Sunday, May 7, 2023

Bill 36 radically alters healthcare in BC

The medical censorship continues and becomes extreme. Welcome to the Twilight Zone. FDA knew about Pfizer fatal side effects on babies

The BC NDP take a step in the wrong direction


  1. If this passes, we are so screwed. There's really not any doubt as to why they would do this. Control. More and more, until you have n freedom left, they control every aspect of your life. They talk about us having everything we need day to day within 15 minutes of where we live. Eventually we will need permits to be outside that area, just like the old Soviet Union. Control. There's no amount of it will ever be enough for them. Hint: They are not going to use it for your benefit. See the history books.

    1. Here's another BILL being snuck up my a** !
      WTF is going on here? Is this an NDP bill? Where did this come from? I've written so many letters to EBY I lost count.
      I gotta go do some more research.

    2. I think so. I just saw it on someone's twitter.


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