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Winnipeg Shooting connected to Edmonton extortion

Update: Scroll down to the bottom for the latest news about how it ties in with New York.

Three shootings. Two are related one is not. First shooting unrelated. CBC is reporting that "A 15-year-old boy from Lake St. Martin First Nation has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with a shooting in the community earlier this week. The teen was arrested on Thursday, a day after Mounties found a 32-year-old woman fatally shot at a home in the Manitoba Interlake community, RCMP said in a Saturday news release. The boy was taken into custody."

A 15 year old kid fatally shot a 32 year old woman. That is f*cked up.

CTV is reporitng that "Two suspects were arrested following a shooting in south Edmonton on Saturday night. In an emailed statement, Edmonton police said officers responded to the area of 86 Street and 6 Avenue S.W. around 6:40 p.m. after multiple reports of a shooting between two vehicles. Officers discovered evidence of a shooting at the scene and found several residences that had been damaged by gunfire. Two male suspects were taken into custody. One of the suspects was treated in hospital for gunshot wounds." Friendly fire?

CBC is also reporitng that "A drive-by shooting in northwest Winnipeg last Christmas Eve is connected with a rash of extortion incidents and two other shootings targeting home builders in the Edmonton area, according to police in that city." WTF? There's a lot of shady sh*t going on.

"Police allege the shootings have been carried out by a group in Edmonton who are being directed by someone in India. "There is an individual orchestrating and directing young men in our city to carry out these acts," Stewart said. "And what I can say is that, in my opinion, they're being exploited to carry out these acts and someone who is not in this country is benefiting from that."

Police allege. In my opinion. We sure don't care about defamation any more do we? Let's see the evidence. Who hired the person in Edmonton to hire all these kids to do that? Was his name Surjan Singh Gill or was it some other CSIS mole? Don't tell me. It was Damion Ryan. He was taking contracts on behalf of the government of India as well as Iran. ROFL.

You guys just don't know when to quit. You sound like a crackhead caught in a lie then starts frantically making up more and more lies to explain the first lie until finally the hole he dug is too big for him to climb out of. All these crazy lies when put together become ridiculous. Don't mind me. I'm sure someone will believe it. All these sudden arrests are just as shady as all these politicaly driven shootings. It's as though CSIS is pulling a Damion Ryan and are ratting out people they hired. When Justin Trudeau said it was the government of India he got that allegation from CSIS. The same people that provided the explosives for the Air India bombing.

I agree that the government of India are the prime suspects in the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Surrey. However, there are several things going on all at once here and they're all connected. The government of India did not kill Ripudaman Malik so that is a huge red flag. I'm not saying Modi is a good guy because he's not. I'm saying Modi isn't the only bad guy we have to worry about. With all this shady sh*t going on we need to start talking about Surjan Singh Gill and Grant Bristow. We need to talk about them before we believe anything CSIS says.
Remember Operation Mass Appeal? MI6 was caught red handed deliberately sending out false information to the press about Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction. MI6 is part of the Five Eyes CSIS is aligned with. We need to stop repeating everything they say without fact checking it first.

The reason why I am so skeptical off all these sudden arrests is because this is a CSIS operation. CSIS were the ones that told Justin Trudeau India was behind it so they are the ones orchestrating all this. It's tied to an Intelligence operation in the US so that means the CIA is involved in all this. The CIA and CSIS are working together on this.

US indictment alleges multiple Indian assassination plots across North America

CBC is reporting that "While the charges involve an alleged scheme in New York City, U.S. prosecutors allege it's connected to a case that roiled Canada-India relations. The indictment says an unnamed Indian government employee offered $100,000 for a contract hit on a Sikh separatist in New York and asked Nikhil Gupta, 52, to arrange it. The Indian government employee is not named in the indictment, but he is described as having held different roles, including intelligence, security management and in India's Central Reserve Police Force."

Nikhil Gupta is a drug dealer the CIA claims was hired by an unnamed official from the Indian's government. This is shady because it sounds like a repeat of the ridiculous claim that the government of Iran hired Damion Ryan to kill Iranian dissidents on US spoil. The Iranian government didn't hire Damion Ryan, a drug dealer did and that drug dealer worked for the CIA.

The Indo Canadain Voice is reporting that "The indictment states that CC-1 is an Indian government agency employee who has variously described himself as a Senior Field Officer with responsibilities in Security Management and Intelligence, and who also has referenced previously serving in India’s Central Reserve Police Force and receiving officer training in battle craft and weapons. CC-1 directed the assassination plot from India."

The CIA agent claimed he was working for the government of India.

The CIA's US propaganda wing named Vikram Yadav as the official in India behind the plot.

The report claim the assassination plot had the approval from then chief of RAW Samant Goel. The Times of India is reporting that India claims "the report makes unwarranted and unsubstantial imputations on a serious matter." When you hear the government of India's complete disdain for the Khalistan movement it is quite possible they ordered the murder of Gurpatwant Singh Pannun and Hardeep Singh Nijjar but they didn't order the murder of Ripudaman Malik.

The fact that this whole coordinated narrative is suspiciously similar to the insane allegations against Damion Ryan working for the Iranian government is another concern. The CIA was actively involved on both sides of Operation Blue Star. They were arming and encouraging Sikh separatists through Pakistan and they where the driving force behind the Sikh genocide and the assassination of Gandhi. So let's look at a more likely motive behind their new plot.

The Economic Times of India is reporting that RAW Chief Samant Goel played a key role in the Balakot and Uri strikes on Pakistan by Indian forces. Why would that upset the CIA? Because the CIA ran the ISIS K training camp India bombed. Yet India's air strike was in response to the Pulwama terror attack. The CIA train terrorists in Pakistan.

The CIA has worked with India's Intelligence agency in the past. It's quite possible they said we can take care of these Sikh terrorists for you then rolled on India after they did. Why else would the guy in the US hire a DEA agent to kill Gurpatwant Singh Pannun? It was a set up.

So what do we know? We know that all these political shootings are connected and involve intelligence agencies. We know CSIS is involved because CSIS gave information about them to Justin Trudeau. We know the CIA is involved because it's connected to the CIA under cover operation out of New York. CSIS and the CIA claim India's Intelligence agency is involved so the one thing we do know is that all these are connected and they all involve intelligence agencies who lie consistently about their intentions and involvement in anything they do.

All these recent arrests across Canada aren't the result of good police work. There are too many arrests all at once in too many different jurisdictions. They were involved all along. It was an undercover sting operation run by CSIS and the Five Eyes. Just like Damion Ryan's Sky Global.


  1. OK this might sound like a stretch but it sounds like the ground work is already being laid for Canada not being on India's side when they go to war with China eventually, which will be easier for us being basically owned by the CCP already. Remember that all those Indians here in Canada aren't really Indians, (as in Hindu's) they're Sikh's, 90% of them. They view the Government of India as their oppressor because they want independence. So Canada being on China's side actually works for them if you think about it, anything that weakens India is theoretically a benefit to their cause.

    1. Perhaps. It's a complicated web. Modi is a bad man but he did one thing right. India's Constitution calls India a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic. That's George Orwell. Modi took out the term Socialist Secular. I think that's what Justin Trudeau and CSIS are really upset about:

  2. Do u think the hells angels will start taxing these south asian extortion groups ?

    1. I think whoever hired them hired HA associates to do it but I don't think it was the government of India or the government of Iran. I think it was the Five Eyes.

    2. The HA will only tax local criminals and those law enforcement direct them to tax. They cannot compete with nationalized criminal organizations from countries like India, Israel, Italy, Iran, etc. They will work for them though. It seems like every government in the world has some sort of favoured criminal group they covertly work with.

    3. Exactly. When Kennedy vetoed Operation Northwoods he approved Operation Mongoose. In that operation the CIA worked with the Mafia.

  3. These scumbags should all be in jail.


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