Friday, June 2, 2023

East Vancouver Shooting

CTV is reporting that two people were shot outside the Irving hotel in the DTES just down from the Lethal injection site. This is harm promotion in action. Housing for the drug addicted a few doors down from Insite. It's not a treatment facility, it's an addiction promotion facility.

True North: Exposing Canada’s drug and crime crisis (feat. Aaron Gunn)


  1. Who are these morons appeasing by promoting addiction? No wonder homeless camps are thriving, no one wants to leave such a sweet deal.

    1. I don't think they're appeasing anyone, I think they're promoting an agenda.

    2. Exactly. "Managed Entropy". The whole goal is to "fundamentally change Canadian society". They even told us so. What is really happening is Canada is being dragged down to the death of the nation as a prelude to World Globalism. "you'll have nothing and like it". Hitler told the world what he planned for the Jews if he could have his way. No one listened. As part of all that, the "agents of change" will get rich. Forget a homeless camp, that a sweet deal. For them. For us it's incremental slavery, and they know it. That is the goal, complete control.

    3. Meanwhile in Lotusland all that anyone speaks of is the Stanley Cup Finals and the NBA Finals.

      Pretty easy to see how we got to this point.

    4. "Bread and Circuses". Obviously not new if the Romans were doing it. I don't know that anyone wants to follow the example of the Romans considering how that worked out for them.


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