Thursday, May 18, 2023

Former Australian Bandidos National President patches over to the Hells Angels in Sydney

The Daily Mail is reporting that "Former Bandidos national president Jason Fahey has 'patched over' to the Hells Angels who are aggressively expanding their presence in Sydney. Recently an entire Sydney chapter of Rebels bikies are believed to have defected to the Hells Angels with the outlaw bikie gang taking advantage of rival's weaknesses to gain a foothold in the city's south."

"His brother John is a former national sergeant-at-arms of the Bandidos."

BFFB or until we change sides for the right price. That's pretty lame. BFF Not.


  1. I read a while ago another bikie chapter switched patches 3 times. They had to pay the old club $$$$ to move forward without violence.

    1. Yeah it's pretty funny how quickly they patch over after they said something forever forever something.

    2. if you want to hear some good stories of the HA, watch Vegas Profile Stories YouTube videos.. he interviews ex HAs, some ex VPs even an ex President... some retired, some kicked out in bad standing and getting beaten up by their "brothers"... lots of good stories of the "motorcycle club"....

  2. It’s all about who they think they can make the most money with.

    It’s no different here. That how/why the SA (Satans Angels) became HA. Same with Popeyes. Same with all the clubs that follow. Same with all the wannabes in the “support clubs”.

    It’s all about the money.

  3. Business. No L&R. That stuff has been dead for a long time.


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