Monday, May 6, 2024

CSIS says there's no doubt India is behind shootings

OK this story keeps growing so I'm going to start a new thread. CBC is reporting that two former directors of CSIS state that the arrests in Hardeep Singh Nijjar​'s killing don't confirm a link to the Indian government. The two former directors are Richard Fadden and Ward Elcock.

Richard Fadden said the arrests "still doesn't help confirm in any material way the link between the government of India and what happened." Ward Elcock said "whether they will ever be able to prove the Indian government was part of this or not I think really comes down to were they so unprofessional that they had no cut outs. If they were doing it at least half professionally they probably would of had a cut out so that no Indian official would have dealt with these individuals."

The reporter asked him to clarify what he meant by a cut out and asked if it was like a middleman or a broker and Ward Elcock said "a broker who essentially could create a gulf between the government of India and these individuals who probably never knew who the ultimate sponsor was. These appear to be gang members who are abiding by the instructions of their gang rather than the instructions of the government of India." Kind of like how Freeway Ricky didn't know at the time he was selling crack for the CIA. Obviously these two former directors are simply speaking on information that has already been released to the public. The trial proving or disproving a connection to the government of India has not yet happened.

Meanwhile back on the ranch Canada's John Brennan is loudly proclaiming that there is no doubt India is behind the killings. This is coming from Dan Stanton's public relations campaign who is a former CSIS agent. This is what you call disinformation and plausible deniability.

It's rather amusing how they said in the first video it was such an amazing stroke of luck that Nikhil Gupta hired a DEA agent to kill Gurpatwant Singh Pannun in New York. It wasn't luck it was a set up. It was a sting operation just like Phantom Security and Sky Global.

Things that make ya go hmmm... This certainly looks like a coordinated propaganda campaign:

1) I don't trust anything CSIS or the CIA says or does.

2) The way the India defiantly treats all Khalistan supporters as terrorists is insane.

What other shootings are they claiming India was involved with?

OK let's think about this. With the arrest of the three Edmonton kids accused of murdering Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Surrey the fake news keeps going on and on about the possibility of these three being responsible for other Canadian murders on behalf of the Indian government.

OK let's explore that. It's quite possible this crew killed Harpreet Uppal and his 11 year old son in Edmonton but that was gang related. The government of India had nothing to do with that.

What about the murder of Ripudaman Malik? That's one of the elephants in the room. That one was not gang related and the government of India did not order it. They had no motive. He had just been taken off the no fly list and was permitted to visit India where he had a personal sit down with India's chief of Intelligence and was saying Modi is a good guy. So India didn't do that.

Those are the only two actual murders I am aware of they could accuse India of being involved with. The rest are all drive by shootings at residences and theatres. A kid was recently arrested for his alleged involvement with Edmonton shootings targeting the South Asian community. He was South Asian. On that note, police also recently announced an arrest in the South Asian theatre shootings in Toronto that were not gang related. They were also politically motivated.

Now we're told a drive by shooting at a Winnipeg residence last Christmas Eve is also connected to the politically motivated shootings in Edmonton. This is freaking crazy. The police just also announced the arrest of suspects in Ripudaman Malik's murder which India didn't do.

No offense but the police aren't that good. The only way all these coordinated arrests could have taken place so quickly is if the police were involved all along and it was one big sting operation.

Richard Fadden, one of the two former directors of CSIS interviewed said it was surprising the government of India hired local gang members. He said he was surprised by the unprofessional manner of a hit allegedly contracted by an Intelligence agency. Well think about it. If the government of India was responsible for all this chaotic insanity right across the country that would be very unprofessional and very high profile.

Normally the Hells Angels and any credible organized crime group likes to keep a low profile. The same with any credible intelligence agencies. If they do something shady they want to keep it on the QT so it doesn't attract too much attension so they can get away with it. This whole coordinated hurricane of chaos right across the country is anything but low profile. That makes it look like a sting operation created by the Five Eyes.

Remember Cameron Ortis and Wild Bill Majcher? We haven't even gotten to their role in all this yet but while we're here let's not forget Mossad's recent assassination of a Hells Angel in Iran. That one is also sketchy as f*ck too but it's another dramatically public involvement of an Intelligence agency tied to the Five Eyes. As my daughter would say, sh*t be cray yo.


  1. Yeah no shit, "amazing stroke of luck". LOL. Seriously, they're not even trying anymore, they don't care what we think.

  2. The Fifth Estate! LOL! Anybody under the age of 60, does not watch that show! Defund the CBC!

    1. I think the Fifth Estate used to be really good. The CBC used to be really good. They were the end of one of the last eras of investigative journalism. Now the CBC is just a propaganda wing for Justin Trudeau's NWO. I think we need to remember the fake news is fake and the reason for that is because they don't fact check their stories or do investigative journalism any more. Now they just reprint every press release CSIS sends them. That's what they all do now because they are all clones of each other. Soon our news will just be CSIS and AI. They'll phase out journalists completely.

    2. It used to be awesome!

      No need for journalists when AI works for the price of the electricity to power it.


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