Thursday, May 25, 2023

More Journalists testify at the National Citizens Inquiry

The National Citizens Inquiry is reporting that "Our hearing in Ottawa concluded last week and presented the commissioners with the opportunity to hear from several expert witnesses who previously held positions with large media companies, most notably CBC and Global News.'

Marianne Klowak, award-winning senior CBC Reporter and journalist, shared a unique perspective on the practices CBC employed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The lack of balanced reporting and CBC’s egregious violation of their own journalistic standards and practices gave her no choice but to walk away from her 34-year career with CBC In December 2021. Ms. Klowak’s full testimony can be viewed here."

"Anita Krishna, former Global News director, shared similar information with NCI. After 25 years in journalism, Ms. Krishna was suspended from her position with Global News after she attended and spoke at a rally against repressive COVID-19 policies in Vancouver in December 2021."

"Cathy Jones, comedian and former “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” star shared her experiences in the work environment during the pandemic, which led to early retirement from CBC. Ms. Jones candid testimony and thoughtful insight can be viewed here."

"Rodney Palmer, former investigative journalist with the CBC who has held positions with various Canadian news organizations returned to the NCI to share information related to a Canadian organization – 'ScienceUpFirst' - who has received millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money from the federal government to combat COVID-19 'misinformation' and “debunk” health information. Be sure to catch Mr. Palmer’s well-documented testimony here. "No lie can live forever."


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