Sunday, May 28, 2023

Fatal shooting in Vancouver

City News is reporting that "The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) are investigating a homicide after one man was shot and killed early Sunday morning. Police say the “targeted” shooting happened outside a South Vancouver banquet hall near Fraser Street and South East Marine Drive around 1:30 a.m. The 28-year-old victim has not yet been identified."

The fake news is spinning another lie but I won't comment on it because I'm not allowed to. Donnie Mcwhirter claims that 888 represents a famous crime family. That is a bold faced lie. 888 means good luck. That's why a casino uses it. Yeah we have more news to come and a motive for their lies but we'll report on that when the time is right to do so.

Sher-E-Punjab AM 600 is reporting that the victim was Amarpreet Samra. Last Summer the CFSEU announced that Amarpreet Samra was on the Hells Angles hit list.

Meninder Dhaliwal and his brother Shrek were Hells Angels associates. Shrek was tied to Jamie Bacon who is in Witness Protection. Meninder Dhaliwal was killed by the Hells Angels not the UN.


  1. I attended this reception party where this happened I saw this guy he didn't really look like a gangster just an average looking guy few tattoos than on the news thay saying he's a notorious gangster if he was notorious wouldn't he have bodyguards with him at the party a crew of his boys he was hanging out with normal looking people.

  2. Interesting how these guys are never smart enough to do something outside of the box when they find out they are on an HA hit list, like go spend some time in the homeland. No money there though. Of course who knows, that actually might make them easier (and cheaper) to get to, assuming there was willingness for a followup once they became aware he had relocated to the other side of the planet.


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