Saturday, May 11, 2024

Yakuza Princess is Awesome

I just watched Yakuza Princess and it was awesome. There something shady going on with trolls giving it bad reviews. Anyone with any kendo or iaido experience will appreciate the authenticity as well as the acting. In every picture where Kill Bill is holding the katana with two hands she is not gripping it properly. Yakuza Princess is very well done. Even the way she holds and uses a pool cue in a bar fight you can tell she's done some kendo for the movie. The twirling thing you don't do in kendo but Hollywood has to spice it up a bit for people who don't understand how to use it properly. Like I said, compare her grip to the grip in Kill Bill. One is real, the other is fake.


  1. Good eye. I can't stand watching Uma in those flicks anymore than I can stand the sword work in any Star Wars movie except the first one. Lucas could have built so much on that and never did.

    1. They did practice a little kendo for the first Star Wars I think.


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