Thursday, November 27, 2014

Drayton Valley Drug Bust

Alberta Police Report states that "Three people accused of drug trafficking offences have been arrested in Drayton Valley, following a joint investigation between Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) and Drayton Valley RCMP." $30,000 worth of cocaine, methamphetamine, and marihuana were seized. I hate it when they give perceived street value and not actual weights.

Dwight Lewis, 24, Ryan Nordquist, 33, and Crystal Pilon, 31, have been charged with a total of 18 offences relating to drug trafficking. Crystal is Ryan's new girlfriend. I have a source that claims Dwight Lewis is a member of the Drayton Valley Dirty Few and was with Dusty Blades when he was arrested.

Mobile meth lab busted at the border

The Vancouver Province is reporting that two Canadians who mistakenly crossed the border were busted driving a mobile crystal meth lab. Turns out the body that was found in Langley was chard from being burned. The Langley Times is reporting that "The badly burned body discovered at the side of the road, south of Highway One, in the 24700 block of 64 Avenue on Tuesday morning is that of Edmonton resident David Thanh Lam." IHIT stated that The 34-year-old murder victim was known to police and has a criminal record dating back to 1998.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

London, Ontario Hells Angel sentenced for drugs and guns

The is reporting that Frank Strauss, a Kitchener born member of the London Ontario Hells Angels has been sentenced to 11 years in prison. He was convicted of 17 offences — most involving gun and drug trafficking. The first search found 17 guns — handguns, rifles and shotguns — 4,500 rounds of ammunition, drug debt lists, marijuana and traces of cocaine but was thrown out because the polcie didn't get a search warrant.

However, a second search with a warrant found five handguns, three rifles, one shotgun, 9,873 rounds of ammo, gun scopes and tripods, 8.2 kilograms of cocaine, 53 kilograms of marijuana, 160 immature pot plants under grow lights, 106 grams of crystal meth, some meth pills and $30,000 in cash. Police also found 13 kilograms of a cocaine cutting agent, an 11-tonne press to create cocaine bricks, other drug-related devices, a money counter and body armour. All 26 guns found in the two searches were stolen from a Cambridge home. Strauss bought them from two Cambridge men who had stolen them. At the time of the searches, Strauss was on bail on drug trafficking charges in London. Lone wolf, my ass. They sell drugs as an organization.

Legal document shows nine of 12 full-patch London Hells Angels have criminal records. They reveal a dozen full-patch Hells Angels and three "hangarounds" with 105 criminal convictions between them, as well as a new support club called the Gatekeepers of at least four members, with 17 convictions between them. Nobody likes a liar. Especially from the Ontario Village Idiots.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Surrey Shooting 6900 152nd Street Sunday

CTV is confirming a Scan BC report that there was a shooting in the 6900-block of 152nd Street Sunday afternoon which IHIT are now investigating. There was a shooting between cars in that area last June.

In Maple Ridge, BC Local News is reporting that Two men and a woman were arrested Saturday night after an assault on a third man left him with significant injuries. Police also a searched a house on Dewdney Trunk Road and seized cocaine as well as a vehicle.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Prescription Heroin in Vancouver

Freddy brings news of Vancouver's ultimate downfall. Prime Time Crime cited a Globe and Mail article reporting that "In a North American first, heroin addicts in Vancouver will soon receive prescription heroin outside of a clinical trial. Doctors at the Providence Crosstown Clinic received shipment of the drug this week for 26 former trial participants and will begin administering the drugs next week. In all, 120 severely addicted people have received authorization from Health Canada to receive the drugs; the rest are expected to get them soon."

This is an example of everything that's wrong with Vancouver. You can't get a MRI but you can get free heroin. This is a misappropriation of tax dollars and the prefect example of the corrupt courts in BC. The courts enforce the law they aren't supposed to break it. Judges are the problem. We need a judicial review. We need laws in place to fire bad judges. Smoking crack or shooting heroin at tax payers expense is not a charter right. This will bankrupt our sacred medical system faster than you can say God help us. This needs to stop.

So how does this relate to the invasion of Afghanistan? Do the math.

Last year when the Harper government found out they were spending tax dollars on heroin for addicts in East Vancouver they rightfully pulled the pug on that insane program. It was just supposed to be for a "temporary clinical trial." So the addicts on the program sue the Harper government and the court grant them an interim injunction until the trial is heard. The court said the Harper government has to keep supplying the addicts heroin until the case goes to trial. That was absurd. The courts do not have the authority to break the law. They totally overstepped their jurisdiction. There is no authority to have a trial in the first place. Granting an interim order saying the government has to break the law until the case is heard is absolutely insane.

So now the temporary trial is over and they just decide to keep giving them free heroin even though the clinical trial is over and expand it to more addicts Insite has created. The court did not authorize them to do that. They are overstepping the parameters of their experiment. The Harper government has every right and a duty to stop this lawless insanity in it's tracks. The courts have no jurisdiction here.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

More Fast and Furious Documents Released

Judicial Watch is reporting that "On November 18, 2014, Judicial Watch obtained a massive production of documents in response to a June 2012 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and our subsequent FOIA lawsuit. All told, over 10,000 documents, which include about 42,000 pages, were disclosed to Judicial Watch. They are now available at this link."

Although I am inherently cynical and skeptical of which documents the Obama Administration will release and which ones it will continue to hold back, there is some relevant information in these new documents worth discussing.

Judical Watch reports that: "Perhaps one of the most chilling exchanges JW uncovered in this latest batch of documents is a highly explosive email from a top DOJ official to a White House official. It reveals the lengths to which the administration went in order to target and silence then-CBS investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson."

"On October 4, 2011, Holder's top press aide, Tracy Schmaler, tells White House Deputy Press Sectary Eric Schultz, 'I'm also calling Sharryl's [sic] editor and reaching out to Scheiffer. She's out of control' Schultz responded, "Good. Her piece was really bad for the AG.' Schultz also detailed to Schmaler that he was working with a journalist (Susan Davis, formerly of the National Journal and the Wall Street Journal now the chief congressional reporter for USA Today) to target Rep. Darryl Issa (R-CA), the House Republican leading the charge on Fast and Furious: 'And I sent NJ's Susan Davis your way. She's writing on Issa/FandF and I said you could load her up on the leaks, etc.'"

As we approach December which is what I refer to as the Gary Webb appreciation month and the 10th anniversary of his murder, it is important to note the source of the same opposition and propaganda he faced exposing the Dark Alliance to what Sharyl Attkisson and any other main stream reporter trying to report on Fast and Furious faces today. The Agency and the Administration launches an attack on free speech by attacking reporters that reported on Fast and Furious while at the same time worked with other reporters in the media to run interference and post propaganda spinning the truth doing damage control to prevent the public from understanding what was really going on. It's exactly the same thing that happened to Dan Rather.

This is why the public is cynical of the "main stream media." Not only because they are bought up in corporate mergers and cave into corporate advertizing, but because the Agency is directly involved in controlling reporters they have in place and silencing opposition. It's the same thing a Communist or Fascist government does it's just that in our case the CIA uses propaganda to pretend it doesn't. The Freedom of the Press is a sacred right protected by the Constitution. This is in effect another complete assault on the Constitution the President swore an oath to defend.

Another aspect of the Gary Webb story is the actual message. I'm still trying to find a copy of Freeway Ricky' new documentary Crack in the System that supports the new movie Kill the Messenger but Alex Jones reported on an important part of the Freeway Ricky story.

I don't care if people love or hate Alex Jones. In this article he makes an important true statement. He said that when the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, they had brought opium production to a grinding halt. After the allied invasion of Afghanistan, Afghanistan once again became the largest producers of opium in the world. That is a true fact we have to deal with.

Alex Jones also reported that the US military in Afghanistan were protecting the opium crops openly. When that news broke the military lied and said if we don't do it the Taliban will despite the fact that the Taliban had brought opium production to a grinding halt and were growing wheat instead. He also points out the CIA were the ones that set up the Golden Triangle in the Vietnam war which was confirmed by US war hero Bo Gritz and CIA insider Terry Reed. The CIA's drug trafficking and money laundering from the Vietnam war is what crashed the Nugan Hand bank in Australia. These are facts that we have to deal with.

The media points out that an AK-47 from Fast and Furious was used in another gang hit. Yet not a word is mentioned about the drug trafficking aspect of Fast and Furious. Tons of cocaine is a significant amount. When I did that interview with the US conspiracy radio show the Plane truth, the interviewer asked me how many government officials were fired after it became known that CSIS provided the explosives for the Air India bombing? Not one I said.

His point was that in the US, when a scandal breaks out someone always takes the fall and resigns. Case in point Eric Holden. He's taken the fall for Obama for Fast and Furious. Now Tracy Schmaler has resigned from the Department of Justice taking the fall for the media manipulation in defiance of the US Constitutional provision protecting the Freedom of the Press. So what are they going to do with her? Make her a Fox News host along with war criminal Oliver North? Susan Davis, the CIA asset they used to launch the false news reports is still the chief congressional reporter for USA Today so nothing has really changed. Eric Schultz, the White House Deputy Press Sectary who launched the attack on the Constitution is still in office. At least in the US they pretend to do something about it. In Canada we don't even bother to do that. CSIS has not been charged with murder in the Air India bombing and sadly, no one really cares.

A look at the heavily edited documents reveals the dramatic nature of the scam. This is not complying with the court order. Some of the documents are so edited there is nothing in them. Despite that, this disclosure as well as the previous one has nothing to do with the documents the court has ordered Obama to produce. All of these documents are e-mail sent after the sh*t hit the fan and show a glimpse of the Administration's attempt to do damage control and cover it up.

Where are the documents that explain the CIA's role in setting the whole thing up? We know from Whistle blower John Dodson's first hand account, Washington was keenly interested in Fast and Furious from day one. Obama will never release the real documents that show the CIA's role in setting the arms dealing drug trafficking plan into operation. Doing so would put him in jail and he'd end up like JFK. Obama's not the big bad wolf here. The CIA is.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Surrey Six Conviction Upheld

The Vancouver Province is reporting that the first convictions in the Surrey Six murder has been upheld after Catherine Wedge dismissed the accused's application to have their conviction over turned due to police misconduct.

This is good news. There is no way a cop sleeping with a witness whose testimony was not relevant to their conviction would over turn it. Yes the cop screwed up and yes the climate of unprofessionalism within the RCMP where cops get drunk with and flirt with witnesses on a regular basis needs to be addressed. That does not mean murderers should get away with murder. Especially when innocent bystanders were executed.

This whole insanity about being mistreated in prison is a farce. Solitary confinement to preserve the integrity of a trial is not mistreatment. Water boarding and torture is mistreatment. These clowns don't have a clue.

Hells Angels Pot ring busted in Quebec

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that Quebec police busted a pot ring in the Laurentians which police claim was tied to the Hells Angels. At least they're not afraid to tell it like it is in Quebec. Obviously pot's not the problem crack is. However, when we look at the three recent huge cross border drug rings tied to the Hells Angels we see that as soon as one ring gets busted another one starts up because the Hells Angels control all those grow ops in Canada. If they stopped trading it for cocaine in the States, our violent crime would be much less. Which just goes to show you it's all about the money. More money is made by selling crack so it's all about greed.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Translink Referendum

The Vancouver Metro reported that Gregor Robertson claims there's no black up plan if the Transit vote fails. Just hold the f*cking door for one minute. Before we expand Skytain we need to fix it and I don't just mean fixing it every time it breaks down and creates havoc. I mean fix it by getting it to break even let alone make a profit. Translink already burns a billion dollars a year of extra taxes from a regional gas tax and the Mayors Glutton council still wants more more more.

Today the Vancouver Province ran an article stating that Translink plans on spending an additional $71 million to help fix the broken system that keeps breaking down. That's above and beyond the billion dollar a year gas tax. No private company would ever be allowed to operate that irresponsibly. Stop expanding it until you fix it.

Robertson's obsessed with a new Broadway line. Does that mean Surrey and North Vancouver will have to pay more taxes to pay for it? The other districts didn't really like Dianne Watts idea of tolling every bridge under the Sun. Especially when Lions Gate Bridge was tolled until it paid for itself. Tolling a bridge that has been paid for is illegal and bad business.

Who's going to get the contract for the Broadway line? SNCL?! Gwyn Morgan got the contract for the Evergreen line awarded to SNCL when he was acting CEO after they were charged with massive fraud in Quebec. If that is not a criminal act, I don't know what is. The World Bank has banned SNCL from World Bank projects for the next 10 years so we give them billions of tax dollars for a mismanaged Translink project and they still want more money to line their pockets.

Interesting to note that an editorial in today's Vancouver Province claims that in the recent Vancouver civic election, Vision Vancouver received twice as many council seats as the NPA did despite the fact that Vision council candidates won 32 per cent of the vote while NPA council candidates won 33 per cent. That means the referendum to stop the Translink insanity just might have a chance like the HST referendum. The sky did not fall when we rescinded the HST. The sky will not fall if we direct Translink to get it's financial house in order and stop burning a billion dollars a year in extra taxes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Vancouver Hammer Attack

The Vancouver Province is reporting that a 27 year old man has been arrested after two random hammer attacks in Vancouver. One was by the Main Street Sky Train station near Science World and the other was at of course Main and Hastings.

"Vancouver police say a 67-year-old Vancouver man was walking on the seawall in the area of Quebec Street at Terminal Avenue around 10:30 p.m. Sunday when an unknown man approached him from behind and hit him in the head with a hammer, which knocked him to the ground."

"Police say the victim was struck again in the head and on the arm before a passerby came to his aid. The victim was taken to hospital for the treatment of a broken arm and cuts to the head. He has since been released from hospital. Then, half an hour later, a second man was attacked at Main and East Hastings Street. In that incident, a 49-year-old Vancouver man was also hit in the head with a hammer, knocked to the ground and rendered unconscious."

"Police believe the suspect and the victims were not known to each other before the attacks, and that the suspect’s mental illness and long-term substance abuse played a role in the assaults." At least the suspect got a free needle and crack pipe from the city before he went on the rampage. Arrest the crack dealers and you will prevent a huge amount of violent crime.

A hammer attack is reminiscent of Janice Shore's brutal murder. Her jaw and temple were caved in from focused blunt forced trauma. Sean Wolfe and Tiny Mac threatened a kid with a gun then beat him with a hammer. Greg Domey, the former Salem and East coast president of the Hells Angels is in jail for selling crack and crystal meth as well as for using extreme violence to gain control of that illicit drug trade. He posed with a ball peen hammer because that is a common tool used by drug dealing OMGs. Yurkoski's Hells Angels support shirt had two hammers on it.

Norm Cocks and Rob Thomas from the Kelowna Hells Angels along with several associates used baseball bats and hammers to beat Dain Philips to death. All because Dain chased Norm for punching his son in the head. So Norm got Rob Thomas and a posse to beat him to death because he was afraid to face him man to man.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Crime Fest at Vancity Theatre‏

The Vancity Theatre on Seymour Street in Vancouver is launching a week-long series of crime themed movies this Friday. 5:30pm on Friday they've invited the Vancouver Police department to bring police gear for attendees to try on and take pictures with, as well as give out coupons to the police museum before they play the film: Bad Turn Worse.

Saturday 12:30pm – Director Samantha Fuller will give an intro and post-screening Q&A about her latest film A Fuller Life documenting her father Sam Fuller a former crime reporter called A Fuller Life. Saturday 6:30pm they have a panel discussion about Youth Offenders following the documentary – Evolution of a Criminal.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nanaimo, Edmonton and Regina drug busts

Update: Hells Angel cocaine dealer's ex wife's house burns down

The Leader Post is reporting that "a massive bust targeting allegedly upper-level drug dealers in two organized crime groups in Regina has led to 12 arrests, 61 charges." 43.8 kilograms of marijuana and 1.7 kilos of cocaine were seized. "The investigation was aimed at two groups suspected of working several rungs above the street-level drug dealers and involved in moving drugs into the city." The police said the organized crime allegations don’t relate to an “identifiable group,” such as a street gang or outlaw motorcycle gang. Oh really?

One source claims Jonathan Joseph Yurkoski, the leader of this drug ring, is high up in the Heretics which is a Hells Angels puppet club in Saskatchewan. In the top picture you see him in his vest. On his right chest are two small patches that say HFFV (Heretics Forever Forever Heretics) and below it Regina. On his right sleeve it says Support Red and White which means the Hells Angels. You'll notice the subliminal advertizing around his neck. He's wearing a gaudy gold chain with a gun in the shape of an L. At least he's wearing it around his neck instead of the finger and thumb on the forehead but it pretty much means the same thing.

In this next picture of Yurkoski which was posted on his public facebook profile he is wearing a Hells Angels support shirt while holding a club in his hand that says Heretics MC. So why are the police so afraid to name the two criminal organizations in this case?

I guess they're trying the same thing they did in Kelowna when they successfully enforced criminal organization convictions for the first time in BC. The Hells Angels connection was difficult to prove but the fact that the drug ring was organized was obvious. In that case they were successful in attaining a criminal organization conviction for the first time without actually naming the organization. However, this case supports my premise that the Hells Angels are a criminal organization and their primary business in Canada is drug trafficking. It should also go towards helping the Saskatchewan case for defining the Hells Angels as a criminal organization there.

In 2010 Trevor Dietz and Chris Stettner were convicted in a BC Saskatchewan drug ring. Truong Nhat LE, who was charged with Yurkoski in this recent bust was charged back in 2005 for the same thing and plead guilty in 2007.

The Edmonton Journal reported that police arrested two men they say are members of an organized crime gang that are prominently involved in Edmonton’s cocaine trade. 1 kilo of cocaine and 8 kilograms of a cutting agent were seized. If the cutting agent was Levamisole, that stuff gives you flesh eating disease. Corey Huff, 26, and Jordan Murray, 24, face eight drug-related charges. Global is reporting that they have been connected to gang-related violence in the past and that the crime group also has ties to British Columbia. Go figure.

BC Local News is reporting that a police search of a Nanaimo home connected to an alleged attempted abduction turned up a large quantity of heroin, crystal methamphetamine, crack cocaine and powdered cocaine. Castanet is reporting that a 25-year-old woman and a 31-year-old man arrested in connection with the attempted abduction also face charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking. Previous drug busts in Nanaimo were tied to the Independent Soldiers who work for the Hells Angels.

Assaults on sex trade workers in Maple Ridge

The Maple Ridge News is reporting that two different women who engage in a "high risk lifestyle" were assaulted in Maple Ridge. Both victims said their male attacker was driving an older model white van. Similar to the one in East Vancouver that was dragging a sex trade worker behind it last year. That suspect looked a lot like Dave Pickton. The RCMP are also warning sex trade workers in Surrey after two women were allegedly assaulted by the same man. The suspect described as a Caucasian man, approximately 35-years-old, 5’10” tall, 200-230 pounds, with balding/shaved hair and crooked teeth. Similar to the East Van assault.

The Surrey RCMP is requesting the public’s assistance in locating a high risk missing female. Alice Susan BULLINGTON was last seen around noon on November 7th 2014 in the north part of Surrey. She has not been seen or heard from since. She looks like the same Alice Susan Bullington who was charged with manslaughter in the death of Raymond Robertson in the DTES.

MSN News is reporting that Justin James Hudson, 20, and a 17-year-old male have been charged with attempted murder, aggravated sexual assault and sexual assault with a weapon in the viscous attack on an Aboriginal teenager named Rinelle Harper in Winnipeg. The pair then assaulted a 23 year old woman with a baseball bat that same night. This is a picture of Justine Hudson.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The day the dream died - Update

Hepner takes the Surrey election. I'm going to throw up. The witch wears the ruby slippers. Crime was the primary issue in Surrey and she was the least capable of responding to it because she and Dianne Watts created the problem through their complete neglect. In Vancouver Robertson took a slight lead. We need to continue to oppose the Garbage Incinerator which would adversely effect the air quality for the entire Fraser Valley. The New York Model died today. Enforcement is off the table. The Hells Angels and the gang war won. This round. McCallum and LaPointe went out nobly like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid. It was a good dream so it was. As they say in Belfast, Chuckie ar la. Our day will come. Who's Bill Fordy dating now? Is it official?

Looks like it's finally time to leave Surrey once and for all. When the people choose evil there is nothing anyone can do to help them not even God Himself. Surrey is no better than Toronto Ward 2. Just another toilet waiting to be flushed.

I will however, record my dissent. I did not vote for Surrey first and I do not support them. This bullsh*t flyer we received from the Surrey firefighters is the perfect example of everything that's wrong with Surrey's Ivory Tower city hall. The fire department are paid with tax dollars. Them promoting a candidate is a complete conflict of interest.

Do the Surrey Firefighters support the money laundering that went on in the Campbell Heights Industrial centre? I broke that story and the main stream media refused to run in. The majority of people that voted for Surrey Fist have no idea what they did in that dirty deal.

Do the Surrey Firefighters support Surrey First's refusal to arrest crack dealers in Newton which created a flood of violent crime that resulted in the murder of a Hockey mom? Do the Surrey Firefighters support Surrey First's refusal to arrest crack dealers outside the Front Room which resulted in Janice Shore's brutal murder for a drug debt?

Do the Surrey Firefighters support Surrey First's refusal to arrest crack dealers in a King George trailer park a teenage girl wrote the mayor about that resulted in yet another shooting? Do the Surrey Firefighters support Surrey First's refusal to do anything about an illegal booze can behind the Green Timbers pub that resulted in yet another shooting?

Surrey First's record for fiscal irresponsibility and criminal neglect has been the worst this city has ever seen. Thanks for nothing Surrey Firefighters. That was a dirty deal that did anything but keep Surrey safe. Shame on you.

Bill Fordy

In all fairness I really don't think Bill Fordy is malicious. He's just a complete idiot. He's not smart enough to be malicious. Richard Barszczewski, now he's malicious. Recently a blog reader was scoffing at the fact that the police referred to a 1.7 kilo cocaine bust as massive. It's somewhat ironic they would make a big deal patting themselves on the back for a 1.7 kilo bust when they could have had a two and a half ton bust but Richard Barszczewski intervened and prevented that from happening. If that's not malicious I don't know what is.

Bill Fordy's just brain dead. He's too preoccupied to worry about crime in Surrey. What's he too preoccupied with? Just ask everyone in his unit. Someone sent him a private invitation on his BlackBerry and it went to the whole group by mistake. None of these clowns are very bright. Fordy is one of Craig Callen's FOCCERS. The Surrey six trial showed us that there wasn't just one officer who had an inappropriate relationship with a witness. They all were getting drunk with witnesses and flirting with them. This huge climate of unprofessionalism is the reason why they have a class action sexual harassment suit.

This climate of unprofessionalism forces us to ask why the RCMP keep promoting idiots? It's as though they don't want them to be effective at addressing violent crime or the gang war. We need to find out who told Richard Barszczewski to pull the plug on the Western wind bust. I can tell you who it was but you won't believe me. Look into it yourself.

Today is D-Day: Don't forget to Vote

Today is the day we hit the beach and vote. Don't forget to do your civic duty today. It's not much to ask but it's imperative in the struggle between good versus evil. Many years ago there was a Biblical story that relates to voting. In 2 Kings 5 there is a story about Naaman, who was a general in the Syrian army that had leprosy.

The Syrians had captured an Israeli slave who told him that there was a prophet in Samaria that could cure him of his leprosy. So he sends a messenger with a large sum of cash to the king of Israel asking to be healed of his leprosy. The king of Israel was somewhat concerned. He said Am I God to kill and to make alive? This guy wants me to cure him of leprosy? Elisha heard the king was stressing and said let him come to me.

"So Naaman came with his horses and with his chariot, and stood at the door of the house of Elisha. And Elisha sent a messenger unto him, saying, Go and wash in Jordan seven times, and thy flesh shall come again to thee, and thou shalt be clean."

Naaman was pissed. Elisha didn't even come out to meet him. He wanted to see some dramatic miracle. We have plenty of rivers back home. Why wash in the river Jordan? Then his servant said "if the prophet had bid thee do some great thing, wouldest thou not have done it? how much rather then, when he saith to thee, Wash, and be clean?"

In other words, if the prophet had asked him to do some great task or pay a large sum to be healed would he not have done it gladly? Of course. Then why not try some small simple task and see if it works. Naaman humbled himself and did exactly that and was healed of his leprosy.

The moral of the story is that sometimes we aren't ask to make some huge sacrifice in the struggle between good versus evil. Sometimes all we are asked to do is a small simple task and yet many couldn't even be bothered to do that.

Yet if we were in the war and we were given the order to storm the beach or charge over the top of the trenches, what would we have done? That is exactly what many others have sacrificed to give us the opportunity to vote. Be thankful we weren't asked to make some great sacrifice and do our duty by fulfilling the task we were asked to accomplish.

The movie Gallipoli: The Last Race with Mel Gibson reenacted the bravery and the huge sacrifice Australians made going over the top of the trenches. Lest we forget our right to vote was bought with a price. Let us remember them and honour them by doing our duty. Don't forget to Vote.

In the line at he election today a couple commented how in Australia it's mandatory to vote and if you don't vote you can get find. $20 if you pay withing 21 days which could go up to $170 if they have to go to court. Evidently there are several countries that have compulsory voting. Switzerland had it in 1904, but abolished in 1974. I do think compulsory voting is a contradiction of terms but we do need to wake up and do our duty.

Where to vote in Surrey. Just show up with 2 pieces of ID.

Where to vote in Vancouver or Canada Wide.

Stop the Incinerator.

Gangsters Out Recommendation for the Surrey Slate:

Mayor: Doug McCallum - Safe Surrey Coalition


Rina Gill - Safe Surrey Coalition

Laurie Guerra - Safe Surrey Coalition

Beau Simpson - Safe Surrey Coalition

Justin Thind - Safe Surrey Coalition

Brenda Locke – Team Surrey

Stephen Gammer – Team Surrey

Martin Rooney – Independent

Jim McMurtry – Independent

Surrey School Trustees:

Charlene Dobie - Surrey Progressives

Rayman Bhuller - Surrey Progressives

Patricia Enair - Surrey Progressives

Niovi Patsicakis - Surrey Progressives

Kristy Peterson - Surrey Progressives

Sara Sharma - Surrey Progressives

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Vote: You Can Make a Difference

Don't forget to vote on Saturday. Civic elections are being held across BC. Elections in Vancouver and Surrey are close so this time you can make a difference. In Vancouver it's crystal clear. I'm endorsing Kirk LaPointe and the NPA. Completely. I didn't like Suzanne Anton and the old NPA. They did what Dianne Watts did and instead of confronting the crack dealers they kicked the cat and harassed the homeless. Kirk LaPointe and the new NPA team are different. They are smarter. They support enforcement in the DTES and they oppose the Garbage Incinerator. That's all that needs to be said. They are in my opinion rock solid. Gregor Robertson has lost it. He's become weird and extreme. COPE is completely out to lunch. This COPE is completely different than Larry Campbell's COPE. This COPE is from outer space. In Vancouver we have come full circle.

In Surrey I'm supporting Doug McCallum and his four counselors from the Safe Surrey Coalition. I'm also supporting the two independents from Team Surrey. You need independents to keep the public informed on what council is doing and I believe they are qualified for and up to the task. That leaves one more: Jim McMurtry, the soul survivor from the SCC and independent Martin Rooney. Electing a good city council is even more important than the mayor since the mayor doesn't even have a vote if they sit as the chair. They can only break a tie. I used to think Judy Villenue was a keeper but not any more. She is addicted to the ivory tower junkets that Watts and Hepner hooked her on. Surrey first was Surrey's worst. Rasode voting for the Gateway casino when she was dating Bob Cheema was totally messed up. She betrayed the entire Sikh community when she did that. McCallum Rocks.

You can make a difference

One of the most common reasons people don't bother to vote in elections is because they get discouraged and think they can't make a difference. Right now you can make a difference. In Vancouver and Surrey it's close. In Vancouver it's between Gregor Robertson and Kick LaPointe with Meena Wong from COPE in third. In Surrey it's between Doug McCalum and Linda Hepner with Barinder Rasode in third. That's what the polls are reporting.

These are the two most crucial elections in both cities history. We have a real chance to make a difference when it comes to the gang war by confronting crack dealers on the street. This is our chance. Please don't blow it. Failing to vote in this election is a vote for the status quo. A vote for open crack dealing in Surrey and the DTES. Everything this blog has spoken out against for the past five years. I'm not running in any election. My life and the safety of my family has been put on the line because I believe in this cause and I've been to the mountain top. I've seen the promised land. It's called the New York Model. We can implement that model in Surrey and Vancouver. My word is my bond. This election is our chance to do so.

The Georgia Straight reported that the Vancouver voter turnout is much lower than Toronto. Toronto had a 60% turnout in the last election while only a 34.6 turnout in Vancouver and only a 25.2 % voter turn out in Surrey. That's pretty pathetic. If voters don't care why should their elected officials? Get out there and make a difference. Vote. Find out where to go and don't listen to Harper's robocalls. If Harper goes to all that trouble to send people to the wrong voting places in Federal elections, there's a reason he doesn't want you to vote. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men and women to stay home when it's time to vote and do nothing. Lest we forget people died for our right to vote. Don't mock that sacrifice. Do your duty and vote.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Homeless man sets his hair on fire

This story was on the front page of the Vancouver Province today and every media outlet across the country has picked up on the story. I have two analogies to relate it to. Some yuppie losers got a homeless man in Vancouver to light his own hair on fire and posted the video online.

It's quite likely they offered him a small amount of money to do it and they are cheering him on in the background of the video. The video was posted under the heading crack head sets hair on fire. So the rest of us are pretty outraged at how heartless these pos losers are for doing this and posting the video as though it's funny. Rightfully so. The news article implied the police are investigating the matter to determine if charges will be laid.

As slimy and dirty as it is, unless they were setting his hair on fire I really don't think there are grounds for criminal charges but two things come to mind. First is the exploitation factor. I'm glad people are upset by it. They should be. But what about other kinds of exploitation the homeless face on a daily basis that we consistently turn a blind eye to and actually promote?

The guy isn't just homeless they refer to him as a crack addict. What about the crack dealers in East Vancouver that give the homeless crack for free then beat the life out of them for payment. While the police look for these loser yuppies that paid a crack addict to set his own hair on fire how about looking right in front of our face and arresting the crack dealers that are brutalizing the homeless on a daily basis by giving them crack for free then beating the life out of them for payment. The Tony Terezakis videos are a prime example of what really goes on in the DTES on a daily basis. Tony thought it was funny too. So much so he couldn't hold back the laughter when they played the videos in court. That is messed up.

Instead of arresting the drug dealers at Main and Hastings who are brutalizing the homeless, we let them do it publicly and even hand out free crack pipes to promote their addiction and brutality. The only one profiting from our misdeeds are the drug dealers. If we are upset about these yuppies we should be even more upset with the crack dealers profiting from daily exploitation of the homeless.

The other point is the fact that crack addicts are desperate for cash. You give them five bucks and they'll pretty much do anything including setting their own hair on fire. What about James Cromitie? He's the one in the picture. Bill Tieleman reported that James Cromitie was a low-level ex-drug dealer who converted to Islam. A well-paid FBI informant befriended the Walmart worker and promised him $250,000 and a new BMW car to fire Stinger surface-to-air missiles at U.S. military planes and plant bombs at Jewish targets in New York.

If you take any crack addict in Whalley or the DTES, put a RPG in his hand and tell him you'll give him $250,000 and a new car to point it at a military target and pull the trigger, I don't think you'll find a single one that will say no. That doesn't mean you just saved the world from a terrorist. It means you just created one. James Cromitie was given 25 years in prison. 19 year old Mohamad Shnewer was given life in prison. That kind of entrapment just isn't right.

Here in Surrey they did the exact same thing. They gave a couple of Surrey drug addicts on the methadone program pressure cookers and told them to plant them at the Parliament buildings in Victoria. Only they had no idea how to make bombs out of them. They had food in them and they certainly didn't plant any bombs at the parliament buildings in Victoria. That just didn't happen and the Canada Day plot was a bold faced lie. They were originally charged March 2nd and CSIS still hasn't been charged with murder for providing the explosives for the Air India bombing.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Remembering Fallen Values

Usually when we reflect on Remembrance Day we remember WWI and II. Yet this Remembrance Day I'd like us to remember the Koren War, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the death of our morals. Canada has had a noble military heritage. Sadly, we have apostatized completely from that heritage. As we remember fallen soldiers we need to remember our fallen values.

Last July was the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. Canadian soldiers dug in and helped repel the invading Communist army. South Korea remained a Democracy. North Korea did not.

Sunday was the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. Google created a doodle to commemorate the event. In WWI and II we were so focused on the horrors of Fascism that we completely overlooked the atrocities of Communism. The Berlin Wall was a staunch reminder of that mistake. Once Berlin was divided, the wall was built and the machine guns turned inwards to prevent people from leaving. Last June was the 25th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square massacre. Now Hong Kong waits to see their fate as the world is distracted with yet another side show.

Although we remember with pride the sacrifices of WWI and II as well as in the Korean War we need to remember the many less than noble wars we were conned into supporting. The invasion of Iraq was based on a lie. They had no weapons of mass destruction. When that "mistake" was discovered (MI 6 were caught red handed giving false information to the media in Operation Mass Appeal) George Bush threw a party and said mission accomplished.

Afghanistan was much more subtle. We were under the impression that Afghanistan did 9/11. We were conned. The Bin Laden confession video didn't even look like Bin Laden. Prior to that invasion the Texas oil companies were wining and dining the Taliban (who were trained by the CIA to fight the Russian invasion of their country) trying to win the contract for a gas pipeline through Afghanistan called CentGas - Central Asia Gas Pipeline. UNICAL was supposed to get the contract. When the Taliban changed their mind and gave the contract to Bridas, an Argentina firm, Afghanistan was invaded and the contract was reversed.

US Troops began protecting the Opium fields. We were told they were doing it because if we didn't the Taliban would which was another bold faced lie. Right before Afghanistan was invaded, the Taliban had brought opium production to a grinding halt. After the invasion Afghanistan quickly returned to be the largest opium producers in the world. Julie Couillard claimed that Maxime Bernier told her “the war in Afghanistan has nothing to do with building democracy in that country but has to do with the global control of the opium trade. It’s a drug war.”

Libya was another example of fallen values. One minute Sarkozy was trying to convince the world to trust Gadaffi with nuclear weapons and the next minute we helped that dirty dog topple the "dictator" after Gadaffi decided not buy buy a reactor from France. That was not a noble mission.

Now we have Stephen Harper giving CSIS more power instead of charging them with murder in the Air India bombing as he tramples the Charter of Rights and hands Canadian sovereignty over to Communist China while he spends billions of tax dollars on jets that will not work in the Arctic and aren't for protecting Canada. They're for participating in the oil wars and for rewarding a company that has a long history of fraud and over billing that one of his candidates lobbied for. Boeing is Good - Lockheed Martin is Bad. This Remembrance Day we need to mourn the death of our values. Lest we forget, we used to have morals.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Put on Your Kinder Morgan Face

Kinder Morgan's lawyer submitted pictures of protestors to court claiming that their facial expressions constitute assault. Thus creating a social media frenzy of everyone mocking the concept by posting their #KMFace.

This is why the BC Judicial system is the laughing stock of the world. The courts not only entertain frivolous applications they entertain unlawful ones as well. Their is no conceivable merit to the ridiculous claim that a facial expression of a protestor could possibly constitute assault.

Hamilton Red Devils kiss ass

The is reporting that "The Red Devils of Hamilton folded on the weekend, along with their chapters in Sudbury and Chatham. All 31 of the former Ontario Red Devils now belong to the Maritime-based Bacchus Motorcycle club. That suddenly makes the Bacchus Canada’s largest outlaw motorcycle club, second only to the Hells Angels."

Are you kidding me?! Buttkiss? Why on earth would they patch over to Buttkiss, the patron Saints of homosexuality?! The Hamilton Spectator is reporting that Ray Philip is "a regular at The Donut Shop on Parkdale Avenue North, he nods a quick hello to one of the waitresses. When he speaks, his answers are direct and show little emotion." That's because he's a complete loser hanging out at a doughnut shop and now has to wear a condom on his nose when he kisses HA ass.

The patch over is likely because of the other Red Devils in Ottawa and Montreal that have the same name but a different logo. They're a Hells Angels puppet club as well. They get a newer clubhouse out of the deal. A small step up from the run down old barn they were in.

Bachuss told them they were 1%ers. They just didn't tell them which 1% they were. Sergius and Bacchus were two Roman soldiers who were openly Gay and secretly Christian. Members of the Bacchus MC passionately deny that's their Bacchus. They claim their Bacchus was the Greek god of wine. Only their logo is of a roman soldier not a Greek god so do the math folks. Who's in denial now? La Presse reported that the 5' 4" Walter Stadnick was from the Hamilton Red Devils. He joined Mommy Dearest's Nomads and became National President. Go figure.

Finger puppets to the Ontario Village Idiots. Some people just have no self respect.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Now that Disney has taken over the marketing rights for Star Wars to keep the saga going, they just announced the title for the first in the latest trilogy: The Force Awakens due to be released Dec. 18, 2015. It takes place 30 years after the Return of the Jedi.

Obviously I'm going to spin it just like I did the Men in Black 3 movie and relate it to modern crime and politics. This saga will relate to how modern day Jedi will awaken to rise up and defend the US Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights against the subtle and no so subtle attacks on civil liberty by the Evil Empire to preserve the Free Republic.

Finding Emma Fillipoff

Emma Fillipoff was originally from Ottawa and was working as a chef in Victoria when she went missing Nov. 28, 2012. She was 27 and was last seen near the Empress Hotel around 7 PM. The lead in the case brings the tragic story to the DTES.

Last May the Courier-Islander reported that Gastown, Vanvouver store owners Joel and Lori Sellen witnessed a man in their store throwing out a “missing” poster. “Upon closer inspection, the poster was of (missing Emma Fillipoff) and the reward of $25,000 posted for her safe recovery,” said Shelly. “The man said ‘It’s one of those missing persons posters, except she’s not missing, she’s my girlfriend and she ran away ‘cause she hates her parents’.” The store owners said they got a ‘very creepy vibe’ from the man and called the police right away to report the incident. Security cameras were able to pick up his image.

Vancouver police are investigating and posters have gone out over social media asking the public to be on the lookout for Emma or the male around the downtown eastside. CBC the Fifth Estate just ran a documentary on her. At 28:45 into the video you can see the surveillance footage of the guy walk into a Gastown shop holding a copy of Emma's poster in his hand.

CBC also reported that when she was last seen on November 28th 2012 she was last seen by the police. "At 7:11 p.m. on November 28, 2012 a 911 call goes out to the police by a concerned passerby. A 26 year old woman is standing barefoot on the street in temperatures hovering just above zero degree. Her name is Emma Fillipoff, a chef originally from the Ottawa area. The police arrive and talk to the petite, attractive woman for 30 minutes to make sure she is fine. Then they leave her at the side of the road and drive off. She is never seen again.

So now we have three red flags. She was last seen standing barefoot downtown Victoria in the freezing cold, a guy claiming to be her boyfriend claimed she was alive and well and she is in the DTES. Three red flags. There is no happiness in the DTES. That is the epicenter of exploitation.

I have more to say on this case but let's start there. Lets look for her and the guy claiming to be her boyfriend in the DTES. Best case scenario is that she did run away from her family and that exposing her whereabouts will cause her to leave the DTES. Even if that was true, her leaving the DTES would be in her best interest. However, I do not believe that is true. Let's find her to make sure she is safe. Gastown is nice but the DTES is not a safe place for anyone.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Surrey Field of Screams

The Vancouver Province is reporting on an area in Surrey near Newton beside a trailer park full of drugs I previously reported on that has been an ongoing problem. They are calling it the Field of Screams and claims that Surrey property is a den of just about any vice you can name.

The headline on the front page read Paradise for drug dealers and squatters. Then the headline on the actual article in the paper read "Somebody ... is going to get killed." Doesn't sound like much of a paradise to me. Again we have yet another ongoing problem in Surrey that Dianne Watts and Linda Hepner have refused to deal with just like several other ongoing problems that have resulted in more murders. When the murder occurs we throw our hands in the air and claim we have no idea what happened. Let's create a task force to find out why. Not. Let's respond to the ongoing complaints of criminal activity before they result in more murders.

In Newton, the businesses and residents complained about open drug dealing which resulted in a flood of violent crime while Dianne Watts and Bill Fordy did nothing. The businesses claim the police refused to arrest the drug dealers selling drugs outside their businesses.

Behind Green Timbers pub the residents kept complaining about an after hours booze can in a residential neighbourhood. After the city's refusal to do anything about it, the residents said what are going going to do, wait until someone gets shot. That's exactly what happened in both cases.

In 2013 Dianne Watts exploited a media opportunity when the press got wind of the fact that a teenage girl wrote the mayor complaining about the drug related violence in here trailer park on King George Hwy. Dianne Watts in her ivory tower said yeah that's a shame. The landlords shouldn't rent to people who are addicted to drugs or sex trade workers. Her inaction there resulted in yet another shooting. Three strikes you're out.

So here we are yet again. The same problem in the same area still exists and other candidates claim there is something we can do. In each case residents are reporting illegal activity. When the police and the city refuse to enforce the law that makes them criminally culpable and they become accessories to murder.

In the new report on the previous problem this time referred to as the field of screams, the Vancouver Province reported that the area is plagued with "Thefts, break-ins, strangers wandering around, fences cut, shelters built in the woods, garbage dumped, drug deals, prostitution and stabbings."

The problem starts off with drug dealers selling crack in public. When the police let that happen it creates a forest fire of drug related violence. Addicts steal to pay for the drug, addicts resort to working in the sex trade to pay for their addiction and it spirals down into a cesspool of exploitation. The predatory drug dealers exploit the homeless by giving them free crack then beating the life out of them for payment which creates a tsunami of violence crime.

The answer is simple. Don't kick the cat, arrest the crack dealers. That is the New York model. Doug McCallum says enforce the bylaws which he did when he was mayor by evicting crack houses onto the street. Barinder Rasode says get police to walk the beat in that area. Exactly. Both actions are needed to confront the crime that is causing the problem: crack dealers. Stop kicking the cat or pretending there isn't anything we can do. We can arrest the crack dealers. If we refuse to do so we become accessories to murder. It's that simple.

The Vancouver Province is also reporting that Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce plans to partner with Vancouver Board of Trade due to Surrey's (Linda Hepner and Dianne Watt's) broken promises.

I'll have to admit Barinder Rasode has some good marketing going on. Right after posting her signs that say one tough mother her supporters start putting up new signs at the last minute that say One Surrey like a Bob Marley or a Black Eyed Peas plea for one love or a U2 we are one campaign. In contrast to Lind Hepenr and Dianne Watts happy bunny of greed and self indulgence.

I'm still voting for McCallum but I have no problem if Rasode takes out Hepner. We need to change and start walking the walk instead of talking the talk when it comes to crime prevention. I just hope they don't split the vote and leave us with the same pile of toxic waste. Where is the love? We are one but we are not the same. When it comes to crime, I still rather be more like me and less like you. I's better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction. Word.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Agent K on The Plane Truth

A geopolitical conspiracy show in the States called The Plane Truth asked me to do an interview with them on YouTube so here it is. Time to step up and talk about the things no one wants us to talk about in person. It was bound to happen. That little heart to heart about civil liberty that needs to be discussed. It's pretty long and if you're afraid of conspiracy theories don't listen to it. It'll make you go blind. Either that or you'll see the light of day. One of the two. They've even interviewed Catherine Austin Fitts in the past. Cathrine is very credible.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Newton Stabbing and Shooting

The Vancouver Province is confirming a Scan BC report that there was a double stabbing today at Wings on King George Hwy and 72nd Avenue in Newton. A man barged into the back door and stabbed two cooks. Bizarre.

A closer look at the article reads "Police said the man went into a restricted employees-only area, where he was confronted by two employees. When they tried to detain him, he picked up a knife and subsequently stabbed or slashed both employees prior to fleeing.” Evidently they were stabbed because they tried to restrain him. No explanation as to why he barged in the back door of the restaurant.

Just like that guy who randomly fatally stabbed a man in the neck after getting off a bus in Kelowna. Bizarre indeed. Scan BC is reporting that #Surrey #RCMP responding for a female freaking out in the backyard of a house after taking too much speed. Arrest the crack and meth dealers and you will prevent a huge amount of violent crime.

Update: Scan BC is also reporting that #Surrey #RCMP are on scene with a person shot at 70 Ave & 144 St. Searching for a vehicle that fled the scene.

Another fire at the Liquid Zoo

The Kelowna Now is reporting that there was another fire at the Liquid Zoo 5:00 AM this morning. Fire crews ventilated the smoke and determined that the fire had been started on the exterior of the building, though it had extended into the building as well. Firefighters quickly put out the fire, and there were no injuries reported.

Castanet is confirming that the fire had been started on the exterior of the building. There was a minor fire at the Liquid Zoo May 2012 from a smoldering cigarette in a trash can. January 11 2013 the owner of the liquid Zoo's Ford Explorer was set on fire by a car bomb.

Locally one candidate called for Bill Fordy's resignation during a Surrey mayoral debate. Great idea. At least transfer. One can only hope.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Brody Paterson charged in Craig Widdifield's murder

The Vancouver Province is reporting that Brody Robert Paterson has been arrested and charged in connection with the April 2013 murder of Craig Widdifield at Morgan Crossing in White Rock. The timing of the murder is interesting because it is around the same time the White Rock Hells Angels "pretended" to do a hit for Silk Road and extorted money for the murder from him.

According to US court documents someone in White Rock was extorting the owner of the Silk Road web site and Ross Ulbricht, the owner of Silk Road, paid the Hells Angels to kill him. The Hells Angels admitted to collecting the money for the hit but claimed they never executed the hit. The Canadian police told the US authorities at the time there ws no murder in Canada around that time that they were aware of. Yet this one was.

Silk Road Indictment

The US indictment is actually a very good read. Page 5 Murder for Hire # 2 is about the Hells Angels. Murder for Hire #3 through #6 is about how they tried to make him pay for another hit as well as the three people he lived with. Randy Jones' brother Trevor used the name red when dealing with the Washington state drug ring. In this case the guy uses the name redandwhite which obviously represents the Hells Angels.

Inversion on Cypress

After about a month of rain I took a break and hiked up Sky chair on Cypress today. From there you can see one of the routes to the Lions. St. Mark's summit to Unnecessarily mountain then along the ridge right to the back of the West lion. I did that route this summer. It's best to go at the end of summer as there is no way I'd cross the West lion to the point between the two Lions in winter with snow. It'd be way too dangerous.

There was some inversion happening in the mountains today. We were above the clouds.

You could see a sea of clouds all the way to Baker.

Soon the snow will be here and the new season will begin.

Barinder Rasode begins to shine

Although I'm not voting for Barinder Rasode, she's my second choice of the three main candidates. Linda Hepner would be my last choice among all the candidates simply because Surrey First proved without a doubt to be Surrey's Worst. Ever. The bullying, the sweetheart deals, the tax and spend trips galore, the refusal to enforce the law and arrest crack dealers was unprecedented.

This morning I was driving down 108th at King George and I finally saw the back of one of Barinder Rasode's campaign signs. It says one tough mother. I had to smile at the slogan. Evidently that's been her slogan since she announced her candidacy.

I am told that there's no bickering going on between McCallum and Rasode. The only bickering is between Hepner and Rasode but it's not really bickering it's more like bullying. Dianne Watts and Linda Hepner has consistently bullied their former running mate ever since Barinder came clean after the murder of the hockey mom in Newton and said you're right we haven't done enough on crime and need to do more. Instead of supporting her on making this needed course correction they devoted all their energy and resources into bullying her. Sad.

I have one friend who said they're not voting for her because she's brown. They claim the Indo Canadian gangs are way more violent than the Hells Angels and if she gets elected they will be out of control. I was dumbfounded. I can't believe someone said they're not going to vote for someone because of the colour of their skin. If she does what she claims if she's elected she will combat crime not promote it.

My only concern is that Dianne Watts said the same thing and did the exact opposite. Yet that's kind of like being in a bad relationship and then saying all men or women are like that. Everyone is different. However, my concern with Barinder is her position on the Gatewy casino fraud and the Campbell Heights Industrial centre sweetheart deal. She was involved in all the dirty deals Surrey First was and we have yet to see anything other than talk to prove otherwise.

One blog reader who doesn't trust Barinder as far as she can throw her sent me a link to a mayoral debate and conceded Barinder won the debate saying the others sounded like air heads. I don't think public speaking is one of McCallum's strong points. Some people are talkers others are doers. I'm not saying he is either I'm just saying that just because he might not be a great speaker doesn't mean he wouldn't make a good mayor again. Even Moses wasn't a very good speaker and had Aaron do the talking for him.

Although I am voting for McCallum I can't say I can throw my full endorsement behind him like I can for Kirk LaPointe and the NPA in Vancouver. McCallum won't answer what his position on the Gateway Casino fraud is and that concerns me. However, I do think he is capable of following through with his promise to address crime in Whalley and Newton and I do think he will disband the Surrey Development Corporation so that's why I'm voting for him.

I think the selection of the Councillors to fill City Hall are even more important than the mayor's role because the mayor only has one vote and not even that if they sit as the chair. I have three questions for those running for council: 1) Will you sell the new City Hall and go back to the old one? 2) Will you get rid of the SCDC? and 3) Will you oppose any Gateway casino bid?

I hear Grant Rice is another candidate for mayor. They say he's a great guy but has no money. And why should that mean he doesn't have a fair shot at mayor? Something needs to be fixed.

Advanced ballot error

The Surrey Now is reporting that there was an error on the Advanced ballots. They failed to put the name of the political party beside two of the candidates councilors. That basically invalidates the ballot. Great going guys. Nobody remembers all the names for councilors. they often just go by party name.