Sunday, July 7, 2024

Israeli protests against Netanyahu intensify

Here's the deal. "On 21 November 2019, Netanyahu was officially indicted for breach of trust, accepting bribes, and fraud." The October 7th attack magically derailed that trial.Despite being in the middle of a war, that trial resumed December 2023.

Yet Netanyahu keeps throwing your delays which include starting new wars on other fronts in direct opposition to what the citizens are calling for. That is why they want him to resign and hold new election. Netanyahu's ongoing and expanding war serve his interests only.

Everyone knows the October 7th attack could not have been possible if Netanyahu hadn't facilitated it. Mossad created Hamas to sabotage the Oslo accord and the peace process.

Protesters are calling for an immediate ceasefire and end to the war. They want all the hostages returned not just two or three from a staged rescue reminiscent of Iran Contra. The Israeli citizens understand the worth of a soul. They do not believe in shedding blood unnecessarily.

When I worked on a kibbutz in Israel the soldiers on the kibbutz were highly respected. Every citizen serves in the military. We all heard stories about how intense the SF training was. One example was how they were required to complete a 100 mile hike while carrying another solder in a fireman's carry. This illustrated the worth of a soul and the idea of leaving no one behind. Netanyahu has completely lost this understanding. He is only concerned about himself.


  1. Don't know where you get your info but both of my nephews were born on the coast in Ashdod. They are here in Canada with us at the cottage. When I showed them your line about having to carry someone on a 100 mile hike, they just laughed and said how ridiculous that was. That has never happened. Maybe you should research your posts a bit better so you don't look so foolish.

    1. That is what we were told. It could well have been an exaggeration. Kind of like how stories about folk heroes get bigger as time goes on. However, I think the point is very valid. The IDF I knew didn't leave people behind. The high ranking soldiers go in first and say come follow me. They don't sit behind a desk and order the massacre of troops like the British did. Netanyahu would. He made the hostage taking possible.

    2. This site claims they would marched between 20 to 45 miles (some units, like special forces, march longer than others) with all their gear and stretchers:

      This Wolverine did the fireman's carry for one mile:

      Now they have a special device to help you carry a wounded soldier:

      This is the Ranger roll:

    3. I worked on Kibbutz Einat outside Petah Tikva. We were beside the training facility that trained for the raid on Entebbe. I was there long after that but a long time ago. Things have changed a lot now.


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