Saturday, June 24, 2023

Unsealed report on Dominion Voting vulnerabilities

Once again it appears that no lie can live forever and that time is on the side of truth. NBC is reporitng that "This week, a federal judge in Atlanta unsealed two reports in a federal court case over the use of Dominion ballot-marking devices in Georgia elections."

"One report, authored by University of Michigan computer science professor Alex Halderman for the plaintiffs in a federal court case seeking to block the use of Dominion machines in Georgia's elections, argued that the machines are critically vulnerable to hacking. The other, paid for by Dominion, argued the identified vulnerabilities were practically unlikely, while Georgia officials say they are exaggerated and unrealistic." OK so it was the report that was unsealed not the expert.

We all know that anything electronic can be hacked and anything wireless is insecure. Last year Politico reported that another vulnerability in electronic voting is uploading the data over modems. No kidding. There's obviously two questions that need to be asked.

Can or have elections been hacked by a third party exploiting vulnerabilities in the Dominion Voting software or did Dominion Voting do it themselves. That appears to have been the essence of the Fox News smoke and mirror lawsuit. They seemingly implied Dominion Voting did it which you can't prove. You can't dispute the fact that they are insecure and can be hacked by a third party. The question is who. We know that hacking elections is the CIA's MO around the world. They did it twice in Honduras after the CIA coup.

The first time was under Hillary Clinton. The second time was when Donald Trump was in power. The bad guy was losing so they stopped counting the ballots and had the army pick up all the ballots and bring them to a central location to be counted and the vote mysteriously flipped. The people protested en mass but Donald Trump supported the rigged election. Him losing an election due to voter fraud was payback for him supporting voter fraud in Honduras.

There's no way Donald Trump lost Arizona back in 2020. It wasn't just Dominion Voting. They were pulling out suitcases of mail in ballots out from under the table after they kicked the scrutineers out. The movie 1,000 mules documented voting irregularities from mail in ballots.

Dominion Voting is in a complete conflict of interest - they shouldn't be donating to candidates they tabulate votes for but rigging elections doesn't begin or end with them. If you get rid of Dominion Voting the CIA will just hack another system. The problem is electronic voting and mail in ballots. Alberta residents filed a lawsuit over electronic voting but made a compromise on the assurance that paper ballots would be preserved for judicial recounts. That is crucial in maintaining the integrity of democratic elections.

There's also no way Kari Lake lost the election for Governor of Arizona in 2022. In my interview with Robert Wallace from Arizona he commented on how Katie Hobbs has broken the record for the number of bills vetoed by any Governor in that State over such a short period of time. Arizona elected a Republican government in 2022 but a Democrat Governor. That doesn't make sense. That's what we would call an election irregularity as is the number of ballots counted.

Surrey uses Dominion Voting in municipal elections and there is no doubt in my mind that election was hacked by a third party - the RCMP. They didn't flip the vote, they reversed it. There were a lot of high profile candidates running in that election and Brenda Locke was not one of them. Now CSIS wants Saskatchewan as they strive to implement compromised electronic voting there.


  1. "From 2009 to 2018, Dominion paid Bill Barr $12 million in cash and another 11 million in stock awards, according to (publically available) SEC filings. No wonder he couldn't find any vote fraud." "How Attorney General Bill Barr built a $40 million fortune".

    1. Looks like that was Dominion Resources not Dominion Voting. Dominion Resources appears to be an energy company. However, we do know that Dominion Voting contributed to Justin Trudeau and Hillary Clinton's campaigns and they accepted donations from the Communist Party of China. So in essence they were simply laundering the CCP's donations for them.


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