Sunday, March 31, 2024

Brother's Keepers Shooting in Vancouver

The Dirty Newz has posted a video of the Jagraj Atwal shooting downtown Vancouver yesterday. Jagraj is with the Brother's Keepers who sell drugs for the Edmonton Hells Angels. The Brother's Keepers respected Suminder Grewal. That's why the Edmonton Angels had to get two guys from Edmonton to kill him. Evidently yesterday's shooting was near Richards and Robson.
The first shooter looked pretty determined. I'm surprised the driver survived. The second shooter was a bit erratic. He wasn't really aware of his target and was certainly not aware of what was behind his target. Just kind of pointed the gun in the general area and pulled the trigger. This was on Robson Street around 6 PM. That's very busy. This shooting was totally reckless. The Driftwood Crips here also work for the Edmonton Hells Angels. I do not believe that was the UN.

Elon Musk's X to pay legal bills for Canadian doctor chastised over COVID-19 tweets + Gina Carano

CTV is reporting that "Elon Musk's X said it's funding legal bills for a Canadian doctor previously chastised by regulators for her tweets about COVID-19. In a post to the X News account on Sunday morning, the company formerly known as Twitter wrote that it's proud to defend Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill against what it calls government-supported efforts to cancel her speech."

Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill has always been an educated voice of reason throughout the barrage of Covid insanity and fake news. Censoring her is obscene. It reflects the dangers of Bill 36 in BC that UBC Virologist Dr Steven Pelech warned us about. Bonnie the Freak Henry wants to put every medical doctor in jail for proving her wrong.

Medical specialists in the field testified before a US Congressional Hearing and stated that during Covid the government was the biggest source of Covid misinformation. Now the BC Conservatives have cancelled Dr Stephen Malthouse who was another educated voice of reason during the constant barrage of Covid misinformation. One step forward, two steps back.

Christian Intolerance

OK so I've already put out part one of my Easter Message discussing the historical reality of Christ. Now I want to talk a little bit about Christian doctrine and Christian hypocrisy which leads to Christian intolerance. Again I don't want to hate. I believe in the freedom of religion but I don't believe all religions are true. I believe that all religions have good and bad in them just like every community does. We can't really obsess over the bad but we can't ignore it either lest we be led astray. Christ said beware of wolves in sheep's clothing who will enter in from among us. What does that mean? You tell me. He said it. Now let's talk about it.

There are obviously different forms of Christianity. First we had the Catholic church. Well that's the first that we know of. There was a gap of 300 years between the murder of the last Apostle and the formation of the Catholic church. Constantine had been killing Christians for years until he had a dream where he was victorious in battle under the Christian cross. So he has a change of heart and gets all the religious leaders together and said alright you guys get it together. I want you to stop fighting with each other and come to an agreement on a doctrine. We'll embrace that and persecute everyone who doesn't believe our own brand of Christianity. So the council of Constantine also known and the council of Nicea was created and the Catholic church was born.

Before that Christians were being killed for 300 years simply for being Christians. Paul was a zealous Jew who was present at the martyrdom of Stephen and was personally involved with killing many Christians for hearsay. I talked about that in part one about the historical reality of Jesus. The law said people guilty of blasphemy were to be put to death. Paul saw the light on the road to Damascus. He was smitten blind then healed. He had a dramatic and lasting conversion.

My point is that Christians have not always agreed on doctrine. They have often fought amongst themselves just like the Muslims have. In Ireland we had a conflict between Catholics and Protestants but a lot of Protestants fight with each other too.

The conflict in Ireland was more about politics than religion. It just so happened that Protestants tended to support British rule while Catholics tended to support being independent of England. The flag for the Republic of Ireland is green, orange and white. Green for Catholic, orange for Protestant and white for peace between the two. I support the freedom of religion not the amalgamation of religion. Adapting a state religion is the road to abolishing all religion. First you abolish all religions but one, then you finally abolish that one last religion then mission accomplished. A New World Order of Communism has taken all your rights away once and for all.

OK so for all practical purposes first we had the Catholic church. Then all of a sudden King Henry starts to feel guilty for murdering his ex wives. The Catholic church didn't allow divorce so instead of murdering is exs he decided to create his own church. He created the church of England and put himself in charge of it. Israel had good kings and bad kings over the years but never in the history of Israel had a king taken over Judaism and formed his own brand.

Yet that's exactly what King Henry did and the Protestant Reformation was born. Although it had a bad start, many others like John Wesley had good intentions. The Bible was translated into English and people started reading it. After they started reading it they discovered that some things the Catholic church taught didn't line up with the Bible. So we had several groups of people try to confirm the church to be more in harmony with the Bible.

Unfortunately human nature replaced those good intentions with a whole lot of infighting. People would get in a fight and have a disagreement on some point of doctrine. They'd break off and form their own church and someone else would get in a fight with them and break off and so on and so on until we kind of had a mess of contradictions that missed the whole point.

I'm not hating on the Catholic church, the Church of England or any other church. I'm just calling it like it is. Personally I like Catholics. Although I don't agree with everything their church teaches they tend to be good normal people.

Some of the other break aways have become very hateful and intolerant. When I was young there was a guy on the radio called the Bible Answer Man. He was one of the most intolerant people I have ever heard. Any Christian who didn't believe his own exclusive brand of Christianity, was of the Devil. Which was in itself amusing because his doctrine was wrong.

I support Christian values. I agree with James who said faith without works is dead. When I was young I had some friends who were Mormons. Some of my intolerant Christian friends would insist that Mormons were of the Devil. I thought that was absurd and unchristian so I'd get in arguments with them.

They claimed that Mormons believe you had to earn your way to heaven and that took away from God's grace so it was of the Devil. I'd just shake my head and bow it in shame. These people were insane. They claimed Mormons were of the Devil because Mormons taught you were supposed to do good. That makes no sense.

I had studied Satanism. Satanism taught Do what though whilt shall be the whole of the law. Satanism taught no rules no morals. They taught the exact opposite of what the Mormons taught. I'm not saying I agree with everything the Mormons teach. I'm just saying the claim that Mormons are of the Devil is ridiculous and that leads us to the root of the conflict.

This brand of intolerant Christians teach that everyone who does not believe in their exclusive brand of Christianity is of the Devil. Everyone, not just Mormons. So right off we can all see the flaw in that doctrine and we can see where that doctrine leads. It leads and breeds intolerance.

Now I'm not saying we should have a tolerance for sin. I'm not saying we should compromise with the Devil. I'm saying we shouldn't be deceived by him. I saw a video clip of a crazy women hijack the microphone at a Muslim event proclaiming Christ as King rudely denouncing Mohammad to be a false prophet. That was very unchristian.

I'm not a Muslim but I do not see Mohamed as a false prophet. There is a lot of good in Islam. I see Mohamed as a reformer like John Wesley. Mohamed had a mission to the Arab nations and he taught them to do good. That is what Christ taught.

I understand the atonement of Christ. I don't believe Christ taught believe in me and continue to sin. Christ taught repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. John the Baptist taught the same thing. Christ and John the Baptist taught people to do good. If someone was to teach believe in Christ but don't do good, that is what I would call a false prophet.

We are told that one day every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ. Yet everyone will not be saved. OK what do you mean saved? Saved from what? Death? We all are. After this life the spirit continues. One day everyone will be resurrected and judged. Everyone. The good and the bad. The best of the best and the worst of the worst. Everyone will be resurrected and judged. So in that sense, thanks to the atonement of Christ everyone is saved from physical death. Yet Christ said in my father's house are many mansions.

Christ taught as ye sow, so shall ye reap. He also taught the parable of the talents which implies not every Christian receives the same reward. We are rewarded for what we do and don't do. That is not a Satanic doctrine. It is common sense. Mind how ya go. Live your faith.

Having said that, the flip side of Christian intolerance is Christian service. Mother Teresa exemplified this. Many churches included the Salvation Army, First United and Union Gospel Mission performs acts of service on a daily basis. That is the intent of the religion: love and service. Whosoever is least among you the same shall be the greatest. Martin Luther King.

Saturday, March 30, 2024

BC Conservatives have already been hijacked

SHTF TV is reporting that "The Conservative Party of B.C. has dropped a controversial Denman Island doctor as a candidate in this fall’s provincial election after his views on COVID-19 and vaccines circulated online on Wednesday. Within hours of his nomination announcement, Stephen Malthouse was cut as a candidate in the riding of Ladysmith-Oceanside."

“We are a new party, we have grown at a record pace, but some mistakes are bound to happen. Unfortunately, we nominated a couple of candidates who ultimately weren’t the right fit for our team,' said B.C. Conservative Party president Aisha Estey." AYFKM?

The BC Conservatives have already been hijacked. That didn't take long. The BC Liberals or whatever they call themselves now fell because they endorsed the BC NDP's punitive declaration defiantly endorsing lock downs and mandates. Now, as soon as the BC Conservatives finally start to gain some traction they quickly forget and dump the people that got them there.

Stephen Malthouse is a good man. He is a patriot and a hero. He's a Director with the Canada Health Alliance. The BC Conservatives should keep Stephen Malthouse and get rid of Aisha Estey. Aisha Estey would be better suited writing for the CBC.

We have also seen the Save the Surrey RCMP creeps infiltrate the BC Conservatives.

SHTF TV is also reporting that "A transgender member of a new UN panel that’s drafting global health rules has a kinky track record in everything from bestiality to bondage, drugs and nudism, can reveal." I'd rather take medical advice from Dr Stephen Malthouse.

Cherry Blossoms and Climate Change

The cherry blossoms in Vancouver are in full bloom. They started to bloom last weekend and this weekend they are in full bloom starting to fall like snow. It's not a powerful scent but if you concentrate you can smell the gentle aroma of cherry blossoms in the air. It reminds me of the cherry blossom incense we would burn in martial arts classes and on the Lunar New Year.

I am told that the cherry blossoms in Japan bloomed early this year but they're late in Korea. In Korea they still haven't bloomed yet. Look at how the deplorable fake news is misrepresenting that. The BBC is reporting that "In Japan, the rare and beautiful 10-day cherry blossom front is set to start 10 days earlier this year due to global warming." Global warming. F*ck off.

This is the BBC and they are full of sh*t. Their credibility is lost in space along with the rest of the mainstream fake news media in our Brave New World. If the cherry blossoms are blooming early this year in Japan because of global warming, then why are the cherry blossoms in Korea late this year? Korea and Japan are on the same planet. The answer is simple. Japan has had a warm spring while Korea has had a cold spring.

Yet Time Magazine insists that the early blooming in Japan is strictly due to climate change as they deny the late blooming in Korea. What, have the fake news outlets fired all their staff and all their articles are written by AI now? Just program a climate change narrative and all their articles become the same. Just enjoy the spring for f*ck's sake and cram your bullsh*t up your a*s.

I am not a climate change denier. The climate has been changing ever since the ice age. But I'm not a globalist and a climate change alarmist either. I believe in protecting the Constitution and the Charter of Rights. I don't believe climate change is a valid excuse to throw away civil liberty and embrace Communism. That is bat sh*t crazy and we can see that is where the fake news is trying to take us. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Truth will prevail.

Last winter was very mild because of the El Niño just like in 2010 during the winter Olympics. Warm ocean currents from the south tended to move north giving us a mild winter. Justin Trudeau tried to blame that on climate change. Next winter is La Niña which means cold ocean currents will bring cold temperatures south giving us a cold winter. Again, Justin Trudeau will blame that on climate change. Yet the cycle of cold and warm winters from the El Niño and La Niña currents have continued for a long time. Now all of a sudden it's climate change and the AI algorithms want to use that to implement the UN's New World Order. Not on my watch.

Remember groundhog day? That humorous tradition tried to predict whether we'd have a long winter or an early spring. That long-standing tradition showed some years we have a late winter and other years we have a early spring. That fluctuation existed before the alarmist algorithms.

The UN New World Order is reporting that "Let's advance and achive the United Nations Global goals by 2030 & Happiness for all by 2050." Let's not. Global Communism sucks.

Ontario Police seize another 125 kilos of Crystal Meth

Well the OPP does it again and a full patch Hells Angel from New Brunswick is busted again. CTV is reporting that "Robin Moulton, 54, of Minto, New Brunswick has been charged with impaired operation, possession of a schedule I substance for the purpose of trafficking as well as trafficking in schedule I substance. The execution of the search warrant resulted in the seizure of approximately 125 Kg of crystal methamphetamine." That is a lot of Crystal meth.

Hells Angels sneakers? AYFKM? This guy is a little bit of a clown. No disrespect. I'm not sure which direction the large shipment was heading but we are told the Hells Angels run the crystal meth in New Brunswick. There was one guy from the Outlaws in Nova Scotia trying to compete but I don't think he's in good standing with the club. I could be wrong.

I'm not saying I support one rival over the other becaaue I don't. I'm just sayin crystal meth is a horrible drug and y'all gotta get over your greed. Your greed will be your downfall. Those who fight against a law biding society shall fight amongst themselves and they shall be drunk with their own blood. Figuratively speaking of course. Karma's a b*tch yo. Robin Moulton was previously sentenced to four-and-a-half years in jail for cocaine trafficking in 2018. Yo man get a real job.

This is yet another example of how far superior gang enforcement is in Ontario compared to BC. IHIT and the CFSEU are completely useless. Take a look a their budget and what they spend their money on. Then take a look at the size of their drug seizures. They're not trying to stop crime, they're just trying to tax it and profit from it. Since they focus on proceeds of crime, they have no incentive to stop crime and BC suffers as a result. They spend huge amounts of tax dollars on unscrupulous informants who lie about rivals. Since it's Easter let's have a read of Matthew 23 and every time it says scribes and Pharisees​ replace that with IHIT and CFSEU.

Friday, March 29, 2024

Why was Jesus Cancelled?

Update: Part two Christian Intolerance

Today I want to talk about why Jesus was crucified. Not in a religious sense but in a historical one. I'm not going to get into born again bullsh*t about how if you say Abracadabra you are saved and what you do no longer matters. IMO that is not the gospel of Jesus Christ but I'm not getting into that. Today I want to talk about how the mob mentality dramatically changed from Palm Sunday when they were cheering him to a week later when they were demanding he be killed.

Before I do that I want to be very clear about one thing. This isn't about the Jews rejecting Christ. This is about humanity rejecting Christ. It could have been any group of people. I have often heard it said if Christ came in our generation and taught the same things he taught back then, the church would crucify him all over again. Why is that? Religion, like politics is always hijacked by opportunists. Moses once said "this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the Lord: Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits."

He's describing human nature. It doesn't just apply to Jews, it applies to everyone. People don't want to hear the truth. People can't handle the truth. People want to be lied to. They want someone to make them feel comfortable and if he does, they will pay him well.

So let's talk about how the opinion of the mob dramatically changed from Palm Sunday to Good Friday. I heard a sermon in the United Church once where the minster pointed out that they went from shouting Hosanna to shouting crucify him in less than a week. I want to talk about what happened. What Jesus said and did to upset the mob and get canceled.

I know a lot of traditional Christians don't like the movie Godspell or Jesus Christ Superstar but I really liked the music in those plays when I was young. Most Christians are familiar with the story of how Christ cleansed the temple. How he overturned the tables and physically threw the money changers out of the temple with a whip. That was very bold and dramatic.

I am told that the religious leaders at the time weren't shocked by what he did. They questioned his authority. That was something they were supposed to have done but didn't.

The first four books of the New Testament are called the gospels. Four different authors describe Jesus' life and mission. We read two slightly different accounts of what Jesus said when he chased the money changers out of the temple. In one version he said my father's house is a house of prayer but you have made it a den of thieves.

The other version states he said my house is a house of prayer not my father's house. That public declaration of divinity was considered by many to be blasphemy. In James E. Talmage's book Jesus the Christ he claims that Jesus cleansed the temple twice. Once at the beginning of his mission and again at the end of his mission shortly before he was crucified.

We can debate whether or not he cleansed the temple twice. The point is, he did do it after Palm Sunday before he was crucified and on that occasion he made a public declaration of divinity. That was one event that happened after he was greeted with cheers of Hosanna. Mathew 23 is another. In Mathew 23 Jesus confronted the religious leaders at the time and called them liars, hypocrites and children of hell. He confronted them and he cursed them. That's when they said, this man is crazy. Crucify him and from that moment on they set a plan in motion to destroy him.

I want to be very clear that he was speaking to the religious leaders at the time who were exploiting the church. They happened to be Jews but he wasn't just speaking to the Jews. He was speaking to all of us. He was also speaking to the leaders of Christianity, of Islam, of any religion that says one thing and does another. There is good and bad in every religion and in every community. If we deny that then we condone the bad. Martin Luther King said "Non-cooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good." I believe that.

The way the movie Godspell portrayed that event was a bit hokey but the song was powerful. So after the mob's triumphant welcome into Jerusalem, Christ cleansed the temple and confronted the religious leaders at the time. Again, he wasn't just speaking to the Jews, he was speaking to everyone. Josh McDowell wrote two excellent books. More than a Carpenter and Evidence Demands a Verdict. He wrote a few other weird ones but those two stand out as worth while.

In the book Evidence Demands a Verdict, he described the midnight trial and how it broke all the rules. He pointed out that all the witnesses contradicted each other and they were left with nothing on him. Until finally they asked, art though the Christ?

As Josh McDowell pointed out, they had nothing on him. All he had to do is say no and walk away but he didn't. That forces us to ask would he die for a lie? Not unless he was crazy but if he was crazy how did he fulfill biblical prophecy? How did he convince his 12 disciples to die for their testimony that they saw Christ after he was resurrected? These questions are for another day.

My point now is simply that during his trial they had nothing on him until they asked art though the Christ? His answer was profound. He said before Abraham was I am. He said two things. He said yes, I am the Christ. I am the Messiah Ben David but he went far beyond that.

Remember Moses and the burning bush? Moses asked God, who shall I say sent me? God said tell them I am sent you. It was the Hebrew word for I am. So when Jesus answered them in his trial, not only did he say yes I am the Christ, he also said he was Jehovah, the one who spoke to Moses in the burning bush. The religious leaders at the time freaked and said we have no need for further witnesses. We have heard enough.

Now I want you to remember that the law the Jews had been given at that time was crazy. No disrespect. The law said you were to be stoned for adultery, you were to be stoned for breaking the Sabbath. A rebellious son was to be stoned. It's amazing anyone survived and weren't all stoned. Martin Luther King said the old law of an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. He was right but the law required at the time if you had committed blasphemy, you were to be put to death. That was the law that God had given them and Jesus was claiming to be God. According to the law he gave them, that was blasphemy.

This Easter I want to emphasize that we can't hate on the Jews for crucifying Christ. The Christian church would have done the same thing and the Jews were simply obeying the law God gave them. Jesus had to die to fulfill the plan God had for him.

Many years ago a Punjabi coworker once asked me, why do you call it Good Friday if that was the day Jesus was killed? I just said it's complicated. What was I supposed to say? He died for our sins? She would have been like what do you mean he died for our sins, then I would have been back to it's complicated. The atonement of Christ makes it possible for us to repent. Which simply means we can change. We can grow. We can progress. We can rise above our past.

A damned soul is a soul that can't progress like a dam stops the flow of water. Jesus made it possible for us to progress and it doesn't matter what race or religion you are. Life is about moral righteousness. If we are wicked then we are not children of God we are as Paul declared bastards, children of another. Actions speak louder than words. As ye sow so shall ye reap.

I realize the crucifixion of Christ is a sensitive topic for Jews. I saw a recent interview with Candace Owens and a Jewish Rabbi who misunderstood some of the things she had said. In that interview the Jewish Rabbi said some people believe that because the Jews rejected Christ they have become evil and Satanic. That is not true. I had a Jewish friend in Belfast who said Jesus was a gift from the Jews to the Gentiles. I can accept that.

This era is considered the Times of the Gentiles. Peter held the keys to the gospel of circumcision but Paul held the keys to the gospel of uncircumcision. Gentiles who accept the gospel are accepted into the kingdom by way of adoption through baptism. This does not mean the Jews are of the devil. Jesus was a Jew. His apostles were Jewish. Paul was a Jew. The Old and New Testaments of the Bible were written by Jews.

Jesus was a reformer. He encouraged the Jews to remember the prophets. Moses, Elijah and Isaiah were prophets. Israel has been led astray when they followed men instead of prophets. I heard someone once claim that the Jews don't believe in the Old Testament. They just believe in the Torah. That is not true. Do you celebrate Purim? That's from the book of Esther not the Torah. The Torah is the first five books of the Old Testament. It is considered the law.

Do you recognize King David? He wrote the book of Psalms. Do you recognize King Solomon? He wrote the book of Proverbs. Do you set an empty place for Elijah during Passover? Elijah was a prophet just like Moses was. So was Isaiah. Great are the words of Isaiah. We will begin to understand his prophecies in our era. Jesus' advice to the Jews would be to remember the law and the prophets. Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet. I can accept that.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Two Hells Angels arrested for drug-trafficking in Quebec

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that "Two Hells Angels among 16 arrested in drug-trafficking investigation in Quebec City area. The two Hells Angels who were arrested are Marc Roberge, 60, of Stoneham et Tewkesbury, and Mario Auger, of St-Étienne-des-Grès. Both men are named in an arrest warrant issued from the Quebec City courthouse."

"They each face six charges in all, including committing a crime for the benefit of a criminal organization, conspiracy to traffic in drugs, trafficking in GHB, cocaine and methamphetamine, and possession of money that came from a crime. Since the start of this investigation, roughly 40 search warrants were carried out. Police seized more than $585,000 in Canadian money, two kilograms of cocaine, more than 550 litres of GHB and several weapons."

Last year the Montreal Gazette reported that "Serge Lebrasseur, 59, a longtime member of the Hells Angels chapter in Trois-Rivières, is named in an arrest warrant along with four other people who were investigated. He was charged with conspiring to traffic in cocaine and methamphetamine between Nov. 11, 2020 and June 30, 2021."

The Dirty Newz picked up on the story as they have been highlighting Quebec City.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Candace Owens defamed by Rabbi Shmuley

If you Google Candace Owens you will see a barrage of insane defamation claiming she was fired from the Daily Wire for antisemitism. That is straight up defamation. Article after article is ridiculous. The fake news highlights deranged statements by Rabbi Shmuley where he states "For Purim I’ve dressed up as a Candace Owens Jew." This is the guy that was bullying her and threatening to destroy her. On Twitter he stated that "Rabbi Shmuley Boteach dresses as a 'Candace Owens Jew' for Purim and pretends to sip on Christian blood after conservative commentator left The Daily Wire following clashes with Ben Shapiro over Israel Hamas war."

That is mentally deranged. Candace Owens simply said Rabbi Shmuley was attacking her for statements she never made and this is further evidence to that fact. In another post he stated that "I felt that since Candace got fired on Friday, I may as well try and bring her some Purim cheer by validating all her views about Jews, at least for one day."

First of all he's pretending to be drinking Christian blood. I know that Candace Owens NEVER said or implied that about Jews. That is ridiculous defamation. That erroneous claim is insane. Jews and Muslims follow the law of Moses. They don't eat pork and they don't eat blood.

Kosher killed means all the blood of the animal has to be drained out. Eating blood is not kosher and is not halal. Jews drinking Christian blood is a false stereotype which doesn't make sense that I have never heard of. Candace Owens NEVER ever said or implied that. So this is straight up dramatic defamation. He's also wearing a witches nose.

At first I was like WTF is that? A clown nose? No, it's not a clown nose. It looks like a witches nose. What the hell is that supposed to mean? Perhaps it's some obscure stereotype that Jews have big noses which again is something Candace Owens NEVER ever said.

There is a stereotype that Jews have large noses but Candace Owens Never said or quoted that. There's a nice young girl at my gym who I think is Jewish from the shape of her nose. It's not a large nose, it's a distinct shape and she's very pretty. Like Barbra Streisand.

There's also a young Punjabi girl at my gym who competes in bodybuilding that has the same shape of nose. She's very pretty and she's not Jewish. None of this has anything to do with anything Canada Owens said. It simply reinforces the fact that Rabbi Shmuley is bullying Candace Owens for statements she never made and the fake news is running with it.

I mentioned how Google has become a source of misinformation. Well in Candace Owen's case Google has become a barrage of defamation. As I said, Candace Owens expressed a very balanced concern about the Gaza conflict. She interviewed a Jew that was for it and a Jew that was against it. She did not minimize the October 7th attack. She simply expressed a concern with killing Palestinian children and civilians. That has absolutely nothing to do with Rabbi Shmuley's defamation of Candace Owens. It simply reinforces the claim that if you dare disagree with any Jewish misconduct you will be branded as an antiSemite.

When I worked on a kibbutz in Israel I attended a Passover dinner called Pesach. It was nice. It remembered the Jews Exodus from Egypt. All the volunteers were familiar with Purim which I have not attended. As far as the volunteers were concerned it was a huge party and a big drink up. Perhaps Rabbi Shmuley had a little too much alcohol to drink while making those defamatory posts. Yet since he was bulling her and threatening her it's pretty clear his defamation is with malicious intent. Or as the US courts would say, actual malice.

Previously Candace Owens made two statements about Hitler that were completely taken out of context. I am not a Holocaust denier and I am not a fan of Hitler. At all. My grandfather had mustard gas burns on his back from the trenches of the war.

People describe Hitler as a Nationalist. Canada Owens simply said that Nationalism in itself is not bad. She did not say Hitler wasn't bad she said Nationalism in itself is not bad. Most Israelis are very Nationalistic. They are proud of their country. That is not a bad thing. That is what Candace Owens said but the fake news took her statement out of context and twisted it.

They say Nelson Mandela was a Nationalist and a Socialist. Well which was it? He was a little bit of both. He was proud of his country. That is not a bad thing. He created a Constitution that protected civil liberty by law. That was a good thing.

Candace Owen's statements about Nationalism in no way implied that Hitler or the Holocaust was good because they most certainly were not. Candace Owens also said not all the books Hitler burned were bad. That doesn't mean Hitler was good. It simply means Hitler's censorship was a concern. Just like Hitler's gun control was a concern. Hitler used false flag attacks just like 9/11 and October 7th as a pretext for war. That was bad then just like it is now. OK so let's take a deep breath and try to think this through rationally. Shmuley Boteach is a bully and a whack job. He claims no one is allowed to say Free Palestine. He claims if you say that it means you want to kill All Jews and wipe them off the face of the earth. Not so. It simply means you want the genocide to stop. Let's put it in perspective.

At one point in time, Israel was under Roman occupation. According to Shmuley Boteach if a Jew was to say Free Israel at that time it meant they wanted to kill All Romans and wipe them off the face of the earth. Not so. The Romans had left their homeland to conquer Israel and were oppressing them through occupation. Saying Free Israel at that time would simply means leave us alone and let us go. Likewise, before the Exodus the Jews were slaves in Egypt.

If a Jew in slavery was to say to an Egyptian guard Free the Jews that would not mean kill All Egyptians and wipe them off the face of the earth. It would simply means let us go and leave us alone. It's the same with the Palestinians in Gaza. The Hamas mission statement is unacceptable but Mossad created Hamas and wrote that statement to drive Fatah out of Gaza and to sabotage the Oslo accord after Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated.

Shmuley Boteach claims Candace Owen liked a tweet that said "It says February 20th, Rabbi. Are you drunk on Christian blood again?" I can't see who liked what but there were many comments in that thread. One reply in that thread on the day in question said "A literal 'whatcha doin, Rabbi?' lol." It then linked to several articles where people faked acts of antisemitism.

As I said, the erogenous claim of Jews drinking blood is offensive like eating pork. However, one could say he is figurative drunk on Palestinian blood because he has no remorse for a modern genocide which is rationalized by the law of the Amorites. As I said, in Exodus 9 Moses recounts Israel's disobedience. The Palestinians are NOT the Amorites. Moses commanded Israel to vex not the stranger nor oppress him. Playing the race card when someone objects to the slaughter of civilians in Gaza is offensive. The Palestinians are not all Muslims. Some are Christians.

Trump's God Bless the USA Bibles

The fake news freaks out because Trump is selling God Bless America Bibles as a fund raiser.

President Joe Biden has declared Easter Sunday Transgender Day of Visibility

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

P Diddy all over the Fake News

Update: OK now I'm hearing new allegations. Now I hear claims that P Diddy and other famous rappers attended parties where illegal drugs were present. AYFKM? Now they are claiming limos full of young girls attended. Big surprise. Rappers have groupies. You said P Diddy sexually assaulted Usher, Justin Bieber and Stevie J. They all deny it. That's a very different allegation than attending parties full of young women and drugs.

NPR is reporitng that "Lawyers for Sean "Diddy" Combs said Homeland Security Investigation officials used excessive force in an "unprecedented ambush" as the agency swept through Los Angeles and Miami properties linked to the rapper on Monday, collecting evidence in an ongoing investigation. Dyer said law enforcement's actions lead to "a premature rush to judgment of Mr. Combs and is nothing more than a witch hunt based on meritless accusations made in civil lawsuits." What's his real crime? P. Diddy joins rapper fans of Trump.

Newsweek is reporting that "Anumber of celebrities appeared in court filings made in connection with music producer Rodney Jones' $30 million lawsuit against Sean Diddy Combs. Jones filed his lawsuit on February 26, making a number of accusations against Combs, including sexual misconduct and grooming. Jones has also accused Combs of participating in sex-trafficking activity. Attorneys for Combs have strongly denied the allegations, previously telling Newsweek, "We have overwhelming, indisputable proof that his claims are complete lies."

As I previously said, I've seen a whole of of allegations based on speculation. I have not seen any official statements from Usher or Justin Bieber claiming they were ever sexually abused by P Diddy and I find the frenzy of coverage of this story in the fake news highly suspicious.

Newsweek is also reporting that "Rapper Meek Mill has lashed out at former kickboxer Andrew Tate, denying allegations he had a sexual relationship with hip-hop mogul Sean Diddy Combs."

"While not accused of any wrongdoing, rapper Meek Mill and R&B star Usher have become talking points due to two redacted names in the complaint. 'Mr. Combs informed Mr. Jones that he had engaged in sexual intercourse with rapper (REDACTED), R&B singer (REDACTED), and Stevie J,' reads a line in the lawsuit. Producer and TV personality Stevie J has already called the allegations against him false, adding that his lawyer will be handling this going forward."

Conor D'Monte back in Canada for Kangaroo court

City News is reporting that "A United Nations gang member — and one of Canada’s most-wanted fugitives — is back in the country and in custody. The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of B.C. (CFSEU-BC) says Conor D’Monte is now in a Canadian pre-trial facility."

"D’Monte was charged with first-degree murder in 2011 in connection to the 2009 shooting death of Red Scorpion member Kevin LeClair, as well as conspiracy to kill brothers Jonathan, Jarrod, and Jamie Bacon, as well as other gangsters."

Cory Vallee was already convicted in the murder of Kevin LeClair. The only witness said there were two shooters and one was noticeably larger than the other. The bigger one was obviously K-9. Cory and Conner are the same size. The whole thing is a farce. I could expound on how f*cked up the CFSEU is right now but I won't. I'm just going to get out of Dodge and say f*ck them. Ontario gang enforcement is far superior to BC's. IHITit and the CFSEU suck.

Baltimore's Key Bridge collapses after ship crash

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that "A massive container ship adrift at 9 mph issued a “mayday” early Tuesday as it headed toward the iconic Francis Scott Key Bridge, losing power before colliding with one of the bridge’s vital support columns. As the 984-foot vessel struck the bridge in the middle of an otherwise calm night, it caused a din that woke people ashore and immediately toppled an essential mid-Atlantic thoroughfare into the frigid waters."

"The effects were immediate and catastrophic: Authorities began searching for six construction workers who had been repairing potholes on the Interstate 695 bridge at the time of the collapse. By Tuesday evening, their employer said they were presumed dead, and the Coast Guard said it was ending rescue efforts." They should recover the bodies.

Something Fishy in BC Lakes

CBC is reporting that "Parks Canada is closing all bodies of water in British Columbia's Kootenay and Yoho national parks, and restricting watercraft in Alberta's Waterton Lakes National Park, in an effort to slow the spread of invasive species. The lakes, creeks and tributaries in eastern British Columbia will be closed until at least March next year in response to the deadly whirling disease parasite found in fish. At the same time, non-motorized watercraft from outside park boundaries will not be allowed into Waterton Lakes National Park in southern Alberta, to protect against both whirling disease and invasive zebra and quagga mussels."

I think we have too many biolabs experimenting with too many invasive species.

Monday, March 25, 2024

Nova Scotia Health Care Vaccine Mandate Lifted

Police on Guard is reporitng that "Those health professionals in Nova Scotia who chose bodily autonomy over Covid-19 vaccination have remained unable to work until just two weeks ago. These employees, placed on leave without pay in November of 2021, have been ostracized and excluded for almost 2.5 years, long after the emergence of undeniable evidence showing vaccination did not protect as hoped." Fire Bonnie Henry - Hire Back Our Heroes.

"As of February 26th the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) announced that ‘evolving evidence’ has now shown that a requirement for vaccination is no longer supported. In a letter to staff, the NSHA stated that this change reflects our commitment to respecting the choices and autonomy of our staff members”. So I guess that means BC is the only province in Canada that still requires Rna Covid vaccines for health care workers long after the pandemic has ended.

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Australia laughing at Justin Trudeau

Clinton Jaws posted a humorous response to another lost in space Justin Trudeau quote. Trudeau talked about wanting to quit his job. We wish he would. He talked about how women's rights, LGBT rights and Climate Change are the top of his to do list. As Clinton Jaws pointed out how are women's right so urgent right now? What rights do men have that women don't? What rights do Gays and straight people have that Trans don't have? How is this such an important priority compared to inflation, housing, taxes, and the Saudi oil monopoly? How is fake environmentalism so urgent when we all know natural gas will literally save the planet.

Inversion on Hollyburn Ridge

I hiked up Hollyburn Ridge today. There was a lot of inversion going on and we were above the clouds. Here is the video. Melting snow in the mountains and cherry blossoms in the city.

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Persian New Year in Iran

Seemingly the first day of spring is the Persian New Year with several interesting traditions.

Ben Shapiro fired Candace Owens

The Independent is reporting that "Candace Owens will no longer appear on Ben Shapiro’s conservative news website The Daily Wire, it was announced on Friday (22 March). Controversial author Owens joined the media company in 2021 before falling out with co-founder Shapiro last year over her views on the Israel-Hamas war." 'Daily Wire and Candace Owens have ended their relationship,' Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing tweeted on Friday morning. 'The rumors are true—I am finally free,' Owens shared on her own X account."

First of all Ben Shapiro is a dick. That rap video he was in with Tom MacDonald was ridiculous. Tom's fine but Ben Shapiro is Fake as F*ck. He's a bully with small man syndrome. Candace Owens was very fair and balanced on her concerns about the Gaza conflict. Again this is another example of how if you dare question any misconduct of anyone they label you a racist. That is offensive and absurd. There is good and bad in every community. Failure to recognize that is delusional. I hope Tucker Carlson picks her up. Support Candace Owens.

Ben Shapiro's defiant support for a globalist in Israel makes his whole quest a complete farce.

The World has Changed and we must not change with it.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how the world has changed. I know someone visiting from Central America who is shocked at the rate of inflation here. I didn't see that back in Central America they claim. Isn't that ironic. The cost of food and housing is most notable. The oil monopoly has contributed to the rising cost of food yet we can't blame Justin Trudeau for everything. Don't get me wrong. Justin Trudeau is a dick just like Brian Mulroney and Stephen Harper. It's just that we have to be realistic in our response.

We're all shocked at the rate of inflation and we all complain about the high interest rates because we all benefited from all that free money for so long. If we drop interest rates that's not going to help reduce inflation. Breaking the Saudi oil monopoly will. Promoting domestic production of natural gas will. Rejecting the fake environmentalism seeking to overthrow civil liberty and the free market will. The Lord of the rings was a dramatic saga depicting the subtle struggle between good versus evil. The ring which the ring bearer was sent to destroy represents the greed that seeks to consume and destroy us.

Time for woke judges and Trudeau Liberals to end the soft-on-crime experiment

The National Post is reporting that "The Canadian experiment in free-range, low-consequence crime has failed miserably. It’s time for its enablers — the bleeding-heart politicians, judges and non-profit operators who insist on forcing the Canadian population to bear the burden of criminality — to call it off. The hypothesis of these irresponsible advocates was this: criminal behaviour will magically wind down if the government ensures the provision of free drugs, generous bail and light, often racially-discounted, criminal sentences. Any perceived uptick in violence that results will simply be absorbed by the privileged public."

"Toronto police data shows the city has seen a 400 per cent rise in break-ins with intent to steal a vehicle." This is because of organized crime. We can deal with this through the Bait Car program and with Task forces that are willing to follow Apple Air Tags and recover stolen vehicles en route to their foreign destinations on the railcards and in the ports.

We have seen the anarchy that results from failed liberal policies in Portland, Chicago and Northern California. Yet we need to be leery of manufactured solutions to manufactured problems. We don't need to allow negligence empower the police state. We don't need US incarceration rates. We simply need to uphold the law. Mind how you go.

Russia's concert hall shooting in Moscow Déjà vu

Update: The Truth About ISIS And The MOSCOW TERROR ATTACK

City News is reporitng that " Russian President Vladimir Putin said Saturday that authorities have detained 11 people in the attack on a suburban Moscow concert hall that killed at least 115 people and left the sprawling venue a smoldering ruin. In an address to the nation, Putin called it a bloody, barbaric terrorist act and said all four people who were directly involved had been taken into custody. He suggested they had been trying to cross the border into Ukraine which, he said, tried to create a window to help them escape."

In addition to being barbaric, it was also highly suspicious. We know that Putin has used false flag terrorist attacks in Chechnya. The FSB were caught red handed planting explosives in a residential tower. After they were caught they claimed it was just a training exercise. The November Man with Pierce Brosnan was based on a true story. The CIA helped Putin get elected.

"The Islamic State group’s Afghanistan branch claimed responsibility for Friday’s attack in a statement posted on affiliated channels on social media. A U.S. intelligence official told The Associated Press that U.S. agencies had confirmed that the group was responsible for the attack." OK that's obscene. The CIA created ISIS and brought it back after they assassinated the Iranian general responsible for defeating ISIS in Syria.

I have two points to make. The conflict in the Ukraine was manufactured. Biden and Romney's coalition of political misfits have dark business deals in the Ukraine and supported the coup that lead to the invasion protecting the Donbas. Natural gas from Russia is good. Manufactured oil wars to support the Saudi monopoly is not. There is good and bad on both sides of most conflicts.

Putin likes to talk a lot of sh*t about the West. At least now he's starting to clarify his beef is with the Western elites. We share that beef but the WEF is not exclusively tied to the West. They represent a Communist ideology that is inherently evil and is based on lies. I support the US Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights. That is what I support.

False flag attacks are designed to undermine the civil liberty protected by law within the constitution. I trust Putin and Xi Jinping more than Klaus Schwab and the WEF but I certainly do not trust Putin or Xi Jinping implicitly. As Abraham Lincoln said Stand with any man as long as they stand right and part with them when they go wrong. Everyone needs to be accountable. That's why American civil servants swear an oath to the constitution not to a person.

Jimmy Dore recently put out a powerful series on Libya. He rightfully cites several military interventions the US has been involved with over the years that have been based on lies. Then out of the realms of intergalactic space he mentioned how he had a MAGA supporter and a Marxist on who hugged it out about their shared struggles. Now I'm like WTF? MAGA is not Marxism. MAGA opposes Marxism. That's why MAGA exists.

I don't want to hate. I recognize the fact that I used to have several friends in CUPW who called themselves communists because they believed in democracy and free speech. IMO that is not what Communism is. James Connolly was a Communist who gave his life for a free republic that protected civil liberty by law. That is the root of the struggle. Protecting civil liberty by law.

This false flag attack could be orchestrated to justify overturning the Taliban's opium ban in Afghanistan again. It's also possible the CIA is going to use their newly formed K branch to launch attacks against Iran by proxy. The CIA created ISIS. History repeats itself until we learn from it.

Kate's Cancer

City News is reporting that " The sharing of a cancer diagnosis from Catherine, the Princess of Wales, could be positive for those going through their own cancer journey or people who need to be more aware of the disease, says an executive with the Canadian Cancer Society. Stuart Edmonds, executive vice-president of mission, research and advocacy for the society, said such news from the princess, or other public figures, can help raise awareness and encourage others to be tested early and seek treatment."

"The princess released a video statement Friday after intense worldwide speculation about her health, saying that following successful abdominal surgery in January, doctors told her cancer had been present and advised that she undergo preventive chemotherapy. She says in the video that she and Prince William are doing everything they can to process and manage this privately for the sake of their family." Privacy for the scepter of David. Peace.

Charges laid in fatal Alberta shooting

The Times Colonist is reporting that "The Alberta RCMP's Major Crime Unit is investigating a shooting that left one person dead at an apartment building in Red Deer. Police say as officers arrived at the scene, a suspect was observed running from the area and after a short foot pursuit, the man was arrested. A second suspect was also located near the scene and arrested. Police located a deceased person who has been identified as 54-year-old Jason Cory Worobec."

"The RCMP has charged 45-year-old Lance Michael Bilsky and 46-year-old Corey Duane Archer. Bilsky was charged with second-degree murder while Archer was charged with Accessory after the fact to Murder."

Climate the Movie, the Cold Truth

The White Rose is reporting that "We strongly recommend this movie, in which renowned scientists speak out against the false climate change narrative. The film has only been released a few days ago. It is a highly professional movie about how natural climate change and concern for the environment have been hacked by the establishment. We all know the bottom line of their evil agenda: reduce, control and tyrannize humanity."

Michael Moore was harassed by the left for putting out Planet of the Humans which also exposed some of the hypocrisy of fake environmentalism. Using electric cars where the power grid comes from Industrial coal is not green. Banning natural gas has nothing to do with saving the environment. It's about driving up inflation and creating manufactured energy crises.

It ties in with the carbon tax. Shipping China natural gas out of Kitimat is a good idea. China replacing it's industrial coal with natural gas would greatly reduces world CO2 emissions. Far more than any carbon tax grab. Likewise, twinning the Nordstream pipeline would also greatly reduces world CO2 emissions. Far more than any carbon tax grab.

Helping Germany convert their Industrial coal plants over to natural gas would greatly improve air quality in Europe and significantly relieve the manufactured energy crisis in Europe. The price of gas at the pumps is literally insane. That is because of the Saudi oil monopoly. Donald Trump got America off Saudi oil while Joe Biden got American back on it. Saudi secures the monopoly then raises the prices. That is Haram. NATO and the UN are a big part of that fraud.

Friday, March 22, 2024

The Real history of the Middle East Conflict

We know that the truth is the first casualty of war and that both sides of any conflict try to rewrite history so let's look at the real history of the Middle East conflict. Let's start with Andrew Loyd Weber's Joseph and his Technicolor Dream Coat. Jacob had 12 sons so he did. Joseph was one of those sons. The musical talks about Joseph's coat of many colors.

Joseph was Jacob's favorite son and to show it he gave him a special bright coat of many colors. Now this famous biblical story is a prime example of bad parenting. No disrespect. Parents are supposed to love their children equally. As soon as you start playing favorites that creates problems as did this. Joseph's brothers became very jealous of Joseph and sold him to become a slave in Egypt. Then they lied to their father and said he had been killed by wild animals.

It's a fun and dramatic tale so it is but that's as far as I want to go with it at this time. Jacob had 12 sons. Joseph was one of those sons. Judah was another. Jacob gave each of his 12 sons a blessing. It said the scepter shall not depart from Judah. David was of the tribe of Judah. The descendants of Levi held the priesthood by birthright. Aaron was of the tribe of Levi as was John the Baptist. Joseph was to become a fruitful bow. His descendants would be many.

The Kingdom of Israel was eventually split in two. "The Kingdom of Israel was united during the reign of King Saul, King David and King Solomon and became divided at the death of King Solomon. It was split into Kingdom of Israel in the North and Kingdom of Judah in the South."

The Bible talks about the scattering and gathering of Israel based on their obedience and disobedience. Before Jerusalem was destroyed Israel was divided in two. The Kingdom of Judah was simply one tribe. The rest of the tribes became lost or hidden. As you can see Gaza wasn't owned by Israel. Hence the story of David and Goliath. The reason I tell this story is to illustrate the problematic nature of playing favorites. Israel in it's current form are mostly descendants of Judah. That's only one tribe out of 12. Judah wasn't Jacob's favorite son. Joseph was.

How does that make you feel? The Palestinians are also children of Abraham. Abraham had two sons, Issac and Ishmael. The Palestinians are descendants of Ishmael. Jacob was Isaac's son. When Joshua conquered Canaan, there were some parts he was commanded not to go.

Foreseeing this time, Moses commanded Israel to vex not the stranger nor oppress him: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt. Yeah we can see how they have broken that commandment. Perhaps it was cruel and unusual punishment for God not to give Israel all the land of Canaan or perhaps it was the wisdom of a father who loves all of his children. Including the children of Ishmael. After all, God is not a respecter of persons but in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him. Actions speak louder than words. God can take of these stones and raise up children of Abraham. Our actions determine who we serve. If our actions are evil then we become a child of the Devil regardless of who our parents were.

Moses was very clear that God was not giving Israel the land because of their righteousness but because of the wickedness of the former inhabitants. "Not for thy righteousness, or for the uprightness of thine heart, dost thou go to possess their land: but for the wickedness of these nations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee, and that he may perform the word which the Lord sware unto thy fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Understand therefore, that the Lord thy God giveth thee not this good land to possess it for thy righteousness; for thou art a stiffnecked people." In Exodus 9 Moses recounts Israel's disobedience.

Now the Palestinians also have a historic claim on that land. It's just that they don't have an exclusive claim on that land. Neither party does. It's like a custody dispute in a divorce only we're not talking about kids we're talking about land. God wants his children to share. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins that will destroy our souls. Yatsik Rabin understood this. Netanyahoo does not. Netanyahoo calls himself King of Israel. Oh really? Melchizedek was the King of Jerusalem. Netanyahoo is no Melchizedek. Netanyahoo is a cheap whore. History has recorded that.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Break The Needle

Break the needle is a new blog and podcast on Substack. Check it out.

Helen Grus' case is being raised in Canada's Parliament

Donald Best is reporting that "The case of Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus and her investigation into a cluster of Sudden Infant Deaths in the Ottawa area is being raised in Canada's Parliament. According to the rules, the Government must now provide a written answer within 45 days. Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus is charged with ‘Discreditable Conduct’ under the Ontario Police Services Act for conducting “unauthorized” investigations into the sudden deaths of nine infants. The next Hearing is on Monday, March 25, 2024."

"Grus was investigating any potential connection between the vaccination status of the mothers and the sudden deaths of breastfeeding babies. Ottawa Police shut down her investigation, ordered her to stop, and charged her with an internal disciplinary charge."

"My independent journalism revealed that Public Health Agency of Canada personnel sought to influence the Ottawa Police investigation of Detective Grus as early as March 2022, and even continuing after she was charged in July of 2022. (My April 27, 2023 article here) Now a Conservative Member of Parliament is formally demanding answers about the Grus Case by placing questions on the Order Paper. Here is the Order Paper in pdf."

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Red Cross examines Gaza - Update

OK let's back it up a bit. Remember here in BC we had some pretty massive flooding a while ago? Both major freeways were completely washed out. The reason why that was such a huge concern was because it was a major transportation route for trucks supplying grocery stores with food. Costco had to supply Kelowna out of Airdrie because the road to Vancouver was washed out. Thankfully the road to Calgary was still intact. One week and the groceries stores are out of food and everyone starves. The government was quickly repairing the road for that reason.

Now compare that to Gaza and multiply it by a million. All the grocery stores ran out of food along time ago. All the hospitals have been bombed. Netanyahoo the dark sith of Israel keeps ordering them to evacuate then starts bombing where he tells them to evacuate to. That is straight up evil.

Then that God forsaken excuse for a human mistake has the audacity to declare we are the children of light not the children of darkness. Well my Sith Lord, actions speak louder than words are your actions declare you are a child of the devil. I am really disappointed in Rebel News' complete misrepresentation of that fact. If Klaus Schwab is bad, then so is Benjamin Netanyahu.

The famine in Gaza is unprecedented. The grocery stores are empty. Their homes and places of employment have been bombed and every time they are told to evacuate they start bombing the safe spaces so nowhere is safe and no one has employment. That means everyone is starving. We've seen some disturbing pictures of starving children but that is the reality they face.

Netanyahoo has completely sabotaged the Oslo accord from both sides. This whole conflict was orchestrated. I do not trust UNICEF or any of the UN relief agencies. The Red Cross and their affiliates such as the Red Crescent are the only aid agencies in the region I trust.