Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Armed US Police in Canada want exemption from Canadian law

Speaking of traitors and treason, Harper is letting armed US Officers in Surrey already and guess what? The armed US officers want exemption from Canadian law while armed in Canada. That is so insane it is astounding. Harper… Don’t get me started on Harper. He has given up Canadian sovereignty and it’s time to take it back!

US police have no right to patrol in Canada. Period. That is something we need to address right now. Their desire for exemption from Canadian law is a flaming example of why this pilot project is so wrong. Does that mean they want to implement the patriot act in Canada when Harper has a hard time enforcing it against the will of the people?

This is wrong. This is wrong. This is wrong. This needs to be addressed right now because it has already gone too far. In June Vancouver lawyer Eric Gottardi said Canada-US maritime policing pact infringes on Canada’s sovereignty. He is right. Harper is breaking the law by letting this happen. It needs to stop immediately.

They claim this new agreement will allow hot pursuit across maritime borders. Wrong! How many car chases cross the border? If the police are chasing someone, the suspect has to stop at the border. If they are in hot pursuit that is pretty obvious and they won’t be allowed to cross. If it’s not a hot pursuit but just a wanted felon, the US issue warnings to the Canadian customs and they stop the suspect at the border.

Their hot pursuit argument is a lie to try and sell their illegal deal that gives up Canadian sovereignty. This is an act of war. Harper is a hypocrite and an idiot. He runs all those War of 1812 commercials as a front for doing the exact opposite and handing over Canadian sovereignty to the US. Not on my watch. Contact the BC Civil Liberties Association to join the class action law suit.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Recap and Repercussions of Fast and Furious

There are a few new stories but I really want to emphasize the two big stories that really over shadow everything else right now. First was the Hells Angel president that was crying in court in front of the judge right after fingering the prosecution several times throughout the trial. That case is another solid example of the Hells Angels involvement with drug traficking in the US.

They were supplying crystal meth to South Carolina. It wasn’t just one or two rouge members. It was the primary business of their organization. Just like it was when the former Salem President and East Coast President was busted for selling crystal meth in Massachusetts. As with the former Kentucky Fulton president. Those are flaming examples of the Hells Angels involvement in the US drug trade as an organization.

Probably the most important story of the year is the recent one about the Hells Angels in Germany and Spain getting busted for drug trafficking, extortion, human trafficking and prostitution. That was a huge operation and takes Otis Garret’s murder and prostitution convictions and cracks it wide open.

Nevertheless, I do want to follow up on Operation Fast and Furious and comment on it’s ramifications and repercussions. As we know, in Operation Fast and Furious, ATF members were caught selling guns to the Mexican cartel and bringing back tons of cocaine as payment. It made big news in the States when a border guard was killed with one of those guns. The fact that they were bringing in tons of cocaine as payment for the guns was barely mentioned.

We know two of the whistle blowers in that case have been persecuted. Which is not only illegal, but shocking really. You’d think anyone who exposed such a sinister plot as the government selling guns to the Mexican cartel and bringing tons of cocaine into the country would be hailed as a hero not a traitor. The traitors are the ones arms and drug trafficking in the name of Uncle Sam.

Yet it is a disturbing pattern that repeats itself. The whistle blower that reported on the CIA water boarding prisoners without a trial - persecuted as a traitor when in fact it is the CIA that has broken it’s oath to preserve and protect the constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

The whistle blower that revealed government agencies were spying on people without a warrant recently received a ridiculously long prison sentence when in fact, he was reporting illegal activity. This is a very disturbing pattern that has repeated itself with Fast and Furious. Not only were they persecuted when they should have been hailed as heroes, they were also slandered. The former top federal prosecutor in Arizona even joined in on the attack. The former prosecutor was attacking the wrong party.

You would think that since Fast and Furious is such a clear cut case of good versus evil that they wouldn’t dare persecute the whistle blowers in that case. You would think. The fact that they are clearly shows how deeply rooted that corruption really is. It is a violation of the oath of office. The violation of that oath needs to be addressed.

While the intelligence agencies and Obama’s spin doctors want us to forget about Fast and Furious, one editorial points out that’s hard to do when more bodies are turning up as a result of that sinister operation. It wasn’t a botched plan to track illegal arms dealing. It was illegal arms dealing and drug trafficking to raise money for off the book operations. Again. Just like Iran Contra and Mena, Arkansas.

Obama even had the audacity to claim that many of the scandals that surround Fast and Furious were phony. The family of the dead border guard said there was nothing phony about his murder. The only thing phony about Fast and Furious is Obama. Earlier this month the LA Times reported that a Mexican police chief was also killed with a gun that was part of Operation Fast and Furious.

It was incredibly offensive how Obama smiled when asked about Fast and Furious in the presidential debate and claimed executive privilege. Now that he has placed his seal of secrecy on all the Fast and Furious documents, he shouldn’t be impeached, he should be hanged. Nixon would not have gotten away with claiming executive privileged on all the Watergate documents. Obama was a fraud. He fooled us in the beginning but not any more.

In the United States vs Nixon the Supreme Court stated: "To read the Article II powers of the President as providing an absolute privilege as against a subpoena essential to enforcement of criminal statutes on no more than a generalized claim of the public interest in confidentiality of nonmilitary and nondiplomatic discussions would upset the constitutional balance of 'a workable government' and gravely impair the role of the courts under Article III."

Monday, July 29, 2013

Surrey Cab shooting

I had heard that someone shot at a cab in Surrey Saturday night but I didn’t realize it was at Surrey Central right behind the SFU courtyard where those wackos stabbed a guy in the neck with a kitchen knife and started kicking him on the ground after he dropped like a sack of potatoes. That one didn’t appear to be gang related. It just looked like a group of losers who jumped a smaller group of people after a fight at a bar.

This cab shooting sounds a bit different as well. The bullet went through the rear windows. After the shooting, the suspect drove off and the passengers fled. It’s likely the shooting was targeted at the passengers of the cab. The couldn’t have been very high lever drug dealers if they were riding in a cab. Unless they were being responsible and took a cab home after a night out drinking. The passengers were two couples so that’s entirely possible. One would hate to think it was just another group of wackos that shot someone for an altercation at a club.

Kim Bolan is reporting that the police haven't even found the passengers of the cab yet and are asking for the public's help to identify them.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

60th anniversary of the Korean War

There was a very interesting documentary on Canada’s involvement in the Korean War last night called In Korea with Norm Christie. I didn’t realize it tied in with the 60th anniversary of the ceasefire. The Federal government wants to turn July 27th into a national day of remembrance. We don’t need another holiday but a day to remember courage and sacrifice is always a good thing.

"Establishing July 27 as a national day of recognition serves as a way to honour our veterans and this important moment in Canada's history," said Veterans Affairs minister Julian Fantino. "Today, Canadians will pause to remember the men and women in uniform who came to the aid of South Koreans during the Korean War." Building a monument and setting a day aside to remember veterans is a good thing. Cutting back their pensions and benefits is not.

There are a few points I want to make here. The documentary on TV last night talked about a specific battle where Canadian soldiers took strategic positions on top of steep mountains and withstood a huge onslaught of enemy soldiers trying to break through and take their position. It was Normandy in reverse. At Normandy, the Germans had the strategic position and cut down the allies like sheep. It was refreshing to see the Canadians had the strategic position this time.

Canada was right to participate in the Korean War. We were wrong not to participate in the Vietnam War. That is easy to see in hindsight. We can talk about the Gulf of Tonkin incident all we want. The bottom line is Chinese Communists invaded a sovereign land on both occasions. On one occasion we rose to the cause. On the other occasion, we choked and faltered.

Both wars were before my time so to speak. All I remember growing up is that the Vietnam War was bad and a lot of bad things happened. Soldiers trapped in a guerrilla war going crazy and killing innocent civilians. Vietnam was where George Bush Sr got the CIA addicted to drug trafficking. It all started with the heroin trade as confirmed by Bo Gritz. Yet the root cause of the Vietnam War was the same as the Korean War. A Communist empire invaded a sovereign land to bring it into bondage.

As we remember the Korean war we need to remember that South Korea was grateful for the Canadian support and sacrifice just like the Dutch were when Canada helped liberate them from the Nazi’s who had invaded their homeland. That is the way military intervention is supposed to be. It’s not supposed to be the invasion of sovereign states for their oil like in Iraq.

Canada was right not to participate in that invasion. Harper saying we made a mistake in that case is a huge concern. It was never claimed Iraq had anything to do with 9/11. Iraq was invaded on the premeditated lie that they had Weapons of Mass Destruction. That’s why Libby Davies went with a few others across the border to a US Weapons facility that had a big sign outside saying Warning Weapons of Mass Destruction. She asked if she could inspect that facility and was denied.

I say premeditated lie because Tony Blair was in on that mission and MI6 were caught red handed giving false information to the media in Operation Mass Appeal. That is why we cannot trust any of these intelligence agencies whenever they send out press releases. They have been caught lying. Any information they willingly give to the media is suspect.

I do think setting July 27th aside as a time to remember the Korean War is a good thing. We need to remember what military intervention is supposed to be and what it’s not supposed to be so we don’t make those same two mistakes in the future - of failing to act in Vietnam and wanting to have acted in Iraq. The latter is even more concerning because it makes us no better than the enemy.

I have nothing against the people of North Korean. We have a huge number of immigrants here from South Korea who are all hard working contributors to our society. I have a huge concern with the crazed leader of North Korea who has repeatedly threatened to fire nuclear missiles at the US. It’s easy for us to criticize the people of North Korea for their blind obedience to a madman and turn a blind eye to our own.

Yet it behooves us to question military action and make our own moral decisions as to which fights to support and which invasions we should abstain from. That is what it means to be Canadian. Likewise, if China, Russia or America ever invaded Canada, we would be equally grateful to whoever came to our aid to help us repel that invasion and regain our sovereignty.

Jog for the Bog

I didn’t realize today was International Bog Day. They had a fun run and festival at Burns Bog. I never used to realize the ecological importance of bogs. I remember hearing some environmentalists were rallying to save a bog a while ago and I said are you kidding me? It’s just a bog. It’s not like it’s an old growth forest.

Apparently bogs are very important for water and air filtration. Burns Bog is referred to as the lungs of the Lower mainland since it filters out the carbon and greatly improves the air quality. Which is pretty important since every summer we now see reports on air quality readings for those with respiratory problems. During the summer pollution tends to sit in the Fraser Valley as there isn’t much wind to blow it away.

Which again forces us to ask what they are smoking at City Hall to even consider putting a Garbage incinerator in Surrey. That’s more than shooting ourselves in the foot. It’s placing a noose around our neck to go bungee jumping. It most certainly isn't progressive.

There was a petition and booth about the coal trains at the festival. Aside from the huge ecological ramifications of mining and burning coal, transporting it brings air quality concerns for people with respiratory problems as well. The coal cars are open and exposed. Whenever coal trains go by, coal dust spread for miles. In Whitercok they have to keeping wiping off the patio tables from all the coal dust resulting from the increase in coal train traffic. Which will go off the charts if the Fraser Docks coal terminal is created. The one Metro Vancouver voted against.

Yet another problem with transporting coal trains through burns bog is that the dust will polite the bog. It will saturate it with carbon and prevent it from purifying our air like it’s supposed to. On Texada Island there isn’t enough water to hose down the coal to prevent the dust from spreading. Even if they do hose it down that just means it goes into the water supply and contaminates the seafood we eat.

Even if we cave in to the short term economic clear cut of transporting coal out of the Fraser Docks there’s nothing to say they won’t turn around and ship it out of Cherry Point in the States. As we become more educated as a society, we need to start using our brain and becoming economically sustainable and stop being so short sighted. Coal was fine in the Industrial revolution but times have changed. The CO2 levels are a real concern now. Failing to address that is just being irresponsible.

Burns bog is a really nice place to go for a walk. They’ve built a board walk in the reserve. Not only is it an important air and water filtration system but it is also teaming with wildlife. In a closed section it is an important migratory habitat for Sandhiil Crane that stand at five feet tall. The cranes migrate down to Oregon and California but nest in Burns bog. It is a crucial part of their habitat. Just like the Tsawwassen area is that they want to rezone for a shopping mall. The Burns bog Conservation Society has an awesome Crane T-shirt you can buy to support their cause. They are collecting paper cranes to go along with a petition to stop development in that sacred habitat.

How the Liberal Government is Bankrupting BC Hydro

Damien Gillis exposes the Liberal party's true economic track record. As I’ve repeated before privatizing the power brokers that sell power to BC Hydro at an inflated rate is criminal fraud that has created a ballooning debt that rivals the Enron scandal. Notwithstanding this ballooning debt, the Christie Clarke lie was a claim they were going to take money from BC Hydro to pay down their debt. That claim constitutes fraud.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Terror Squad tied to the Hells Angels

The StarPhoenix from Saskatoon is reporting that Darren Harper, the leader of a local street gang known as the Terror Squad has had his parole revoked following a hearing which exposed "direct ties" between the Terror Squad and the Hells Angles.

The Terror Squad has been described as the most dominant street gang in Saskatoon actively involved in the cocaine trade. "When crew members sell drugs, commit home invasions, robberies or other crimes, they are required to 'kick up' a portion of the profits to the council or others designated as captains, generals or higher-ups." Michael James McNab and several others were arrested in March 2011. At least we now know who is supplying their drugs.

Kelowna Crime and a Crown Appeal

A new report claims Kelowna has been listed as the highest crime per capita city in Canada after the Hells Angels opened up shop there. Thankfully the crown has appealed Nanaimo Hells Angel Robert Widdifield's extortion case that was dismissed due to court delays. Hopefully after his case is heard we can fire Robert Johnston and all the other judges in BC sitting on the wrong side of the bench. I suppose that would mean we would have to hire some real judges to deal with the delays then. I hear they won't let Peter Leask do criminal trials any more. Thank God. If that's true then they admit there was a problem with him. Get rid of him and seize the Kelowna clubhouse.

Rock Machine member sentenced to 8 years

The Winnipeg Free Press is reporting that Cameron Hemminger , “the last remaining member” of the Manitoba Rock Machine has been sentenced to 8 years in prison for trafficking cocaine and guns. Last month Joseph Strachan was sentenced to nine years following that large bust back in January. John Curwin received a 9 and 1/2 year sentence back in April. Curwin was selling BZP and was caught with a stick of dynamite.

Tactical Unprofessionalism

This morning as I lie in bed sleeping, I hear sirens go by. Not thinking much of it at the time, I noticed that I kept hearing them over and over again. Normally when a cop pulls someone over they have the lights and siren going until the person pulls over. Then they keep the lights on but turn off the siren. Especially in a residential neighborhood.

This was a random burst of the siren that kept going off over and over again. It was 3:30 AM when most people are trying to sleep. It started to get really irritating so I got up and went out to see what all the fuss was about. Police cars had a perimeter sectioned off with their lights on. Each vehicle would release a loud burst of their siren sporadically and repeatedly. It was impossible to sleep and it was really irritating. I started walking outside the perimeter hoping to ask a cop who isn’t in active pursuit what is with the sirens.

I walk by a few police cars on the outside of the perimeter and cringed every time the siren burst goes off wanting to ask them about the sirens but didn’t want to interrupt anyone. A female officer with a police dog is searching the area. I hear her say on her radio there’s a guy walking out here and another officer drives up to speak with me.

The cop asks me if I have seen anyone walking around about 20 minutes ago. I said no and pause for the awkward silence. I said obviously you’re looking for someone. What is the tactical advantage of the sirens? He said they want him to stay down. I assume that means they want him to stay down and hide as oppose to run away so they can find them with the dog. I walk over to a gassy hill outside their perimeter and sit down to watch the light show. The noise makes it impossible to go back to bed and sleep. I see the female officer with the dog on a very long leash searching all over and notice she crossed over and was walking past behind me.

Then all of a sudden I can hear her let the dog charge me from behind as I sit on the grassy hill watching everything. I raise my hands in the air and brace myself for the dogs teeth to sink into by back. Right before it attacks me the officer pulls the leash and shouts no then literally screams at me and shouts “What the F*ck are you doing here?!?” Those were her exact words.

I responded by saying I was trying to sleep then added I don’t understand what the tactical advantage of the sirens is. Then as she walks away I state in absolute bewilderment this is very unprofessional.

I watch her handle the dog from a distance. Pulling the dog shouting f this and f that. It didn’t look like the dog had a scent and was following it. It didn’t look like she really knew how to handle the dog either. Then she came up to speak to two other officers. One was in an unmarked car with a dog in it. He seemed a lot more calm and competent. She had calmed down considerably and they were discussing what she had seen.

As I just shook my head it made me think of a scene from the movie Men in Black where Will Smith was in a target practice drill. It was a funny scene from a comedy. Yet it showed that law enforcement does have a difficult task pursuing suspects in a world full of bad guys, good guys and innocent bystanders.

At first I thought, welcome to Surrey but then I remembered the Prince George lockdown and how this could happen in any residential neighborhood anywhere in Canada. It is important to be appreciative that the police are in fact willing to chase down bad guys. I do however think it’s important to address police arrogance and stress the importance of preserving the Charter of Rights in our society when the police are paid by civilian taxes to serve and protect them. Not to control, harass and abuse them. No one has the right to run around like Gestapo and trample our civil liberties.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hells Angels in Germany and Spain arrested for human trafficking

The Guardian is reporting that on Wednesday “Police in Mallorca have arrested 25 members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang on suspicion of drug trafficking, trafficking in humans, extortion and running prostitution rings.”

The majority of those arrested are German and include leading members of the German and Spanish chapters. Frank Hanebuth, the 49-year-old former boxer and head of the Hanover chapter, is reportedly among those arrested. A local police officer was also arrested, according to press on the island.

The same source said that a principal source of the gang's income allegedly came from women coerced to work as prostitutes in clubs in Germany. Police also claim the gang frequently extorted money from foreign residents using threats of violence accompanied by photographs showing that they were familiar with victims' families' routines.

This is a huge bust. In involves a Germans President not some rouge member. Frank Hanebuth, a reputed Hells Angels boss from Germany, was among the 25 arrested by Spanish police at his multi-million dollar estate on the Mediterranean resort island of Mallorca in Spain.

A Spanish paper called the Local is reporting that “The Hells Angels planned to launder "a significant quantity" of money from its activities in Germany and Turkey in the construction of a Formula One race track in Mallorca, police said in a statement.”

“Operation Casablanca targeted alleged drug trafficking, extortion, money laundering, and running of prostitution rings by the Majorca chapter of the notorious motorbike club. Most of the club's members arrived on the island from Germany after authorities in that country cracked down on the group in 2009. The group raised money mainly by forcing women into prostitution across Germany and extorting cash from people they threatened to harm if they were not paid.

Threatening someone’s family is total low life. Yet these guys have been accused of showing women pictures of their family and threatening to harm them if the woman didn’t agree to become prostitutes for them. That is disgusting. They call informants rats, yet they are the rats. Reporting that to the police isn’t being a rat. Failing to do so is. These low lifes are rat shit.

In Fast and Furious 6 Vin Diesel said “Never threaten a man's family.”

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Human trafficking targeting Nova Scotia women

CBC News is reporting that “A Truro woman is marching against what she calls one of Nova Scotia's dirtiest and darkest secrets - human sex trade trafficking. Lia Renaud said sex slavery starts in the Maritimes more than people think, so she and several supporters are planning to walk from Halifax to Moncton to raise awareness of the issue, taking the route where vulnerable victims are often picked up.”

Truro? That’s a pretty familiar small town involving an organized crime group we all know. Come to think of it, members of the Thirtieth Tribe that patched over to become the Halifax chapter of the Hells Angels where David Giles, Mike Christianson and Larry Pace (Lars) are from, were convicted of living off the avails. In fact, Right after the Darksiders move into Bridgewater, NS a new brothel was busted there. Imagine that.

RCMP Const. Sebastian Decaens said in most cases a predator will manipulate their victim to either fall in love with them or make them feel like they need to pay off a debt. "They would bring them to another city or another province to start dancing. Once again it's to create a habit, a need, and from that they would go to dancing to unfortunately the sex trade market," he said.

Renaud said that's exactly what happened to her friend Stacy. "She ended up meeting a gentleman. He was a well-respected businessman, also a high-ranking Hells Angel," she said. Pimped by a high ranking Hells Angel. Imagine that. I suppose Otis Garret isn’t then only missing link between the Hells Angels and prostitution.

Last month MSN News reported that “Twenty-two men were arrested and two children were rescued from harm after a major child exploitation bust in Atlantic Canada. The suspects range in age from 22-years-old to 63. Six of the people were from rural Nova Scotia and three were from the Halifax region. One of the charged men was a registered sex offender. Another worked with children. "The majority of our offenders are individuals who have never had a parking ticket,” said Purchase.” Fred Price, 52, of Fredericton, and Donald Martin, 48, of Miramichi, have both been charged with distributing child pornography.

According to C2C’s Investigative Report ““The media don't know anything about it. The Crown attorneys have all moved on to bigger and better things. The police officers have all changed. The political will has changed. So now it’s Canada's deep, dark secret if you will. The Russian mafia runs girls, the Hells Angels runs girls. There's a lot of Asian human trafficking going on, locally and from abroad. It's everywhere now.” Why that’s yet another source that claims the Hells Angels are involved in forced prostitution in Canada. How does a nice family man with young kids rationalize that? Kinda makes ya wonder what was really going on at the Pickton farm. Last September they had a human trafficking awareness walk in Toronto.

Spotlight on the BC Investment Management Corporation

I’m going to need more time to dive into this case more thoroughly but since two different bloggers have expressed a concern about it, I think it’s worth mentioning and looking into the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation.

A blogger at Northern Insight states that ethical performance is lacking at the BCIMC. He points out that the BCIMC is a substantial Enbridge investor ($657 million) and holds major positions in the world's nine largest tobacco sellers ($553 million). They are also arms dealers and have spread over half a billion dollars among almost every one of the top 20 public companies involved in the international arms trade. I’ve seen this blog before and the guy is pretty knowledgeable.

The other blogger owned a pristine campground in Tofino right by Long Beach. On May 25, 2010 they suffered a triple arson. Since then there has been numerous acts of arson and vandalism. Even the resort water system was destroyed. All of this made it impossible to run the campground and maintain a revenue to continue mortgage payments. Meanwhile, a dirty investment company kept wanting to know if he’s ready to sell yet. That investment company is BCIMC. The bank foreclosed the resort and gave the pristine campground to the BCIMC at a fire sale price.

If the owner did it himself, he would of had insurance. The last arson was on was Mar 9, 2013. A couple days later, this graffiti was written on a telephone pole outside the fire. Here’s the thing – the graffiti are characters from a First Nations alphabet. The middle character looks like a modified O used in the IPA (alphabet that's used to spell First Nation names).

There are many First Nation dialects and they are oral languages. This alphabet was created by French and British linguistics to record the oral native languages. It’s not a local alphabet. The person who wrote it must have known someone who had taken linguistics at University. Not something your typical crack head vandal would know.

There’s lots more for me to look into but for now I leave you with links to the Northern Insight and the Citizens United Against BCIMC blogs. More gang news on it's way.

Justin Bieber tours BC

It was nice to see Justin Bieber touring BC with his family in a RV recently. Justin Trudeau I mean, my bad. It’s hard to tell those two apart nowadays. Since Justin Trudeau voted in favor of doing away with the Charter of Rights his father left us with, it’s hard to tell who that guy is any more. I guess it’s all about the photo shoot now since no one cares about a politician’s polices. It’s all theatrics. Just a poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage then is heard no more.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gambling on Godzilla

OK the last post got too long so I’ll put the second part about gambling here. Yesterday I noticed two letters to the Editor that spoke in support of an editorial the Vancouver Province ran about the government’s addiction to gambling. The letters and the editorial are sound.

In the editorial, Brian Lee Crowley points out “Knowing that the industry preys on human weakness, governments sensibly used to make it hard to gamble. Casinos were only available in distant places like Reno and Las Vegas, or restricted to private clubs to ensure that low-budget punters didn't get in to squander that week's pay.” The “Governments' insatiable search for money, born of an inability to control their own spending, unleashed a wave of state-promoted gambling dens to relieve the credulous of their cash.”

“A lot of gambling has nothing to do with the Hollywood image of tuxedoed high rollers betting vast sums on a roll of the dice. Much of it is cheap and sordid, vulnerable people enticed to throw away the rent money in the eternal quest for the Big Score.”

That is the real issue on the table – exploiting the poor and vulnerable including seniors. Which of course brings us back to Godzilla and the Gateway Casino proposal for Surrey. The residents of south surrey passionately opposed the mega casino organized crime epicenter in their community so Dianne Watts decided to build it in Newton instead. It’s not the same mega casino but it is a casino with slots targeting seniors and the poor. The affluent in south Surrey say no so the poor in Newton have no say.

Just like in Langley. Everyone showed up to oppose it and council turned it down only to slip it in one the side when no one was looking. That is exactly what Dianne Watts and the Surrey First crew have done in Newton which is where many seniors live.

I was amazed at the number of young people that came out to oppose the casino and spoke up for moral principles. It was heart warming to see. Three of those speakers stood out. There comments are posted on youtube. One young lady submitted a petition from her high school and talked about the social costs of casinos and specifically mentions suicides from gambling debts.

The second speaker said he too was an immigrant to Canada and he opposes the Casino. The third speaker from Semiahmoo started off with a quote from Leonardo Da Vinci which states “Nothing strengthens the authority so much as silence.” He said that he and his friends from Semiahmoo were there to break the silence and voice their opposition to the Gateway Casino.

All of their concerns still exist with the Gateway casino in Newton. Let’s remember that Dianne Watts supported the project all along. When she was caught lying in the press after a representative of Gateway and a local citizen proved she was lying, the paper had to print a retraction. There had obviously been discussions with Gateway about the proposal before they bought the land.

That is why Rich Coleman freaked. Godzilla choked when she saw all that opposition to the Casio. She was the chair, she wasn’t supposed to have a vote. She just breaks the tie and it wasn’t supposed to be a tie. Some of her team flipped when they saw the angry mob so she had to vote to break the tie. Everyone cheered and said she listens to the people. Yet she still slipped it in on the side in an area where the more vulnerable will be targeted.

Clearly “there is NO such thing as luck. The longer and faster you play any ‘game,’ the more money the house guarantees you will lose.” When these slots are put near seniors on fixed income it is outright exploitation. Gateway casinos don’t launder drug money but the gangs do at all the casinos in BC. Supporting these casinos is supporting the drug related gang violence that has escalated out of control over the last few years.

When the RCMP put out that report about money laundering in BC Casinos Rich Coleman and the BC Liberals did away with the RCMP office that investigates money laundering in casinos. That was yet another criminal act.

Since Dianne Watts can’t censor this blog like she can council, let’s ask how Gateway casinos lost $1.5 billion? When Dianne Watts said that was false, she was lying. Again. The $24,500 campaign contribution Godzilla received from Gateway Casinos was perfectly legal but totally immoral. At least our youth in Surrey have more morals than Dianne Watts does. Maybe there is hope for this world after all. I hope those young people run for council next election. They have my vote.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Swearing an oath to the Queen

Before I catch up on other stories there are two editorials in today’s paper I want to comment on. On the front page of the Vancouver Province and all over the media everywhere is the news about William and Kate’s new baby. While I am happy for them just like I am happy for any other new parent, I really don’t see what all the hoopla is about. A few media outlets even went so far as to say “World Welcomes New Prince.” The world? Really? You think the Queen of England is the queen of the entire world? You’d think this baby was the freaking prince of peace for heavens sake.

I’ve got nothing against William and Kate. I think they are a very nice couple. William’s mother was the best thing that ever happened to the monarchy. I’m even happy for Charles. I think it’s romantic that he finally married the woman he wanted to marry. She wasn’t as young and pretty as Dianna but that was his real true love and I think it’s very noble that things worked out for him in the end. Tragic how Dianna’s life was cut so short but she left us with a lasting impression that will remain forever. Who knows, maybe in the hereafter she’ll be with her true love as well.

I just don’t get this hoopla about the monarchy. Don’t worry, I don’t get the hoopla about movie stars either. They’re all just ordinary people. Show me someone who’s done something to make this world a better place and then I really am genuinely impressed.

It reminds me of many years ago when I was working in London England during the royal wedding. The royal wedding - Charles and Dianna. The media was all over it. The radio was on at work and they were giving us the live play by play. Here it is folks. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. The royal bride is going to step out that door any minute now. There she is folks and this is what she’s wearing... and there the fashion designers go to reproduce her gown for the public.

I shook my head and said out loud what on earth is all the fuss about? You’d think it was the freaking moonwalk and man’s first step on the moon. A Caribbean guy I was working with chuckled but the manager from England got a little perturbed and said Oh but you have to understand this royal family is very important to us here in England. Yeah? Why? I don’t get it. They’re just ordinary people. Well, I still don’t get it.

So the editorial in today’s paper was about how some people object to have to swear an oath of allegiance to the queen of England in order to become a Canadian citizen. The editorial said that’s the way it is, get used to it. But is it really the way it should be? I never had to swear an oath of allegiance to the queen when I was born here. Sure the queen’s picture is on the money but so is the beaver, elk and loon. We can put any historical figure on our money we want. It doesn’t mean anything.

The article claims many Canadians support and appreciate our constitutional monarchy. Our constitutional monarchy? We don’t have one. England does. We are simply part of the common wealth – a loose association of countries that were once colonies before they became free republics. I suppose whether or not we really are a free republic is debatable and that’s why we need to address the issue.

Before we go there let’s talk about inclusion. It’s not just new immigrants who have a problem with swearing another to the queen. I’m pretty sure most Canadians of French ancestry have a real problem with it. That could be one of the reasons Quebec never signed the Charter. Swearing an oath to the queen would be a violation of their conscience. Before I went traveling I was considering joining the reserves. I was shocked and astounded we were supposed to swear and oath to the queen. I’ll swear an oath to defend a country or a constitution but not to a person. We all know there are good kings and bad kings. In our day the queen is literally just a figurehead but historically there have been many bad kings. I certainly wouldn’t want to swear an allegiance to a bad king or be treated like a traitor for not doing so.

The editorial said some claimed that swearing an oath to the queen would harm their right to the freedom of religion. That’s an interesting thought. In Ireland the Church of England persecuted the Catholics. In fact they persecuted other Christians as well who weren’t Catholic just because they weren’t Church of England. Since the queen is literally the head of that church we need to talk about it’s historical origin if we are going to swear an other to her title. (Did I tell you the story of George Buchanan? I’ll save that for another day so I will.)

Never in Israel’s roller coaster history of morality and immorality has there ever been a king of Israel that has actually taken over the church and made themselves rulers over it. Prophets have spoken out against bad kings in the past and many kings rejected the prophets and threw them in jail like they did to Jeremiah or in the case of John the Baptist, served his head on a platter for confronting the king’s immorality. Jean Baptise as our French friends would remember.

So in England we had the famous King Henry who was guilty of both adultery and murder. He was a Catholic and the Catholic church didn’t allow divorce so he kept beheading the wives he didn’t like so he could remarry without getting a divorce. Finally he started feeling guilty about being a murderer (after the Pope excommunicated him) so he decided to take over the church and make a new one that would allow divorce so he wouldn’t have to feel guilty about murdering another wife he didn’t like. Low and behold King Henry becomes the head of the Church of England. If that’s not enough blasphemy for lightening to strike, I don’t know what is. I’m not saying the church shouldn’t allow divorce btw. I’m saying King Henry had no right and no authority to take over the church and make himself the head of it.

Other reformers like Martin Luther were good men. King Henry was not. He didn’t just create a new church and let it run. He created a new church and seized control of it. Adopted it as the state religion and persecuted everyone who didn’t embrace the new state religion. That is the problem with forsaking the constitutional freedom of religion and adopting any state religion. Kings and citizens have the right to join or leave any religion they choose. Adapting a single state religion is just as bad as abolishing all religion completely. It is a violation of civil liberty.

Historically, the Act of Supremacy of 1534 confirmed the King's status as having supremacy over the church and required the nobility to swear an oath recognizing Henry's supremacy. Gag. That act was repealed and restored many times since. Yet today the queen of England is still considered the Supreme Governor of the Church of England. So tell me, does swearing an oath to the queen also an oath recognizing the queen’s supremacy over the church? That is something I completely object to and I was born here. To be continued…

I will point out that before King Henry the Catholics church was even worse. During the Spanish Inquisition they killed and persecuted everyone who wasn’t Catholic. I guess that’s why they called it the dark ages when mankind was groping around in the darkness thinking the world was flat. Both crimes show why adapting a single state religion is just as bad as abolishing religion altogether. Both are wrong and one leads to the other.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hells Angel crashes after Langley Party

Well Kim’s back from holidays. She’s reporting that a Saskatoon Hells Angel drove off the freeway near Hope on his way home from a party at Jaba’s palace in Langley yesterday. I certainly don’t wish misfortune on anyone. Kinda strange how he mysteriously drove off the freeway into a rock wall. I have no idea if they did blood work.

Kim’s reporting that it was five years ago at their 25th anniversary she started her blog and did a live play by play coverage of the event. She was the one that noticed Scott Jamieson’s hummer from Showgirls in Edmonton showed up at the party. Has it been five years already?

I’m sure she had her blog going just before I started my web site and blog. Now five and a half years later we’re on the verge of breaking our 8 million hits mark. June 2012 we just broke 4 million hits. That makes 4 million hits in just over a year. That’s kinda hard to imagine. I recognize that the success of this blog has been from the many contributors that have sent in pictures and tips. So thanks to the many contributors over the years who actually care about their community. It gives us hope for the future.

Spotlight on two great Surrey Restaurants

I have several stories to catch up on but since the topic of diversity and Surrey pride came up, I wanted to highlight two tiny resultants in Surrey that have awesome food. The first is Binghi's Reggae CafĂ© 13593 King George Blvd. It’s at King George and 108 Avenue. It’s tiny but the food is awesome. They even have a facebook page.

I think the owner is Indo Canadian but it serves Caribbean food. The guy with the hat is an awesome chef. I had some curry goat with some rice and peas along with a Guinness stout. Now that is what I’m talking about. It doesn’t get any better than that. It came with a unique salad and a Jamaican patty. He even put the rice in a timbale. Now that is old school. The sauce was fabulous.

The other restaurant I wanted to spotlight is right around the corner. A tiny Mexican restaurant called Taqueria Jalisco at 13646 Grosvenor Rd. It’s on 108 Ave and King George right behind where Caps Bicycles used to be many years ago. It’s tiny but the food is awesome.

Everything on the menu is great. It even has some old wanted posters on the wall from the 1900’s. They have their own web site. They even have an assortment of naturally sweetened pop from Mexico. The Jarritos is awesome. It’s lime flavor. Supporting small business is a good thing. Especially when they have such great food. Diversity is a culinary pleasure.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Surrey Fusion Festival

I finally broke down and attended the end of the Surrey Fusion Festival today. I haven’t been in a few years. Ever since Godzilla started building her Ivory tower I haven’t been feeling very patriotic. My Surrey Pride has disappeared.

Yet tonight it was nice to see. It’s billed as a celebration of music, food and culture and that it is. As I walked in on one side there was ear piercing Bhangra and on the other side there was bone chilling country twang and I was left looking for somewhere else to fit in. It wasn’t really Bhangra it was something else and if they just turned it down a bit it wouldn’t have been so ear piercing. They did perform several pieces that were very nice as did the country group. They even finished off with like a rolling stone and I started feeling much better.

Tons of cultural pavilions and lots of food from many different cultures. It was like a world tour of cuisine. Many from Africa, Latin America and Tonga. I was interested in the Kangaroo burgers from Australia but settled on some chicken and rice from Bolivia and some vegetable pakora from India. It was really nice to see the celebration of cultural diversity.

A few hecklers on the blog previously made some outrageous statements denouncing multiculturalism and I saw a similar offensive letter printed in the Vancouver Province recently. Cultural diversity what being a Canadian is all about. That is the great Canadian Mosaic as opposed to the American melting pot. We can be Canadian but still retain our cultural heritage. A woman can wear a sari and a man can wear a kilt. That is freedom and that is multiculturalism. Diversity makes us strong. In fact there’s a group in Vancouver called gung haggis fat choy that celebrates Asian and Scottish culture together.

The Surrey Fusion Festival helped restore a little Surrey pride but also Canadian pride. After all, Surrey’s little oasis of cultural peace is a model of what Canada is all about. I’ve noticed my nationalism has slipped of late with all these attacks on the charter and the erosion of our civil liberties. Looking at the flag now makes me feel a bit diminished. Yet events like these help rebuild that tarnished image.

Not all Canadians are polite and tolerant. That is something we still have to work on. A friend at work went to Disneyland a while ago and saw a kid with a Canucks shirt on. He asked the family where they were from and the mother was really rude. He said ya know, I’m from Vancouver too. Everyone keeps talking about how rude Americans are but you are more rude than any American I’ve ever met.

My daughter had a friend visit from Texas several years ago. He said everyone here is so angry. Everyone wants to fight me. I said yeah, this is Surrey. He said people are more friendly back home. People are more friendly in America? Texas? That kinda blew away the previous stereotypes. It reminded me of how I was driving along a side street in Blaine and an old man waved his hand at me. I slowed down to see what he wanted and thought oh great, he’s gonna bitch me out for going too fast. Instead he just smiled and waved as I went by. He was just being friendly. Imagine that. Kind of unheard of in our society.

I’ve had a little bit of a conflict lately with some Punjabi pride so to speak. Pride as in arrogance. So here’s me cheering on the Vancouver Bhangra dancers eating vegetable pakora. Obviously there is good and bad in every culture. We need to embrace the good and shun the bad. My daughter works with a young Indo Canadian who is trying to follow the path of his religion. Another Indo Canadian girl comes up to him and says isn’t it hilarious and Vasakhi is on 420 this year? We can get baked and go to Vasakhi. Isn’t that awesome she said. No it’s actually dumb and very disrespectful to our religion was his wise response.

For me diversity means equality. It doesn’t mean we cheer louder for one group above another. The Punjabi Hindu conflict coming here concerns me. People are welcome to bring their culture here just make sure you leave your pride and prejudice at home because that has no place in the society we want to build.

I stopped in at the Palestine booth and looked at some of the beautiful pictures. They even had a poster of the doors of Jerusalem like they have for other countries. They still call it Jerusalem. Salam means peace in Arabic. I realize that conflict is very problematic because Palestinians in Israel are residents not citizens with a passport. Yet the Jews have a right to a home too. Not an exclusive right to the land but an equal claim to it which makes that whole mess very problematic

Some people claim that the Palestinians were there first and the Jews took over after England conquered it and gave it to them. Yet Jews were there before that. Then people claim that the Jews obtained that land originally by genocide. True, but the history of all land ownership has been one group conquering another at some point.

I picked up a hitch hiker on the way to Tofino who claimed to be the war chief from Flores Island and claimed that his uncle was the hereditary chief of that nation. He said that historically there was a conflict between their tribe and another much larger tribe. The larger tribe was greedy and wouldn’t let them hunt or fish in the same territory. They even killed their chief, gutted him and put him on a stick to warn the others.

They responded with a war that ended up driving the bad guys south to California and north to Alaska. He said it’s quite the David and Goliath story because they were a much smaller tribe than their aggressors. He said trading with the white settlers helped them because they got guns from them which helped them defeat their enemies.

Which kinda reinforces what I previously said about how the local natives in Fort Langley benefitted from trading with the settlers because they helped defend them against rival tribes that would raid them and carry them away as slaves. The point is, the Nation that now resides in Tofino conquered it from someone else. Claiming that the California tribe that tried to squeeze them out has a current legal claim on the land because they at one time resided there is a bit silly.

In Israel the Palestinians weren’t the original inhabitants of Gaza. They were the Philistines who were conquered by Ramses in Egypt. If anything Gaza would be better of as a part of Egypt then on it’s own but that conflict is much bigger than you and I. Palestinians have a wonderful culture as well and are welcome here. My point is celebrating diversity is good. Rehashing old disputes is not and the Surrey Fusion Festival is worth supporting.

They even had a really cool booth where you could get your picture taken with whatever background you wanted - the Eiffel tower, the leaning tower of Pizza, even Ayers rock. Come to think of it, there weren't that many European countries represented. They has Polish sausage and perogies from the Ukraine but nothing Irish Scottish, French, German or Swiss. The festival still has room to grow. It's a great place for local restaurants to advertize.

Blueberry Fields Forever

Time for a breath of fresh air. Yesterday I hiked up Hollyburn ridge on Cypress. There was a ton of people on the mountain for a Five Peaks running race through the cross country area but they didn’t go up to Hollyburn ridge. It was the perfect day for a hike. Sunny but not too hot. Slight cloud cover and even a cool breeze on the way down. I chose Hollyburn instead of Sky chair because unlike Sky chair, Hollyburn has a bit of shade from the trees on the way up. People like to feed the whiskey jacks out of their hand there.

You actually get a better view of the mountain panorama in winter because you’re aboive the treetops in the snow but it’s still nice in the summer.

In the summer upper Romstead turns into a wild blueberry field that seems to go forever. When I fist saw everyone eating the wild berries I asked a guy if he was sure those were safe to eat. He pauses and says he was kinda waiting to see what happened to everyone else who was eating them before he tried them. Then a woman said no they’re safe. They’re wild blueberries. They kinda looked like blueberries.

I thought they’d be out by now but I guess the berries come out in the late summer early autumn. You have to be mindful of the bears then because they really like them. I guess it’s good they have something else to eat when you’re around them. It’s kinda like the poppy fields in Flanders.

It reminded me of the Beatles tune Strawberry fields forever. Living is easy with eyes closed Misunderstanding all you see Let me take you down ‘Cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields Nothing is real And nothing to get hung about Strawberry Fields forever. Kinda like the Main Stream Media in our Brave New World but I suppose it’s nothing to get strung out about.

It's still a beautiful world if you know where to look.

Woman raped in Dubai sent to jail

A Norwegian woman was sentenced to 16 months in jail in Dubai for having sex outside marriage after she reported being raped. That isn’t just hypocrisy, it is insanity. It is a violation of Islamic Law and the people that sent her to jail should be the ones in jail not her. Don’t get me started on sharia lawlessness. This case shows not only the importance of the separation between Church and State but the importance of the separation of State and Insanity.

Having sex outside of marriage is a sin not a crime. Rape is a crime. So is sending someone to jail for being raped. It’s like the age old hypocrisy of stoning women for adultery. She didn’t commit adultery all by herself. Where is her coaccused? Even in Islamic law, rape is a more serious offense than consensual sex outside of marriage.

All law - Jewish law, Islamic law, Secular law and Christian law speaks to natural justice. This offense of imprisoning the victim of rape is not only barbaric, it is a violation of natural justice and is therefore unlawful. Just as falsely accusing someone of a terrorist attack is. We need to shun all extremism not just this one.

Christ was a Jew. He confronted the religious leaders at the time calling them liars, hypocrites and extortionists. Do you really think Mohammad would not have the same thing to say about these criminals in Dubai who sent a victim of crime to jail? Alas alas for you, blind fools.

Communists would argue that this is an example of why we should outlaw religion. Wrong. It is an example of why we should outlaw criminal activity which is exactly what this insane decision is. The woman’s name is Marte Deborah Dalelv. I’m not sure what the status of her case is but a facebook page has been set up calling for her release. Are we not men? We are DEVO.

The sentencing of Laura Szendrei’s murderer

The sentencing of Laura Szendrei’s murderer has been in the news of late with several comments and recommendations from forensic physiatrists. I’m going to touch on two statements that were quoted in the media and set the record straight. This is a very serious and important case.

One psychiatrist testified that the murderer should be sentenced as an adult because he will not get the treatment he needs if he is sentenced as a youth. Although I agree with the conclusion and one is tempted to say whatever it takes, we need to clarify the obvious.

Thanks to the advocacy of Chuck and Donna Cadman, young offenders who commit violent crimes can be tried as adults. You can’t get any more of a violent crime than murder and rape. This murderer should automatically be tried as an adult. It’s not about him. At this point I don’t care what’s in his best interest. He just committed murder. Failing to try him as an adult would be criminal negligence. It would mock Laura Szendrei as well as her parents and in so doing mock justice altogether. Although rehabilitation should be a factor, it most certainly is not the factor and comes second to justice and public safety. Especially in the case of murder.

The other flaming concern I have is two ridiculous statement made by Robert Ley. Ley claimed that the reason the murderer attacked Laura was because of his alleged shyness and anxiety around women. Before I tear into a long and drawn out rant on Freud, Dr. Paul Janke points out the obvious. He states that theory has "essentially no credibility." Thank God. Robert Ley needs to find a new profession.

We were all baffled by the motive for Laura’s murder. Now we hear claims that the murderer had three previous incidents and originally wanted to rape her but ended up killing her when she screamed and made too much noise. To me it sounds very suspicious. Who isn’t going to make noise when you try and rape them in a public place. It sounds simply like a made up story to get second degree charges instead of first degree charges.

By claiming he initially wanted to rape her means he gets around the premeditated requirement of first degree murder and cops a plea for second degree murder. Yet we know the case law states that when murder follows a rape, that automatically becomes first degree murder not second. First degree murder is defined as any murder "while committing or attempting to commit sexual assault." That would apply here. This case is clearly first degree murder not second.

This other victim thing is totally new. There were no news reports of other victims in the area at the time. This whole delusion about rapists committing rape because they are shy around women is offensive and absurd. Rape is all about power and control over woman in a very disturbed and unhealthy manner. It’s like our friend the freak Jim Brown who brags about his violent sexual fantasies of criminal acts. Harboring those kinds of desires is deranged. It’s got nothing to do with being shy around women.

Robert Ley also told a sentencing hearing that he believes the offender is a motivated and intelligent person who would be receptive to treatment and should be detained in a provincial institution rather than in a federal prison, where rehab programs would be less effective. Is this guy smoking crack? Everyone else reports that the man posed a high risk to reoffend and that he showed no remorse for the murder. There is something wrong with Robert Ley. After we flush his submissions down the toilet, we need to correct his career mistake in a hurry before he damages more victims’ lives.

Although I agree that it is in no prisoner’s best interest to be mistreated in prison, this guy committed murder. In all fairness he should be put to death. Keeping him alive is doing him a favor not society. I’m sure many will argue, including Amnesty International, that a civilized society does not tolerate capital punishment. In contrast, I submit that a civilized society cannot tolerate murder. To do so diminishes all of us.

Although I have expressed my concerns over the father’s decision to invite patch wearing Hells Angels to his daughter’s funeral, I will point out that feelings of retaliation or taking the law into one’s own hands are completely normal and understandable in that situation. Although we all agree that we must take the higher road and trust in the law, when the law betrays public trust victims never heal.

My concerns about the Hells Angels are clear. They are a criminal organization violently involved in the drug and sex trade. Befriending them for any reason is a bad choice. Nevertheless, my heart does go out to Laura’s father. Her mother as well but I suppose I can relate more to her father. When something traumatic happens to your daughter like murder or rape and the offenders are walking around with no remorse and a high likelihood of reoffending, it is very hard not to take care of the matter oneself. Very hard. Even if one takes the higher road, if the law fails public trust there is a wound there that never heals. It becomes an unresolved issue so to speak. Pushed to the side to be dealt with at a later day. The only hope and peace that I can find is the knowledge that life does not end at death and in due process, truth and justice will one day prevail. As they say in Ireland, “Our day will come.”

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hells Angel president cries in court

Speaking of crying like a baby, BDN dot com is reporting that “Mark ‘Lightning’ Baker stared down the FBI agents, U.S. marshals and prosecutors who were sending him to jail. Then, he grinned and lifted his shackled hands, extending his middle finger.

He did it again and again, sometimes using both middle fingers to make his point, as he waited Wednesday morning for his sentencing hearing to begin. Within 30 minutes, however, the 50-year-old Baker was crying as he begged U.S. District Judge Cameron McGowan Currie to have mercy on him. ‘A meth addiction caused me to make some bad decisions,’ Baker said.

A crystal meth addiction. Maybe they shouldn’t be selling that sh*t. Maybe he shouldn’t be a bully then cry like a baby wanting mercy when he refused to give mercy to anyone else. This is one of three Rock Hill based Hells Angels convicted of drug trafficking and gun running in South Carolina. They were killing rival drug dealers to secure a monopoly on the market. Then he cries in court when faced with a 15 ½ year prison sentence. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

It reminds me of that Hells Angel associate in Toronto that was caught selling date rape drug for the “club.” He brought his wife and niece to court and cried like a baby. He didn’t seem to care about all the people and families he would ruin from the use of the drug he was selling. What if someone used it on his wife or niece? The old adage of treat others the way you want to be treated is pretty common sense.

Federal agents and local police displayed more than 100 machine guns, rifles, shotguns, revolvers, semi-automatic pistols and silencers that had been seized from Hells Angels members in “Rock Hill.” (Rock is another name for crack) They also displayed dozens of bags of drugs that had been confiscated, including methamphetamine, (crystal meth) cocaine, prescription drugs and “bath salts.” 100 machine guns and bath salts. Now that is a nasty drug.

My daughter thinks they’re gonna put bath salts in our drinking water to trigger the zombie apocalypse. It’s an interesting theory but I’m a bit confused where people get this idea of a zombie apocalypse from in the first place. One thing is for sure and that is there clearly is no loyalty, strength or honour in the Hells Angels. Word. This Gumby looks like a pencil neck used car salesman. Mug shots on WCCB and Mug shots on WCNC.

Mugger gets owned

This is a rather amusing surveillance video of a guy who snatches a cell phone out of a woman’s hand. She beats him with her purse. Kicks him in the balls dropping him to his knees. Gives him the good old double ear slap and knees him in the face. Then finishes him with a hook kick to the head. She is half his size. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Sometimes crime doesn’t pay. Word.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Gun found under crib mattress in PEI

Here’s a popular girl from PEI. She has a history of drug trafficking despite the fact that she has wonderful young children. Wednesday her and her boyfriend's home was raided were cocaine was seized as well as cutting agents and a firearm under a crib mattress. That is very concerning. Valerie Anne Burke (MacArthur), 28, and Vance William Atkinson, 24, were taken into custody and each charged with possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, careless storage of a firearm, and breach of firearms prohibition. I understand this isn't the first time she's gone to jail for a boyfriend who promised her the world. Each arrest she's only had a very small quantity of drugs but she's got to start thinking about those kids. Who isn't paying their child support?

Detroit files for Bankruptcy as Freedom is under fire

Recently it was announced Detroit filed for bankruptcy. Bonds are tanking and the court claims the governor lacks the power to “diminish or impair pension benefits,” so it's trying to halt the bankruptcy application. Stealing pensions again. Didn't the US banks get a bailout? This is serious. What happens in the States usually follows in Canada. Clearly our freedom is under fire and the greatest enemy we have is the enemy within that is embezzling huge amounts of tax dollars. The day before 9/11 Donald Rumsfeld announced the Pentagon lost $2.3 trillion dollars and can’t account for 25% of what it spends. That is a huge concern which has only gotten worse.

Al Martin calls Huntsville, Alabama Corruption City, USA. Martin claims the accounting "discrepancy" at the Huntsville military complex was $16 billion. These are military officers stealing from the American citizens. That is a huge concern. Canada has the same problem. CSIS lost or more accurately hid $3.1 billion in anti terror funding. The Canadian military stole millions in black assets. There needs to be more financial accountability here because this kind of embezzlement is killing us. Privatizing the military just makes this problem uncontrollable.

Raising the age of retirement will be the least of our worries. Soon we will wake up and a communist nation will own us. Don’t look now. They already do. Communist China owns our oil rights and is buying up private property in the United States. Yet communists don’t believe in land ownership. So is this the new form of war? Conquering land by hostile corporate takeovers?

We need to address the debt and we need to address the biggest cause of the debt, the missing anti terror funding and the Canadian bank bailout that Harper says never happened. Those two expenditures are the most fiscally irresponsible decisions in Canadian history. Along with Gordon Campbell’s’ BC Hydro scam of course. That kind of fiscal irresponsibility is far beyond any leftist ideal of social justice. It constitutes fraud and is a criminal act.

Price of Oil drops but price of gas jumps

Well it happened again so I’ll say it again. The price of oil per barrel dropped and the price of gas at the pump jumped another ten cents a litre. That is highway robbery. Why? Because we let the oil companies have a monopoly on the market so they can charge whatever they want. Even worse, thanks to Stephen Harper, us getting gouged at the pump is helping fund communist China’s military expansion since he sold our oil rights to them giving them the profit instead of Canadians.

Back in the day when the Rothschild’s pulled that off with Standard oil, the courts said that kind of a corporate monopoly was illegal. Anti trust laws prevented it. Now corrupt politicians whose campaigns are bankrolled by these scoundrels say gouging the consumers through corporate monopolies is good business. Not. It destroys the free market and everything real conservatives stand for. That is the neo con. The road to Bildebuerg steals our money and our freedom.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Giuseppe De Vito found dead in prison

About the mafia is reporting that Giuseppe De Vito was found unconscious in his prison cell at Donnacona Prison before being taken to a local Quebec hospital where he was pronounced dead. De Vito is believed to have been a close ally of Raynald Desjardins who led the rebellion against the Rizzutos while Vito was in prison. Since Vito’s release, he’s been kicking ass. CBC is confirming Giuseppe's death. Tragically, Giuseppe's ex has been charged in the murder of their two daughters. One would hate to think that was a mob hit. One would also hate to think the mother did it. Innocent kids that appeared to be well cared for. Very sad.

Bill Tieleman questions Surrey bomb plot

Three cheers for Bill Tieleman and the 24 hours newspaper. A blog reader sent in this link to an article he wrote for the Vancouver edition of the 24 hours newspaper. He asks “How did John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, two disheveled, poverty-stricken drug addicts living in a Surrey basement suite and recent converts to Islam, become Canada’s biggest terrorist threat?”

Bill Tieleman points out that two weeks after the shocking announcement, there are more questions than answers. Finally, someone with a brain. He points out that this insane plot sounds similar to others in the US “where clueless and troubled people have been convicted of deadly plots after undercover agents and informers “facilitated” their crimes to incredible degrees.”

An example he uses is “James Cromitie, a low-level ex-drug dealer who converted to Islam. A well-paid FBI informant befriended the Walmart worker and promised him $250,000 and a new BMW car to fire Stinger surface-to-air missiles at U.S. military planes and plant bombs at Jewish targets in New York.”

This goes well beyond entrapment. I bet ya he didn’t make the Stinger surface-to-air missiles himself. Someone provided him with it which, as Bill Tieleman observes, facilitated the attack.

He points out that “questioning RCMP actions is not to condone illegal activity.” Nobody thinks terrorism is OK. Questioning how CSIS or the FBI set people up is a real concern. That doesn’t mean anyone in their right mind thinks terrorism is OK because it’s clearly not. It’s just as wrong when a crazed terrorist does it as when a crazed CSIS handler does it like in the Air India bombing. What we need to question is how they lost 3 billion dollars in anti terrorist funding. Kinda makes ya wonder who the real criminals are.

My concerns are two fold. These crazy cases of entrapment that go way beyond entrapment. The crazy plots where law enforcement actually facilitate crimes. That is the first concern. The other concern is actual false flag attacks like was planned in Operation Northwoods and was executed against the USS Liberty. That is a whole other can of worms. Denying it happens doesn’t provide public safety.

I used to think that we better be careful how loud we get about questioning these crazy cases of entrapment. They just might actually kill someone just to try and get us to believe them. Then I realized, they already did – Air India. CSIS needs to be charged and tried for that before we even talk about cases of entrapment exploiting drug addicts on welfare. BTW Bill Tieleman has also raised some valid concerns about BC Hydro.

Were RCMP involved in B.C. legislature bomb plot?