Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Michael Smyth is still peddling the ICBC Fraud

Harold Munro's cheap tabloid of corporate trash is reporting that "Attorney-General David Eby plans to make more than $1 billion of ICBC losses disappear this year." AYFKM? ICBC has been breaking even. The BC Liberals extracted a $1.3 billion dividend from ICBC to balance Christy Clark's fake fudgeit budget. If there was no dividend, there would be no deficit.

Everyone knows that. The fact that Michael Smyth and Harold Munro are still peddling the fraud goes way beyond a credibility meltdown. It crosses over into the realm of a criminal act. Back in the day, if a newspaper printed something false they would do their due diligence and print a retraction. Not now. Now when the cheap tabloid posts something false they reprint it on the front page hoping that if they repeat the same lie enough times someone out there will actually believe it. I sure as hell don't. This credibility meltdown is heartbreaking.

WTF are you doing? Prostituting your principles for pennies? Have you no self respect? Journalism used to be a noble career. This isn't journalism. This is defamation with malicious intent. Harold Munro's cheap tabloid of corporate trash is worthless.


  1. "Principles" and Journalism parted ways a while back when the field became overwhelmingly populated by shills for The Left™. Basically Journalism became a tool for "useful idiots" to advance their common political ends starting in the 1960's, along with the "education" system which indoctrinates rather than educates. If it really educated, British Columbian's would have dragged EL Gordo from his bed kicking and screaming to string him up from the nearest lamp pole years ago.

    1. It's not a matter of the left or the right. Gordo was *considered* right wing and committed fraud for his campaign contributors just like SNC-Lavalin. Michael Smyth's fraud is an attack on the NDP who are left. It's all about brainwashing us to accept tax and spend corporate communism. Those villains are on the left and the right.

  2. Oh absolutely right, we have no disagreement on that. But the media is in the bag for the left just like those who largely inhabit academia. In both areas there's little pretense of them being impartial. You can't say that about Conservatives, the Right, whatever we want to call it, the media actively works to propagandize against them. Traditional beliefs of almost all stripes are denigrated and mocked. The Left's political ideology leads to where Venezuela is now, to use that among a dozen other examples. With any luck that can be resolved with a minimum of bloodshed, but if we have to airdrop the citizenry some crates of AK's to replace all the guns confiscated from them by the government, so be it. Always with the gun confiscation, "for your own good", "for the children", "if it saves just one life", etc..

    The only reason a policeman or a politician wants you to give up you gun is so they can more safely do something to you that would be much more difficult (never mind fatal) if you still had it. People need to remember that if they remember nothing else.

    If you have not heard of Jordan Peterson, a genius level IQ Clinical Psychologist out of Toronto, he does an amazing job of explaining all this as well as many other aspects of human nature and life. He tells you the truth every time, which he's why he's so hated by the left, they have spent decades spinning the wool that's over most people's eyes and he rips it all away in a few short sentences that leaves all but the idealogues thinking, "Of course that's right, how could I ever have been so stupid as to think otherwise?"

    Now of course up there in B.C., as you say, guys like Smyth and that douchebag blogger who dropped off the radar are/were trying to propagandize for "corporate communism". (I love that tag and use it frequently, where do I send the royalty cheques? :biggrin:

  3. omg trail runner, how funny. you believe the media is left wing. If you have a read of a lot of blogs you'll note they consider the media in Canada right wing. Conservative supporters, media shills for the right wing, etc.

    during the years the B.C. Lieberals ran B.C., 16 yrs, the MSM simply, in my opinion, were press release organizations for them. They failed to report on all the scandals, money laundering, etc.

    If you have a look at the "owners" of Canadian media, you'll the majority are Conservative in nature and anything but left wing.

    During the B.C. lieberial years the media failed to report that they were removing half a billion dollars a year from ICBC and putting it in general revenue and declaring the budget balanced. While the MSM wasn't reporting this news, Norm Farrell on his blog, as were other bloggers.
    If that had not been done, ICBC would be in much better financial shape.
    During the B.C. Lieberal years a number of their financial supporters were placed on crown corporation boards of directors. No matter they didn't know what they were doing they were being financially rewarded for these directorships. Norm Farrell at one point, a number of years ago listed the amount of money some of these lieberal supporters received from these directorships and what they donated to the B.C. lieberals, and dam wouldn't you know it the amounts were about the same.

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  4. People on the left complain about the right wing Corporate media while people on the Right complain about the left wing Liberal media. Both have some valid points. In general the MSM tends to be left with regards to immorality. However, the Corporate media is very anti left with claims that the left will tax and spend while the neocons tax and spend more than the left does. This is corporate communism where the worst of the left meets the worst of the right.


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