Monday, May 20, 2024

Secrets of the Hells Angels 5: Midwest Meth Madness

Episode 5 of the Secrets of the Hells Angels on A&E entitled Midwest Meth Madness is out. This one is about Pat Matter who was a methamphetamine dealer that rose through the ranks to become President of the Minnesota Hells Angels. He wrote a book called Breaking the Code. It's pretty mseed up. A lot of people are rolling. I have a few comments to make.

Pat got caught because he threatened some young punks who stole some Harleys. That gave the police grounds for a search warrant. He threatened the kids who stole the motorcycles. He was right in doing so. What about when members of the club steal motorcycles? Nobody likes a thief. Treat others the way you want to be treated means if you don't want someone to steal your sh*t don't steal theirs. There's nothing noble or admirable about stealing cars or motorcycles.

Police raided the clubhouse and gathered enough evidence to charge Pat with continuous criminal enterprise. He was found guilty and sentenced to 17 and a half years. He then rolled and ratted out his supplier and his vice president to get time shaved off his sentence. There's nothing noble about that. Ratting out your friends to get a reduced sentence is sleazy.

As I consistently say, if you want to leave the live leave the life but don't cooperate with the police. That is the safest way for you to leave. This guy is not a role model. He used and sold crystal meth. He ratted people out to get time shaved off his sentence. There's nothing else to say.


  1. Chuck Zito is now out bad. His status was changed from retired to out bad within the last couple weeks. May have had something to do with the Secrets of the Hells Angels documentary

    1. Interesting. Is he in an incoming episode? That series is exposing a lot.

    2. LOL I see he was just trying to rebrand at the Trump Trial:

    3. I'm not sure, maybe. Unless he's been involved with another documentary.
      As far as the Trump thing goes, lots of people support Trump.
      I don't care who Chuck Zito (or anyone else for that matter) supports politically. I care about who I support, and I put my support behind who I think os going to do the best job based on what's important to me and my family, not how much pandering and virtue-signaling they can do

    4. I was just noticing he was in the news. I never really knew much about him but Zito looks like a tough guy from the City. I though he was just a Hollywood spectacle.

  2. He's a bonafide tough guy. He has a black belt in just about every martial art there is.
    I have a background in kickboxing and I wouldn't want to mess with him even though he's in his 70's lol

  3. From what is being reported now, it's because of a documentary about his life, making statements in support of law enforcement, and using the deaths head and other trademarked HA logo's in his movie without authorization.


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