Thursday, May 4, 2023

Cameron Ortis: Riding the CIA's Tide of Lies

Diane Francis is reporting that "With the spotlight on China’s interference in Canadian elections, the case of Cameron Ortis, the former RCMP spy master who was charged in 2019 with violating the Security of Information Act, is still hidden in the shadows. He was released on bail in December and is set to be tried in October, but the details of the case, likely involving China, have been hidden from the public. They should be disclosed immediately."

"Likely involving China." In 2019 the Asian Times reported that "Spy cop could be linked to drug cartels, not China." The many lies in this case are driven by the CIA. In 2019 Clearance jobs reported that "Canada arrested and arraigned a senior member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Cameron Jay Ortis Friday. Ortis was the director general of an intelligence unit at RCMP headquarters who was identified as a potential source of Chinese intelligence by the United States." Remember Operation Fast and Furious? Remember Iran Contra?

The CIA falsify evidence against whistleblowers. The contradictory allegations against Cameron Ortiz are absurd. We need to ask ourselves why is the fake news all of a sudden reporting on and spinning the Chinese interference story? The Fake News supports the WEF's Fake Pandemic and their Fake Environmentalism driving the fertilizer bans. Now all of a sudden they are concerned about Communism in China? I highly doubt that. It's more smoke and mirrors.

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