Saturday, June 3, 2023

Trump Town Hall: Republican Roast and Ride in Iowa

Iowa's Roast and Ride is sponsored by senator Joni Ernst. It's a combination of barbecue-rally and motorcycle ride. The Guardian is reporting that "The annual event is a slice of pure Americana. When a young pastor offered a prayer from the back of a pickup truck outside a big yellow barn owned by Harley-Davidson, bikers removed their caps, placed them over their hearts and bowed their heads. The convoy rode in staggered formation past churches, suburban houses with clipped lawns, shopping malls and rolling farmland to the Iowa state fairgrounds."

Donald Trump on America's decline: "We were energy independent 3 years ago."

Donald Trump's polices make a lot of sense. He has a proven track record.

Trump's Town Hall in Iowa was flawless. He has really come a long way in honing his policies. He is a rough stone that has become a smooth shaft. The results are in. The proven track record of the Trump administration and the Biden administration is the perfect example of good versus evil and the media's demonic misrepresentation of Trump's Town Hall is the perfect example of absurdity. I support Donald Trump in 2024.

Ron DeSantis was a great governor. He'd make a great president. He'd be a hell of a lot better than Biden but Donald Trump would be even better. He'd be almost flawless. Trump says it wouldn't take him 8 years to turn the economy back around, it would take him six months. He's right. His plan it completely sound. He would invest in energy and promote domestic production.

Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau's destruction of domestic production had nothing to do with the environment. Pipelines create zero emissions from transportation. Importing oil from Saudi Arabia create a lot more emission than pipelines. Raising the cost of energy by reducing production and securing the Saudi monopoly was about increasing inflation and the creation of a manufactured energy crisis. It was a World Economic Forum plot to implement their globalist agenda.

I disagree with Trump's' opposition to the Nord Stream pipeline. If Trump wants to sell Europe American natural gas then have at it but selling Germany American coal instead of Russian natural gas is not a step forward for the environment. Getting Germany off industrial coal and replacing that with natural gas would be a huge step forward in improving Europe's air quality and reducing world CO2 emissions.

Trump claims he could stop the war in the Ukraine in 24 hours. He's absolutely right. Zelinsky has no incentive to sit at the table and negotiate. The Biden administration has made it more financially beneficial for him to refuse to negotiate. The amount of tax dollars wasted on and laundered through that manufactured emergency has been criminal. There was no need to raise the debt ceiling for that. DeSantis would make a great president after Donald Trump's second term but right now Donald Trump is the one to fix Biden's mess in the fastest time possible.

Sean Hannity from Fox News was booed when he asked Trump if he could tone down the name calling. Trump calls sh*t out. That's what needs to be done right now because what the media and the WEF are doing is bat sh*t crazy. Trump won the last election. He had more support his second run than his first run. There's no way Biden won Arizona. The way the media has misrepresented his town hall and his presidency says it all.

In the last election I was covering a Falun Gong and Hong Kong protest in Vancouver supporting Donald Trump's bid for president. One of them handed me a Trump flag to hold and I just froze. I was kind of stunned because I was more than happy to report on him holding a Trump flag but I wasn't sure if I felt strong enough to actually hold a Trump flag myself. Now I most certainly do.


  1. Wish we could do those kind of events here, but we would likely be labelled evil right wing extremists. LOL.

    1. We should do it anyways. We could get the Sikh Motorcycle club to lead the pack.

    2. There's nothing un-Canadian about that, just that it's kind of hard to do an outdoor barbecue when it's -20deg, and hard to ride in 2 feet of snow, which is where most of Canada is for 6 months of the year. Opportunities cut in half right there.

      Another problem would be R&W or various puppet clubs trying to horn in on it with their BS. Having the Sikh club lead is a great idea.

    3. No one needs to organize a ride or barbecue during the winter. Unless you live north of the tree line, summers are pretty nice in the rest of Canada. Ottawa included.

    4. LOL, I see what you did there.... ;-)

  2. The Bush Klan and the GOPe are working hard to co-opt DeSantis. So far he doesn't seem to be resisting much. Same old "go along to get along". Trump doesn't play that. DeSantis seems to have quickly forgotten who endorsed him for Governor, providing major impetus to his being where he is now. When someone proves themselves ungrateful, you do to them exactly what Trump is doing right now. "Point it out". A lot of the trouble up here as well as down there is because people did not speak up. "Testify".

  3. TRUMP is the warrior freedom loving people need.

    He has suffered more financially, battling the corrupt global power structure, than any president in history.

    Like the energizer bunny he just keeps on ticking!

  4. Keri Lake : "81 Million Votes My Ass"


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