Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Candace Ownes becomes Catholic

A lot of people out there like to argue about stupid sh*t. They like drama. I do not. I realize there are a lot of important tissues out there that directly relate to our freedom and sovereignty but one of the most important principles the Constitution protects is the freedom of religion which includes the right to be atheist. I haven't heard much from Candace Owens lately so I did a search on YouTube and see since leaving the Daily Wire she has become Catholic.

It's not terribly surprising since I think her husband is Catholic. I really don't see it as a big deal. What's kind of strange and not very surprising is how some born agains are denouncing the move and trashing the religion. This is why I like Muslims and Sikhs better than born agains. Many not all born agains are arrogant, intolerant and irritating. The ones trashing Candace Owens decision are. Having said that I don't believe in banning born agains. People are allowed to disagree.

What if Candace Owens made the announcement that she had become Jewish? Who cares? That's her right. What if she said I'm Muslim or I'm Sikh or I'm Hindu? Who cares? Whatever religion she embraces you know she's going to be an advocate for morality and freedom. I don't agree with everything Candace Owens says. She's a bit of a scrapper but I completely respect her sincerity and her zeal. Ben Shapiro however, comes across as a complete a*shole.

The way he speaks, the tone of his voice, the way he scowls his eyebrows, he consistently comes accross as a d*ck. We need to find better representation from the Jewish community because he is not it. Sweeping stereotypes about the Jews are not helpful or constructive. When you see the political climate within Israel on the 50th and 60th anniversary when everyone was singing songs of Peace and when you see the magnitude of the current protests in Israel against Netanyahu, we get a very different view of the Jewish people than the one the media forces on us. There are a lot of good Jews in Israel who care about their fellow man.

So Canada Owens is Catholic - who cares? We need to see beyond the doctrine and embrace the intent. Ireland has had it's share of Protestant versus Catholic conflict. Yet the Irish Proclamation protects religious freedom "oblivious of the differences carefully fostered by an alien Government, which have divided a minority from the majority in the past."

The flag for the Irish Republic is green, orange and white. Green represents Catholic, Orange represents Protestant and White represents Peace between the two. Christ taught us to be good and do good. So did Buddha. So did Mohamed. So did Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King. I am concerned about the Communists one day adopting Catholicism as the state religion before it bans all religion but I am certainly not anti Catholic. I support civil liberty protected by law.

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