Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Juel Stanton has NOT been kicked out of the Hells Angels

I just want to clarify the obvious. Juel Stanton has not been kicked out of the Hells Angels and is not considered by them to be a "rogue" member of their club. The police have sent out some very misleading press releases and the media has taken them out of context.

When the police or anyone else send out a press release you have to be very careful any of the quotes don't get taken out of context. The Metro Vancouver News ran an article claiming "Man booted from Hells Angels after assault, weapons arrest."

If you actually read the article you will find the real quote. The article states Insp. Brad Desmarais of the VPD said Stanton has been "stripped of his gang member identity and that Stanton's identity as a Hells Angel was "the one thing he relied on to intimidate people."

Insp Desmarais' conclusion has absolutely nothing to do with any statement from the club about in house discipline. The erroneous conclusion came from the fact that Stanton is not allowed to wear Hells Angels colours as a bail condition. That conclusion is rather bizarre. He still has gang tattoos but is not *allowed* to show them in public.

Well he doesn't have to now does he? Now we all know he has them and is affiliated with the club. He has not faced any club discipline whatsoever for one simple reason, he like Punko and Potsie before him was acting on club business.
Banning him from wearing gang colours in no way stops him from using his gang affiliation to intimidate people. Gus is a Hells Angel in Surrey. Everyone knows that. He doesn't have to wear a jacket or t-shirt saying it, everyone already knows. His reputation makes it a given.

I once saw someone post a comment on youtube saying they want to know where to go to find out about joining the Hells Angels. The response was, if you have to ask, it's not for you. My point is Stanton doesn't have to wear gang colours to threaten people with gang retaliation. It's a given.

Even Kim Bolan herself quotes the same Insp. Brad Desmarais as saying they are putting the East Vancouver Hells Angels on notice to rein in violent members like Juel Stranton. I can just hear them now, "Oh we'll get right on that as they howl with laughter and drink another beer. "

Desmarais admits John Brice ignored their visit because Stanton has been charged with weapons and assault charges that occurred after the gang squad's visit. Other news reports go so far as calling Stanton a rogue member of the club.
That is absolute nonsense. He was on club business. If you look at his record you will see he was robbing and taking over grow ops for the Hells Angels. He wasn't doing something on the side on his own. It's important to remember that. It reinstills the criminal organization reality. Perhaps Jim Chu should stick to being the one that speaks to the media.

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