Friday, May 12, 2023

US border no longer requires proof of vaccination

The New York times is reporting that "International passengers traveling to the United States no longer have to show proof of vaccination against Covid as of midnight Thursday, when the coronavirus health emergency officially ended. The Biden administration dropped its requirement for coronavirus testing last June but kept in place its vaccination policy for foreign travelers. In February, the House of Representatives voted to end the last remaining pandemic restrictions on May 11." As we recall, that changed happened because the Republicans took the house in the midterms. Just like the world opened up after Texas and Florida did. No lie can live forever.


  1. No lie can live forever, true the problem is these people are always coming up with new ones. Actually the same old, told a different way. The Lord hates a liar.

  2. It would seem common sense since Title 42 expires at the same time allowing unvaccinated immigrants to cross the Mexican border. I’m sure both are related. They can only delay these issues which were based on lies for so long.


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