Thursday, May 11, 2023

Man charged with murder of Ontario Police Officer

The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that "An Ontario Provincial Police officer was killed and two others were seriously wounded after a shooting early Thursday in the town of Bourget, southeast of Ottawa. Sgt. Eric Mueller was killed when he and two other officers from the Russell County OPP detachment were sent to a “disturbance” at a home on Laval Street in Bourget, a town about a 45-minute drive southeast of Ottawa, at about 2 a.m. Thursday. The two officers with Mueller were seriously wounded in the shooting incident, which OPP commissioner Thomas Carrique described as an ambush. A 39-year-old suspect was safely taken into custody by other officers responding to their injured colleagues, police said. Court documents show that Alain Bellefeuille has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Mueller."

The timing of this legitimate tragedy is once again highly suspicious. Gang members shoot each other, they don't shoot cops. That brings way too much attention and is bad for business. The Nova Scotia mass shooting was timed to coincide with Justin Trudeau's gun control bill despite the fact that none of the guns used were legally obtained. The bogus public inquiry did not explain why the RCMP deposited such a large sum of money into the shooters bank account nor did it adequately explain why two RCMP officers shot up the vulnerable spots of a firehall that was a known safe house for civilians. The Saanich shootout was absolutely ridiculous. Every crime has a motive. Any crime that does not have a motive other than gun control is suspicious.

Parties on all sides of gun debate unhappy with revamped Bill C-21 legislation


  1. OPP has been amateur hour for quite some time (how do 3 cops get ambushed on your way to a shots fired call!? Ride your bicycle without a helmet and 4 RCMP squad cars show up in BC). Will only get worse now that Police Foundations College is no longer a prerequisite to become a police officer in Ontario.

    1. That's kind of a good point. How do three cops get ambushed when responding to a shots fired call. The whole thing is very suspicious. Especially the timing.

    2. It’s important to remember that the OPP are as the French say, “Les incompetente”. But there are definitely suspicious inconsistencies. Like why would he ambush the first cops and then just surrender without a fight?? Could of just surrendered in the first place and not go to jail for life

    3. I don't know how such a large police force would be incompetent. The Nova Scotia police responded to a shots fired call in tactical gear. They went in knowing it was a volatile situation. One would assume the Ontario police would also go in prepared.

      Yet as you say, him shooting the first cops then simply surrendering to the second set is yet another inconsistency. If he surrendered to the second set, why not just surrender to the first set. It doesn't make sense.

    4. Well, we know from the RBC firebombing that the Ottawa OPP are engaged in politically motivated, agent provocateur style false flags. For them to kill one of their own in the name of gun control is not totally unthinkable as we saw in the killing of the soldier during the Parliament Hill attack, but I find it also doesn’t make a lot of sense. Something strange about this event forsure

    5. Did Roger Clement have ties to CSIS or the OPP?


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