Thursday, November 13, 2014

Vote: You Can Make a Difference

Don't forget to vote on Saturday. Civic elections are being held across BC. Elections in Vancouver and Surrey are close so this time you can make a difference. In Vancouver it's crystal clear. I'm endorsing Kirk LaPointe and the NPA. Completely. I didn't like Suzanne Anton and the old NPA. They did what Dianne Watts did and instead of confronting the crack dealers they kicked the cat and harassed the homeless. Kirk LaPointe and the new NPA team are different. They are smarter. They support enforcement in the DTES and they oppose the Garbage Incinerator. That's all that needs to be said. They are in my opinion rock solid. Gregor Robertson has lost it. He's become weird and extreme. COPE is completely out to lunch. This COPE is completely different than Larry Campbell's COPE. This COPE is from outer space. In Vancouver we have come full circle.

In Surrey I'm supporting Doug McCallum and his four counselors from the Safe Surrey Coalition. I'm also supporting the two independents from Team Surrey. You need independents to keep the public informed on what council is doing and I believe they are qualified for and up to the task. That leaves one more: Jim McMurtry, the soul survivor from the SCC and independent Martin Rooney. Electing a good city council is even more important than the mayor since the mayor doesn't even have a vote if they sit as the chair. They can only break a tie. I used to think Judy Villenue was a keeper but not any more. She is addicted to the ivory tower junkets that Watts and Hepner hooked her on. Surrey first was Surrey's worst. Rasode voting for the Gateway casino when she was dating Bob Cheema was totally messed up. She betrayed the entire Sikh community when she did that. McCallum Rocks.

You can make a difference

One of the most common reasons people don't bother to vote in elections is because they get discouraged and think they can't make a difference. Right now you can make a difference. In Vancouver and Surrey it's close. In Vancouver it's between Gregor Robertson and Kick LaPointe with Meena Wong from COPE in third. In Surrey it's between Doug McCalum and Linda Hepner with Barinder Rasode in third. That's what the polls are reporting.

These are the two most crucial elections in both cities history. We have a real chance to make a difference when it comes to the gang war by confronting crack dealers on the street. This is our chance. Please don't blow it. Failing to vote in this election is a vote for the status quo. A vote for open crack dealing in Surrey and the DTES. Everything this blog has spoken out against for the past five years. I'm not running in any election. My life and the safety of my family has been put on the line because I believe in this cause and I've been to the mountain top. I've seen the promised land. It's called the New York Model. We can implement that model in Surrey and Vancouver. My word is my bond. This election is our chance to do so.

The Georgia Straight reported that the Vancouver voter turnout is much lower than Toronto. Toronto had a 60% turnout in the last election while only a 34.6 turnout in Vancouver and only a 25.2 % voter turn out in Surrey. That's pretty pathetic. If voters don't care why should their elected officials? Get out there and make a difference. Vote. Find out where to go and don't listen to Harper's robocalls. If Harper goes to all that trouble to send people to the wrong voting places in Federal elections, there's a reason he doesn't want you to vote. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men and women to stay home when it's time to vote and do nothing. Lest we forget people died for our right to vote. Don't mock that sacrifice. Do your duty and vote.

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