Thursday, May 2, 2024

The Politics of Beowulf

There hasn't been anything on Netflix or Amazon Prime that has interested me in a while until recently. I've been watching Beowulf Return to the Shieldlands on Amazon. Evidently the Amazon series is quite different from the original movie. The next season of the Witcher is finally coming next month. Liam Neeson has a new series on Netflix called The Land of Saints and Sinners.

Ireland is known as the land of saints and scholars not saints and sinners but Hollywood has to spin everything. OK I know its not Hollywood but whoever. In that movie he plays a hit man whose past comes back to haunt him and the passion of the holy land is revealed.

Beowulf is interesting like the Witcher. They're both big guys who wield a sword in Defense of moral principles. The thing that I found irritating about Beowulf was the politics. Not his, everyone else's. Brother betraying sister, son betraying mother, all of them coveting power.

There was another series on Netflix I watched about Vikings invading England in medieval times. It had cool sword fights but the politics of monarchies became too painful to watch. All that drama and betrayal coveting power in the name of the public good. It all exemplified British royalty. It kind of reminded me of the Hells Angels and some of their internal struggles.

People struggle for power. They plot and betray each other to get it. Some are good. Some are evil. Some are simply lame ducks with 30 seconds of fame. How will we spend our dash?

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