Monday, February 4, 2019

Jamie Bacon instructed associate to kill Dennis Karbovanec

Global is reporting that "The trial of Jamie Bacon began at B.C. Supreme Court on Monday. Bacon is accused of counselling to commit murder against Dennis Karbovanec, an associate in the drug trade. In opening statements on Monday, the Crown said Bacon instructed an associate, who can only be identified as "CD," to kill Karbovanec. Crown said Bacon wanted him dead because Karbovanec wasn’t making as much money in the drug trade due to his use of Oxycontin and relations with young girls."

"CD agreed to the killing so he could be cleared of his debts to Bacon. According to the Crown, Karbovanec was shot near a cul-de-sac in Mission, B.C. on New Year’s Eve 2008 but managed to escape despite his injuries. The gun was thrown in a nearby creek. In early 2009, a toddler out for a walk with her mother found some bullets in the creek. Nine years later, another child found the gun allegedly used in the shooting while playing in the creek."

Kill one of your own co accused from the Surrey Six. My that's a very red and white thing to do. DK was with pig face during the Surrey Six murder. DK took over for Anton as Jamie Bacon's body guard when Anton was in prison. No L & R there.

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