Saturday, June 17, 2023

Finding Balance and staying Positive

I've often talked about finding balance in life. I've also talked about shunning extremism and balancing the extremes. It's not rocket science. It's common sense. Something the mob often lacks. The mob's abandonment of reason is nothing new so we should not be discouraged when we see the mob's current state of hysteria. Behind the dark clouds, the sun is still shining.

Overall, we are clearing witnessing a Great Awakening around the world. That's a positive thing. While that happens, I see elements on both sides become more and more extreme. The mob is fickle and covets sensationalism. They don't want to hear talk of reason and common sense. They want something much more dramatic to satisfy their craving for drama.

I am not an anti-vaxxer. I support traditional safe vaccines. I do not support RNA genetic vaccines. That's common sense. A traditional vaccine stays in your arm. As your body sends antibodies to the site, it builds immunity. A RNA vaccine bypasses your immune system and enters every organ in your body including your heart and brain. That is insane.

Dr Steven Pelech is a virologist professor at UBC and is the co chair for the Scientific committee with the Covid Care Alliance. After my enlightening interview with him I asked him about the shingles vaccine. My mother had shingles when she was elderly and I always thought getting the vaccine for shingles was a good idea. Until RNA genetic vaccines came out. Now I'm not so sure so I asked him about it. I had heard that they are starting to use RNA in the flu shot and asked him if they use RNA in the shingles vaccine. He said RNA is only currently being used in the Covid genetic vaccine. That would imply the shingles vaccine is safe, for now.

They're definitely trying to make the flu shot RNA. Which means future vaccines need to have an RNA label on them like GMO foods. People have a right to choose but they also have a right to know what they are putting into their body. Hiding adverse reactions to RNA vaccines is becoming more and more difficult for them to do now as the data comes forward.

You can only censor data for so long. Eventually you're going to have to deal with it. Except in BC of course where Bonnie Henry is trying to make it illegal for a trained medical doctor to express their medical opinion if it exposes that her opinion contradicts both the science and the data.
Now a word on Gays Against Groomers. My heart to heart with Robert Wallace from the Arizona chapter was moving. As Drea Humphrey from Rebel News said "Thank God for Gays Against Groomers." They prove that when you express concerns with the sexualization of children you're not a bigget. Remember when they used to say Rebel News were racist homophones? We can now see that is false. They say the same thing about anyone who objects to the sexualization and transmutation of children. We can now see that too is false. It's so false it's ridiculous. What they are trying to do in schools is insane as is the media's support for it. That is why we need Rebel News and alternate news sources. The mainstream media has lost it's mind.

Here we dive into one extreme on the left that the media keeps bombarding us with. I don't care if Drag Queens want to read to kids. My question is what are they reading them and what else are they teaching them. Taking kids to a Gay strip show is just as inappropriate as if they took young kids to a heterosexual strip show. There is a clear agenda to erode kids morals. This leads to a discussion about parental rights and another extreme on the right. As the left becomes more and more outrageous, it's important we strike for balance and not overcompensate.

What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. The key words are consenting, adults. Grooming and sexualization of children is wrong. Giving children hormone blockers and transgender surgery before they are 19 is wrong. Grooming children to get that surgery when they are minors is wrong. Most of us, except for Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland, agree that is something we should not do or promote in schools. Gays Against Groomers agree with us.

Since what the left is trying to do to young kids in school has become so extreme, some of the right are trying to over compensate. They applaud Gays Against Groomer but refer to them as LGB not LGBT. Since they are tryng to transition kids when they are very young without their parents consent, some are developing a disdain for the entire transgender community.

You're forgetting about Blaire White. This isn't about being transgender. This is about grooming young children and medically castrating them before they are old enough to vote. Most of the people doing that are not transgender. Transgenderism is not new. Castrating young children is.

Promoting Satanism to young kids in school is also new. If a parent is a satanist and they want to teach their child satanism, that is their right but they do not have the right to force their beliefs on other parents' children without their knowledge or consent and they do not have the right to do that in a public school. It's not rocket science. We simply need to balance the extremes.
This is a picture I find interesting. In the west we have pictures of a blind lady justice holding a scale and a sword. The image implies balancing the scales of justice. I remember seeing pictures of a feather on the scale and I wondered where that came from. Evidently it's from ancient Egypt and the book of the Dead. "In Egyptian belief, Anubis measured the hearts of the dead on the Scale of Justice and weighs it against the feather of Ma'at, the God of justice. This process is said to determine whether or not the person to whom the heart belongs is worthy to enter the realm of the dead." This life is a test and we will all be judged based on what we do not on what others do.

We have a purpose whilst we dwell in this tabernacle of clay, that we may conquer the enemy of all righteousness. We need to sift through the lies and discern the truth. Then, as we recognize the difference between good and evil, we plot our own course in life. The course we chose will determine our final destination. Will we find peace or misery? The choice is yours.

There's also a push back on the right reclaiming their religious beliefs. Bryson Gray recently released a new music video called Reclaiming the Rainbow. In the video he quotes biblical scriptures which classifies homosexuality as a sin. I totally respect his right to religious freedom. He has a right to his beliefs just like everyone else does. However, that is not an angle that I would personally promote. Although I abhor adultery, I wouldn't walk around with a T shirt that says adultery is a sin. I denounce sin but declare he who is without sin cast the first stone.

There are different kinds of sin. Some sins hurt us while some sins hurt others. Some sins are worse than others. As Alan Watts pointed out, the Greek word for sin literally means to miss the mark. If our goal in life is to find peace and happiness, to sin would be to miss that objective.

Yet sins that hurt others carry a malicious intent. Harming or misleading children for example. Those sins are heinous. What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business but harming children is everyone's business. That is where I personally draw the line. We all need to draw lines in life and set healthy boundaries. The leftist extremists are obsessed with erasing lines and ignoring boundaries. That is not healthy. We can all see that.

As I've said before, Satan will tell you nine truths to get you hooked on one lie. Chris Sky recently spoke in Toronto. He denounced the sexualization of children which we all do. However, Chris Sky has also said many other things that are not true and are offensive lies. This is how satan sways the mob. He gets them all riled up with manufactured emergencies, then leads them astray with subtle deceptions. Chris Sky represents the opposite extreme which I reject.

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