Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Hunter Biden Pleads Guilty To Illegal Gun Possession

The charge against Hunter Biden is insignifigant but Colion Noir's point is valid. Hear him.


  1. It's more complicated than that. The gun charge is a felony. He is not pleading guilty to any felony charges.

    "The felony gun possession charge will be resolved in what is known as pretrial diversion agreement, in which charges are dropped if the defendant meets certain conditions, such as not committing a crime in a given time period. The court documents didn’t disclose the specific conditions in Biden’s gun case."

    In other words, he has been charged with it, but it's already been arranged that the gun charge will be dropped.

    1. The right to bear arms is a pretty sacred right. Seemingly you're not allowed to own a gun in the US if you have a drug problem. Define problem. Are you allowed to own a firearm if you drink alcohol?

    2. It does seem inconsistent. "Approved drugs". I did read that the Americans were thinking about changing that at the Federal level, but just for weed, and weed was not Hunter's problem, or at least it was the least of them. He's being given a pass on a felony conviction and everyone knows it. Too bad the American judges aren't bound quite as tightly as our judiciary is, if they were no one could effectively be prosecuted on this charge after that, "The Biden Defense".

    3. I totally agree you should not own a gun if you smoke crack. It's hard to smoke crack recreationally. I don't know how often Hunter smoked crack. I know he was in and out of rehab. I'm just saying compared to all the biolabs with Metabiota and all the dirty business deals in the Ukraine, him lying about his drug use on a permit is pretty minor.

  2. Notice how no media has covered this but continue to cover trump? 🤡 World!


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