Monday, April 26, 2010

Who's your mommy?

Here's a photo of Mom Boucher in Prison. Holy mid life crisis Batman, look at his hair. It's blond. Last we saw his hair was grey. Do they give you hair dye in prison? Looks like he's getting ready for a Beach Boys reunion lifting weights with bottled water. Now that is priceless.


  1. Agent K, do you know of any explanation as to why HA gets to wear their street clothes in prison as opposed to the standard uniform?

  2. No, I just noticed it. Realizing how much status wearing street sneakers in juvie is, I’m sure it’s a big status symbol in prison for them. Looks like it’s not just Hells Angels though since Kim Bolan just posted a picture of Clay Roueche in normal clothes too and that was in the States. He’s with the UN.

    Since the people with him in the photo were also wearing civvies it might have been a family day or something. I’m pretty sure the photo of Deli and the guys in civvies at Stony Mountain with burgers was on some kind of a family day.

  3. Federal correction institutes get to wear there own clothes and regional gets a prison issue outfit!

  4. All federal institutions all inmates wear their own clothes? That is bizarre. Which ones have tvs in their cells? Federal Provincial or both? What about Xbox 360?

  5. Only federal prisoners get to wear their own clothes and only when not working. If you are working, you wear prison issued gear. During off work hours you may wear your own clothing.
    Here is the federal link for inmate personal property allowed and explained.

  6. Thanks for the link Bob. Sounds like a strange policy to me. When do inmates in a federal institution work? In the States they have privatized some prisons and turned them into work camps. Doing physical work to earn privileges or statutory release is a good thing. I’m not so sure about a profit driven prisons filled with forces slave labour.


    I think being allowed to have a musical instrument in your jail cell is a great idea but just what is cross-gender apparel or related items? TV’s and computers should be a privilege not a given.

  7. I'm trying to help my grandmother reach my grandfather's friend. Is there a way we can contact Maurice 'Mom" Boucher while he's in prison? How can I? Thank you.

  8. Wow. I suppose any police department in Quebec could tell you what prison he’s in. Once you find out what prison he’s in I’m sure if you contact the prison your friend could be put on the visitors list. These others guys are in Stony Mountain prison in Manitoba but I’m pretty sure Mom Boucher woukld be in a Quebec prison.

  9. Mom Boucher is at the Special Handling Unit at Sainte Annes Des Plaines in Quebec, the actual address is:

    Maurice Boucher
    Special Handling Unit
    Regional Reception Center
    246 Montee Gagnon
    Saint Anne Des Plaines


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