Sunday, July 14, 2024

Copa America and Euro Cup Finals

England and Spain are playing each other in the Euro Cup finals today. Right after that Colombia and Argentina play each other in the Copa America Final. Shakira is performing for the half time in the Copa America Final. Karol G is singing the Colombian national anthem. Vamos Colombia.

Spain beats England 2-1. Congratulations. While we're waiting for the main event, I just wanted to comment on Darwin Núñez lie about his fight with the Colombian fans. Charles Darwin said he was protecting their families from Colombian fans. That was a lie. Before he rushed the fans the only fight was the one in the centre of the pitch. After that display of poor sportsmanship the Colombian fans near the end zone were booing him and fingering him calling him a b*tch. Darwin loses his sh*t tries to throw a chair at them then finally storms them and fights with them. After that fight he climbs up in the middle of the stand and goes get his son. Nobody likes a liar.

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Canada loses to Uruguay in penalty shots

Canada was ahead 2-1 but they played an extra 5 minutes of stoppage time and Uruguay scored to tie it up. Now it's down to penalty shots. Uruguay won 4-3 in penaty shots. Very close. I guess the clown in the sports bra won't have to jump the fans this time. Viva la Colombia.

"Luis Suárez tied the score two minutes into second-half stoppage time, and Uruguay beat Canada 4-3 on penalty kicks after a 2-2 draw to finish third in the Copa America" ABC News

Shots fired at Trump rally, shooter dead.

Sky News is reporting that "Gunshots have reportedly been fired at Donald Trump's rally in Pennsylvania, with the former president rushed off-stage by security staff." F*ck the CIA.

The audio says shooter down. "Shooter and attendee killed in incident at Trump rally."

ABC is reporting that "Two people have been killed at a Donald Trump rally in Pennsylvania, including the person who fired shots in the former president's direction. Mr Trump was seen with blood on his face, and evacuated from the stage to safety." The extra shots were them taking out the alleged shooter. "Another person is in serious condition, the prosecutor said."

"The Secret Service confirmed the shooter is dead, one audience member was killed, and two were critically injured." Witness alerted police to shooter, secret service hesitated.

There is a slight anomaly with the trajectory. The shooter was on the site of the venue. For a bullet to graze Trump's ear he would have to have been stationed behind it not beside it. However, he did turn his head to face that direction when he was shot at.
CTV is reporting that "The FBI identified 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania as the suspect in Saturday's attempted assassination of former U.S. president Donald Trump at a campaign rally."

Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a Netanyahu supporter. That assassination assisted Mossad's quest to destroy the Oslo accord and sabotage the peace process.

NBC is reporting some stereotypical hearsay that doesn't make sense. "A high school classmate, Jason Kohler, 21, said Crooks was a "loner" who was “bullied so much in high school.” Crooks would regularly wear hunting outfits and was made fun of for the way he dressed. He often sat alone at lunch, Kohler added."

Michael Dudjak, 20, went to school with Crooks for most of his life, recalling him as a relatively reserved and quiet classmate. He didn't hear or see Crooks being actively bullied by their peers, but Dudjak did describe Crooks as someone who was "on his own a lot." He couldn't recall Crooks ever being outspoken about politics or very active on social media. Dudjak was with some friends and acquaintances from high school on Saturday night when he learned that Crooks was the shooter. They were all "in shock" and "couldn't fathom" the news, Dudjak said.

He supposedly wore hunting outfits. Hunters support Trump. Hunters don't support Biden. One person said he was bullied all the time yet a friend who knew him all his life said e never saw him bullied. Gun control Activist's claim he used and an AR style semi automatic rifle. Yet an AR is a military rifle. It's not really a hunting rifle or a long range sniper rifle. It certainly can be used for hunting but it's more for mid range as opposed to long range.

The CIA has a long history of orchestrating political assassinations and rigging elections. The CIA supported Hilary Clinton over Donald Trump. The CIA supported Joe Biden over Donald Trump. The CIA is not your friend. The CIA has a long history of drug trafficking, They support the WEF and the UN's New World Order. Every crime has a means and a motive.

Mission cop claims he doesn't care about fentanyl labs

May 20th 2024 the Mission Sity Record reported that "Mission RCMP continue to investigate and dismantle a “super” fentanyl lab discovered on Saturday. Shortly after 6 a.m. on May 18, Mission RCMP were called to an address in the 30000 block of Silverdale Avenue. When police arrived, they discovered that several objects , including a couch, had been set on fire in front of the house, and there was evidence that a break and enter had occurred.

Police theorize that the fires were set to draw attention to the home. Officers quickly found indications of a fentanyl lab inside the house, and secured the property for further investigation. No one was at the property when police arrived, and no one has been taken into custody.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, 6ixAK_TV posted a video of a cop confronted for following a vehicle saying “You think we give a fck about these fentanyl labs?” Well ya shpuld. We do. Is this why BC is so f*cked up? The lab was only discovered because "vigilantes" set a sofa on fire on the front lawn. We should give them a medal. WTF?

November 2nd 2024 Global reported that "A large-scale operating fentanyl lab has now been shut down near Mission, B.C. RCMP said officers were called to a report of gunshots in a remote area of Stave Lake Road, in the Hatzic Valley, during the early morning hours of Oct. 27."

“They also found that the word fentanyl had been spray painted on the street in front of the property and a tire had been set on fire,” Cpl. Harrison Mohr with Mission RCMP said at a press conference. “So we certainly believe that whoever did this did so with the purpose of drawing police to the property to help us investigate this drug lab. Approximately 25 kilograms of pure fentanyl was seized, as well as about 3 kilograms of fentanyl already cut for street distribution, ”

That's a pattern. Why don't the Mission PD and the CFSEU care about fentanyl labs in Mission?
There are one of two things going on here. This is either a rival reporting a lab or a concerned citizen. The fact that the police and the CFSEU don't care about these labs clearly show what the problem in BC really is. I can understand why the police might be concerned about shots being fired exposing the first lab but there were no shots fired in the second lab leak. They just set a sofa on fire. Yet a cop followed someone they thought was a suspect in exposing the lab and harassed them instead of the drug dealers. That reveals a problem.

Say these were rivals. Say these guys made and sold their own fentanyl and were simply exposing a rival's business? Why wouldn't the cops be concerned about the labs they were exposing? The CFSEU and Post Media News publicly launched that Rat out your Rivals program. If the compromised CFSEU were encouraging drug dealers to rat out their rivals why wouldn't they be grateful for the tip? Was it because these labs were getting police protection because those drug dealers had already enrolled in the rat out your rivals program?

Here's the inherit problem with the Rat out your Rivals program. Say there are two groups of drug dealers in mission. One is very large, the other is very small. What if the large group jumped at the opportunity to join the Rat out your Rivals program and the CFSEU let them continue to make and sell drugs as long as they occasionally gave them Intel on their rivals so they could get a token bust in the media without having to do any work.

That would be a fraud because it wouldn't be addressing the problem. The real problem were getting a free pass to continue as long as the CFSEU could get a few token publicity stunts. What if there were no rivals in Mission and that was just something the Rat Pack made up?

What if IHIT has these guys in the Rat out your Rival program in exchange for information about murders? What if it was murders they ordered and they weren't ratting out rivals, they were simply ratting out the people they hired to commit those nurses so IHIT could get a bust and they could get police protection to sell drugs? I can tell you right now that is happening in E Division.

Do you understand why I'm angry? What if these weren't rival drug dealers they were just concerned citizens or vigilantes as the fake News called them. The fact that the police and the CFSEU don't care about these labs show we have an internal problem here. A serious one.

Victim of fatal Surrey shooting identified

CTV is reporting that "The victim of a fatal, targeted shooting that happened in Surrey last week has been identified by homicide investigators. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team said Friday 25-year-old Jatindeep Singh from Langley died from his injuries after a July 5 shooting outside the Home Depot near Scott Road and 72 Avenue."

"Police say the victim was found in the parking lot suffering from a gunshot wound at about 5:30 a.m. that day and rushed to hospital. Investigators say the shooting was targeted, but Singh does not have a criminal record."

MSN News runs Stock Fraud ad on Front Page

This is a fraudulent ad running front page on MSN right beside real news ads. It uses a photoshopped picture of Doug Ford with a black eye then links to this completely false ad claiming to be from the Toronto Sun when it's on or

When you go to those urls nothing shows and when you cut and paste the actual url you got from clicking on the add, the article doesn't load. This is a complete fraud. The story is false. They are falsely impersonating the Toronto Sun to try and get you to register for a stock scam.
Now it's still running as an ad not a news story:

Pierre Poilievre explains how he's going to stop stolen cars getting shipped to Dubai

Pierre Poilievre explains simply and articulately how he's going to stop all the stolen cars getting shipped to Dubai and how he's going to pay for it. The man could literally save the nation.

Friday, July 12, 2024

Pierre Poilievre and Clinton Jaws on Safe Injection sites

Taming of the Shrew in Maple Ridge

I saw a live Shakespeare play in Maple Ridge today. The Emerald Pig Theatre Society put on a live performance of the Taming of the Shrew at the Bard on the Bandstand which is the Gazibo in Memorial Peace Park on 224th off Dewdney Trunk Road. It was really well done and it was free. They sold raffle tickets and asked for a food bank donation. It will be playing there tomorrow as well June 12th at 7:00 PM. July 18, 19 and 20 it will be playing at Spirit Square in Pitt Meadows.

Shakespeare is old school in old English. Some are comedies and others are tragedies but you have to remember the comedies humor is from a different time and a different place however I did find it very funny. I didn't realize what this one was about.

It's about a father who has two daughters. The older daughter is wild and angry while the younger daughter is fair and desirable. Everyone wants to marry the younger daughter but the father can't let anyone court her until his older daughter is married. So they pay a con man to Tame the Shrew so to speak and marry the older sister so they can have a crack at the younger sister.

There was a younger disabled kid in an electric wheelchair that was dressed up and joined the cast. The ear to ear grim on his face from being able to participate in the play was priceless.

I wasn't sure if it's a con man who falls in love with her like the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 days or if he actually shafts her. It kind of reminds of the John Wayne movie the Quiet Man. My father got me to watch that movie when I was young and it scared the life out of me. I dated a girl like that once and she scared the life out of me. I guess I still have a few scars from that : )

When I was young my parents used to take me to the theatre under the Stars in Stanley Park. I'm told they still do that. Live theatre is so rare now. It's nice to see people keeping the tradition alive.

Eminem goes Woke Drops 2 Candace Owens Diss tracks

LOL Biden called Zelensky Putin and said that Trump was his Vice President.

Candace Owens explains "The New York Times is an arm of the CIA and I'm not saying that to be funny, I hope you guys are very aware because you watch the show all the time that Operation Mockingbird was real and that the CIA was funneling a lot of money to the New York times so the New York Times would basically write whatever the deep state wanted written and I believe it still goes on. There has been no evidence whatsoever that that program was ever discontinued and to the contrary a ton of evidence that it's still going on." Let RFK run instead of Biden.

Live to Ride, Ride to Live

Since the boys are back and are in Lethbridge, let's talk about some common ground here. We all like to ride. When I was young the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance moved me. In the Florian Knights movie they talked about Wind Therapy. Firemen were riding motorcycles to help process PTSD. They hooked themselves up to equipment that monitored brainwaves and heart rate. They found that as they rode their motorcycles, other distractions faded away and they were able to focus on what was right in front of them. I really noticed it on my last road trip.

I've talked about how the fake News attacked the firemen and the veterans for wanting to ride because someone was seen with a member of the Hells Angels. This is where we need to balance the extremes. IMO the veterans and the firefighters have every right to ride motorcycles and join an MC. Preventing that is IMO government over reach.

Having said that I think if the veterans and firefighters join a MC, they need to be extra vigilant to stay away from the drug trafficking and the criminal element of OMGs. Riding motorcycles and selling drugs are two different things. You don't need a patch to ride a motorcycle and you don't need to be a 1%er to join an MC. Displaying a 1%er patch means you're bragging about being a criminal and as we've all seen in Rome, pride cometh before the fall.

The A&E series on the Hells Angels has been very enlightening. No lie can live forever. This means the club in Canada is at a cross roads. Recently the Hells Angels clubhouses in Kelowna, East Vancouver and Naniamo were seized under proceeds of crime. Each chapter was convicted of enough criminal activity for the courts to allow the police to seize their clubhouses. Personally I don't like proceeds of crime legislation. Not only is it a slippery slope but it also removes police incentive to stop crime. Instead it just makes them want to tax it and profit from crime.

The Aging Rebel covered the AFT trial in California where they were trying to seize the Mongol patch. I see that as government over reach. Although I am concerned with the prolific nature of some of the drug trafficking and human trafficking linked to the Hells Angels, I am also just as if not more concerned about government over reach. When the Hells Angels shoot a rival drug dealer that does not affect me at all but when Justin Trudeau and the fake news take away my civil liberty protected by law, that does affect me directly.

If you want to save the MC, drop the OMG. Larry Amero and Damion Ryan don't even ride motorcycles. Kick them to the curb. You're not getting a cut of their drug sales so lose them. Go on a road trip. Bring a tent. Live the dream don't pimp the dream.

Biden mistakes Zelensky for Putin

Wow. We can't make this sh*t up. God save the people.

Drugs, Gangs and Law Enforcement in BC and Alberta

In my post about the new Lethbridge chapter of the Hells Angels someone mentioned Project Forseti which targeted the Southland chapter. We can argue disinformation on both sides but that was a successful Police operation that took down a really bad drug ring that went well beyond running a few grows and was supplying toxic drugs to a local reservation that resulted in several fatalities. This is what I mean about greed. Criminals who sell toxic drugs are greedy.

Project Forseti was tied to the drug problem on the Blood Reservation southwest of Lethbridge. Wherever we see toxic drugs sold we also see human trafficking to fund it. That's exactly what an Alberta task force on human trafficking found on that same Blood Reservation.

What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. Human Trafficking is not consensual. It brings us back to Margo Compton, Janice Shore and Dianne Rock. It also brings us back to the murder of Wendy Carlick. She was a missing woman's advocate was murdered before she could testify at the new missing women inquiry. Marilyn Poitras resigned from the MMIW inquiry because it became a political farce and wasn't addressing its mandate.

Marilyn Poitras said "We've been down this road before... We had people tell us if you want to know who the problems are and how to fix them you go talk to the sex trade workers. They're going to tell you who they are. It's not a mystery. This isn't some person coming out of the blue and randomly taking women off the street. People know who they're threatened by. Lets go talk to them. We weren't doing any of those things."

In steps Janice Shore. Janice Shore was brutally murdered on the Surrey Strip. She was sexually assaulted and brutally beaten into a coma from which she never woke up. I visited her in the hospital on Christmas day. The whole side of her jaw was caved in from blunt force trauma.

After I put posters up asking for information about her murder a sex trade worker contacted me and explained what happened. Janice was a pan handler with an addiction. She was forced into the sex trade to support her addiction. The tree where she was found beside is where the drug dealers demand free service from the sex trade workers they sold drugs to. Dumping Janice's body there was a message to the other sex trade workers, pay your debts or end up like Janice.

On the Surrey Strip, drug dealers would give sex trade workers toxic drugs and when they got a trick, the drug dealer would take all their money. That is not consensual. That is human trafficking. The women found dead on the Pickton farm were sex trade workers that had drug debts.

Teri-Lyn Williams was from Calgary. She got addicted to drugs and ended up involved with the sex trade in Surrey and was murdered there. The before and after pictures of her drug use clearly show that peddling that poison is evil. Denying that is evil. Rationalizing that is evil.
Shannon Collins was murdered in Edmonton. Her sister was told she was leaving for Calgary to work for the Hells Angels. However, since she was living what police described as a high risk lifestyle, it appears she had already been working for the boys in Edmonton.

Georgina Papin was also originally from Edmonton. Her DNA ended up on the Pickton farm.

Law enforcement in southern Alberta is good. Law enforcement in Edmonton is not. ALERT, the Alberta Law Enforcement Team is good. IHIT and the CFSEU are not. EPS had a reputation for leaking Intel to the Hells Angels. Don't get me started on IHIT and the CFSEU.

It all comes back to greed. The Dianne Rock story clearly illustrated that. Dianne Rock's boyfriend was a longshoreman who sold crack. Crack is nasty like crystal meth. Longshoreman make a good wage. Supplementing that wage by selling crack and human trafficking is really low life.

It all starts off with strippers and blow. Then they say if you want to make a lot of money you should become an escort. Then when the drugs eat them alive they end up dead. There is nothing noble or admirable about making money from that. You need to get a real job.

Ten people facing charges in human trafficking case in southern Alberta

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Armed Security Protecting Supreme Court Justice Who Votes Against 2A Rights Shoots Armed Car Jacker

Uruguay players brawl with fans after loss to Colombia

Update: Here's why he stormed the stand. The fans were fingering him and swearing at him likely for the brawl in the middle of the pitch so he lost his temper and stormed them then made up that bullsh*t story about defending babies. He tried to throw a chair at the fans for fingering him.

Speaking of Copa America, Colombia beat Uruguay as expected with one hand tied behind their back to advance to the finals against Argentina. After the loss, some of the Uruguay players jumped the stands and brawled with the Colombian fans. What's worse is they lied about why.

Uruguay's José María Giménez claimed some of the Colombian fans rushed their families and put them in danger. "We had to get on the top of the stands as soon as possible to rescue our loved ones with newborn babies." OMG. Let's look at the facts.

The match was very chippy. Early in the second half Colombia's Daniel Muñoz elbowed Manuel Ugarte, leading to a second yellow card and leaving his team short handed for almost the entire second half. That was a humiliating defeat for Uruguay.

Darwin Núñez, the mental case that jumped the gate and started fighting Colombia fans plays for Liverpool. Liverpool fans have a very bad reputation for agro from hooligans so if any fans have ever put families at risk around the world it has been Liverpool. They've caused serious problems across Europe. One brawl started in the middle of the pitch before Darwin jumped the fans.
When you look at the video, none of the Colombian fans were fighting with anyone until Charlse the missing link Darwin jumped them. So why did he jump them? The fans were mocking him so he lost his sh*t and charged them. That whole protecting babies lie was ridiculous. Perhaps he was offended when they laughed at his sports bra. He tried to throw a chair at them.
In Canada and America fans don't fight each other at soccer games. They do that in England and Central America. We think that is stupid because it is. We support family events. The football hooligans in England are mental cases. So is Darwin's sports bra going to trend?
"The fight began after drinks were thrown at the players." Yeah, that's what we thought.

Can you imagine Argentina playing Colombia? Argentina is going to be diving all over the field again. It's amusing how many of the videos on Twitter of Argentina rolling around taking dives have been deleted over copyright. ACADEMY AWARD SINNER Fans want Argentina star De Paul to be awarded Oscar for outrageous theatrics during Copa America win over Canada Charles Darwin said he was protecting their families from Colombian fans. That was a lie. Before he rushed the fans the only fight was the one in the centre of the pitch. After that display of poor sportsmanship the Colombian fans near the end zone were booing him and fingering him calling him a b*tch. Darwin loses his sh*t tries to throw a chair at them then finally storms them and fights with them. After that fight he climbs up in the middle of the stand and goes get his son.

Chairlifts on Cypress open for summer hikers

We went to Cypress this weekend because they've opened up the Lions chair and the Sky chair for summer hikers. Now instead of hiking up you can just take the chairlift. They also have the chairlift on Black mountain running for the Eagle Coaster ride. You can take the chairlift up and the mountain coaster down but that's a separate ticket. The top pic is from Sky chair.

If you take the chairlift up Black Mountain there are a few short hikes you can go on from there. This is the view from Eagle Bluff on the opposite side of Mount Strachan.

Volcano in Italy erupted on July 4th 2024

Update: Powerful Explosion from Stromboli Volcano July 11th 2024

Yeah what he said. This guy is pretty technical but the images are stunning and he explains that since the density of the lava was lighter than water, the lava flow that did make it to the Mediterranean was able to travel a surprising distance because it floated on top of the water (0.24 in the second video). Holy Pompeii Batman.

He also said the alert rate in several North American volcanoes were also raised this week. As we recall, when Mt St Helen's erupted it was just a whole lot of ash. Baker is an active volcano as in it sometimes lets off a bit of steam but Mount Rainier, Mount St Helen's and Mount Hood appear to be much more active. Earthquake and Volcano Risks from the Juan de Fuca Plate.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Hells Angels open chapter in Lethbridge - Update

Update: Drugs, Gangs and Law Enforcement in BC and Alberta

Evidently the Hells Angels are having a gathering in Lethbridge this weekend launching a new chapter. I don't really have an opinion on the matter because it's none of my business. I did notice some traffic recently on some very old posts I made about Hells Angels in Lethbridge so I deleted them because my opinion and my perspective has changed considerably since writing those posts. The bottom line is that the new Lethbridge chapter has a choice to make.

George Wethem wrote a book called the Wayward Angel. He was Sonny Barger's Vice President. In that book George said the purpose of starting new chapters was to expand their drug trafficking network into new markets. Obviously not all Hells Angels sell drugs but if a chapter is involved with drug trafficking that activity is approved by the local president.

So what the Lethbridge chapter decides to do is up to them. As I keep saying, locally the Gypsy Wheelers were normal but Rainbow Ricky and the Satan's Angels were f*ck ups. That was all documented in a book called the Devil's Butler which was based on wire taps. In BC the big problem is the Wolf Pack. The Edmonton Angels are also deeply involved in Surrey drug trafficking as well but the Calgary chapter appear to be fairly normal. Greed is a dangerous thing. If they can keep their greed in check, everything should be fine.

I spoke with a former member of the Outlaws back east who claims he was never involved with drug trafficking when he was in that club. I believe him. He said when he first started hanging around the club an old timer wanrned him about the criminal element and warned him to stay away from that part of it which he did. We're all free to choose so we are. Now that pot is legal the Lethbridge Hells Angels have every right to open a legal dispensary. They have a name and a brand. If former cops can sell pot, so can the Hells Angels.

Update: OK that Project Forseti was really bad in the sense that it was a whole lot of very harmful drugs that resulted in several deaths on a local reservation. This is the perfect example of what I meant when I said getting swept away in greed. Police seized 5 kilos of Crystal meth, 2.6 kilos of cocaine and a bunch of other drugs including fake oxycontin and fentanyl pills.
Terry Eide, a full-patch member of the Hells Angels, was the lone Calgarian arrested in the raids. Robert Allen was a full-patch member of the Hells Angels from the Saskatoon chapter. It's usually one member and one associate acting under the direction of the local president. Terry Eide was a member of the Southland chapter not the Calgary chapter.

I had forgotten that Calgary had a second chapter. I'm a bit relieved to hear this is the chapter that was in possession of the stolen cars from Kelowna not the Calgary chapter. This is why I strive to balance the extremes. Some people are spamming me with comments like all Hells Angels sell drugs, every single one of them and I'm a fool if I believe otherwise. Then we get the other extreme that claims the Hells Angels aren't the problem in Western Canada it's the brown guys. That is an offensive lie. Who do you think the brown guys work for?

The Brother's Keepers are brown and they work for the Edmonton Hells Angels. The Driftwood Crips in Surrey are black and they work for the Edmonton Angels too. Zone 43 are black and they work for the Wolf Pack. So in BC the public enemy number one is the Wolf Pack and the Edmonton Angles. Public enemy number two is IHIT and the CFSEU. The Wolf Pack work for Larry Amero and Damion Ryan. The Calgary chapter on the north side of the city are normal like the Gypsie Wheelers and the Whiterock Chapter. Wolf Pack and Edmonton are POS.

Obviously it's not every member of all the chapters in Edmonton but the ones using the name of the club to sell drugs are POS. Like those guys who beat that father to death in Greece. They should have been kicked out of the club. So Southland was a new chapter given a new drug jurisdiction. They supplied the Saskatoon chapter and flooded a local reservation with really bad drugs that killed several people.

That was greed. Nobody cares if you run a few grows. People get upset when you flood their community with fentanyl and crystal meth. Greed kills and it's never satisfied. So here I am. Stuck in the middle again. It's interesting to see that the president of the Southland and Saskatoon chapters were never charged. We now know that they had to have approved that activity and was getting a cut. The members of those chapters can elect a new president.

Classified - Slippin from Luke's View

Classified put out a clip that mentioned a main road near his parent's house that has been unusable for a year. Maybe it's because Trudeau's crew said they aren't going to build new roads after they force everyone to EVs. Classified is still putting out new beats and they're all positive.

Jully Black is a Canadian-born Queen of R&B. She's putting out new music as well in NYC.

The reason why I support Classified is because he's positive and authentic. He's not a plastic yuppie trying to pretend to be something he's not and he's not trying to support a stupid life. He's says you think I'm corny because I'm not into brand names but I think you're corny because you are. Obsessing over brand names isn't just corny, it's shallow and fake.

Classified says he's not into battle rap. That's a good thing. He remembers a fried who was killed over a stupid rap beef. Recently he put out an album called Retrospected. It's really positive. He's uploading a ton of positive sh*t. Classified smokes a lot of weed but he doesn't do any hard drugs. I don't smoke pot but I recognize a huge difference between pot and meth or hard drugs.

He recently put out a track called Make it Make Sense talking about how pot has been legalized after some of his friends did more time for pot than repeat sex offenders. He has a point. It ties in with the recent demonization of Marty Robert's wife and mother in law. Cops burning his mother in law's house down because it had a legal dispensary and they want a monopoly on the market.

Classified isn't political. He say's he doesn't care if your Gay or Trans and neither do I. I have a coworker who has become a bit cynical of the extreme agenda that's being crammed down our throat. He said several years ago he had a coworker that told him we was Gay. He was like OK. Then the coworkers said you didn't know. He said no, I didn't know and I don't care. For real. He just doesn't care. I don't care who you sleep with. Why are you making a big deal about it.

Classified did a collaboration with Jully Black who is a Canadian born R&B Queen making her mark in New York. She's very good. R&B is another genre. It's like Lawrence in New York. Their background is blues, jazz, R&B, soul with a little funk. So they are making their own music. They have really powerful singing voices as does Jully Black.

CBC used some of Jully Black's music to promote Black Lives Matter. Now if we just take a step back it's OK to say Black Lives Matter because they do. All lives matter and every child matters. We have every right to pause and say Black Lives Matter out of respect for the past struggles they have risen above. The problem is when we refuse to process the past and dwell on it.

The new world order wants to divide us and victimize us. If we process the past we can move forward. As I've said before, revenge is toxic. We need to unite. We don't need to fight each other. We need to be positive and resist evil. The UN's NWO doesn't want us to move forward. They want to victimize us so they can enslave us. All of us - black, white and everything in between.

Classified also did a collaboration with Merkules. That shows he's trying to be inclusive. I didn't like Merk's part in that track. It didn't seem real or genuine. It seemed fake and weird. I don't want to hate. I just have a different taste in music. Merk is trying to promote bad things and I don't support that. It's like TI in Rihanna's song Live your Life. The whole point of that song was to leave the gang life not promote it. Promoting crime and addiction isn't positive.

TI has a verse in the song that says "I got love for the game but I'm not in love with all of it. Rappers nowadays are comedy. The hooting and the hollarin back and forth with the arguing. Where you from, who you know, what you make and what kind of car you in. Seems as though you lost sight of what's important when depositin' them checks into your bank account, and you up out of poverty. Your values is a disarray, prioritizin' horribly. Unhappy with the riches cause you're piss poor morally. Ignorin' all prior advice and forewarnin'and we mighty full of ourselves all of a sudden, aren't we?" That was 15 years ago and the new kids just never grew up.

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Argentina beat Canada 2 - 0 in Copa America Semi Final

Update: "Pathetic": Canada soccer fans furious with diving Argentina players

Well Argentine won which was to be expected but Canada did really well. Possession of the ball was almost 50/50 and shots on goal were 9-11 or something around that. Sadly Argentina were taking dives and rolling all over the soccer field. It was really embarrassing. This is the world's best soccer team? Wow. They took our best player out on a foul in the second half. If this was hockey it would have been gloves off. But no the whining little b*tches have to take dives and roll all over the ground like little children. I think Colombia is going to kick their a*s in the final.

Team Canada you played well. We salute you. Near the end one of the Canadians got frustrated because one of the Argentina clowns was rolling all over the ground so he kicked the ball into his back and got a yellow card. Good for you. It was literally a tap. What Argentina was doing was not world class soccer. Colombia - finish them. My son in law is from Colombia. Lots of Spanish memes coming from Argentina's dives against Canada. That's not how you earn respect.

Monday, July 8, 2024

Marty Robert on the Original Gangsters Podcast

As I fade out of biker stuff and focus more on civil liberty, I noticed a famous podcaster recently made another podcast about a prominent Hells Angel in Montreal and referred to him as Canada's public enemy number one. Now I'm not going to trash this podcaster because he is credible. I'm just going to point out that some of his sources are US intelligence so we know what that means. We need to fact check everything the FBI and their puppet master claim.

Before I dive into the allegations I want to state my perspective and set the stage. Montreal Mafia is not my specialty. I was born in North Vancouver and raised in Surrey. I know what's going on here not there. I went to Trois Riviere as soon as I finished high school and loved it.

My ability to speak French isn't very good but I really do like and respect the French. I was a chef by trade originally and back then all the cooking terms were in French. That's because the French wrote the book on cooking, twice. First it was Escoffier Ma Cuisine, then they rewrote everything in Nouvelle Cuisine. I like to remix the old with the new. Only it's not new any more.

I want to point out that there is a huge difference between the Hells Angels in Ontario and the Hells Angels in Quebec. It's like night and day. The Hells Angels in Quebec have always been seen as hard core and the real deal. The Ontario Hells Angels not so much. The BC Hells Angels have never been as hard core as the Quebec Hells Angels. The BC Hells Angels have always been the money makers. They're good at making money so that is what they do.

Now I'm not claiming to be an expert on the Hells Angels. I have never been affiliated with them. They haven't been in BC nearly as long as they have been in Quebec. All I know is that the Gypsy Wheelers who became the Whiterock Hells Angels were normal while Rainbow Ricky and the Satan’s Angels in Vancouver were f*ck ups. No offense.

OK that's where I'm coming from. In 2018 the Montreal Gazette reported on Marty Robert's marriage to Annie Arbic. When I did cover biker stuff I never covered weddings or funerals. I respected their right to privacy. Here in BC the compromised CFSEU make a big song and dance when the Hells Angels have a gathering or go on a ride but they also have Hells Angels associates getting police protection to sell drugs so the drama is kinda bullsh*t.

Likewise the coverage of their wedding was pretty toxic. Take a look at the first picture. Marty and Annie had been together 10 years before they were married. That's a pretty stable relationship but take a look at the picture. It was taken a while ago.

They look really normal. They don't look shady and they don't look like freaks. Now I know my buddy from New York is going to say you can't determine someone's guilt or innocence based on a picture but sometimes I do. Cameron Ortis didn't look shady. They set him up. The same with Bill Majcher and Kim Marsh. Sometimes the intelligence community set up good people so they can get away with bad things.

When you look at the wedding pictures Annie looked gorgeous and Marty looked handsome. I don't mean in a weird way. I mean they look like a great couple. Why can't we just leave it at that. The article in the Montreal Gazette covering the wedding just went off quoting police sources that said "the arrogance of holding the wedding downtown raises questions about the gang's increasing feeling of invincibility, former RCMP intelligence analyst says."

Where do you want them to get married? In a f*cking barn? I find the punitive coverage suspicious. There was another high profile HA wedding in Germany a while ago and I wouldn't say the same thing about them. That bride looked worldly and that groom looked shady. He was the one that was running all the prostitution out of that island off of Spain.

Anyways, the FBI and their puppet masters claim that Marty Robert ordered the murder of Greg Wooley. I'll admit that was likely an inside job but since they tried to blame Marty that instinctively makes me question the claim and I'll tell you why.

Greg was tied to Mom Boucher and the Rizzutos. The Quebec Hells Angels and the Montreal chapter were always supportive of the Rizzutos. When many Quebec Hells Angels went to prison under SharQ the Ontario Hells Angels came in and started firebombing funeral homes in support of the Calabrians out of Hamilton over the Rizzutos. Then when the Quebec members got out of prison they said f*ck that and disbanded the Ontario Nomads. That's when Damion Ryan had to run away to Greece after he was almost shot at the Vancouver airport.

Now that the Ontario Nomads are back, it is my opinion that they are once again supporting the Calabrians out of Hamilton over the Rizzutos. The real snake in the grass here is Wally Weasel. He's not a Francophone. He's from Ontario, Hamilton to be exact. That means he and Ontario are the prime suspects in Greg Wooley's murder not Marty. What ever happened to Dexter?

Now the FBI and the Original Gangsters Podcast claim that Hells Angels' Nurget Co-signs Marty Robert's War. Nurget is Wally the Weasel Stadnick who is the Anglophone from Hamilton. They also claim that Marty wants to take the whole country and push into Ontario and other areas where there are no Hells Angels including BC and Alberta. That is ridiculous. That's like the US Intelligence agency that forgot to read the memo and planted giant black scorpions in the red scorpions​ bust with the fake pressure cooker bombs. There are Hells Angels in Ontario, BC and Alberta. Quebec in moving in to New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

IMO the FBI and their puppet masters are setting up Marty Robert claiming that he is trying to take over the Rizzutos when in reality it is the Ontario Hells Angels who are trying to take out the Rizzutos in suport of the Calabrians. It is also my opinion that the police and the intelligence community are supporting the Ontario Hells Angels war with the Rizzutos. It's even possible that the intelligence community took out Greg Wooley themselves just like they took out Nicolo Rizzuto who was shot by a sniper in his home at the dinner table. That's how I call it.
Update: Another thing I find strange about this defamation campaign against Marty is the defamation campaign against his wife. Annie's mother is Mohawk. That makes Annie First Nations. That kind of illustrates the difference between how the French and English did business in Canada. The French were explorers in voyageur canoes that would inter marry with the First Nations. Their descendants would become known as Metis. The English have been accused of giving Natives blankets laces with smallpox but I don't think they had the technology back then to do it on purpose. In Fort Langley the English and the First Nations got a long well.

One of my pet peeves is how a white liberal will buy a Mohawk flag on ebay and bring it to a protest in BC. Mohawks aren't from BC they're from Ontario and Quebec and the person who is flying that flag isn't First Nations. Annie's mother is from Kanesatake. That's not only Mohawk, that the area where Oka took place. Oka wasn't a handful of Communists trying to oppose the environment by preventing the use of natural gas. They were trying to build on a sacred burial ground in Oka. Their concerns were valid.

Annie's mother ran a marijuana trafficking network. No one cares about pot. Pot is legal now. In 2020, Annie's mother Sharon Simon who is a cousin of the Grnd Cheif, owned a home where the marijuana dispensary Herbal Solutions was located. Somebody torched the home. Probably the police. It was a legal dispensary. Pot was legalised in 2018.

Annie served time after project Cleopatra for pot. Again, no one cares about pot or contraband cigarettes. Annie was sentenced to 42 months when she was 21 which she served with her mother. I kid you not. Police intercepted a love letter she sent to Marty while in prison saying she loved him and looked forward to marrying him. That's touching. These are not bad people. Something shady is going on and they're not behind it.

We saw in BC that former cops are part of a company that sells legal pot. They have a former Ontario cop on their team and they are trying to muscle the Hells Angels out of the business. If former cops can sell legal pot so can the Hells Angels and Clay Roueche. The number of former politicians, mayors and even premiers involved in legal pot now is staggering. Even Ly'n Brian Mulroney. If they can sell legal pot, so can the HAs. The City is f*cking over the Emerys

The Mohawks were patriots from the war of 1812 The Americans were is a dispute with England so they invaded Canada wanting to "liberate" the French and First Nations. They said no thanks and lead the counter attack that burned the White house and ended the invasion. France had sold a large amount of territories around Louisiana to the Americans and their language and culture has not been preserved. The Americans used to shoot Natives dead. There was even a bizarre Bugs Bunny cartoon mocking that fact. Canada was built up on the principle of diversity and I am not ashamed of that fact. Diversity makes us strong. O Siem.

Today We Celebrate the Time Canada Burned Down the White House

George Christie on the Bakersfield bust

George Christie was recently interviewed by News Nation about the Bakersfield bust where the entire Hells Angels chapter, all 6 members have been arrested and charged. They didn't have time to get into all the charges but it's difficult to do so at this point because we haven't seen the evidence. People are innocent until proven guilty and we need to see what on earth they are talking about when it comes to some of the suspicious charges like elder abuse. That one sounds like it was thrown in for public theatrics but we'll see what evidence comes forward.

Remember in Australia the gang task force made some pretty outrageous and completely false allegations about one biker they were targeting. They even made up stuff about his mother to justify harassing her. That was pretty low. Now let's find a balance here. I don't support drug dealing and I don't support the ATF. Why don't I support the ATF? Because they are dirty as f*ck and they are mandated to destroy the second amendment.

Nobody likes guns in the hands of criminals but the ATF are lobbying the government to reduce the kinds and number of guns in the hands of law biding citizens when they have no place doing so. That quest makes them oath breakers not oath keepers. A lot of them are just dirty a*s swingers who covet the life. The LA ATF running a prostitution ring with Michael Kramer is a prime example. That makes any of their other claims suspect. Having said that no one likes bullies and no one likes guns in the hands of criminals. Except common sense doesn't go viral.

Rick Ross and the Vancouver Clowns Conclusion

I'm just going to set the record straight and leave this publicity stunt in the garbage where it belongs. I saw a YouTuber talking about the fight at the Rick Ross event in Vancouver and it was ridiculous. He said the person in Merkules' crew that was using the N word with a hard R was black. That is not true. He was a white POS from Surrey. Merkules fans in Surrey are white not black. I've talked about this before. I didn't name him because I didn't want to support his bullsh*t.

However, everyone else is naming him because he posted videos of the event on his social media bragging about what happened and Drake clicked like on it saying Happy Canada Day. That is so f*cked up. My respect for Drake just went down the toilet. Don't bring that sh*t here. What you guys are promoting is wrong. Everyone's going off about how Nancy is a full patch member of the club. Nancy got her patch in Greece after the Ontario nomads had to go there because the Quebec charter shut them down. Nancy is a heat bag overcompensating for her Daddy issues. Promoting crime and addiction in God's name is an abomination.

Everyone knows where to go if they want information about the Vancouver gang war. I'm not a drama Queen promoting clickbait to make money. Google demonetized me and buries me for a reason. As Gary Webb said investigative journalism ruffles feathers, generates lawsuits and gets newspapers in trouble. There is no investigative journalism left in the mainstream media.

I have no respect left for Drake. Drake has lost his mind and his soul. I don't like his music. Not because it's hip hop but because it's nasally and promotes stupid things. When the Game was beefing with 50 cent we supported the Game. Not because he was West coast but because he was funny. He came out with a lot of funny stuff that wasn't hateful. It was all in good fun. He wasn't promoting stupid sh*t. I think everyone recognizes, after Tupac and Biggie were killed Hip Hop needed to evolve. Shooting people over a music video is stupid.

I remember Drake did a collaboration with the Game and it was hilarious. It clearly illustrated the two very different music styles. The Game was hard core and in your face while Drake was nasally. It was so different it didn't even mesh right. It just made Drake look silly.

Now there's all kinds of music out there and what I like or don't like doesn't matter. As we can all see stupid sh*t goes viral on social media. Part of that is because of all the fake agencies using bots to control trending articles but part of it is just because most people like stupid sh*t. Look at how popular cat or pet videos are. It's ridiculous.

Take Taylor Swift for example. Taylor Swift is a pop star and I just shake my head. I remember one time Taylor Swift was doing a song with Jenifer Lopez. It was Jenny from the Block. Taylor Swift was going off saying do you remember being a little girl singing this song into a hair brush in front of the mirror? I was like no, I don't but all her fans were cheering. Little girls have driven pop starts for generations. Drake is one of them so what I think doesn't matter.

I had never heard of Merkules until I saw him in one of Nancy's videos. I was surprised to hear he was from Surrey and I had never heard of him. I was even more surprised to hear he opened for Snoop Dogg on his Canadian tour. I don't like Merk's music either. Mostly because it's not positive. He's very uncomfortable to look at. No offense. Him and Nancy were promoting crime and addiction in God's name. That's insane as is all this trailer trash red and white wannabe sh*t.

As for the orchestrated publicity stunt at Rick Ross' concert in Vancouver, that was stupid. That's not something we should encourage. I've seen a couple of different views of the altercation now. Nancy starts arguing with Rick Ross while some of Merkules' trailer trash fans from Surrey start filming it because it's staged. They were in on it.

Nancy tries to sucker punch Ross and hits a drink which goes flying. Security jumps in, separates them and removes them both from the scene. After they all left, a bunch of Merkules' fans jumped a couple of guys in Rick Ross's crew. These were white guys jumping black guys and one of the white guys used the N word inappropriately. They are also the white guys who support the cub pack who hire black guys to shoot black guys then roll on them to the police.

Wolfhouse records is ridiculous. They can't even say Wolf Pack records because someone else already has that name. Someone else already has the name Wolfhouse as well. This all comes back to Larry Amero, Jonathon Bacon and Damion Ryan. Jonathon Bacon is dead, Jamie Bacon is in Witness Protection and Jared Bacon is in hiding. Larry Amero is in jail after getting shot in Kelowna and Damion Ryan is in bed with the PoPo. So that's their legacy.

Nancy posted a really stupid video on social media of two crackheads fighting and he photo shopped his bobble head and Rick Ross' bobble head on the crackheads. That is not what happened. Nancy did not knock out Rick Ross. Nancy threw a punch and security separated and removed them from the area. After they all left, a bunch of Merkules fans jumped a couple of guys in Rick Ross' entourage and gave them the boots. One of those guys was almost knocked out.

There is nothing honourable or admirable about jumping people and giving them the boots. It's the mob mentality we saw on the Surrey Strip before it was shut down. If you don't help them give someone the boots, they'll give you the boots. They will betray you in a heartbeat.

It's like how one of Stiff Gritty's fans punched Mad Child in the head at the Haney then Stiff Gritty sang about it. Voldemort f*cked over Madchild completely. He sucked him dry and kicked him to the curb. Now Voldemort is out in bad and the mob still trashes Madchild because they are incapable of using their own brain. So what does this mean? This means I do not support Drake. I do not support Nancy and I do not support Merkules. Full stop, end of discussion, game over.

Sunday, July 7, 2024

Five charged after OPP raid Hells Angels clubhouse

The Toronto Sun is reporting that "An alleged “hang-around” member of the Hells Angels is among five people facing charges after police raided the biker gang’s clubhouse during a series of searches in Southwestern Ontario."

"The OPP searched four locations in Kitchener – two homes, an after-hours bar and the Hells Angels clubhouse – between May 11 and 21, police said Wednesday. Officers from several OPP-led units, including London and Windsor, assisted in the searches that led to the seizure of a handgun, a kilogram of suspected cocaine, alcohol and electronic devices."

"The investigation started after police were alerted to an illegal after-hours club and determined it was linked to the Hells Angels, said OPP Det.-Insp. Scott Wade, head of the biker enforcement unit. 'There were some incidents of violence reported to the Waterloo police,' Wade said of several shootings linked to the illegal nightclub. 'During this investigation, we received information that, in addition to the illegal alcohol, there was cocaine and other drugs,' Wade said."

This is what you call a heat bag. As soon as you start doing stupid sh*t like the Surrey Girls did at Rick Ross' concert, that attracts unwanted police attention. Old School means low profile.

France Election: Gabriel Attal resigns as Prime Minister

The National Post is reporting that "Surprise polling projections in France say a leftist coalition that came together to try to keep the far right from power has won the most parliamentary seats in runoff elections. There was high voter turnout. The projections are based on the actual vote count in select constituencies, and they put President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist alliance in second and the far right in third. Final results are expected late Sunday or early Monday."

"No one has a majority of parliament seats. The prime minister says he will turn in his resignation. The far right has drastically increased the number of seats it holds in parliament but fell far short of expectations." WTF does that mean. They got more seats than the had before but resigned. It's a little bit hard to follow because France has a Prime minister as well as a President and it appears that their elections are held in rounds.

The fact that they got more seats but resigned I hard for me to understand. On top of that we have the obviously insanely misrepresented way the fake news portrays things. They keep using the term far right. Maybe they are far right but as far as they're concerned if you are left of centre but right of the Berlin Wall that makes you far right so what they say doesn't really mean anything.

The Guardian is reporting that "And now the final results have arrived with the leftwing NFP alliance on 182, Macron’s centrists on 163 and the far-right RN and its allies on 143: The results mean no bloc has an outright majority in parliament – 289 out of the 577 seats are needed for that​ Coalition talks will be needed – under the constitution no fresh elections can take place for another year." So the Maroon could team upon with either party and maintain government.

Since he's a Globalist he'll likely team up with the Communists.

The Globe and Mail is reporitng that "as French voters went to the polls Sunday in the second round of a parliamentary election ... President Emmanuel Macon’s centrist party lost dozens of seats to both the far-right National Rally (RN) and leftist New Popular Front (NFP)."

Just for the record the NFP isn't a single party it is a cluster of several parties so in a sense it's aleady a coalition. The Maroon could form a coalition with the RN like the NFP already has.

The National Rally could form a coalition with the Republicans and form a powerful opposition.

I don't see the New Popular Front for an old Communist state forming an coalition with the National Rally or the Republicans. So all three could team up and trample the New Communist State. Unless the Maroon forms a coalition wit the Communists, him forming a coalition with National Rally is the only logical conclusion. I'm sure the Republicans will bridge the gap.
Why the f*ck would Muslims vote for Communism? What aboput the Uyghur genocide? It also raises the question about mass migration to thwart elections. That appears to be a valid concern.