Monday, May 22, 2023

The National Citizens Inquiry and the Fake News

I've been hearing a lot about the National Citizens Inquiry but I wasn't exactly sure what it was. Their website states that it is a Citizen-Led Inquiry Into Canada’s COVID-19 Response. The hearings heard from medical doctors and citizens across the country.

It is well worth hearing what they had to say. In her substack Anita Krishna stated that "The likes of Dr. Peter McCullough, Catherine Austin Fitts, Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dr. Daniel Nagase, Robert Malone and Edward Dowd testified. As did dozens of regular people from all walks of life who told stories of what happened to them and their loved ones."

"I told my story of getting fired from Global News as a Control Room Director. I’ve told my story many times, but there were things I wanted to say, stories I haven’t told yet, but couldn’t get to in 30 minutes. I’ll save those for another article or podcast. I just wanted to say as this point, if you are still walking around clueless as to the harms that have been done in society, my sympathy for you has run out. You have a duty and a responsibility as a citizen of this planet to inform yourself. If you live your life only watching Netflix and the 'News', then clueless you will remain."

That's kind of the theme for my new podcast. Tara Henley left the CBC after a long successful career because of the woke change in CBC's political slant. She stated that when she started working for the CBC she was considered liberal. She was left of centre. Now she's considered right wing. Her opinion hasn't changed, the CBC's opinion has. The CBC is now on the wrong side of the Berlin wall. As a result, Tara Henley left the CBC and started her own podcast.

If you're from Vancouver, you've heard the name Kid Carson. He was a popular Radio talk show host for many years. Then one day he made a simple truthful observation and the fake news maligned him. The headline in the Vancovuer Sun read Kid Carson dropped from Z95.3 radio gig after pro-convoy rant." The article stated "If you think the trucker convoy in Ottawa is a racist movement, you've been tricked. You've been fooled,' he said during Wednesday's morning show."

How is that a pro convoy rant? He told the truth. The State run media was definitely misrepresenting the Convoy and it's suportes from Day one. The headline on CTV read "Radio host Kid Carson leaving Z95.3 after spreading conspiracy theories on air." That was insane. That kind of misrepresentation coming from the Vancouver Sun and CTV clearly shows that their political affiliation has changed along with the CBC. They are now all clones with a dark agenda.

As a result Kid Carson has also started his own podcast. This is why independent media is so important. All the media mergers has resulted in the mainstream media being clearly controlled by a extreme leftist agenda that has absolutely nothing to do with civil liberty or social justice.

In steps Anita Krishna who was fried from Global Television for speaking at a Freedom Rally in North Vancouver. She to was defamed and misrepresented by the fake news. That's a pattern we need to explore. All three are on Substack just like Dr Robert Malone. Anita Krishna also has a channel on Rumble. When Global television was bought out by Post Media their news changed.

Hearing clips from the National Citizens Inquiry including testimony from medical doctors.

[ER Physician Dr. Mark Trozzi] [Legal expert Bruce Pardy] [Toronto Lawyer Michael Alexander] [Funeral Director Laura Jeffery] [Licensed Funeral Director Laura Jeffery] [Rodney Palmer Exposes CBC Propaganda] [Retired Police Officer Vincent Gircys] [Dr Robert Malone] [Dr Peter McCullough] [Dr Patrick Phillips] [Dr Laura Braden] [Dr Joseph Fraiman] [Dr Chris Milburn] [Dr Dion Davidson] [Dr Stephen Bate] [Mike MacIver Funeral Director] [Dr Jay Bhattacharya] [Charley Hooper Addresses Ivermectin] [Sgt. Rick Abbott] [Dr Jessica Rose] [Funeral Director Mike Vogiatzakis] [Lawyer Leighton Grey] [Dr Christopher Flowers] [Dr Francis Christian] [Maria Gutschi Pharmacist] [Pharmacist Ann McCormack] [Dr Gregory Chan] [Daniel Bulford] [Catherine Austin Fitts] [Dr Charles Hoffe] [Dr Daniel Nagase] [Edward Dowd]

Toronto Lawyer Michael Alexander is representing many medical doctors who have been censored for expressing their medical opinion like BC is now doing. Licensed Funeral Director Laura Jeffery testified on what she observed with clotting in Post-Vaccine Embalming which was confrimed by Mike MacIver and Mike Vogiatzakis who are also both Funeral Directors.


  1. One thing I’ve learned from watching the US shenanigans, is that liberals feel no shame, or issue apologies if caught in wrong doing.
    It’s business as usual, and “Try to catch us again !”

  2. This country, Canada, is a shadow of its former self!

    Get some smelling salts people, time to wake the fck up!

    China is calling the shots.


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