Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

I remember visiting a Catholic Cathedral in Galway, West Ireland. It was a magnificent structure with the usual Stations of the Cross. However, along with a few murals of their favorite Popes they had a mural of Kennedy. I thought it humorous at the time given Kennedy's alleged indiscretions with Marlyn Monoro but recognize that David is still historically admired among the Jews for the good that he did despite his indiscretion with Bathseba. Now that I have crossed over into the realm of obscurity I have one thing to say about the assassination of Kennedy. The Warren Commission report states Kennedy was shot from behind but the actual video shows he was shot from the front. That's not all the video shows. The video also shows how the two personal body guards assigned to run behind the president's car and act as human shields in the event of an assassination attempt were called back right before Kennedy was shot. The video shows the body guard question the order by turning to the lead in the car following and shrug his shoulders three times. After they were called back, Kennedy was shot. Why on earth would the CIA have beef with Kennedy? Operation Northwoods perhaps? We were initially told that the bizarre plan was drafted by the Director of the CIA Allen W. Dulles and signed by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Lyman Lemnitzer. Regardless of who came up with the idea, it was approved by both Allen Dulles of the CIA and Lyman Lemnitzer of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Kennedy said no and vetoed the treasonous plan. He fired Allan Dulles over the Bay of Pigs and reassigned Lyman Lemnitzer to Europe. Interesting to note that after Kennedy's assassination Lyndon Johnson appointed Dulles as one of seven commissioners of the Warren Commission. Somewhat ironic that he would put the prime suspect in Kennedy's murder in charge of it's investigation. It was somewhat ironic for President Johnston to assign Allan Dulles to the Warren Commission. President Johnston made some pretty treasonous statements with regards to withdrawing the air support for the USS Liberty when it was "mistakenly" attacked. George Bush's great grandfather, George Walker was involved in funding and profiting from Nazi Germany. He was involved with a company that helped put the gas in the gas chambers. He hired CIA director Allen Dulles to hide the financial transactions. It is my opinion that the CIA has always been corrupt and was the secret society Kennedy warned us about.

INSLAW and the Hells Angels

Since I'm on a roll, I'll take one more step which many will claim into obscurity but I will do it simply because I can. The INSLAW Affair had to do with the CIA selling software to it's friends and allies which was a Trojan horse and let the CIA spy on them which in itself is nothing surprising or earth shattering.

Part of the affair involves the accusation that the Reagan administration delayed the release of the Iranian hostages until after the election which is nothing surprising or earth shattering either.

In steps Jimmy Hughes. Hughes is a paid, born again minister who boasts of being a reformed hit man. He has been arrested for a murder back in 1981 and has plead not guilty. Interesting that a born again paid minister will boast of being a reformed hit man yet refuse to reveal who he murdered when he was a hit man.

Nevertheless, the new charges relate to a triple murder on the Cabazon Indian Reservation called the Octopus murders where Ralph Boger, Fred Alvarez and his girl friend Patty were murdered. One report claims that the murder was simply to overturn a tribal vote against bingo which really doesn't make sense. The band already had a casino. Bingo is hardly that serious of an affair.

The term Octopus comes from reporter Danny Casolaro. He was working on a story about a complicated web of organized crime whose tentacles reached as far as the CIA and the US government. Thus he referred to the far reaching organized crime ring as the Octopus. However, like Gary Web, Danny Casolaro also was found dead of a suspicious suicide.

Turns out Ralph Boger was a Hells Angel. Turns out the Cabazon Indian Band were doing a lot more than playing bingo. Yet secret military testing is nothing surprising or earth shattering either. The connection to the Contras is interesting as is the connection to foreign governments.

The three people accused of hiring Jimmy Hugues to kill Ralph, Fred and Patty are John Philip Nichols, John Paul Nichols, and Glen Heggstad. Glen Heggstad was also a Hells Angel.

While Nichols and Heggstad are listed as co-conspirators on the complaint for Hughes, neither has been arrested nor charged. Heggstad is another martial artist with Hells Angels connections.

The whole Octopus saga is somewhat complicated yet we can clearly see three things emerge from it. Organized crime has been trying to take over gambling on Indian reserves in the United States. The US Military and the CIA have been involved with secret weapons testing on the Cabazon reservation but those secrets go far beyond that of weapons testing. We can also see the underlying presence of the Hells Angels.

The Cabazon reservation had ties to secret military testing which was also tied to the Contras at the same time Oliver North was involved with the Iran Contra affair and the same time the CIA has been accused of trafficking crack cocaine for the contras.

Someone from the Hells Angels wanted to expose something and someone else from the Hells Angels didn't want him to do it. Neither did the CIA.

Which kinda makes ya wonder why Richard Barszczewski was given a promotion instead of being fired after he scuttled the chances of convicting anyone when a boat loaded with 2 1/2 tons of Hells Angels cocaine was seized just outside of Canada.

Geoff Meisner from Kelowna is still missing

Speaking of MMA, Geoff Meisner from Kelowna is still missing. He was last seen in November 2009. Listening to his daughters disappointment Christmas morning is heart breaking.

There's a video clip of his debut fight in MMA. He's a very big guy and lost the fight but he seems to have had a very big heart. I don't know what he was involved in or what he knew but there are two remote items of interest.

The Hells Angels tried to recruit Joe Bralic for MMA and he ended up dead in a bud for blow deal gone bad in LA. The Hells Angels have recently expanded to Kelowna where East Van Hells Angel David Giles was acquitted of possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. Yet 8 kilos of cocaine were seized and two of Giles associates were convicted.

The Hells Angels are a criminal organization and wherever they are, bad things happen. If you recognize Geoff and know anything about his disappearance, call crimestoppers: 1 800 222-8487 or text a tip to: CRIMES (274637) Ktown + Tip.

OK here's the latest. Police say drugs were involved. If drugs were involved how can the Hells Angels not be since they are the biggest drug dealers in the area?


So who is Richard Goldammer? Kelowna has become the Hells Angels proceeds of crime retirement capital:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MMA Fighter denied license due to alleged mob ties

Georges St-Pierre's training partner David Loiseau has been denied a license to fight by the Quebec Athletic Commission due to his alleged "mob ties."

Hmmmm... mob ties - what does that mean? The problem seems to stem from Loiseau's involvement with XMMA that we know was taken over by Hells Angel associate Burton Rice.

In 2009 Burton Rice was arrested for contraband cigarettes with Salvatore Cazzetta who is the leader of of the Montreal Chapter of the Hells Angels. Police claim they used the Rice compound to traffic contraband cigarettes and crack cocaine. What an interesting combination.

Loiseau used to own XMMA and has maintained that once he left the company, he was unaware of what the organization began doing and that he was no longer a decision maker for XMMA. In essence, what they did was their business - he was focusing on returning to the UFC.

Nevertheless it could be just smoke and mirrors since one source claims the reason for the delay is because the police haven't responded with Loiseau's criminal record check yet. If they do and all is well then he could receive his license May 3. Business as usual.

Will the movie the Striking Truth contain the whole truth or just part of it? Don't get me wrong, I think David Loiseau and Georges St-Pierre are AWESOME. I just think the Hells Angels should leave them alone.

One can't help but wonder if Stalone wasn't taking a dig at promoters like Don King with his movie Rocky 5. MMA and Boxing both need to have the gangsters kept out.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

John Punko and Peter Leask

Wow, this one completely slipped by me. We all read about how the crown was seeking 8 years for long time Hells Angels meth cook. Well it turns out that the infamous Peter Leask only gave him 32 months after time served. Yes, that is treason.

The crown had sought a 12 year sentence for Punko for drug trafficking but Leask gave him 14 months. Can we see the pattern yet?

That was Renaud's third documented offence. He was caught with a meth lab in Surrey after neighbours saw a fire and he was also caught with a meth lab in Abbotsford. The court also created a publication ban on the name of the Hells Angels Renaud was cooking the meth for.

However, in Punko and Potsie's trial, which was not covered by a publication ban, Michael Plante testified that Renaud was making and selling meth along with East Van Hells Angel John Punko. Yet it appears that Ron Lising was connected to the meth as well as Randy Potts.

We know that the East Van Hells Angels were robing grow ops in Surrey and taking them over through East Van Hells Angel Juel Stanton.

We also know that the Hells Angels hired hit man Mickie (Phil) Smith to murder someone in a Surrey crackhouse and another Hells Angels hit man named Yurik helped him cut up and dispose of the body.

This is why we have concerns with Tbarz, the Jesters and the Shadow club all being in Surrey and this is why Peter Leask should be removed from the bench.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Who's your mommy?

Here's a photo of Mom Boucher in Prison. Holy mid life crisis Batman, look at his hair. It's blond. Last we saw his hair was grey. Do they give you hair dye in prison? Looks like he's getting ready for a Beach Boys reunion lifting weights with bottled water. Now that is priceless.

Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm Resigns

Patrick Dohm resigns at the mandatory retirement age of 75. I don't know much about his decisions but the Vancouver Province reports that he was assigned to the Air India bombing and the BC Rail Basi-Virk trial.

The Air India trial was a horrific travesty of justice. The only person convicted was one who plead guilty and was responsible for two bombings. Kim Bolan is much more familiar with that case than I am and wrote a book about it called "Loss of Faith: How the Air India Bomber got away with murder."

The Basi-Virk trial has been another huge Gordon Campbell cover up. Dohm himself signed the warrant for Dave Basi and Bobby Virk's offices and he apparently was the one who went through 32 boxes of files and decided what was privileged and couldn't be shown to the public.

The Legislature Raids: Dohm steps down. Now what?

Dohm was the one who removed Madame Justice Elizabeth Bennett from the BC Rail case and replaced her with Anne Injustice MacKenzie another gag order queen. That case has been one perpetual delay after the other shrouded in deleted e-mail and privileged evidence.

Let's hope Dohm is replaced by someone honest that believes in transparency and accountability. Many would argue that an honest lawyer is in itself an oxymoron. One skeptic once asked me at what point does a dishonest lawyer become an honest judge?

Others tremble at the very thought of daring to criticize a court judge despite the admonition of former Justice (William) Wallace Craig.

Some take great offence to my opinion that Peter Leask should he hanged for treason. On a matter of personal privilege I will clarify that statement.

It is my democratic right to vote in a referendum or opinion poll in support of Capital Punishment. Casting that vote is my democratic right and in no way implies that I have any intention of taking the law into my own hands and circumventing due process by executing a criminals who commits a crime that I personally feel would be worthy of capital punishment.

For example me saying Clifford Olsen should have been given the electric chair is not a threat and in no way implies that I have any intention of harming him or doing anything other than vote in an election or referendum. Having said that I personally see the problematic nature of capital punishment and don't see that as an answer. I do however, feel we need more accountability and should not go to the other extreme where former crimes worthy of capital punishment should now go unpunished.

In the past, treason was a crime worthy of capital punishment. I know a justice critic and advocate that wanted me to make them a web site at high treason dot com listing all the horrible decisions coming from BC judges. Since I already had a web site, I thought listing them in a Judges' Hall of Shame was good enough. Yet I agree with the premise. Some of these judges' decisions are so bad they border on treason and violate the constitutional pledge to provide public safety and uphold law and order.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why would the Hells Angels want Anton dead?

Well this is interesting but not surprising. At convicted Hells Angels' cocaine smuggler skinny Rob Shannon's trial it came out that they all chipped in to put a hit on someone Jody York had a beef with - Anton.

Jody York, he's the one toasting the ears in that ridiculous white men can't rap video with the old Hells Angel on Viagra, weird Hal Porteous. Jody York's own house was shot at as was a relative of his. He was Rob Shannon's business partner. That was the trucking company that was seen smuggling cocaine for the Hells Angels for four years.

We all know Matt the rat is a if not the Anton hater that trashes Anton on the Internet at every opportunity. Perhaps the real rat is living in fear that the truth finally gets out. After all why wouldn't they want Anton to testify at the Surrey Six murder trial? The Hells Angels certainly don't want to be caught having any involvement in that. Not only would that be bad for public opinion, it would be very difficult to continue to convince the UN they had nothing to do with the take over of the Red Scorpion leadership. Much.

After all the Hells Angels sure went out of their way to prove to the UN that they or some of them hated the Bacon brothers. Larry Amero's old fling was in the same car as the UN members that did the hit on the Bacons outside TBarz. And of course Matt the rat's pal Rob dirty cop Sidhu used fraud to find the location of the Bacon brothers after they moved out of Surrey for the UN. Didn't that prove the Hells Angels had beef with the Bacons? Not really.

Not when Larry poster boy Amero's friends were Bacon brother friends. Not when Larry Amero was with IS puppet on a string Randy Naicker who was with the Bacons at the Castle fun park meeting. So if the IS are Hells Angel puppets now and if the IS were plotting with the Bacons to take over the UN friendly Red Scorpions, then wouldn't that somehow make the Hells Angels directly involved? Please advise.

Someone who reports a crack dealer or someone who murders an innocent bystander to the police isn't a rat. Someone who doesn't is. Yet the biggest rat of them all is the rat that hires someone to do a hit, denies they did, then not only sets the person up they hired to take the fall but invites them to their club so the UN can shoot at them. OK maybe they told the Bacons to wear their body armour but it's still very rat like to me.

What did Eric Sandberg mean when he spoke of eliminating all the competition in Surrey? Why was Juels robbing grow ops in Surrey and taking them over for the Hells Angels if they weren't involved. Much.

Oh and BTW, a puppet from a puppet club isn't going to put a hit on someone without the approval of the sponsor or the sponsor club. Just like a Hells Angels associate isn't going to move that much cocaine without the Hells Angels knowledge and approval.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

LAPD Names Anton as a Person of interest

Well I'm sure the Anton hater is jumping for joy over this news. Turns out the LAPD have named the now famous Anton Hooites-Meursing as a person of interest in the murder of Joe Bralic in LA back in 2001. The police say he isn't a suspect in the actual murder but he is a person of interest because he appears to be the one who hooked up Bralic with his drug connections in LA.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the story, Joe Bralic was a local bodybuilder who made a deal to trade some B.C. Bud for cocaine in LA but the deal went sour and he ended up dead. Anton is a person of interest because he seemingly put Bralic in touch with the guys he was supposed to make the cocaine trade with.

Anton's involvement is nothing new so I'm not sure why it's new news. Perhaps since Anton has made headlines recently as being Person X and is cooperating with police in the Surrey Six Murder trial.

Another obvious fact is two other persons of interest in that case. Two other criminals Bralic befriended who actually went to LA with him were Garry Favell and Derrick Madinski. Bralic's body was dumped in an alley around 1:00 PM on a Thursday. That same morning Favell and Madinski had checked out of the same hotel into one down the street. They must have known something was up. They came back to Bralic's hotel around 3:00 PM and asked the maid for the key to his room so they could check on their "friend" who was not answering the door. Yet they left LA and returned to Canada without him and without filing a missing person report. With friends like those, who needs enemies.

Yes the Hells Angels do appear to be involved since they tried to recruit Bralic for MMA and attended his funeral. Yet I doubt they were the ones who had him killed. It looks more like the two Kelowna boys who were brutally murdered buying drugs for the Hells Angels in Mexico.

The LAPD should be grilling Garry Favell and Derrick Madinski. They know what happened and were a lot more directly involved than Anton. I'm sure Bralics old girlfriend who came down with them and spent some time with Joe in Vegas before he was killed knows something too. It sure would be nice to get the real story as to who killed Joe Bralic.

Turns out that Kim Bolan also ran an insightful article today about Anton's Epiphany.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Eric Sandberg spoke of plans to wipe out all the competition in Surrey

Well this is certainly interesting. Agent 22 helps bust the Zig Zag Crew a Hells Angel puppet club in Winnipeg in Project Divide. Wayne Shuttleworth a former Mountie was among 24 arrested mostly for cocaine trafficking, firearm possession and proceeds of crime.

But get this. Agent 22 comes to Vancouver for a meeting where Eric Sandberg from Surrey allegedly claimed he could get the agent any kind of gun he wanted and spoke of plans to wipe out all the competition in Surrey! Did you hear that UN?!

Since the Bacon brothers were conspiring with the Independent soldiers who have become a Hells Angels puppet club, who could Eric Sandberg possibly have meant when he spoke of plans to wipe out all the competition in Surrey? He's not talking about the IS or the RS because they work for the Hells Angels now. He must have been talking about the UN.

Who shot Nicole Alemy with her 4 year old son in the car? It wasn't the UN. Eric John Sanberg was arrested December 2009 and was in Surrey Provincial court April 16 2010.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mom Boucher: Rumors of Betrayal

Having been raised on the West coast, I knew virtually nothing about Mom Boucher other than he looked hard core. After reading some news reports I discovered that he was a convicted rapist before he joined the Hells Angels.

I did find the Salvatore Cazzetta story very interesting. Cazzetta and Bouchard started their own white supremest biker club called the SS. It was the Lennoxville massacre in Laval, March 1985 that led them on different paths.

Cazzetta had a problem with it and saw it as a betrayal of the biker code. He became a founding member of the Rock Machine. Bouchard evidently had no problem with it and joined the Hells Angels but there is more to it than that.

Clearly that kind of political massacre became a method of operation for the Hells Angels and Boucher seemed close to it. Take the Death Riders takeover also in Laval. The take over became absolute May 4 1987 when the president of the Death Riders, Martin Huneault, was shot to death in a Laval bar.

Hours after Huneault's funeral Death Riders Mario Martin and Andre Richard were seen meeting with Hells Angels Maurice "Mom" Boucher and Normand "Biff" Hamel. Boucher and Hamel received their colours after the incident which allowed the Hells Angels to completely take over drug trafficking in Laval and the lower Laurentians area. That was right after Maurice got out of jail after serving 40 months for armed sexual assault.

So here's the rumour: I found a fictional book about the Hells Angels called The Angels. The Blog about the book contains an interesting hypothesis about how Maurice "Mom" Boucher at one time paid his "rivals" in the Rock Machine to murder some of his own people who he saw as political threats to his leadership within the club. The author of the book claims to have received the information from an ex Rock Machine member.

Unproven hearsay but somewhat interesting nonetheless given the repeated method of operation we have observed coming from the Hells Angels collectively and Maurice Boucher individually.

Now the final rumour. Word has it that it was Maurice Boucher that gave the Wolverines the information they needed to arrest and wipe out the Quebec Hells Angels in Operation SharQc. Somewhat hard to believe but if he paid others to kill his political opportunists in the past, why wouldn't he take them out the other way? Life in prison with no chance of parole is a lot worse than life in prison with parole. Here's the timeline. Speaking of dirty former cops, how about Mom's pal Guy LePage?

Death Rider vengeance was taken out on Normand "Biff" Hamel April 17 2000 when he was shot dead in retaliation. Is Maurice Bouchard, the other accomplice responsible for that betrayal and take over, next on the hit list? Is that why he sold out his political opponents to the Police in trade for an eventual parole? Or was it to pave the way for his son Francis to rise in the leadership ranks the same way his father did? Time will tell. It always does.

Think about it. Life in prison with No chance of parole is like never having sex with a woman again. Ever. That is not something to laugh about.


I didn't realize he was a petty thief.


Here's a picture of him in prison.


Juel Stanton has NOT been kicked out of the Hells Angels

I just want to clarify the obvious. Juel Stanton has not been kicked out of the Hells Angels and is not considered by them to be a "rogue" member of their club. The police have sent out some very misleading press releases and the media has taken them out of context.

When the police or anyone else send out a press release you have to be very careful any of the quotes don't get taken out of context. The Metro Vancouver News ran an article claiming "Man booted from Hells Angels after assault, weapons arrest."

If you actually read the article you will find the real quote. The article states Insp. Brad Desmarais of the VPD said Stanton has been "stripped of his gang member identity and that Stanton's identity as a Hells Angel was "the one thing he relied on to intimidate people."

Insp Desmarais' conclusion has absolutely nothing to do with any statement from the club about in house discipline. The erroneous conclusion came from the fact that Stanton is not allowed to wear Hells Angels colours as a bail condition. That conclusion is rather bizarre. He still has gang tattoos but is not *allowed* to show them in public.

Well he doesn't have to now does he? Now we all know he has them and is affiliated with the club. He has not faced any club discipline whatsoever for one simple reason, he like Punko and Potsie before him was acting on club business.
Banning him from wearing gang colours in no way stops him from using his gang affiliation to intimidate people. Gus is a Hells Angel in Surrey. Everyone knows that. He doesn't have to wear a jacket or t-shirt saying it, everyone already knows. His reputation makes it a given.

I once saw someone post a comment on youtube saying they want to know where to go to find out about joining the Hells Angels. The response was, if you have to ask, it's not for you. My point is Stanton doesn't have to wear gang colours to threaten people with gang retaliation. It's a given.

Even Kim Bolan herself quotes the same Insp. Brad Desmarais as saying they are putting the East Vancouver Hells Angels on notice to rein in violent members like Juel Stranton. I can just hear them now, "Oh we'll get right on that as they howl with laughter and drink another beer. "

Desmarais admits John Brice ignored their visit because Stanton has been charged with weapons and assault charges that occurred after the gang squad's visit. Other news reports go so far as calling Stanton a rogue member of the club.
That is absolute nonsense. He was on club business. If you look at his record you will see he was robbing and taking over grow ops for the Hells Angels. He wasn't doing something on the side on his own. It's important to remember that. It reinstills the criminal organization reality. Perhaps Jim Chu should stick to being the one that speaks to the media.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Juel Stanton and the Surrey House of Horrors

Interesting new developments in Juels' new arrest. Kim Bolan reports that: "Stanton was acquitted in September 2006 in a violent forcible confinement case where four men broke into a Surrey marijuana grow-op, beat it's owner with brass knuckles and held him captive. Stanton's brother Norman was convicted in the same case of conspiracy, forcible confinement, robbery and assault causing bodily harm." They ROBBED the OWNER of the grow op.

Then in 2001 they allegedly took over another grow op and forced the owner to work for them and forced him to tell them about other grow ops in the area. That is frighteningly similar to how the Hells Angels have been reported to rob and take over the contraband cigarette trade back east.

The thing I find so interesting about this case is that the RCMP claim it is somehow related to a separate investigation involving several homicides at a crack house in Surrey on 108th known as the Surrey House of Horrors.

We've seen the connection between the Hells Angels and Kerry Ryan Renaud. At the trial of contract killer Mickie (Phil) Smith the court was told one of his murders was done for the East Vancouver Hells Angels at a crack house in Surrey. Mic said Yurik helped him chop up and dispose of the body. He claimed Yurik's not an Angel but he works with the Angels. I know he's done a lot of hits."

If anyone knows of any Hells Angel or associate that was ever remotely connected to the Surrey House of Horrors, contact me. There are no security leaks here.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Kash Heed Scandal

The Kash Heed scandal isn't much of a scandal. It's just another bogus stereotype. Seemingly Kash Heed's campaign office handed out flyer's during the last election claiming the NDP are soft on crime implying that he wouldn't be.

Any politician has the right to run on an anti crime platform. We wish more would. What happens is they do but it ends up to be more empty promises. Last federal election the liberals sent out a flyer claiming that Stephen Harper was wrong on crime. Quite a scam since the federal liberals are the ones that screwed up our judicial system in the first place. They're even the ones who appointed Peter Leask to the wrong side of the bench.

The flyer claimed that the NDP are soft on crime which is another generally accepted misconception. It's like how the republicans in the States always say the democrats will ruin the economy when history has told us otherwise. Under George Bush Senior the U.S. economy fell considerably. Under Clinton it rose while under GB Jr. it completely crashed and is improving under Obama. Surely it's all coincidental but it destroys the false stereotype.

Likewise it is a common stereotype that the conservatives are hard on crime while the NDP are soft on crime which is not necessarily the case. I saw Carol James at more crime prevention rallies in Surrey than I saw Gordon drunk driver Campbell. I saw Penny Priddy at quite a few as well. Bruce Ralston and Mike Farnworth were pioneers in addressing gang violence.

The "scandal" involving the election flyer is old news. I remember hearing during the election how one candidate accused the NDP candidate of wanting to legalize marijuana as well as other drugs like heroine and cocaine. I remember hearing how the NDP candidate at the time objected so the flyer is old news and not part of the scandal. That was the Green party who talked about legalizing drugs.

The scandal has something to do with allegations about fundraising. Someone on Kim Bolan's blog claimed Kash Heed had biker friends. It would be very interesting to see if any of them contributed to his campaign because over all Gordon Campbell's liberals in B.C. have been complete limp fish when it comes to crime and addressing gang violence.

I remember speaking with Dave Hayer at a anti gang rally in Surrey and saying how we need to get rid of Campbell and the liberals because they were limp fish on crime. I was surprised to hear him rationalize for Campbell and the liberals. Then I finally realized he was liberal. My bad. I do respect him nonetheless. He is a good man and trustworthy. Unlike the leader of his party.

I'll wait to see how the Kash Heed "scandal" unfolds but will do so with contempt and cynicism regarding all the Desperate Housewives Drama. Speaking of which, what ever happened to Gordon Wilson? I liked him.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What about the other 1%?

Growing up I was well familiar with the term 1%er. Only for us it had a different meeting. The biker I knew would use the term HD 1% referring to Harley Davidson motorcycles. To him, 1% meant cream of the crop not bottom of the barrel. It was a noble and elite status. Not everyone rode a Harley and not everyone was a real biker.

That was long before the Gypsy Wheelers patched over and long before Hells Angels came to Western Canada. Since then I have learned where the term came from. In response to a biker riot the American Motorcyclist Association back in the /60's said that 99% of bikers out there are law biding citizens who ride motorcycles as a form of recreation. He said 1% of the bikers out there are criminal, drug dealing deviants.

Low and behold the Hells Angels ran with it and proudly wore the 1%er banner boasting to the world that they were the bottom of the barrel criminal deviants. That was a very different version of the term than I was raised with.

So we have the top 1% and the bottom 1% but I want to know about the OTHER 1%. You know what I mean. We all know about the Dykes on Bikes. What about the male bikers who are gay? I know they exist. Most Hells Angels are so raging homophobic it's gotta make you wonder. What are they really trying to hide?

Take Hells Angels Nomad Normand Robitaille. He's in the photo on the right with Hells Angel Dany Kane on the left. They look kind of cosy. Dany Kane was Gay. His former lover was Aime Simard seen in the next photo taken while he was doing time at Kent in BC. He liked weights too.

Danny Kane was a hit man for the Hells Angels. Aime Simard was a hit man for a Hells Angels puppet club called the Rockers. This article had the name wrong in the heading but had it right later on in the article. The Rock Machine were Hells Angels rivals. The Rockers were a Hells Angels puppet club that sold drugs for them in Quebec.
Dany Kane and Aime Simard were hit men, lovers and charged with a Halifax murder as well. They both turned informant and both were killed but my point is, there clearly are Hells Angels who are gay. 1% of them perhaps but they do exist.
My question is, when someone sports a 1% patch, which 1% are they? Bottom of the barrel criminals or just gay? Sometimes it's hard to tell. Come on, honk loud and be proud you 1%ers you.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pedophiles and the public's right to know

Well this is kind of a strange one. Marco Balducci, a child sex offender in Langley, serves four months after pleading guilty to sexually victimizing two girls aged 10 and 11 between 2006 and 2007. He's released and returns to live in the same home on the same street as one of his victims.

The neighbours fight back and put up posters that say Convicted Pedophile living in Murryville with the guy's photo on it while the guy's mother in law tears every poster down in a bizarre campaign to hide and support pedophilia.

So which is worse, the person who sexually victimizes young children or the person who hides and covers it up? In my opinion the offender is worse but the person trying to cover it up comes in a close second and the person who sells GBH comes in a close third.

The case reminds me of the Balcony Rapist. I remember attending a public rally in Newton where Surrey's Mayor Diane Watts attended and spoke complaining about a convicted rapist living in their community. They publicised the guy's picture to warn the public. He had committed multiple armed rapes in Ontario and the police there were found criminally negligent in not issuing a warning to the public after his release and he reoffended in Ontario.

Committing armed rape is a pretty horrible thing. However, Mom Boucher did the same thing so what does that make him? A candidate for not only Hells Angels membership but leadership. Sad indeed.

Yet Marco's case has a strange twist because from what we know, he was a sick flasher who exposed himself and invited the 10 and 11 year old girls to touch him in his home when the girls were at a sleep over in his home visiting his daughter. As freaky weird as it was, it doesn't appear that he raped the girls. It gets weirder yet when it appears that one of the mothers found out about the event when her daughter had been text messaging the guy blackmailing him over it threatening to expose him if he didn't buy her alcohol. Strange indeed.

My point in this sad drama is that the public has a right to know if a sexual offender is in their neighbourhood. Raping little girls aged 10 and 11 is really sick as is trying to lure them in to consensual sex at that age.

When a friend or family member goes on a campaign to cover that offense up, then they too are to some extent guilty of the exploitation of children. Now let's take a look at the bad press the Roman Catholic Church is taking as well as the Pope himself over not only committing but covering up pedophilia.

We all know that when a priest sodomizes a young boy, that is an abomination. We all know that covering up that crime in any way allowing that person to reoffend is also an abomination. However, I'd just like to point out one thing.

The Anglican church in England seems to be exploiting the opportunity. First the leader of the Anglican church in Ireland claims the Roman Catholic Church has lost all credibility there. When first reading the quote it sounds like he refers to the church as in all churches but the media report seems to specifically single out the RC church.

Then England posts a petition on their web site and consults lawyers as to whether or not they can criminally charge the Pope as an accessory on his planned visit to England and Scotland. Without rationalizing the abominable nature of the offence I might add that it is somewhat hypocritical of the Anglican church in England to exploit the scandal when their own church was created by a murderer when a monarchy took over the church and started it's own church.

Israel has historically stoned, imprisoned and murdered prophets for confronting and chastising their Kings for wrongful conduct. Yet never in that history did a King in Israel take over the church and start his own church. That was a British first.

King Henry was a murderer. He got tired of beheading his wives that he couldn't get along with and decided to start his own church that would allow divorce. Hardly an inspired revelation. After that event, the Church of England as it was called then not only persecuted Catholics in Ireland and murdered priests there, they also persecuted other Protestant churches there who were not church of England.

My point is, priests sodomizing young boys is horrific but the Church of England has no place to judge and needs to take the board out of their own eye before they take the board out of anyone elses'.

Just as the Anglican leaders are exploiting the opportunity, so too will the secular. They will say, see, churches are bad. Yet that too is false. A similar case was made public that involved a hockey coach who was pardoned. Just because a hockey coach molested young boys does that mean we should ban hockey or conclude that hockey is bad? Of course not. Minimizing and rationalizing the crime isn't the answer either.

The same thing with scout leaders. The fact is, pedophiles are attracted to working with youth because of their predisposition. As a result we need to be vigilant in screening and monitoring people who work with children. The scouting movement is a great thing. Banning scouts or calling it evil because some who have been attracted to it are doesn't make sense.

Now back to GBH. Selling date rape drug is also just plain dirty. It was pathetic when that Hells Angels associate cried in court when he was sentenced to prison for selling it. The Hells Angels supporter who claimed GBH has other uses than date rape is a liar and an idiot. If any drug has a therapeutic use that is not the reason it is sold on the black market.

People buy GBH to put it in someone's drink and commit rape. Period. That rape could be at a college fraternity party, it could be used at a club or it could be used against young children. When someone buys date rape drug there is no promise they are not going to use it on minors. The purpose of the drug is to use it on someone to commit rape. Period.

Selling GBH is just as bad as pedophilia or covering pedophilia up so they can reoffend. It is in essence profiting from rape. Someone who reports someone selling GBH to the police is not a rat. Someone who doesn't is. How would you like it if that drug was used on your daughter, sister or on your mother? Have a little self respect and stop selling GBH.