Friday, June 30, 2023

Canada Day is a holiday we need to keep

The fact that the circus freaks want to cancel Canada Day shows their mentally deranged dishonest agenda. Communists like to rewrite history and that is exactly what the circus freaks are now doing. We have every right to be proud of Canada and the ideals we aspire to just as the Americans do. One of my beefs with Putin is that he was sh*tting on the American Dream. America is bad, the West is bad bla bla bla. No it's not.

The American Dream is the same as the Russian Dream. It's the same as the Chinese Dream. It's the same as the Canadian Dream. We all share the same dream. We all want to see justice flow like a river and freedom like a mighty stream. We all want that. We just have different beliefs in how to get there. Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden are whack jobs. They are sowing seeds of disention by rewriting history with lies. Lest we forget.

Truth and reconciliation involves truth and reconciliation. It's not hateful division based on lies. The truth is, this whack job wrapped in saran wrap is a freak. He exposes himself to children. That makes him a pervert. Remember when the police would issue a public warning in the form of a Stranger Danger. They would let parents know if a sick pervert was exposing himself in front of children at the part. Well this scum bag is one of them. He exposed himself in front of children.
Not only that but he equated his brand of pedophilia with a sick and deranged rewrite of history. Now we can all clearly see where these hateful lies lead. These are the circus freaks that want to cancel Canada Day. Not on my watch. I don't care if they celebrate Canada Day or not but they have no right to prevent me or anyone else from celebrating Canada Day. J'imagine - I believe.

Thursday, June 29, 2023

We don't need another Stat Holiday

Update: Canada Day is a holiday we need to keep

I'm going to stay positive and I'm going to stay calm but I am going to say WTF. We do not need another stat holiday. Politicians love to spend other people's money. Remember Christie Clark made Family Day in February? I lost one of my floaters because of it. Well the BC NDP just did the same thing. They made another holiday and I just lost another sick day because of it. We don't need more holidays we need more money. All these extra holidays is raising the cost of operation for employers and rolling back our wages as a result. It's definitely deferring raises.

We can't make more money unless we increase productivity and profit. We can't afford any more holidays. In Socialism every day is a holiday. That's why Socialism doesn't work. Literally. So now we have a new Aboriginal day. Are we going to make Saint Patrick's Day a holiday to remember all the suffering of the Irish? Are we going to make a Cambodia Day to remember the Communist genocide in Cambodia? Are we going to make a Berlin Wall Day to remember all the suffering in East Berlin? We can't have a paid holiday for every race on the planet or for every occasion under the sun. Politicians need to stop making holidays. It's not their money. It's our money.

David Eby is rolling back our wages just like Chrystia Freeland said they all would.

Military Vaccine Mandate Violated Charter Rights

Update: 37 BC mayors call for end to vaccine mandates to get more nurses working

Police on Guard is reporitng that "A recent military tribunal has determined the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) vaccine mandate to be in violation of Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Nina Frid summarized the committee’s conclusions, saying their vaccine policy was arbitrary and overly broad, that the limitations imposed infringed on members’ right to liberty and security of the person and as such was not in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.” Exactly. LawyerLisa also mentioned it in her Substack.

"The committee further criticized the CAF basic procedural fairness, noting that they refused to consider other factors, like a member’s service record or whether they already worked in an isolated environment, and did not provide alternative options uniformly across the ranks. The only alternative provided to members was to be dismissed from military service."

US Supreme Court effectively ends affirmative action at colleges in landmark ruling

ABC is reporting that "The Supreme Court on Thursday set new limits on affirmative action programs in cases involving whether public and private colleges and universities can continue to use race as one factor among many in student admissions. The court held, in an opinion for the conservative majority written by Chief Justice John Roberts, that Harvard and UNC's admissions programs violate the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment."

This is a copy of the ruling that resulted from a petition to the court submitted by Students for Fair Admissions Inc. It's really not a controversial decision. What's controversial is admitting students based on race. That is a violation of the constitution. All people are equal.

Police fatally shoot suspect in Hope Hospital

Update: CBC is impying that an officer was actually shot.

The Abby News is reporting that "A man died at the Fraser Canyon Hospital in Hope on Wednesday (June 28) after a police shooting. RCMP attended a collision at the Zopkios offramp on Highway 5 at roughly 11:44 a.m. on Wednesday and several people were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. An IIO news release says an altercation allegedly occurred between two of the injured people and police responded."

Google to remove news links in Canada

MSN and CBC is reprting that " Google said Thursday it will remove Canadian news content from its search, news and discover products after a new law meant to compensate media outlets comes into force. The move to pull news from the world's most popular search engine could have a devastating impact on Canadian media outlets, which often depend on third parties like Google to get content into the hands of readers."

Ah yeah. It will have a significant impact. Google is removing Canadian news headlines for readers in Canada. It's not going to affect me because Google buries me but it certainly will affect the fake news outlets in Canada since Google already buries real news.

This little hissy hit is the perfect example of corporate greed. Google makes a lot of money. They pretty much have a monopoly on the industry. It's not just a matter of them refusing to share their wealth. It's a matter of them refusing to pay for services they profit from.

They say if you watch the news you are misinformed but if you don't watch it you are uninformed. That pretty much sums it up. With no headlines we aren't going to hear the headline to research the other side. No worries. That just means we're going to have to get creative in tapping into the breaking news. It's OK we'll do it. We have a flashlight and we still have Tucker.

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Edmonton shooting in front of kids

CTV is reporting that "Edmonton police are investigating a shooting that happened Saturday evening in the Ormsby Place neighbourhood. Several 911 callers reported gunshots in the area of Ormsby Crescent around 6:45 p.m. Police say a man was out for a walk with his family, including two young children, when a red Nissan Rogue was driven up behind them. Two masked people got out of the SUV and started to chase the man southeast through the green space between Ormsby Crescent and Ormsby Road East while shooting at him."
Victim of fatal Sunshine Coast shooting identified

ATF Oversight Field Hearing

The ATF launched Operation Fast and Furious for the CIA. They were selling guns to the Mexican cartel and brought back tons of cocaine into the US as payment. El Chappo had a .50 cal sniper rifle from the ATF. The ATF also run a prostitution ring with Michael Kramer called Humaniplex.

Dr Fauci: AZT was not safe and effective

More messages from Hunter Biden's Whatsapp

The Daily Mail is reporting that "House Republicans released more WhatsApp messages Tuesday they say were written by Hunter Biden as he worked on a business deal with a Chinese energy company. In messages from August 2017, the first son pushed that $10 million needed to be invested annually into the joint venture with CEFC China Energy, and called a $5 million proposal new to me and not acceptable, obviously."

"'I'm tired of this Kevin,' Hunter said. 'I can make $5 million in salary from any law firm in America. If you think it's about money, it's not. The Biden's (sic) are the best at doing exactly what Chairman wants from this partnership. Please let's not quibble over peanuts.'"

"The next day one of Hunter's shell companies, OWASCO PC, was given a $10,000 payment from CEFC, the House Oversight Republicans said, sharing a receipt."

Tucker Carlson: Still Rocking the Free World

Operation Toussaint: the Fight to End Modern Day Slavery

Increase in psychosis after RNA genetic vaccine rollout

Trump 2024 - Censor that

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

The Wagner Group is bad as are all Mercenary armies

Before we proceed, I'm just going to set the record straight. The Wagner Group is a private military like Blackwater. That's what PMC stands for - Private Military Company. They are not soldiers, they are mercenaries just like Blackwater is. Both mercenary organizations are bad.

Recently there was some insane drama involving the Wagner Group. At first I was like WTF is going on? Is this some private mercenary army the CIA hired? Kinda. This is the problem with contracting mercenaries. They are not soldiers loyal to an ideal. They are mercenaries loyal to their wallet. The problem with mercenaries is that they are mercenaries. If your enemy pays them more money, they will come after you. That's what the Clone Wars were all about in Star Wars.

When you look at the insane treasonous drama you will understand that's what happens when you let criminals out of jail, put a gun in their hand and pay them to be a mercenary. Criminals have no loyalty. Criminals have no morals. Criminals have no ideals. Neither do mercenaries. That's what makes them the perfect mercenaries and that's why we should never hire them.

Just because the Wagner Group was bad, doesn't mean that Metabiota and Hunter Biden's business deals in the Ukraine were good because they weren't. Just because the Wagner Group was bad, doesn't mean that the US Biolabs in the Ukraine are good because they're not. Putin is protecting the Russian speaking Ukrainians in the Donbas from being bombed by Zelenskyy. That's a good thing. Turning your back on those civilians is not. God damn the mercenaries.

Olivia Chow is Toronto’s next mayor

As always, I'm going to look on the bright side. When I saw her picture after she was elected I thought she looked familiar. Then it dawned on me, that's Jack Layton's widow. She' pretty high profile. Jack Layton was well respected as was Thomas Mulcair.

True North initially reported that "Former NDP MP Olivia Chow is Toronto’s next mayor. In her second attempt to become mayor of Canada’s largest city, Chow beat a crowded slate of candidates, garnering 37.17% of the vote. Like her late husband and long-time federal NDP leader Jack Layton, Chow campaigned on a left-of-centre platform with proposals to address homelessness, affordable housing, and tenant protection. Her marquee campaign promise is a pledge to build 25,000 rent-controlled rental units on city-owned land within eight years, for which she’s earmarked an estimated $404 million."

OK two points to start. True North referred to her left of centre platform. That' pretty significant. Remember Tara Henley? Tara Henley said when she first started working for CBC she was a Liberal meaning she was left of centre. Now she is considered right wing. Her position didn't change, the CBC's position changed. The CBC is now Left of the Berlin Wall spinning for the WEF. So if Olivia Chow campaigned on a left of centre platform, I'd say that's a step forward.

Remember Thomas Mulcair? Dare I say he was left of centre? I don't know what he was but I know he was a good guy who believed in a balanced budget. So do I. Justin Trudeau does not. That's why runaway inflation is out of control. In 2015 Thomas Mulcair saw an Orange wave in Quebec. Jagmeet Singh lost all those gains as well as all the gains from Jack Layton.

That's because Jagmeet Singh is not left of cetnre. He's left of the Berlin Wall. Jagmeet didn't just attend a few WEF meetings, he was raised by them. He wears a turban but he's not a Sikh. He opposes all the principles the Sikh religion teach. Jagmeet rushed in for a photo op at the assignation of Surrey Temple President Hardeep Singh Nijjar. That was abominable. Jagmeet opposes all the moral positions of Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

As soon as Oliva Chow was elected Jagmeet rushed in for the photo op. Remember she is left of centre. Jagmeet is not. He's just a dirty whore. If Olivia Chow became the leader of the Federal NDP, the party would be in much better shape than it is under Jagmeet. They won't allow that because they have an agenda tied to the WEF and Jagmeet supports that agenda.

My second point is this, the solution to the housing crisis in Canada is simple. We need to build more rental units. If Olivia Chow wants to build more rental units then that is a good thing. For everyone. I've talked about this before. Building more renal units is not a Communist plot to overthrow the free world. It's a good business modal to hedge the soaring cost of housing.

The City owns the land. There's nothing there. Build housing, charge rent, make money. That's good business. Private companies can do this too. City Hall can allot and approve building permits for rental housing. It's a win win for everyone.

In a subsequent article True North reported that "In an acceptance speech Monday night — peppered repeatedly with vows to deliver a safer, caring and more affordable Toronto." She used the word safe. That means she too is concerned with crime as are the rest of us. Defunding the police is not the answer. Violent crime doesn't stop itself.

Several years ago I met Penny Priddy at a Crime Prevention coalition in Surrey. She said she was there as a mother and when it comes to fighting crime, she was more right wing than her political opponents. If Olivia Chow is left of centre then she supports drug treatment not crime and addiction promotion. Harmful drugs are harmful. Harm Prevention means you tell adults and kids that drugs are bad for you and explain to them the harmful effects of drugs. That's prevention.

People with mental health issues should not be on crack or crystal meth. It will not help their mental illness it will make it worse. It will turn them into violent criminals. That means they will commit violent assaults, murder and rape. That's in no one's best interest. Preventing that is.

True North also stated that "Toronto’s last NDP mayor David Miller, a disaster as mayor, managed to increase spending by 43% and the net debt by 176% during his one term." That needs to be addressed or else Toronto will turn into another Liberal sh*t hole like Portland Oregon.

Cypress Mountain Coaster

I had the day off work because Canada Day falls on a Saturday so I rode out to Cypress and hiked up Sky chair. There are a few patches of snow but for the most part the trail is bare. Pretty green from the melting snow. I posted a video of the route up last time I was up at 21:24.
Grouse mountain has a ton of stuff going on in the summer but Cypress has started some new things lately as well. The Mountain Coaster ride is up and running again this summer.
You take the chairlift up and ride the mountain coaster down. It looks like a lot of fun. You have a stick shift that controls the brake. They have one at the Great Wall in China but it's more like a bobsled track. I'd like to see that one day. This is a video of the one on Cypress.
They also have a new Mexican restaurant and more patio space with giant umbrellas and a fire pit in addition to the Crazy Raven but the new Mexican restaurant is just open on weekends. The Crazy Raven was open today. That was the VIP lounge during the Olympics.

Monday, June 26, 2023

Ride like the Wind - We need a new playlist

Alright souljas let's keep this positive. Lexington Lab Band remixes a lot of old classics that make us remember to appreciate life. I first came across them when I heard them perform Peace of Mind by Boston. Their remix of Christopher Cross' Ride like the Wind is timely.

The sun is shining. Get out there and ride. I added a bit to the intro on my book. I'm really excited about the Jupiter's Travels series. This guy literally rode his motorcycle around the world. Then when he turned 70 he did it all over again. Now that is inspiring. "I'm taking my time. I'm just moving along.You'll forget about me after I've been gone."

Music inspires me. Now it's all Sweet Child of Mine (My kids not my GF). The secret to having it all is knowing that you already do. Remember Barracuda by Heart? Then there was Walking in Memphis. Of course there's Dream on with Steven Tyler. The Dream never dies just the Dreamer.

BC Liberals finish fourth place in By Election

True North is reporting that "BC United – formerly the BC Liberals – was left licking its wounds on Saturday after finishing fourth in the by-election for Langford–Juan de Fuca, the riding of former premier John Horgan. Predictably, the riding went to the NDP’s Ravi Parmar who received Horgan’s endorsement, resulting in a 53.3% sweep for the ruling party."

"Green Party candidate Camille Currie came out with 17.6% at the end of the evening while the BC United candidate Elena Lawson only received 8.6%. However, political observers were shocked to see the recently rebranded Conservative Party of British Columbia’s candidate, local realtor and carpenter Mike Harris, place second with 19.9% of the vote."

"Although it was the first time the Conservatives ran a candidate in the riding, they came out ahead of the Green Party – the former second place holders in 2020. Green Party candidate Camille Currie came out with 17.6% at the end of the evening while the BC United candidate Elena Lawson only received 8.6%. Green Party candidate Camille Currie came out with 17.6% at the end of the evening while the BC United candidate Elena Lawson only received 8.6%."

That's pretty significant. It was a safe NDP riding just like Maxime Bernier just ran in a safe Conservative riding. Yet foruth place for the BC Liberals is definitely a sign of the times. The tide is beginning to turn and in BC we know what that means because politics here is very tidal. The tide comes in and the tide goes out. It always does.

Muslims protest outside Justin Trudeau’s office

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Electronic tabulators to be used in BC elections

Update: Bill 43 Elections Act

Unsealed report on Dominion Voting vulnerabilities

Elections BC is reporitng that "B.C.’s next provincial election is scheduled for Saturday, October 19, 2024. B.C.’s next election will be the first general election conducted under the modernized Election Act. New technology will be used to administer the election. The changes include using electronic tabulators to count paper ballots and laptops to look up voters and cross them off the voters list. These changes will make voting faster and easier. This technology was tested successfully in the 2022 Vancouver-Quilchena and Surrey South by-elections."

Normally this wouldn't be a big deal but these are the same vote tabulations machines used in the last Surrey municipal election run by Dominion Voting. We need to preserve paper ballots for recounts. Preserving the ballot isn't good enough. We need to actually recount them.

Party officials question whether ballot-counting technology is safe from hacking

Dominican basketball player dies of heart attack after getting myocarditis

Update: Military Vaccine Mandate Violated Charter Rights

The Daily Mail is reporting that "A Dominican basketball player died this week from an apparent heart attack after previously blaming a case of myocarditis on two compulsory doses of the Pfizer vaccine he received during the COVID-19 pandemic."

"Óscar Cabrera Adames, 28, was battling myocarditis – an inflammation of the heart – prompting a stress test in Santo Domingo this week, where he suffered a heart attack and died, according to multiple reports. Myocarditis reduces the heart's ability to pump blood, making strenuous exercise potentially fatal, according to the American Heart Association."

"After his death, Cabrera Adames' old social media posts resurfaced, showing him blaming the rare disease on the COVID vaccine. 'I got a damn Myocarditis from taking a f***ing vaccine (I got 2 doses of Pfizer),' read a portion of his translated social media post from January. 'And I knew it! Many people warned me. But guess what? It was compulsory or I couldn't work. I am an international professional athlete and I am playing in Spain. I have no health problem, nothing, not hereditary, no asthma, NOTHING!'"

The Canadian Independent posted the video of him collapsing during a basketball game. During the Covid pandemic all cause mortality did not rise. After the RNA genetic vaccine roll out it did.

HART Group: The truth behind the Green Monkey story

More jabs; more illness: "HART reported in January that there was powerful evidence from more than one source that the more injections people had had the higher their risk of contracting covid. One important study in this area was of over 50,000 healthcare workers in the Cleveland Clinic. The researchers observed that the infection rate per person was higher for every additional dose given. This should have been game changing but was ignored or dismissed as not being peer reviewed work. The work is now peer reviewed and was published on 19 April 2023."

Table dancing drag show for RCMP in Surrey + CBSA

Update: Canadian Independent: Exclusive Video Shows CBSA Officers and Senior Management Attending a Drag Performance at Toronto Pearson International Airport While On Duty

The Western Standard is reporting that "A retired Mountie says some current and former members were shocked and appalled at a recent drag show at RCMP headquarters in Surrey. Retired Mountie Leland Keane, who lives in Nova Scotia, sent a video of the performance to the Western Standard. 'I was asked to send you a video by someone still in the organization who needs anonymity,' said Keane. 'He wanted it shared as he felt it was disgusting. He does not want direct contact for fears of his job being threatened.'”

Ah yes, the RCMP's blatant disregard for sexual harassment in the workplace. These are the clowns that hacked the last election in Surrey. Good job soldier. In the private industry employers are bound by the law and this kind of display in the workplace would be illegal as would punishing someone for making a sexual harassment complaint.

I suppose it's better than when Bill Fordy was hanging from a rafter naked squirming like a worm as he tried to put out the flaming toilet paler crammed up his a*s. Bill Fordy was part of the Friends of Craig Callen. This new Drag show demonstrates where the new RCMP management is trying to take the organization. That's an onsite bar in the workplace BTW paid for with tax dollars. I don't see too many breathalyzers set up for when they drive home under the influence. I'm sure Clinton Jaws and Police on Guard will have something to say about this.

#Walk Away LGBT Town Hall in New York

This is the link to the LGBT Town Hall in New York from yesterday. All Hail Brandon Straka. He addresses the new challenges we all face in schools including transitioning children. Meanwhile the NYC Drag march chanted we're here, we're queer, we're coming for your children.

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Mark Saunders runs for Toronto Mayor

True North is reporting that "Running on a platform that emphasizes restoring public safety in the city, Mark Saunders has distinguished himself as a leading candidate on a moderately centre-right agenda. As Toronto’s former police chief from 2015-2020, Saunders is relying on name recognition and experience from decades as a cop to challenge progressive frontrunner Olivia Chow and tackle the city’s growing crime problem." I support his candidacy.

I forgot about Anthony Furey. Now we're just going to split the vote again.

Nanaimo residents hold another anti-crime rally

Global Fake News is conceding that "Dozens of Nanaimo, B.C., residents marched through the Nob Hill neighbourhood Friday in yet another rally drawing attention to escalating crime in the island city." There was a similar protest on Tuesday.

The increase in crime is the direst result of public drug use. David the Groomer Eby seized the opportunity to rationalize his own personal uselessness on crime reduction and drug promotion by blaming the federal government. That guy is a complete whack job.

Tuesday's protest called on the city and Transportation Ministry, which owns the land, to clear out the encampment. It's not rocket science. If you don't do it we will elect someone else who will.

Unsealed report on Dominion Voting vulnerabilities

Once again it appears that no lie can live forever and that time is on the side of truth. NBC is reporitng that "This week, a federal judge in Atlanta unsealed two reports in a federal court case over the use of Dominion ballot-marking devices in Georgia elections."

"One report, authored by University of Michigan computer science professor Alex Halderman for the plaintiffs in a federal court case seeking to block the use of Dominion machines in Georgia's elections, argued that the machines are critically vulnerable to hacking. The other, paid for by Dominion, argued the identified vulnerabilities were practically unlikely, while Georgia officials say they are exaggerated and unrealistic." OK so it was the report that was unsealed not the expert.

We all know that anything electronic can be hacked and anything wireless is insecure. Last year Politico reported that another vulnerability in electronic voting is uploading the data over modems. No kidding. There's obviously two questions that need to be asked.

Can or have elections been hacked by a third party exploiting vulnerabilities in the Dominion Voting software or did Dominion Voting do it themselves. That appears to have been the essence of the Fox News smoke and mirror lawsuit. They seemingly implied Dominion Voting did it which you can't prove. You can't dispute the fact that they are insecure and can be hacked by a third party. The question is who. We know that hacking elections is the CIA's MO around the world. They did it twice in Honduras after the CIA coup.

The first time was under Hillary Clinton. The second time was when Donald Trump was in power. The bad guy was losing so they stopped counting the ballots and had the army pick up all the ballots and bring them to a central location to be counted and the vote mysteriously flipped. The people protested en mass but Donald Trump supported the rigged election. Him losing an election due to voter fraud was payback for him supporting voter fraud in Honduras.

There's no way Donald Trump lost Arizona back in 2020. It wasn't just Dominion Voting. They were pulling out suitcases of mail in ballots out from under the table after they kicked the scrutineers out. The movie 1,000 mules documented voting irregularities from mail in ballots.

Dominion Voting is in a complete conflict of interest - they shouldn't be donating to candidates they tabulate votes for but rigging elections doesn't begin or end with them. If you get rid of Dominion Voting the CIA will just hack another system. The problem is electronic voting and mail in ballots. Alberta residents filed a lawsuit over electronic voting but made a compromise on the assurance that paper ballots would be preserved for judicial recounts. That is crucial in maintaining the integrity of democratic elections.

There's also no way Kari Lake lost the election for Governor of Arizona in 2022. In my interview with Robert Wallace from Arizona he commented on how Katie Hobbs has broken the record for the number of bills vetoed by any Governor in that State over such a short period of time. Arizona elected a Republican government in 2022 but a Democrat Governor. That doesn't make sense. That's what we would call an election irregularity as is the number of ballots counted.

Surrey uses Dominion Voting in municipal elections and there is no doubt in my mind that election was hacked by a third party - the RCMP. They didn't flip the vote, they reversed it. There were a lot of high profile candidates running in that election and Brenda Locke was not one of them. Now CSIS wants Saskatchewan as they strive to implement compromised electronic voting there.

Fort Nelson, Chilliwack and Creston schools apologize for sexual materials given to students, David Eby does not

Update: Surrey Creep Catchers catch David Eby. In a previous sting they caught Justin Trudeau.

Creston, B.C. elementary school students mistakenly given graphic sex-ed booklet

Speaking of David Eby supporting child grooming, Alaska Highway is reporting that "A school in Fort Nelson is apologizing to parents today after sexually explicit resources were recently handed out to students." Likewise the National Post is reporitng that " A Chilliwack, B.C., school has apologized for giving Grade 8 and 9 students inappropriate sex education material that described graphic sex acts and used sexual slang words."

The cards, which provide definitions of sexual terms from A to Z, angered some parents. A mother whose child attends C.H.A.N.C.E. told Global B.C. she was disgusted with the school’s carelessness in handing out material she considers to be pornography. 'This resource in particular is for gay, bi, queer men,' said Chris Thomas, spokesman for the AIDS Committee of Toronto. 'Generally, we use them in bars and bathhouses.'" Yet David Eby says if you protest abpout that you are hateful and reprehensible. Fire him.

Meanwhile back on the Ranch, CBC is reporting that "Education Minister Dustin Duncan has ordered his ministry to review documents pertaining to the adolescence curriculum, and plans to direct school boards to suspend any upcoming presentations with Planned Parenthood Regina." We can all see the polar opposite responses from David Eby and Dustin Duncan. What they are doing in elementary schools under SOGI is way worse than this. David Eby has lost his mind.

Chilliwack school Libraries promote incest

Friday, June 23, 2023

FEC Compliant against Hillary Clinton's money laundering

Georgia's Voting machines are vulnerable to hacking

NBC is rpeoritng that "A newly unsealed expert report arguing that Georgia’s Dominion Voting Systems machines are vulnerable to vote switching and hacking is raising alarms in Georgia, even as the state downplays the risks and their plans to mitigate them."

Modems: The voting machine hacking threat you probably haven’t heard about

Hunter Biden's WhatsApp messages with China

Tucker Carlson on the media's dishonest coverage of Robert F. Kennedy's campaign

David Eby declares that opposing child grooming is hateful and reprehensible

Update: Saskatchewan Education Minister suspends Planned Parenthood from schools

David Eby is a lying POS. The Canadian Fake News is reporting that "British Columbia Premier David Eby says hateful banners aimed at transgender people that have hung for months over one of the province's highways are reprehensible and he wishes the protesters involved would go home." This lie shows us two thing. 1) How dishonest and utterly useless David Eby is and 2) How dishonest and utterly useless the mainstream media is.

The hateful banners he opposes are graphic reproductions of the pornography he is showing young children in school. He should be in jail for doing that. The fake news is lying and claim the protest is anti LGBT. That is an offensive lie. David Eby and the fake news are promoting the sexualiation of children. Gay Against Groomers agree. They are not Anti LGBT. They are LGBT. They are anti child grooming. The Muslims in Calgary are not hateful. They are claiming their right to religious freedom which is being taken away from them.

Instead of addressing these facts the fake news spins it and claims there is an increase in online LGBT hate. It's not LGBT hate it's Q+ hate that strives to protect Minor Attracked Persons and normalize pedophilia. It is an awakening to the adverse reactions to transitioning and a vocal cry protecting children from those adverse reactions before they are eligible to vote. It is a vocal opposition to Satanists dressing up in costume and brainwashing children in public school. These concerns are real and need to be address. David Eby is part of the problem not the solution.
The fake news lied about the parents in Chilliwack complaining about a book in the school library that normalized incest. The fake news said those parents were religions extremists trying to ban books. The book normalized incest. Why on earth would the fake news even consider promoting that? The book is about two little girls. They are sisters. One of the sisters is being sexually abuse by their father, the other is not. The girl who isn't being sexually abuse becomes jealous of the girl who is. If you promote that then you are mentally deranged. Shame on you.

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Facebook & Instagram cut off News for Canadians

CBC is reporting that "The social media giant Meta has confirmed that it will end access to news on its social media sites for all Canadian users before Bill C-18, the Online News Act, comes into force. The tech company made the announcement Thursday, the day after Parliament passed Bill C-18. The law will force tech giants like Meta and Google to pay news outlets for posting their journalism on their platforms."

"Meta said it will begin to block news for Canadian users over the next few months and the change will not be immediate. 'We have repeatedly shared that in order to comply with Bill C-18 … content from news outlets, including news publishers and broadcasters, will no longer be available to people accessing our platforms in Canada,' said Meta in a media statement."

Before we dive in to what Michael Geist has to say on the matter I just want to start with the basics. I realize there has been a lot of concern and controversy over the bill and the government always hides it's real agenda in the fine print which nobody reads. Let's start with the smoke and mirrors intent. It would appear that the intent of the bill is to make Google pay local news outlets for using their news. That intent is entirely reasonable.

For example, the CBC article I quoted was reposted in it's entity on Bill Gates Microsoft News Network. That means they're supposed to pay the news outlet for doing that. Kinda makes sense. The fair use clause in copyright law means you are allowed to quote a news article without being charged with copyright violation. If I as a blogger were to reproduce an entire news article, that would be a violation of their copyright. If I quote an exert and link to the articel that would not.

Michael Geist is reporting that the emergence of generative artificial intelligence and its impact on the news business already render the bill out of date. I have no idea what he's talking about but I do know that he is a smart guy. He's a lawyer and blogs about free speech.

Now there's a lot of talk about preserving Canadian content in the fine print of the bill. That could reduce or limit the news Canadians have access to which is obviously something Justin Trudeau desperately wants. He wants to ban Fox News which has already been hijacked by Blackrock and become as worthless as the other mainstream media outlets. The bottom line is that Justin Trudeau supports the partisan fake fact checkers and wants to control every possible news source you have access to. This is the text of the bill.

As Michael Geist pointed out, the Senate made two amendments which Justin Trudeau's house of cards has rejected. Open Media is reporting that "The Online News Act, Bill C-18, is headed to Canada’s Senate— and without major cleanup, it could permanently compromise the independence and diversity of Canadian news. But there’s still time to fix C-18 through amendments to the bill. If enough of us speak out, Senators will take action and fix this fundamentally flawed bill. Sign our petition right now to demand that the Senate fix Bill C-18 to support diverse and independent news!" (Justin Trudeau said no to the Senate's amendments)

The bottom line is that the freedom of the Press is protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights. What it looks like Justin Trudeau is doing is demonetizing any news outlet he doesn't like. They're also going to down rank independent news from Google's search results which they are already doing. Google buries me. Tamara Lich already noticed Google is burying favorable news reports about her and promoting articles that trash her. That's what Google does.

Sue Gardner: Bill C-18 is Bad for Journalism and Bad for Canada

The Online News Act: A threat to Canadian News?

Prince George & Kelowna Drug Dealers found guilty

The Prince George Citizen is reporting that "Two men were found guilty Wednesday of trafficking-related charges stemming from a police raid on a Prince George home in which one of the suspects jumped from a third-storey window in a failed attempted to escape arrest."

"Marshall Luther Cade, born 1994, was found guilty of possessing cocaine, methamphetamine and fentanyl for the purpose of trafficking and John Jacob Ceal, born 1990, was found guilty of possessing cocaine for the purpose of trafficking following a lengthy trial in B.C. Supreme Court. Both were arrested after the RCMP's street crew unit executed a search warrant on a home in a 3800-block 15th Avenue apartment building late at night on July 5, 2019."

"In the days before, Cade, Ceal and one other person, Shawn Brian Omark Whaling, born 1992, were seen running a dial-a-dope operation, made apparent by 23 short visits to the building in less than 48 hours and 19 hand-to-hand transactions around Prince George from vehicles driven by Ceal and Whaling, according to a summary in the decision from B.C. Supreme Court Justice David Cerar." This conviction is significant because it involved active street level trafficking.

Larome Angelo Sanchez was sentenced to five years for drug traficking in Kelowna.

Daniel Wilson, 35, Derek Timmins, 49, and Garth Goodkey, 53, were charged with drug trafficking offences in Prince George December 2022. They're due in court is August 16th 2023.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The Pharmaceutical Fraud behind Transitioning

There are two aspects of Grooming children to transition that most people are missing. One is adverse reactions. The other is the huge pharmaceutical fraud driving it. Once you transition you become a pharmaceutical patient for life. That's a drug dealers dream come true.

Most people would think if a drug dealer was selling drugs at an elementary school, that would be pretty low life. Well that's what Justin Trudeau and all the SOGI freaks are doing. They are Grooming children to become life long drug addicts. That is a huge drain on tax dollars. You can't get cancer medication but you can get a lifetime supply of hormones if you transition. The pharmaceutical companies stand to greatly benefit financially from all this Grooming.

Then there's the adverse reactions. Matt Ray, the co chapter leader of the Arizona Gays Against Groomers was a female and transitioned into become a male. He is quite vocal about all the unforeseen adverse reactions he's experiencing that no one prepared him for. He is completely opposed to letting children transition as am I for that reason. Children are not ready to make that kind of decision. This brings us to the Grooming aspect of child transitioning.

When I first heard about the big push for Drag Queen story time I thought who cares? Then I found out they were reading them inappropriate books and taking them to Gay strip bars. That reveals an agenda. There's another aspect of their agenda that we need to address.

We can all now see that grooming children to transition is their end game. Introducing young children to the Drag Queen story time is part of that. It gets them comfortable with cross dressing and tell them you can play dress up too. Then they take it the next step and tell them you can identify as anything you want to. Planting these ideas into young children's minds is child abuse. For the most part, it's not transgender people doing it. It is done by freaks with an agenda.

Transition is Conversion Therapy - Lois Cardinal's Testimony

The way the fake news is misrepresenting SOGI is obscene.

Targeting your kids: The secret trans agenda exposed in Canada

Police arrest 45, seize 440 guns targeting 3D-printed guns

Castanet is reporting that "A Quebec-based anti-gun unit says 45 people have been arrested and 440 guns have been seized in raids targeting manufacturers of 3D-printed or "ghost" guns across eight provinces." I don't know how real 3D guns are. I don't know. I'm not even sure how a 3D printer works. Obviously if they work it's going to become a problem because criminals will use them. The gun in the picture looks kind of dumb.

Obviously you're going to need a steel barrel and order some kind of hammer or striker mechanism to fire it. Maybe that's what they're doing. It's "legal" to order barrels and firing mechanisms seperatelty. Perhaps you should require a firearms license to do that.

I assumed you already did require one. If not, they should change that given the ability of printing up the rest of a gun on a 3D printer. As far as them being untraceable GMAFB. All the stolen guns criminals use are untraceable. That's why they often leave them at the scene and call them throwaways. They leave it at the scene because it's not traceable but if they are caught with it after the fact they could be implicated.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Calgary Muslims protest child grooming in schools

Note the signs that read "My Child, My Choice". That's a good point. In the interviews some of the Muslims said the Canadian Charter of Rights protects their religious freedom. That means their children should not be brainwashed in public school with ideals that violate their religion. I agree. This is what I meant when I said diversity makes us strong.

Hunter Biden Pleads Guilty To Illegal Gun Possession

The charge against Hunter Biden is insignifigant but Colion Noir's point is valid. Hear him.

Maxime Berner defeated in Portage-Lisgar byelection

Elections Canada is reporting that Conservative Branden Leslie has won the Portage-Lisgar by-election. This is the riding that Maxime Bernier was running in. Unfortunately, Maxime Bernier got less votes this time round than then the PPC Candidate did in the 2021 election. So what does this mean? It means the PPC is splitting the vote. That's what it means.
I like Maxime Bernier. I think he's a really nice guy. I share many but not all of his opinions. It is disappointing that after all this effort he still doesn't have a seat in parliament. The PPC has a larger popularity vote than the Green Party so they have made progress but the Reform Party wave we saw back in 1993 isn't happening for them.

I was disappointed in the mud slinging. I think Maxime Bernier had a lot of good points but when he calls Pierre Poilievre a fake Conservative, he lost me. Pierre Poilievre's crew were doing some mud slinging of their own. They made reference to Maxime Bernier's attendance at the World Economic Forum in Davos when he was a Conservative MP.

Maxime Bernier explained that Stephen Harper sent him there and I can accept that. To claim that Maxime Bernier or Pierre Poilievre is a WEF puppet is false and divisive. We need to get past this and move forward. We now know the WEF is a sinister organization. We can all see that now.

Monday, June 19, 2023

Man shot dead outside Surrey's Guru Nanak Sikh Temple

Update: Protesters decry gurdwara shooting as foreign interference

It turns out that Hardeep Singh Nijjar was actually the Temple President. That's one of the first Sikh temples in Surrey. It's been there since I was a kid. I find the timing of his assassination suspicious since the referendum on the independence of Khalistan takes place in Surrey on Sept 10th. That referendum is not an act of terrorism, that's due process. It makes his murder and the defamation against him highly suspicious. 6ixaktv has posted several links to Hindu terrorists supporting the Modi government against Muslims. I will say one thing. Jagmeet Singh wears a turban but he is not Sikh. He is deplorable. All of his policies oppose Sikh principles. Before you start taking pictures with Jagmeet, ask him his position on gender ideology and child transitioning in schools. Ask him his opinion on gender based abortion. Then ask Hardeep Singh Nijjar his.

The Vancouver Sun is reporitng that "A man has been killed in a shooting outside the Guru Nanak Sikh Temple, say Surrey RCMP. Staff Sgt. Tyner Gillies said in a statement that police received a report about a shooting in the temple’s parking lot in the 7000 block of 120th St. around 8:27 p.m. on Sunday night. When police arrived, they found a man inside a vehicle with apparent gun shot wounds. Gillies said police provided medical assistance until paramedics arrived, but the victim died at the scene. IHIT has been called in to investigate along with Surrey RCMP."

"Gillies said the investigation is early and there is no known motive, and police are working to get a description of the suspect from several witnesses. Gillies also said they are not in a position to name the victim, though RCMP is aware of social media posts that speculate as to his identity." The Hindustan Times in India is reporting that "Hardeep Singh Nijjar was shot dead at the Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara in the Punjabi-dominated Surrey city of British Columbia province." Designated terrorist? That's rather bizarre. CSIS did Air India. That was a long time ago.

July 2022: 75 year old Air India bomber shot dead in Surrey

That whole Air India bombing simply didn't make sense. If a group of Sikh "radicals" wanted the state of Punjab to be independent from the Hindu controlled government of India, why would they blow a plane up? That wouldn't help their cause. It would cause a clampdown. Why would they blow up a plane full of Sikhs? They wouldn't. CSIS did.

That recent article in the Hindustan Times claimed Hardeep Singh Nijjar was a designated terrorist and Khalistan supporter. Just because you're a Khalistan supporter doesn't make you a terrorist. Quebec wants to be independent. Ireland wanted to be independent. That doesn't make them terrorists. Many seek independence through due process.

That article also claimed that Nijjar was wanted for his involvement in a conspiracy to kill a Hindu priest at Phillaur in Punjab. Why would they do that? Why would they kill a Hindu priest? That deplorable act would not help their cause.

The fact that they called it a conspiracy means that intelligence agencies planned it and tried to blame him for it. Terrorism is heinous but by far most of the terrorist acts ever committed are committed by intelligence agencies trying to clamp down on civil liberty.

Update: It's actually a bit surprising that the Hindu News in India picked up on the story so quickly. The local news did not name him. 6ixaktv, who often breaks news before the local media picks up on a story, retweeted a Tweet from a local Punjabi Radio journalist that named him.

Yet the Hindu News outlets in India picked up on the story almost instantly. I find that suspicious. It's almost as if they were waiting for it to happen. Either that or the intelligence community sent out a press release as soon as it happened. Over in England MI6 sent out a press release to the Independent. Their article names Hardeep and refers to him as a wanted fugitive. Hold on a second. I don't think he was hiding from anyone. They imply that a Hindu priest was actually murdered in 2021. I find that suspicious too. Why would a radical murder a Hindu priest? That would be very inflammatory. This brings back the whole Sikh genocide in India.

In 1984 the government of India launched an attack on the Sikh Golden Temple in India. It was supported by India's Intelligence agency. Let's remember that Pakistan's intelligence agency has close ties to the CIA. "The KGB intelligence agency of the Soviet Union had tipped off India's Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) about a joint operation between Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and the United States' Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to stir separatist unrest in the Indian state of Punjab." Operation Blue Star was the preplanned result.

2nd Update: Evidently on January 31st 2021, two gunmen stormed a Hindu temple in Punjab and shot a priest as well as a 16 year old girl. IF Hardeep was involved with that then of course he deserved to be capped. The question is, was he? There was no trial. I'll tell you why that case is fishy. Hardeep Singh Nijjar was born in that village. The year before that he was designated as a terrorist by the Indian government. It kinda looks like a set up. That is the CIA's MO.

CSIS had a handler that planned the Air India bombing and CSIS provided the explosives. That is not a conspiracy theory that is a historical fact. The RCMP testified to that fact in court. If CSIS hadn't provided the explosives, that heinous attack never would have happened.