Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Understaffed hospitals thanks to Bonne Henry

The Canadian Press is reporting that "British Columbia's health minister acknowledged that chronic issues of overcrowding and staffing level concerns at one of the province's largest hospitals are leading to people becoming aggressive over patient care. Adrian Dix said Wednesday the ongoing issues at Surrey Memorial Hospital have created a stressful atmosphere, prompting the government to implement an immediate and long-term expansion plan." This is a manufactured emergency. It's not safe for the public.

What really going on? It's understaffed because of Bonnie Henry punative vaccine mandate after the end of the pandemic but that's not all. The aggressive behaviour is because they have turned Surrey Memorial Hospital into one great big safe injection site. They have drug users shooting up in the hallways with the patients waiting for a bed. What they are doing is criminally insane.


  1. Of course, she and he and they said...If you want to be a nurse in BC, or work in Health Care, "You will have no rights." Sad. Nobody will want to work here.

  2. Adrian Dix is a communist.

  3. Henry, Dix and Eby's C36, why would anyone consider a career in health in BC?


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