Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why would the Hells Angels want Anton dead?

Well this is interesting but not surprising. At convicted Hells Angels' cocaine smuggler skinny Rob Shannon's trial it came out that they all chipped in to put a hit on someone Jody York had a beef with - Anton.

Jody York, he's the one toasting the ears in that ridiculous white men can't rap video with the old Hells Angel on Viagra, weird Hal Porteous. Jody York's own house was shot at as was a relative of his. He was Rob Shannon's business partner. That was the trucking company that was seen smuggling cocaine for the Hells Angels for four years.

We all know Matt the rat is a if not the Anton hater that trashes Anton on the Internet at every opportunity. Perhaps the real rat is living in fear that the truth finally gets out. After all why wouldn't they want Anton to testify at the Surrey Six murder trial? The Hells Angels certainly don't want to be caught having any involvement in that. Not only would that be bad for public opinion, it would be very difficult to continue to convince the UN they had nothing to do with the take over of the Red Scorpion leadership. Much.

After all the Hells Angels sure went out of their way to prove to the UN that they or some of them hated the Bacon brothers. Larry Amero's old fling was in the same car as the UN members that did the hit on the Bacons outside TBarz. And of course Matt the rat's pal Rob dirty cop Sidhu used fraud to find the location of the Bacon brothers after they moved out of Surrey for the UN. Didn't that prove the Hells Angels had beef with the Bacons? Not really.

Not when Larry poster boy Amero's friends were Bacon brother friends. Not when Larry Amero was with IS puppet on a string Randy Naicker who was with the Bacons at the Castle fun park meeting. So if the IS are Hells Angel puppets now and if the IS were plotting with the Bacons to take over the UN friendly Red Scorpions, then wouldn't that somehow make the Hells Angels directly involved? Please advise.

Someone who reports a crack dealer or someone who murders an innocent bystander to the police isn't a rat. Someone who doesn't is. Yet the biggest rat of them all is the rat that hires someone to do a hit, denies they did, then not only sets the person up they hired to take the fall but invites them to their club so the UN can shoot at them. OK maybe they told the Bacons to wear their body armour but it's still very rat like to me.

What did Eric Sandberg mean when he spoke of eliminating all the competition in Surrey? Why was Juels robbing grow ops in Surrey and taking them over for the Hells Angels if they weren't involved. Much.

Oh and BTW, a puppet from a puppet club isn't going to put a hit on someone without the approval of the sponsor or the sponsor club. Just like a Hells Angels associate isn't going to move that much cocaine without the Hells Angels knowledge and approval.

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  1. These guys are all a bunch of bitches ...Only when they are in a group do they lip off - bring em to the REZ we'll take care of em ..... Can anyone say Turtle food?


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