Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The Pharmaceutical Fraud behind Transitioning

There are two aspects of Grooming children to transition that most people are missing. One is adverse reactions. The other is the huge pharmaceutical fraud driving it. Once you transition you become a pharmaceutical patient for life. That's a drug dealers dream come true.

Most people would think if a drug dealer was selling drugs at an elementary school, that would be pretty low life. Well that's what Justin Trudeau and all the SOGI freaks are doing. They are Grooming children to become life long drug addicts. That is a huge drain on tax dollars. You can't get cancer medication but you can get a lifetime supply of hormones if you transition. The pharmaceutical companies stand to greatly benefit financially from all this Grooming.

Then there's the adverse reactions. Matt Ray, the co chapter leader of the Arizona Gays Against Groomers was a female and transitioned into become a male. He is quite vocal about all the unforeseen adverse reactions he's experiencing that no one prepared him for. He is completely opposed to letting children transition as am I for that reason. Children are not ready to make that kind of decision. This brings us to the Grooming aspect of child transitioning.

When I first heard about the big push for Drag Queen story time I thought who cares? Then I found out they were reading them inappropriate books and taking them to Gay strip bars. That reveals an agenda. There's another aspect of their agenda that we need to address.

We can all now see that grooming children to transition is their end game. Introducing young children to the Drag Queen story time is part of that. It gets them comfortable with cross dressing and tell them you can play dress up too. Then they take it the next step and tell them you can identify as anything you want to. Planting these ideas into young children's minds is child abuse. For the most part, it's not transgender people doing it. It is done by freaks with an agenda.

Transition is Conversion Therapy - Lois Cardinal's Testimony

The way the fake news is misrepresenting SOGI is obscene.

Targeting your kids: The secret trans agenda exposed in Canada


  1. Probably the most important angle to this agenda, aside from the obvious perversion.

    A time tested concept, as always, just "follow the money."

    The Turd is such a corrupted soul.

  2. Excellent video, thank you GAG, you are helping us.
    Could we not get this to ALL the politicians out there? Make them sit down and watch this. The constant denial from these powerful people who are in a position to fix this insanity is insulting to Canadians, our intelligence clearly outweighs theirs. And Trudy needs to watch this and sit down and write 100 lines addressing his stupidity.


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