Thursday, June 1, 2023

Harm Promotion increases addiction, crime and death


  1. Adam Zivo wrote a very compelling article(s) it would appear the politicians, both local and federal cannot deflate their ego’s to admit they f**kd up - royally. Whats that definition of insanity? I rest my case.


  2. Corporate and political democide.

    I hope the Turd enjoys the fires awaiting him below.

  3. That year book of 2002, a short year before he started dating his now wife, makes it clear he's never been a serious person. He's defective really, which makes him perfect for the people who pull his strings. CCP, WEF, etc. He sure does not work for us. He's like all the rest of these types, telling himself (and us) that he is someone he is not. You could almost think he was making, or was directed to make, a bee-line for respectability in the wake of getting turfed from WPGA for what he got turfed for.

    The story is out there. Guaranteed that there are people who went there in that time period who know all the details. It's always that way. There's a book here.


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