Friday, February 1, 2019

RCMP investigator in Surrey Six case admits to sexual affair with witnesses

Global is reporting that "A former RCMP officer involved in the Surrey Six murder case admitted to a sexual affair with a witness in the investigation. Ex-RCMP Sgt. Derek Brassington pleaded guilty earlier this month to breach of trust and obstructing justice “by compromising the safety and integrity of a witness” during the investigation."

"According to an agreed statement of facts, Brassington struck up a sexual affair with the witness, identified in court documents as Jane Doe 1, and drank alcohol with her on multiple occasions. The witness was under RCMP care because of what she potentially knew about the 2007 murders, and was moved between Canadian cities for her protection, under the care of officers assigned to keep her cooperating with the case."

"Brassington, then considered a young up-and-coming detective with the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT), had sex with the witness in cities across Canada in accommodations paid for by the RCMP while supposedly engaged in official witness management duties, according to the document."

“During the course of their relationship, Sgt. Brassington compromised Jane Doe 1’s security on several occasions. He billed the RCMP for witness management trips which included his pursuit of his relationship with Jane Doe 1, including billing overtime for hours spent drinking and engaging in sexual activity,” reads the document.

"In August 2009, Brassington, Jane Doe 1 and others purchased and consumed over $800 worth of alcohol at a bar in one Canadian city, where the pair engaged in public displays of affection. In another city, Brassington gave his IHIT business card to a stripper, who was invited to party with him, Jane Doe 1 and others."

"In September 2009, the document says Brassington lost his badge and wallet in a bar while out drinking with Jane Doe 1, which were recovered by bar staff the following day. In November, Brassington and another officer flew to meet with Jane Doe 1 and a friend of hers identified as Jane Doe 3, where they spent several days drinking and going to clubs."

All of them drank alcohol with the officers buying drinks for the women. At the club, Sgt. Brassington ‘made out’ with Jane Doe 3. The four returned to Jane Doe 1’s apartment in an intoxicated state whereupon Sgt. Brassington engaged in inappropriate sexual activity with Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 3 in the presence of the other officer, reads the document."

"Details of the case were under a publication ban, which was lifted following a challenge from Global News and the CBC. Earlier this week, two other Mounties involved in the Surrey Six case pleaded guilty to failing to maintain law and order under the RCMP Act."

This is the climate of unprofessionalism that has permeated the RCMP for many years resulting in a class action sexual harassment lawsuit. This wasn't one cop who lied to his coworkers about an affair. It was common practice for officers to go drinking with witnesses and flirt with them. His coworkers knew about the affair and covered up for him. Just so we're clear.

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