned in Robert Pickton's trial. That's because the Vancouver Province reported at the time that one of the women who was going to testify that she saw Hells Angels in colors at Piggy's Palace had bikers show up at her home so she left town and never testified. Yet it was reported that the Hells Angels had a grow up on the farm and ran two after hours across the street. Big Tony worked the door at Piggy's Palace.

Later the Vancouver Province reported that a local band who played Piggy's Palace said they saw Hells Angels in colors there all the time. In Stevie Cameron's book On the Farm she stated that it was well known locally that the Hells Angels controlled the area. That information was never admitted to the court during Pickton's trial.

Here's the kicker. In the previous thread someone posted a link to an old CTV article from 2010 where Robert Pickton had an exclusive interview with CTV from prison and actually named the Hells Angels. So it looks like that story died with him.
Update: So here it is. Robert's brother Dave knew where the bodies were buried. He was involved. He was a Hells Angels associate. He objected to having testify in Willy's trial because he was going to Sturgis that week. Jim Brown was friends with Dave. Dave said Big Tony was a Hells Angel. That wasn't completely true. Tony Terezakis was an associate who sold drugs for the Hells Angels but he wasn't a full patch member. Dave Pickton claiming Tony was a Hells Angel meant he used the name of the club to do business.

Big Tony filmed himself beating the life out of drug addicts in the DTES that owed him money. When his ex got a hold of the tapes she gave them to the police. When they played the tapes in court Tony couldn't stop laughing. He claimed it was a reality TV series called Bible Thumpers and all were willing participants. The court didn't believe him.

A lot of people claim they were making snuff films and that the police found video equipment on the farm. That's the evidence the RCMP want to destroy. It's entirely possible they were making snuff films since Big Tony liked filming himself beating up addicts who owned him money but it is unlikely. If the Hells Angels were involved they wouldn't support making incriminating videos.

Which brings us to Justin Trudeau. Some people claim Justin Trudeau was involved. That's why the cover up goes so deep. I do not believe that is true. Justin Trudeau is an idiot and an a*shole but we can't blame him for everything. Big Tony acted with the authority of the club. There were a whole lot of sketchy hang arounds dong shady sh*t. The people that were gang raping and killing sex trade workers would have eaten Justin Trudeau for breakfast. He didn't fit in with their crew.

Some people are determined to make this a pedophile pizza gate that involved the elites. I don't believe it did. Gang raping, torturing and killing sex trade workers is deranged but the freaks that do that usually don't like Pedos. That's why a lot of hang arounds joined Creep Catchers in Surrey. Dirty cops were definitely involved but I don't see this as a Hollywood elite thing.

The mayor of Port Coquitlam attended parties on the farm and he was a freak but that doesn't mean a lot of Hollywood elites were there. Dave Pickton held parties on the farm for years. It was called the Dominion because it was at 953 Dominion Ave. It was separate from the two after hours across the street. I know a guy who grew up in the area. He said back then everyone went to the parties at the Dominion. It was the place to be if you wanted to drink under age.

That same guy went to Piggy's Palace a couple times and said it was really sketchy. He said biker types would be staring at your girlfriend and it was really uncomfortable. Yet I know another guy who used to go there all the time and just laughed. He said it was the cheapest beer in town.

Just because some Hells Angels attended parties at Piggy's Palace in colors doesn't mean they were gang raping and killing sex trade workers. A lot of off duty cops attended parties at Piggy's Palace as well. Some cops and some hang arounds were clearly doing sketchy sh*t but not all cops or Hells Angels were. In the CTV interview Robert Pickton said the sex trade worker that claimed he tried to kill her was lying. She stabbed him in the head and tried to steal $3500 from him. That is believable. Willy isn't a big guy and isn't very physically intimidating. His brother Dave is much biger and has been convicted of sexual assault.

The answer to the mystery is found in the Second Missing Woman's Inquiry. Not in the Inquiry itself but in the reason one of the Commissioners left the Inquiry. In that second inquiry Marilyn Poitras resigned from that commission because she felt it was not addressing the real problem, the elephant in the room. She said "We've been down this road before... We had people tell us if you want to know who the problems are and how to fix them you go talk to the sex trade workers. They're going to tell you who they are. It's not a mystery. This isn't some person coming out of the blue and randomly taking women off the street. People know who they're threatened by. Lets go talk to them. We weren't doing any of those things."

They are threatened by the drug dealers they owe money to. Often addicts are forced into prostitution like Diane Rock and Janice Shore. Sometimes they lure strippers in by saying you could make more money if you were an escort. The video diary of Margo Compton helps put things in perspective. They mean they could make more money if you become an escort.

As I've previously said, one local author claimed they were making the popular steroid HGH on the farm back then. You made HGH from human cadavers. Now they have a synthetic form from Germany. Robert Pickton didn't kill all those women but he could have harvested their pituitary glands for the HGH. Surrey meth cook Kerry Ryan Renaud was also involved with the farm. So was CSIS. Ryan could have been the one making the HGH. That is organized crime.


  1. Yeah, nothing suspicious or convenient about this.

  2. No coincidence that JT was living, not far from the piggy playplace during Pictons' most active years....

    1. Yeah I'm going to speak on that theory in a bit. JT would have got his a*s kicked if he showed up at Piggy's Palace. We can't blame that one on him.

    2. Lol the son of an ex prime minister would have gotten 5 star treatments...

    3. Not with that crew. He simply would not have fit in.

  3. 2 after hours? That is interesting.. Never heard that before.
    Across the street? Costco is there now. That was built in 1985. Piggy's Palace (I thought) was by the river past the golf course which used to be the farm.. 

    1. 2 after hours - Piggy's Palace run by Dave and Tony which was a dive. Jesse ran another one which was more high end for when Roosters shut down. Costco is on Ottawa St. The Pickton Farm was on Dominion.

  4. If "Willie" is not some wierd sick serial killer, then why were there no men found at the place< or did they just ignore it? There has got to be at least 1 guy "rendered" there.

    1. They were sex trade workers who had drug debts. I'm sure there were a few guys killed there that ran a foul of the club. Dave cut a deal. If he told them were some were buried they wouldn't dig up the whole property.

  5. Good chance that the patch holders who disappeared back in that era went to a party out there....


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