Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Reclaiming Canada Conference Recap

South Korea receives another nuclear false alarm

December 30th 2022, South Korea launched a solid fuel rocket as a test run for launching a satellite. Only they forgot to tell the public so everyone in Seoul who were filming the night launch on their phones thought they were getting nuked. They should have told the public first.

Well yesterday the people who live in Seoul had another scare. Everyone received warnings on their phones that said national disaster. Evacuate the city immediately. Then when they all went rushing outside they heard over loudspeakers "This is not a drill." Needless to say, people were scared. Turns out North Korea had also launched a test rocket for a satellite. Only North Korea did tell South Korea beforehand. So the Alert was human error. Better safe than sorry.

I kinda want to address the way the media is misrepresenting things. Last December South Korea's rocket launch was a test. They didn't actually launch a satellite, they conducted a "successful" test of a rocket that could launch a satellite sometime in the future. Yesterday, North Korea did the exact same thing only the media called it a failed attempt to launch a spy satellite.

I'm not a fan of North Korea's political system but for God's sake maybe for once we could try some diplomacy for a change. Remember when Donald Trump visited Kim Jong Un? That shocking move was an act of diplomacy. And here we didn't think Donald Trump had it in him. He did. That was a positive step. That's how you build bridges. The CIA doesn't want us to build bridges. The CIA wants to provoke nuclear war. That's why they are arming Zelenski with depleted uranium tank rounds and missiles to bomb the Russian speaking Ukrainians in the Donbas. North Korea needs fertilizer. We should give it to them. That would build a bridge.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Anthony Furey exposes City of Toronto branded crack and crystal meth pipes given to shelters

True North is reporting that "Toronto mayoral candidate Anthony Furey revealed City of Toronto-branded crack pipes and crystal meth pipes being handed out at shelters across the city. Furey, who is currently on leave as True North’s VP for editorial and content, held a media event at Nathan Phillips Square Tuesday, exposing how a City of Toronto program that has been distributing drug consumption paraphernalia to shelters, including those for families."

"At the announcement, Furey displayed a crack pipe and a crystal meth pipe enclosed in Toronto Public Health branded packaging – a blue bag for a crack pipe kit, and a green bag for a crystal meth pipe kit." As we know, the straight glass pipe is for crack while the straight glass pipe with a glass ball on one end is for crystal meth. Crack are crystal meth are horrific drugs we should not support. It's like handing out plates for people to eat rat poison.

Anthony Furey is running for mayor of Toronto. I support his candidacy.

Ron DeSantis and the Great American Comeback

I've said this before and I'll say it again. I would prefer to see Trump win a second term in office then see DeSantis run after that so we get three terms instead of one. However, Ron DeSantis has every right to run for the Republican nomination so that means the Trump supporters better join the party and vote in that primary because if Trump loses that primary he should not run as an independent. That would split the vote and maintain the status quo of absolute insanity.

No leader is flawless. Every leader needs to be accountable. Ron DeSantis is building off his success in Florida. Greg Abbott could do the same. Texas and Florida saved the world from the Covid fraud because they opened up when everyone else refused. After they succeeded, the lie was no longer believable and that forced everyone else to open up. That's why it does matter who you vote for. Your vote matters. That's why the fake news is so determined to sway your vote.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announces bid for president but they've banned a debate. Big surprise.

Russia destroyed 5 military jets at Khmelnytskyi

Just what were those depleted-uranium tank rounds anyways?

Monday, May 29, 2023

Danielle Smith wins majority in Alberta Election

True North is reporting that "United Conservative Party leader Danielle Smith has won the Alberta Provincial election and will continue as the next Premier of Alberta. The UCP finished ahead in the race gaining 52 seats while Rachel Notley’s NDP scraped by with 35 seats."

"During her speech, Smith said she is looking forward to continuing her work in balancing the province’s budget, increasing funding in healthcare and education and challenging the Trudeau government’s carbon tax as premier of Alberta. Smith promised to introduce legislation that would ensure that no government can increase personal taxes or taxes on job creators without a referendum." Fiscal responsibility with low taxes creates a climate where business can thrive.

"Despite concerns over Election Alberta’s plan to use electronic tabulators earlier in the campaign, the evening’s vote count went smoothly as paper ballots were preserved." Preserving paper ballots for a legal recount is essential. Alberta is poised to move forward.

The terror that was the Russian Gulag

Today I want to talk about the closed lotus and lessons from the water lily. I've talked about how a lotus in bloom represents enlightenment. I also made a blog post a while ago called the closed lotus. For me it represented seeing a truth and closing my eyes as in One Tin Soldier Rides Away.

Well these water lilies are very animated. You know how a Venus fly trap opens wide and then when you touch it, the leaves close? You can actually see the leaves move. These water lilies open wide in the sun then close again at night when it gets cold and dark. That's another interesting metaphor. The spirit of my podcast is the fall of the mainstream media.

Several journalists testified at the National Citizens Inquiry confirming how the mainstream media has completely changed. That's why podcasts are becoming popular. People are looking for something else. On that note, take a look at the headline in Bill Gates Fake News Network.

The headline reads "The terror that was the Russian Gulag." It is somewhat ironic how the fake news who are actively trying to bring the Gulag back, would cite that lesson from Russia's past history. We all know the Gulag was horrible. Yet Russia is no longer Communist and the World Economic Forum is. The reason why the Gulag was so bad is because Lenin hijacked the worker's revolution just like the WEF has. The reason why the Fake News is demonizing Putin is because he's standing up for the family while the fake news is actively trying to destroy it.

Here in North America the fake news has completely lost its mind. Candace Owens recently pointed out that the whack job that stocked Target shelves with Transgender gear is a self professed Satanist. As crazy as that sounds, we saw how the Balenciaga pedophepia ad contained pretty bizarre references to Satanism. This is where we enter bat sh*t crazy.

This has nothing to do with LGBT. It's about the sexualization of children and a war not on religion but a war on morality. Claiming that Satan loves the alphabet soup is ridiculous. Satan is the father of all lies. There are no Transgender rights in Communism or in Satanism because in Communism and in Satanism, no one has any rights. It's like AC/DC's famous line, If you're evil, you're a friend of mine. Really? Ratting out your coacused to get a reduced sentence is evil. Do you support that? Raping little children is evil. Do you support that? I don't.

When you look at the absolutely insane war of words North America is facing right now, I sincerely believe we are on the verge of something very big. I think Russia and China are going to open up to missionaries. That's what I think. The truth will be proclaimed in every nation and in every language. That's why the World Economic Forum is so determined to stop it. Rusia already allows religion. I think China will be next. I think Xi will set the Uighurs and the Falun Gong free.

Abbotsford overpass and Nova Scotia fires

Evidently BC and Alberta aren't the only ones experiencing forest fires. Nova Scotia is too.

Highway 1 reopens following police incident on Mosquito Creek

Sunday, May 28, 2023

BC Conservative Leader speaks at We Unify Rally

We Unify Reclaiming Canada Conference

Fatal shooting in Vancouver

City News is reporting that "The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) are investigating a homicide after one man was shot and killed early Sunday morning. Police say the “targeted” shooting happened outside a South Vancouver banquet hall near Fraser Street and South East Marine Drive around 1:30 a.m. The 28-year-old victim has not yet been identified."

The fake news is spinning another lie but I won't comment on it because I'm not allowed to. Donnie Mcwhirter claims that 888 represents a famous crime family. That is a bold faced lie. 888 means good luck. That's why a casino uses it. Yeah we have more news to come and a motive for their lies but we'll report on that when the time is right to do so.

Sher-E-Punjab AM 600 is reporting that the victim was Amarpreet Samra. Last Summer the CFSEU announced that Amarpreet Samra was on the Hells Angles hit list.

Meninder Dhaliwal and his brother Shrek were Hells Angels associates. Shrek was tied to Jamie Bacon who is in Witness Protection. Meninder Dhaliwal was killed by the Hells Angels not the UN.

Planting shade trees for others to enjoy

When I was young my father took me to volunteer at a Seniors camp outside of Squamish called Paradise Valley. It was run by the United Church. They used to sing Johnny Appleseed for grace. Seemingly Johnny Appleseed was an American pioneer who planted a lot of apple trees.

One time my father sat me down in a grove of shade trees and told me a story about the Mormon Pioneers. He wasn't a Mormon but he admired their work ethic. He told me how many of the Mormon pioneers came out West in waves. He said one group would plant crops while another group latter on would come and harvest the crops. He thought that was very noble.

Then he points up to the shade trees we were resting under and said look at these huge trees. Someone planted them a long time ago and never had the opportunity to see them grow to be so large. Someone else planted them for us to enjoy. Then he says to me always plant shade trees under which you know you will never rest. It's a positive metaphor so it is.

My father used to always get young kids to plant crocus bulbs which would come back every year. Gardening is also somewhat metaphorical. Some things you plant grow, some things don't. Sometimes if you transplant them somewhere else, they grow better than where you first planted them. My brother was an avid gardener. This year I got into water lilies. They're the closest thing we have to lotus but survive our winters. To me the flower looks the same.

Last week I bought a couple of small water lilies and put them in pots of water. The pots were a bit small. I found the small pots of water got very hot in the summer sun. They come in small baskets of fine gravel. I transplanted one in pond mud but found the mud made all the water muddy. With the gravel you can see clearly what blooms are coming up. So I bought two new water lilies with blooms and buds and put them in a much larger pot. They look awesome.

Processing Regret so we can move Forward

Yesterday we talked about Processing Suicide. Today I want to talk about Processing Regret. All of us make mistakes. That's what life's for - so we can learn, grow and progress. Regret is natures way of letting us know we made a bad decision. Yet regret can hold us back and prevent us from moving forward. Processing regret is important.

They used to say suicide was a sin and people who commit suicide go to hell. That is ridiculous. God is a God of compassion and understanding. He knows and understands our struggles. He encourages us to overcome our struggles yet he's not going to punish us for giving up. However, if we do give up we will have regrets. That's unavoidable. So processing that regret helps us move forward because life does not end at death.

The thing that struck me about the funeral yesterday was what a nice guy he was. He wasn't the kind of person that would want to hurt anyone especially those he loved and cared about. Sometimes when the dark clouds of discouragement engulf us it's difficult to see anything else. It's hard to see the sun shining behind the dark clouds because all we can see is the dark clouds. Yet stepping back and putting things into perspective helps us see the big picture.

The young man's younger sister spoke and you could tell she was devastated. She said her older brother was more of a father figure than a brother because he filled that role when their father left them. She said when she was young her older brother would often pick her up from school when her mother was unable to and that he assured her he would beat up any guy that harassed her. He was buff, he was noble and he was good.

Yet his suicide is going to deeply impact his younger sister and I see that as a regret. He's obviously going to feel very bad about that. He did not want to hurt her. Yet he did. His sister needs to know it was not her fault. Everyone makes a choice and everyone accepts responsibility for that choice. When people get discouraged and give up, they're not trying to hurt anyone else. This young man went out of his way to systematically tell people he cared about how much he loved and appreciated them specifically so they wouldn't blame themselves.

Mental health struggles are very real and it's not our place to judge. We simply support and encourage whenever we can. I remember hearing of a young man who committed suicide once. He and his father previously tried to commit suicide together but were unsuccessful so he ended up trying again on his own and succeeded. That's pretty tragic. Again mental heath is something we cannot judge but parents are supposed to encourage their kids to overcome their problems not give in to them. Extending medically assisted suicide to everyone under the sun is pure evil. It's just part of their depopulation agenda.

I knew a guy who had a daughter but moved away after his break up with her mother. It was really hard for him. His ex kept trashing him in front of their daughter so he finally moved away so he could remove himself from the equation. Nothing he did was good enough so he left. Obviously the daughter felt abandoned but she needs to know it wasn't her fault and it wasn't because her father didn't care. He did. He just gave up fighting with her mother. She became pretty bitter about him leaving and stopped talking to him. He obviously regrets that but saw it as a no win situation. One of the ways we process regret is by looking at the big picture.

We move forward by learning from our mistakes. Another factor is substance use. Drugs are bad and make us do thing we wouldn't normally do. Promoting substance use is a bad thing to do. The Liberal lunatics that want to extend MAIDS to the drug addicted after they promoted their drug abuse in the first place don't care about their well being. They never did.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Processing another Suicide

I attended another funeral today on behalf of my son who's out of the country. One of his friends from high school's younger brother committed suicide. It broke my heart. I was amazed at what a magnificent man he was. For real. His life has moved me. He was buff, very hard working and a very friendly, loving person. He was a good man. His mother and sisters are good people. Very good. So good it was a humbling honor to have met them.

The theme was the celebration of a magnificent life but it was also a reminder to respect mental health struggles. Everyone wishes there was something they could have done. Yet when you look at his life he certainly accomplished far more than most. He moved people and impacted them. His funeral was very well attended. In my family we normally juist have very quiet small graveside services. When that many people show up at a memorial you know they touched a lot of people.

The Pastor pointed out that Psalms 23 is very frequently quoted at funerals. Thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death... He explained that if you put Psalms 23 into perspective, you will see Psalms 22 was his darkest hour. David journalized his grief. The pastor pointed out a key word in Psalms 23 - walk. When David experienced loss and discouragement he didn't stop moving he kept walking. Just like Rocky Balboa. Just like the metaphor of rolling water.

The pastor also pointed out that the younger brother's death was very out of character for him and when you look at his passion for life you can certainly see it. He was an avid rock and ice climber who went on many expeditions around the world. It broke my heart.

The Pastor told the story of a man who went to see his doctor back in the 1900's and asked his doctor to help him commit suicide. The doctor said you mustn't feel that way. You should see the good in life. The circus is in town. Go see that famous clown so you can laugh and be distracted from your problems. The man replied but doctor, I am that famous clown. Very sad. It reminds me of the Movie Patch Adams and the untimely fate of Robin Williams.

It was refreshing to hear of this young man's magnificent life. He will be deeply missed.

Medical Ethics and the potential misuse of genetic vaccines for nefarious purposes

Update: Dr Steven Pelech said that the idea of removing the God gene from human DNA through vaccines is complete lunacy. Yuval Harari is a historian and has no appreciation of the scientific and technical issues involved in such a complicated quest never mind the moral issues involved.

Now we need to have a conversation about medical ethics. Forced organ harvesting from political prisoners of conscience is unethical. If some medical doctors are willing to do that, what else are they willing to do? This is why ethics are important. Good and evil both coexist in the real world.

New technology can be used for good or bad. It's like nuclear energy. Are we going to use nuclear reactions to generate electricity or are we going to use them to make bombs and kill people? The potential for good or evil both exist with any new technology we develop.

It's the same with genetic vaccines. Bypassing the immune system and delivering medicine or cancer cures directly to the cells would be a step forward. Killing half the world's population from bypassing the immune system to create irreparable heart damage through myocarditis would not. The choice is ours as to what we will do with this new technology.
I want to take a look at three different video clips and connect the dots. We all know Bill Gates is very concerned with overpopulation and that he supports depopulation. In the first video Bill Gates goes on record to say we can address over population through vaccines. Now when most of us hear that we are left scratching our heads wondering what on earth he is referring to. He's making a statement in a public forum so surely he isn't suggesting anying nefarious. So just what is he suggesting? We can speculate but I want to find out what he really meant.

This is somewhat important when we look at the rise in all cause mortality after the genetic Covid vaccine rollout. In Nigeria, Bill Gates and the World Health Organization were accused of spiking a tetanus shot with a fertility drug. I'm not saying they actually did that. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and he was never charged and tried for that offense. I'm simply saying a group of Catholic Bishops made that accusation and filed a complaint.

The complaint obviously didn't go anywhere but it reinforces the need for a discussion about medical ethics. They could argue that starving people in Africa shouldn't have kids. We could argue, you have no right to say who can or cannot have children. That's not your choice to make. It would be unethical to do so. Spiking a vaccine with a sterilization drug without public knowledge would be both unethical and criminal. Medical procedures must be done with consent.

So there are two aspects of possible nefarious uses of genetic vaccines for the depopulation motive. One would be to increase sterilization, the other would be to increase all cause mortality. For example, say a new vaccine was fairly safe but for people who were at high risk to have a heart attack, it would increase the risk of a fatal heart attack by 5%. 5% isn't significant. It's hardly noticeable. Yet it would fulfill the depopulation objective by increasing all cause mortality.

There's another aspect to this moral dilemma we need to discuss and that involves altering human DNA. The question we are forced to ask is for what purpose? Do you want to alter human DNA to make a better athlete or do you have another purpose in mind?

In the second video I want to discuss, someone makes another controversial statement rationalized by the end justifies the means argument. He's talking about religious extremism and suicide bombing. Well no one likes that. He discusses the potential use of genetic vaccines to alter human DNA and remove the propensity for religious extremism and thereby prevent future suicide bombings. Wouldn't that be nice? It opens the door for another moral discussion.

I remember back in the day Lisa Evers was on her way to a demonstration supporting the mandatory castration of repeat sex offenders. I joked and said Awe Lisa, why you gotta be like that? Yet in that situation there was a valid moral argument supporting it. One could also ask are we going to try and alter human DNA so they no longer have a desire to commit crime or be pedophelies? We can have a scientific debate about those medical ethics.

Now back to Bill Gates and the suicide bombing. How do we define religious extremism and who defines it? Communism would declare all religion is extreme and should be abolished. Therefore a Communist would strive to remove any desire for religion whatsoever from the human DNA. Well at least a WEF Communist would. That brings us to the third video clip.

There are various videos from the World Economic Forum where they discuss removing the God gene from human DNA through genetic vaccines. What is the God gene? The God gene is what scientists call man's need or desire for religion and spiritual things.

Some could argue that the God gene specifically relates to man's desire for religion. Religion is bad therefore the God gene is bad and should be removed from human DNA. Yet man's desire for religion goes far beyond religion. It's about man's persuit of ethics and revolves around the concept of a conscience. Not a consciousness but a moral conscience that defines what is right and wrong from an ethical viewpoint.

It's about aspiring for peace in times of war. It's about striving for freedom and social justice. The World Economic Forum's brand of Communism wants to remove all that. They don't want to simply remove man's desire for religion, they want to remove man's desire for ethics. They want medical doctors who are willing to perform forced organ harvesting on political prisoners of conscience. They want to remove ethics from human DNA and turn us all into robots. That is what they want to do and that is why they are trying to develop this new technology to accomplish it.

Friday, May 26, 2023

Putin rises above Russia's past

I guess this is why the CIA is opposing Putin. Putin is no longer Communist but the CIA is.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

More Journalists testify at the National Citizens Inquiry

The National Citizens Inquiry is reporting that "Our hearing in Ottawa concluded last week and presented the commissioners with the opportunity to hear from several expert witnesses who previously held positions with large media companies, most notably CBC and Global News.'

Marianne Klowak, award-winning senior CBC Reporter and journalist, shared a unique perspective on the practices CBC employed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The lack of balanced reporting and CBC’s egregious violation of their own journalistic standards and practices gave her no choice but to walk away from her 34-year career with CBC In December 2021. Ms. Klowak’s full testimony can be viewed here."

"Anita Krishna, former Global News director, shared similar information with NCI. After 25 years in journalism, Ms. Krishna was suspended from her position with Global News after she attended and spoke at a rally against repressive COVID-19 policies in Vancouver in December 2021."

"Cathy Jones, comedian and former “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” star shared her experiences in the work environment during the pandemic, which led to early retirement from CBC. Ms. Jones candid testimony and thoughtful insight can be viewed here."

"Rodney Palmer, former investigative journalist with the CBC who has held positions with various Canadian news organizations returned to the NCI to share information related to a Canadian organization – 'ScienceUpFirst' - who has received millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money from the federal government to combat COVID-19 'misinformation' and “debunk” health information. Be sure to catch Mr. Palmer’s well-documented testimony here. "No lie can live forever."

Bonnie Henry is a Punitive B*tch

Lets analyze the data and see what that whack job is really up to. April 6th 2023 Bonnie the Freak Henry made yet another Health Order. She decreed that all Health Care Practitioners and anyone training to become a Health Care Practitioner must bow to the Genetic RNA Covid vaccines despite the fact that the World Health Organization has declared the pandemic over.

We now know when viruses replicate themselves they get weaker not stronger. Omicron was weaker than the seasonal flu. As a result many doctors admitted that Omicron was the perfect vaccine the pharmaceutical companies couldn't make. As we know, the vaccine does not prevent infection or transition and natural immunity lasts a lot longer than the RNA vaccine.

So where is the emergency? There is none. The only emergency that exists is the manufactured emergency Bonne Henry created in our Health Care System. That April 6th Health Order was punative but it get much worse. In my interview with Dr Steven Pelech last night he explained how Bill 36 has completely changed how the College of Physicians and Surgeons Operates.

Under the old system medical experts were elected by their peers who were specialists in the field. Bill 36 changed all that. Now they are appointed by the government. No more elections. In the US Medical experts have testified before the Senate that the largest source of Medical Misinformation during the Pandemic was the government.

Bill 36 doesn't just censor Medical opinions, it criminalizes them. Bonnie Henry will now put medical doctors in jail for disagreeing with her. That is pure evil. The intent of Bill 36 is to fine and imprison medical doctors who spread Covid Misinformation. Since Bonnie Henry and the Government have been the largest source of Covid Misinformation, then Bill 36 would require her to go to jail for spreading that false information. Sadly, that's not going to happen. In realty, medical doctors will go to jail for telling the truth. Gulag here we come.

It's kind of like parliament only worse. It is considered unparliamentary to call a member of parliament a liar. You can get kicked out if you do. If a member of parliament is lying and another member confronts that lie, the member who confronts the liar will be kicked out instead of the member who fabricated the lie. So in reality, Parliament is one of the few places on earth you can get kicked out of for telling the truth. Likewise, if a medical doctor tells the truth and exposes lies in the narrative, they will go to jail for telling the truth. That is completely unacceptable.

Bonnie Henry and Teresa Tam are patting themselves on the back for lockdowns and oppressive Covid measures that were completely ineffective and economically cripling. In Contrast the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration that opposed lockdowns were professors from Harvard, Oxford and Stanford. Bonnie Henry wants to put them in jail. Likewise, over 60,000 medical doctors were cosigners to the Great Barrington Declaration that denounced lockdowns and oppressive Covid measures. Bonnie Henry wants to put them all in jail. She has completely lost her mind. We need to fire Bonnie Henry and put Deena Hinshaw in her place. We also need to solve the BC Health Care crisis by lifting the vaccine mandate. That is what we need to do.
Last night Dr Steven Pelech made an interesting observation. He said up until now, the courts haven't even been admitting evidence based research. They have simply taken the Public Health Authority's word without questioning it. Bill 36 will change all that. If Bonnie Henry starts imprisoning medical doctors for telling the truth, the courts will be forced to hear evidence based research in their trial. That means the tide will finally turn on this ridiculous lie.

Dr Steven Pelech: Covid Misinformation

Our next guest on the Gangstersout Podcast and Video Blog is Dr Steven Pelech who is a professor at UBC and is the Co Chair of the Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee of the Canadian Covid Care Alliance. He is intelligent and sensible. He discusses the differences between traditional vaccines and the Covid vaccines and expresses some of his concerns about how the risks of the Covid vaccine outweigh the benefits at this point. He was one of the many medical doctors that testified at the National Citizens Inquiry. This video put out by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance explains the real definition of efficacy which he mentioned in our interview.

The Podcast is posted on Spotify and the video of our interview is posted on Gan Jing World.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Gays Against Groomers Cancelled

Jaimee from Gays Against Groomers is reporting that "Recently, we created a Gays Against Groomers newspaper to educate and warn parents against predators. There’s nothing inflammatory in our messaging. All we have to say is: don’t indoctrinate and butcher kids. And for that, we’re banned from printing our newspaper. Talk about a lack of freedom of the press! Gays Against Groomers state that "We are a coalition of gays against the sexualization, indoctrination and medicalization of children under the guise of LGBTQIA+"

This is their position on Pride:

"Years ago, Pride was about LGBT people stepping out to show the world we are normal people deserving of equality and marriage rights. We wanted the world to see that same sex relationships were not a threat, and in fact resembled the dynamic of straight relationships in many ways. We marched for our rights, and in 2004 the first legal gay marriage in the US was performed in Cambridge, MA. In June of 2015, the US Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the US Constitution guarantees the right for same-sex couples to marry in all 50 US states."

"Gays Against Groomers is comprised of LGB and T individuals who feel like our community has gone too far. We believe there is a firm difference between education versus indoctrination, inclusivity versus pandering, and celebrating your right to marry versus exhibiting disgusting behaviors meant for the privacy of your own home. We are the LGB and T people who don’t make our sexuality our dominant attribute, who don’t need the world to accept us, and are satisfied with our current rights. We don’t go along with the mainstream narrative regarding our community. Because of this, we face an onslaught of character assassinations daily, something we’ve grown numb to. Not only do we find Pride unnecessary now, we are concerned by the exposure of inherently sexual materials that fall under the LGBT umbrella to children."

"In the past, we have seen young children brought to parades where grown adults are selling sex toys, hardly dressed, and displaying inappropriate behavior many minors should not be witnessing. In this day and age, many believe this is a form of empowerment, and a way to educate children with “sex positivity.” In reality, we are looking at the destruction of innocence right before our eyes, and we won’t be silent about it."

That's what we're all saying. The North Vancouver protest isn't Anti LGBT, it's Anti Grooming.

New T-shirts from Rouech Blend

There are some new T-shirts up on This one is HLR- Honor, Loyalty and Respect from the one who exemplifies all three. 888 is a Chinese symbol for good luck. It's the opposite of 666. It represents a brighter future filled with hope as opposed to the dark dinosaurs of the past. There are new prints there as well. It's all very positive.

Tara Henley interviews Azim Shariff

Azim Shariff is a professor and Canada 150 Research Chair of moral psychology at the University of British Columbia. In her latest podcast Tara Henley interviews him and discusses his paper “Even When Ideologies Align, People Distrust Politicized Institutions.” Tara Henley's podcasts are also on Spotify as are Kid Carson's podcasts. Donald Best has a podcast on Spotify called Grey Matter as do I called Gangstersout.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Dr Simone Gold and Americas Frontline Doctors

As I was listening to some of the testimonies at the National Citizens' Inquiry I had a few flashbacks and remembered a series of chronological events that reveal a huge cover up. Anita Krishna was talking about how Global Television wasn't saying a word about Covid treatment. Instead of investigating possible treatments, they went on a witch hunt misrepresenting them.

India had a huge Covid outbreak in a densely populated area. They successfully overcame it with hydroxychloroquine. That's what scientists call an experiment. Instead of reporting that the fake news misrepresented it and demonized it. The same with Ivermectin. The fake news defamed and misrepresented Joe Rogan for mentioning it.

They straight up lied and said he took a pig dewormer. Ivermectin is used to treat human parasites. It works so well they also use it on livestock just like penicillin. Just because they also use penicillin on animals does not mean it is not mean for humans. The fake news consistently lied and said Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were unsafe. That was a bold faced lie. They could arguably say it doesn't help Covid but they had no right to say it was not safe. That was false and they knew it. Their lie had an agenda behind it.

This brings us back to Dr Simone Gold and the two press conferences America's Frontline doctors had that the fake news refused to cover. The first press conference was in Washington, the second Press conference was in Texas.

This was a coalition of medical doctors that said they had all conducted an experiment. They said they hard treated Covid patients with Hydroxychloroquine and had great success with it. That is newsworthy. Burying that and demonizing that revealed a political agenda.

After all, we were told that even if lockdowns saved one life they'd be worth it. Using that same argument, even if Hydroxychloroquine saved one life it would be worth it but it wasn't. They had an agenda and an ulterior motive. Dr Hoffe said never before has medicine told sick patients to go home and we'll start treatment when your symptoms are so bad you're hospitalized. That was a new outrageous president. Especially when ventilators did more harm than good.

The medical censorship was obsessive and it still is. Thankfully, the push back has been consistent but it has come at a cost. On that note I present you Dr Simone Gold, lawyer, doctor and champion of Justice with Americas Frontline Doctors.

Catherine Austin Fitts on Centralization and the end of Financial Transaction Freedom

The reason this testimony is so significant is because Catherine Austin Fitts is no tin foil hat. She is completely credible and is very knowledgeable when it comes to business. She goes back to Narco dollars and the tapeworm economy. She is very insightful. As are all the medical doctors that testified at the National Citizens Inquiry. They are all credible and courageous.

The fake news likes to divide and conquer. If it was one doctor, they'd call him a quack. When it's a coalition of doctors, that's medical censorship. Those are the people the BC NDP want to put in jail with their new bill. That is completely insane. The authors of the Great Barrington Declaration were professors from Harvard, Oxford and Stanford. That is credible as are all the cosigners. The NDP are going to have to build some more prisons if they want to imprison all of them.

Monday, May 22, 2023

Helen Grus suspended for doing her job

Former police officer Donald Best is reporting that "Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus is charged under the Police Services Act with ‘Discreditable Conduct’ for allegedly conducting 'unauthorized' investigations into nine Sudden Infant Deaths where she sought to know the vaccine status of the mothers."

"It can now be revealed that the Public Health Agency of Canada personnel and persons associated with PHAC – influenced and lobbied the Ottawa Police Service during the initial stages of the Detective Grus investigation and continued even after the officer had been charged. Canadians (and Detective Grus) deserve to know the truth about the politically-motivated charge against a dedicated, diligent, and courageous police officer."

"Canadians also deserve to know about the outside influences and lobbying that undoubtedly led to the Ottawa Police charging Detective Grus. Shortly after Detective Grus was suspended in early February, 2022 – multiple rogue Ottawa Police officers criminally provided confidential information about the ongoing investigation to CBC journalist Shaamini Yogaretnam."

There have been many claims of a rise in miscarriages from the Covid RNA vaccines. Those claims need to be investigated not covered up. When Dr Hoffe observed many of his patients having adverse reactions to the Covid RNA vaccine he was told there was no adverse reaction reporting system in place in Canada.

So we were told it was safe and effective for pregnant women but no one was allowed to report adverse reactions. That is shady. Children are at the lowest risk when it comes to Covid. Hydroxychloroquine is safe for pregnant women. Covid RNA Vaccines have not been proven safe. Especially when they refuse to record any adverse reactions.


The National Citizens Inquiry and the Fake News

I've been hearing a lot about the National Citizens Inquiry but I wasn't exactly sure what it was. Their website states that it is a Citizen-Led Inquiry Into Canada’s COVID-19 Response. The hearings heard from medical doctors and citizens across the country.

It is well worth hearing what they had to say. In her substack Anita Krishna stated that "The likes of Dr. Peter McCullough, Catherine Austin Fitts, Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dr. Daniel Nagase, Robert Malone and Edward Dowd testified. As did dozens of regular people from all walks of life who told stories of what happened to them and their loved ones."

"I told my story of getting fired from Global News as a Control Room Director. I’ve told my story many times, but there were things I wanted to say, stories I haven’t told yet, but couldn’t get to in 30 minutes. I’ll save those for another article or podcast. I just wanted to say as this point, if you are still walking around clueless as to the harms that have been done in society, my sympathy for you has run out. You have a duty and a responsibility as a citizen of this planet to inform yourself. If you live your life only watching Netflix and the 'News', then clueless you will remain."

That's kind of the theme for my new podcast. Tara Henley left the CBC after a long successful career because of the woke change in CBC's political slant. She stated that when she started working for the CBC she was considered liberal. She was left of centre. Now she's considered right wing. Her opinion hasn't changed, the CBC's opinion has. The CBC is now on the wrong side of the Berlin wall. As a result, Tara Henley left the CBC and started her own podcast.

If you're from Vancouver, you've heard the name Kid Carson. He was a popular Radio talk show host for many years. Then one day he made a simple truthful observation and the fake news maligned him. The headline in the Vancovuer Sun read Kid Carson dropped from Z95.3 radio gig after pro-convoy rant." The article stated "If you think the trucker convoy in Ottawa is a racist movement, you've been tricked. You've been fooled,' he said during Wednesday's morning show."

How is that a pro convoy rant? He told the truth. The State run media was definitely misrepresenting the Convoy and it's suportes from Day one. The headline on CTV read "Radio host Kid Carson leaving Z95.3 after spreading conspiracy theories on air." That was insane. That kind of misrepresentation coming from the Vancouver Sun and CTV clearly shows that their political affiliation has changed along with the CBC. They are now all clones with a dark agenda.

As a result Kid Carson has also started his own podcast. This is why independent media is so important. All the media mergers has resulted in the mainstream media being clearly controlled by a extreme leftist agenda that has absolutely nothing to do with civil liberty or social justice.

In steps Anita Krishna who was fried from Global Television for speaking at a Freedom Rally in North Vancouver. She to was defamed and misrepresented by the fake news. That's a pattern we need to explore. All three are on Substack just like Dr Robert Malone. Anita Krishna also has a channel on Rumble. When Global television was bought out by Post Media their news changed.

Hearing clips from the National Citizens Inquiry including testimony from medical doctors.

[ER Physician Dr. Mark Trozzi] [Legal expert Bruce Pardy] [Toronto Lawyer Michael Alexander] [Funeral Director Laura Jeffery] [Licensed Funeral Director Laura Jeffery] [Rodney Palmer Exposes CBC Propaganda] [Retired Police Officer Vincent Gircys] [Dr Robert Malone] [Dr Peter McCullough] [Dr Patrick Phillips] [Dr Laura Braden] [Dr Joseph Fraiman] [Dr Chris Milburn] [Dr Dion Davidson] [Dr Stephen Bate] [Mike MacIver Funeral Director] [Dr Jay Bhattacharya] [Charley Hooper Addresses Ivermectin] [Sgt. Rick Abbott] [Dr Jessica Rose] [Funeral Director Mike Vogiatzakis] [Lawyer Leighton Grey] [Dr Christopher Flowers] [Dr Francis Christian] [Maria Gutschi Pharmacist] [Pharmacist Ann McCormack] [Dr Gregory Chan] [Daniel Bulford] [Catherine Austin Fitts] [Dr Charles Hoffe] [Dr Daniel Nagase] [Edward Dowd]

Toronto Lawyer Michael Alexander is representing many medical doctors who have been censored for expressing their medical opinion like BC is now doing. Licensed Funeral Director Laura Jeffery testified on what she observed with clotting in Post-Vaccine Embalming which was confrimed by Mike MacIver and Mike Vogiatzakis who are also both Funeral Directors.

Eglinton-Crosstown LRT and SNC Lavalin

True North is reporting that "It could be considered the boondoggle of the past decade and proof of how little accountability there is by provincial and municipal governments over major construction projects. I’m referring to the Eglinton-Crosstown LRT build, which is now in its 12th year of construction with no end in sight. The construction is at least $1B over budget (up to $12.5B which includes operating the system) and the actual opening is likely one year away–four years from the initial target date of fall 2020."

Ten seconds on Google and the real probelm is revealed. The shell companies work for SNC Lavalin. SNC Lavalin is the Canadian version of Lockheed Martin where Government corruption and Corporate corruption are joined at the hip. They under bid and over charge government contracts then pay a bribe in the form of a political campaign contribution to the dirty politicians that award them the contract. This process happens over and over again.

SNC Lavalin is the reason the Site C Dam doubled it's initial bid as budget overruns rose to $16 billion. That is organized crime. The NDP defends the extra costs because they receive campaign contributions from SNC Lavalin just like Justin Trudeau does. They all do.

Hydroelectric power is great. SNC Lavalin is not. SNC Lavalin won the contract for the Evergreen line of Skytrain when they were banned from bidding on world projects. Letting SNC Lavalin bid on the Pattullo bridge replacement is organized crime. They hide their involvement through shell companies just like the CIA does. Imagine that.

SNC Lavalin were responsible for the LRT problems in Ottawa. Some city Councillors were shocked SNC-Lavalin won the Trillium Line. Really? You can fool some of the people most of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. Let's not forget Arthur Porter who died in a Panama prison. He was the CSIS watchdog facing fraud charges involving SNC-Lavalin and was caught sending money to a mossad agent tied to Iran Contra.

SNC Lavalin CEO Pierre Duhaime plead guilty to a charge of helping a public servant commit breach of trust for his role in a bribe scandal around the construction of the $1.3-billion McGill University Health Centre. That's the same hospital Arthur Porter was involved with and faced charges for before his mysterious death. A Quebec inquiry was told that Arthur Porter and Yanai Elbaz split a $22.5M payout in the biggest corruption fraud in the history of Canada.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

The Night Agent on Netflix

Someone recommended the Netflix series Night Agent to me and I was a bit hesitant. The Q Clan want to use the FBI as a scape goat for CIA corruption. If the FBI is corrupt, it's because the CIA made it so. Nevertheless, I found the series to be very well done. We simply need to remember corruption can enter anywhere and we consistently need to be vigilant in our opposition to it.

Italian Newspaper rightfully calls Justin Trudeau a Buffoon

Justin Trudeau is making international headlines again. The Toronto Sun is reporting that "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a self-described feminist, is being slammed for his repugnant behaviour after trying to mansplain democracy to Italian counterpart Giorgia Meloni."

He then made the front page of an Italian Newspaper with the headline that read “This buffoon wants to teach us lessons.” That kind of sums up how we and the rest of the world perceive him.

Before that he made the Daily Mail in England as well as Time Magazine. The Toronto Sun article states that "Even Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi got in on the act, saying Meloni’s grimace while being lectured really sums up what all of us think of the repugnant, incompetent Trudeau.

Golden Ears and Lower Falls

I took the West Canyon trail up Golden Ears yesterday and the East Canyon trail down. There was way too much snow up top to summit but I found some nice beaches on the way down along the East Canyon trail. I posted the video on my Gan Jing World channel.

BC developer asks court to shut down Yaletown supervised injection site

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "One of Vancouver’s largest building developers is asking the courts to force the city of Vancouver to move a Yaletown supervised injection site." Another lethal injection site in Yaletown? That is absolutely insane. When a model fails you don't keep repeating it elsewhere. This is a malicious attempt to destroy Vancouver completely.

Weekly Reality update from WHF Entertainment

The NYC ER doctors said Ventilators did more harm than good at the time.

Then there was the manakins and the empty hospitals.

The Natives in the Pacific Northwest had slaves but they were not cannibals and they did not perform human sacrifice. That was the Mayas in Central America. Completely different group.

Friday, May 19, 2023

Wolfpack associate arrested in Surrey

The Vancouver Province is reporting that "An associate of the Wolfpack gang wanted for breaching parole conditions was arrested in Surrey this week after sneaking out the side door of a restaurant when anti-gang officers entered. Marcos Bradley Cardoso, 31, was arrested Monday, Surrey RCMP Cpl. Vanessa Munn said in a news release."

The BC RCMP is reporting that "Cardoso is serving a sentence for convictions that include break and enter, robbery using a firearm, forcible confinement, using a firearm in the commission of an offence, disguise with intent, and discharging a firearm. The convictions stem from a 2016 incident that occurred in Maple Ridge."

A Wolfpack associate charged with break and enter along with robbery with a firearm. That is straight up trailer trash and that piece of garbage works for Larry Amero. Just sayn.

Thousands of Portland residents leaving as city grapples with fentanyl crisis

Komo News is reporting that "You get more trouble in Portland for parking in a handicapped spot than you do having a baggie full of fentanyl that could kill a busload of kids. That's wrong,' said Hetfeld. Data from Portland State University and USA Facts back up the claim and show that people have been leaving Multnomah County, which includes Portland. Almost 9,000 people have left the county since 2019, at a time when fentanyl overdoses have gone in the other direction."

People KOMO News talked to on all sides believe Oregon Measure 110, which ed personal possession of drugs and was approved by voters back in the fall of 2020, changed the direction in the city. Fentanyl overdoses have gone up 588% between 2019 and 2021, according to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. He said the good intentions of decriminalization were overwhelmed by bad execution." Decriminalization increased overdoses. Portland has become a liberal sh*t hole. That's why half the state wants to separate and join Idaho. Portland crime is kiling their economy.

This is what the Vancouver extremists want to emulate. KGW is reporting that "This is Portland, Oregon, two years after decriminalizing personal amounts of hard drugs," said reporter Lyndsay Duncombe. "The open drug use, the deaths worse than ever." That was their real agenda.

People are leaving Seattle for the same reason. "As crime spikes and affordability takes a hit, census numbers indicate even more people may leave King County. Even before the pandemic, the U.S. Census Bureau found that King County lost more people than it gained."

Surrey man sentenced to house arrest for dealing fentanyl

The North Shore News is reporting that "A 22-year-old Surrey man has been handed a conditional sentence including six months of house arrest after pleading guilty to possessing fentanyl for the purpose of trafficking in North Vancouver in July 2021." WTF? No really, WTF? I guess Vern was right. Judges are the problem.

"Dumbrell said Mudaliar does not appear to have a drug addiction himself. Selling drugs 'appears to be for profit and simply for easy money,' she said." That is f*cked up.