Thursday, June 22, 2023

Prince George & Kelowna Drug Dealers found guilty

The Prince George Citizen is reporting that "Two men were found guilty Wednesday of trafficking-related charges stemming from a police raid on a Prince George home in which one of the suspects jumped from a third-storey window in a failed attempted to escape arrest."

"Marshall Luther Cade, born 1994, was found guilty of possessing cocaine, methamphetamine and fentanyl for the purpose of trafficking and John Jacob Ceal, born 1990, was found guilty of possessing cocaine for the purpose of trafficking following a lengthy trial in B.C. Supreme Court. Both were arrested after the RCMP's street crew unit executed a search warrant on a home in a 3800-block 15th Avenue apartment building late at night on July 5, 2019."

"In the days before, Cade, Ceal and one other person, Shawn Brian Omark Whaling, born 1992, were seen running a dial-a-dope operation, made apparent by 23 short visits to the building in less than 48 hours and 19 hand-to-hand transactions around Prince George from vehicles driven by Ceal and Whaling, according to a summary in the decision from B.C. Supreme Court Justice David Cerar." This conviction is significant because it involved active street level trafficking.

Larome Angelo Sanchez was sentenced to five years for drug traficking in Kelowna.

Daniel Wilson, 35, Derek Timmins, 49, and Garth Goodkey, 53, were charged with drug trafficking offences in Prince George December 2022. They're due in court is August 16th 2023.


  1. All legal guns there in the picture.

    1. There's a prohibited magazine in there unless it's pinned at five rounds.


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