Monday, May 29, 2023

The terror that was the Russian Gulag

Today I want to talk about the closed lotus and lessons from the water lily. I've talked about how a lotus in bloom represents enlightenment. I also made a blog post a while ago called the closed lotus. For me it represented seeing a truth and closing my eyes as in One Tin Soldier Rides Away.

Well these water lilies are very animated. You know how a Venus fly trap opens wide and then when you touch it, the leaves close? You can actually see the leaves move. These water lilies open wide in the sun then close again at night when it gets cold and dark. That's another interesting metaphor. The spirit of my podcast is the fall of the mainstream media.

Several journalists testified at the National Citizens Inquiry confirming how the mainstream media has completely changed. That's why podcasts are becoming popular. People are looking for something else. On that note, take a look at the headline in Bill Gates Fake News Network.

The headline reads "The terror that was the Russian Gulag." It is somewhat ironic how the fake news who are actively trying to bring the Gulag back, would cite that lesson from Russia's past history. We all know the Gulag was horrible. Yet Russia is no longer Communist and the World Economic Forum is. The reason why the Gulag was so bad is because Lenin hijacked the worker's revolution just like the WEF has. The reason why the Fake News is demonizing Putin is because he's standing up for the family while the fake news is actively trying to destroy it.

Here in North America the fake news has completely lost its mind. Candace Owens recently pointed out that the whack job that stocked Target shelves with Transgender gear is a self professed Satanist. As crazy as that sounds, we saw how the Balenciaga pedophepia ad contained pretty bizarre references to Satanism. This is where we enter bat sh*t crazy.

This has nothing to do with LGBT. It's about the sexualization of children and a war not on religion but a war on morality. Claiming that Satan loves the alphabet soup is ridiculous. Satan is the father of all lies. There are no Transgender rights in Communism or in Satanism because in Communism and in Satanism, no one has any rights. It's like AC/DC's famous line, If you're evil, you're a friend of mine. Really? Ratting out your coacused to get a reduced sentence is evil. Do you support that? Raping little children is evil. Do you support that? I don't.

When you look at the absolutely insane war of words North America is facing right now, I sincerely believe we are on the verge of something very big. I think Russia and China are going to open up to missionaries. That's what I think. The truth will be proclaimed in every nation and in every language. That's why the World Economic Forum is so determined to stop it. Rusia already allows religion. I think China will be next. I think Xi will set the Uighurs and the Falun Gong free.

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