Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Examining the Oil Wars and the History of all Conflict

I just wanted to throw out a short post as a follow up to my video about the Dragon and the Bear. Let's take a quick peak at the oil wars and do the math. World Ward l and ll - Germany invaded another country. Many other countries. That had nothing to do with a class struggle. It was about greed and exploitation. Throughout history we know of conquerors who invaded other countries to expand their power, influence and wealth. The Roman Empire is but one example.

Before the Great War we had Colonialization and Imperialism. England, France, Spain, Portugal and Holland would invade colonies and tax them. The only two wars after the World War that weren't over oil was Korea and Vietnam. Those two were about one country invading another to impose Communism. Crushing civil liberty in the name of the greater good.

After the war in Vietnam, Russia moved in not China but eventually moved out again. As a result, Vietnam has been left on it's own. They haven't been threatening to nuke the world or invade other countries. I think Vietnam would be a wonderful place to visit. I think North Korea needs to have sanctions lifted and we should send them fertilizer to fix their famine. Likewise we need to lift fertilizer bans to prevent future famines around the world. Farming and tree planting is good for the environment. Plants and trees need fertilizer to grow. Banning fertilizer increases CO2.

After the war in Vietnam, pretty much every war since then has been about oil. Obtaining a monopoly and controlling supply. Someone recently asked me to write about the conflict in Sudan. I had to admit I didn't know what was going on there and would have to look into it. I wondered if that too was about oil and Googled Sudan oil. Sure is. Sudan has oil. Lots of it. They used to produce 500,000 barrels a day. Now they only produce 70,000 barrels a day.

The problem is they want to start exporting more again which would increase supply. That would be good for consumers but bad for the monopoly trying to cut supply and jack up the price. So of course the powers that be insist on creating conflict in Sudan to prevent that from happening. Look what they did to Venezuela. The current oil monopoly is evil. It is haram.

None of these wars have anything to do with a class struggle. They are about greed. That's why we need to confront greed not the classes. To do that we have to confront the lies that drive and rationalize the greed. Corporate monopolies are bad for consumers. They are driven by greed. I support a free market. Especially in oil. A free market fosters freedom. Monopolies do not.

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  1. Now you know where the electricity is supposed to come from.



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