Monday, May 1, 2023

Sudan's Oil War and the CIA's golden calf

The Conversation is reporting that "Sudan’s conflict has its roots in three decades of elites fighting over oil and energy. Long gone are the heady days when Sudan emerged as one of Africa’s top oil producers. Close to 500,000 barrels were pumped every day by 2008. Average daily production in the last year has hovered around 70,000 barrels. "

In 2022 VOA reported "Officials in South Sudan confirmed this month they have bought land on the coast of Djibouti to build a port. South Sudan says the port will be key for exporting the country’s crude oil, which currently goes through Sudan, as well as for importing goods, most of which come through the Kenyan port of Mombasa."

Ya think this war has anything to do with the CIA's obsession to crush rival oil supply in support of Saudi's exclusive monopoly to continue the manufactured energy crisis driving inflation into the hands of the infinitely greedy WEF? All these oil wars driven by the CIA. The CIA are dancing around a golden calf leading the free world into idolatry and slavery.

When Moses saw what Aaron had done, he shouted out Who is on the Lord's side? Let him come unto me. The Levites gathered and slew 3,000 of their own men who were swept away in idiolatry. The CIA is leading the free world astray. We need to recognize that before we can address it. We need to cleanse the inner vessel because the CIA has polluted the dream with lies. The struggle between good and evil continues because it's always misrepresented.


  1. The video demonizes certain USA politicians while promoting others for a reason. While some elements of his talk may be accurate (ie wages), overall it appears to be far more of left-wing pro WEF slant.

    1. You may be right. I just unsubscribed from him because he is a blind Democrat. The part of the video I found interesting was the corporate monopoly part. Corporate monopolies are bad. They drive up inflation because there is no competition. I support the free market. Corporate Communism is Communism.


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